Noahide Laws

Talmudic tradition says that the nations of the world other than Israel, were given only seven commandments to obey, the Seven Universal Laws, also known as the Seven Laws of Noah or the Noahide Laws.

1. Do not worship idols. (Idol worship is the perversion of faith. True faith in One God is the gate to eternity and represents man's ultimate victory over evil. Evil's only power is its ability to misdirect your faith.)

2. Do not blaspheme the name of God. (Blasphemy is the perversion of the soul's honor of God.)

3. Do not murder. (Murder is a perversion of strength.)

4. Do not steal. (Theft is the perversion of beauty, since beauty is the trait that enables us to relate to each other with kindness and consideration.)

5. Do not have illicit sexual relationships. (Adultery, or illicit sexual relations, is a perversion of love.)

6. Do not eat the flesh of a living animal or drink its blood. (Eating live flesh and drinking blood are the sacraments of evil and an utter perversion of soul substance; this is choosing death since "the life is in the blood.")

7. Establish a system of just laws. (Law is the foundation of any kingdom. The commandment to "establish a legal system to judge the transgressors" is meant to regulate and to rectify society, not to let it run wild, doing as it wills.)

We are obliged to obey all law and to teach others as we walk the Via Christa, if only as ensamples. "This obligation to teach all the peoples of the earth about the laws of Noah is incumbent upon every individual in every era." – Mishnah Torah, Law of Kings, chapter 8:10. This obligation remains binding on us all, today.


The Holy Bible. King James Version (KJV), Public Domain.

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