Conquering Self

In addition to her public lectures, speeches and sermons, Edna Lister corresponded with students regularly, and met with them in personal counseling clinics and private group meetings in cities across the country. We have drawn the following instruction and advice on conquering self from her students' personal notes and from her letters to them.

To master the self of the appetitive soul and subconscious mind is essential to being in charge of your own consciousness, making the self subject to your soul's command. To master self, you must conquer self. Unless you conquer self, you will never reach unity of your own living soul – appetitive soul, rational soul and Oversoul as one.

Mind is the link, the direct connection between the living soul and its Source, God. Individual mind is the soul's two-way radio, or cell phone for contacting the universal divine Mind of God. Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 2:5.

Until you conquer the self, you cannot unify the levels of consciousness you experience and express as subconscious, rational waking consciousness, and the super-conscious mind you experience as intuition and illumination. You must conquer the self to access and to know the mind that was in Christ Jesus.

Edna Lister on Conquering Self

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