The River of Life

The River of Life is the poetic name that mystics and visionaries have used from ancient times in their attempts to describe how the invisible animating current of life flows through and permeates the physical universe. The Absolute Emanations, Wisdom, Love and the Logos form the River of Life, eternally pouring from the Throne of God as omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence, Mind, Substance and Power to become all that is, and returning to the Source.

The three great Emanations, each of which flows as an independent river, are simultaneously and always a whole, complete river or triple Emanation as one, with twelve virtues for each Emanation. These Emanations alternate with each other, depending upon which Emanation is needed to uphold the universes to finish the cleansing of the life sparks. The river is like a vast arterial system, through which flows the white Light of the Christ. All galaxies and suns are on this broad highway, which imay be imagined as a figure eight. The cohesion principle draws the River of Life to you, and you to its great cyclic Path of Life.

Edna Lister on the River of Life

To hold your conscious contact with the divine Power that is forever filling and renewing the River of Life, you must maintain your awareness of God. – Edna Lister, February 22, 1934.

The one Light, as Mind, Substance and Power, is everything that the Father has, and flows as a stream, the River of Life – we may keep any of it or none. Each day we save our leftover milk, but we must use money, or talents, like a free-flowing stream. – Edna Lister, February 23, 1934.

Love overcomes hate when you agree with God that all things are good, even the Mind, Substance, and Power that others misuse as hate. You adjust to the actions of those who are misusing principle by lifting them to a cloud continent of Light for restraint and cleansing. As the waters of the River of Life move through them, declare them cleansed and purified. – Edna Lister, May 16, 1934.

The River of Life, which is Light, is flowing into and through you twenty-four hours a day. – Edna Lister, May 26, 1941.

The River of Life is always flowing, always generous. Hour by hour, it flows through you as golden Light. You may take clouds of earthiness and misused soul substance into it with you to be transformed. This is your choice right now. – Edna Lister, May 27, 1941.

When you let will and desire pull in opposite directions, they fill you with conflicting emotions, thoughts, doubts and fears. The Holy Breath moving through you then colors the River of Life, creating clouds and leaving imperfections behind. You must firmly harness will and desire, and put imagination in the driver’s seat. – Edna Lister, May 28, 1941.

The subconscious mind is a Pandora’s Box filled with memories, repressed ideas, suppressed emotions and hunches. Thus the subconscious is always fishing in the more stagnant by-waters of the River of Life. It is always opening the box and dragging us backward with regrets about our poor choices and wrong moves. – Edna Lister, March 15, 1942.

You must make everything old in your life new. To convert the old to the new, lift it up to a cloud continent of Light for God to cleanse with the waters of the River of Life. – Edna Lister, March 9, 1947.

The nobleman’s son, the paralytic at Bethesda, and Lazarus were all so "used up" that they no longer had enough life in them. The River of Life, which contains all the vitality you need, just flowed over them, without permeating them. It does you no good to be a lifeless log, floating along. You must be fully saturated with the life of God. – Edna Lister, April 20, 1947.

All healing life permeates the River of life, which proves that life controls death. – Edna Lister, April 20, 1947.

The River of Life flows from the Source and back to the Source in an endless figure-eight. – Edna Lister, April 27, 1947.

Omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence form three streams (Mind,Sunstance and Power) that become the River of Life as it flows forth from the Godhead to vitalize all that is. The one Mind cannot divided or separated from God’s Substance or Power; they are the one and only life, mind, substance and power there is. All that the Father has is yours to speak the Word to put them into action. How will you choose to speak them into action? If I lift my spiritual consciousness to the Source, to that place where I AM one with God, I tune into the all-life, all-power, all-knowing, and it is then mine to apply. The Light fills my body quickening and renewing every cell, expressing as health. The Power flows into and through me to express as success in all my understanding. The all-knowing Mind fills my mind with divine Wisdom to solve my problems. Thus, you attain perfect balance in your life. – Edna Lister, May 25, 1947.

A vast inhaling breath created the explosion that formed the River of Life, the three Emanations of Wisdom, Love, and Energy, personalized as the Father, Mother, and Son. From those Emanations has come all we have today. The Father sent forth millions of creators-to-be. Many have forgotten that they must return as creators, pure, holy, and perfect. Jesus is one-third of the Godhead with the Father and Mother, and he represents God’s purpose. He is the selfless lifter of darkness who showed us how to ascend, how to enfold all earth and our personal domains back into God’s arms. – Edna Lister, February 24, 1950.

The River of Life, composed of divine Mind, Substance and Power, constantly renews the cosmic forces that hold galaxies, solar systems and planets in place. – Edna Lister, October 4, 1953.

All answers flow with the River of Life as Christ consciousness when you are awake. – Edna Lister, August 7, 1955.

When you have prepared yourself and renounced darkness, you move up in consciousness into Light, into the great River of Life. You are no longer body-conscious when the River of Life is flowing through in all Power. – Edna Lister, April 29, 1956.

Letting is one of the highest, most divine activities in the universe, the heart of the law of nonresistance, which continually flows through everything within the River of Life. – Edna Lister, June 24, 1956.

The unity of Spirit is the white Christ Light, which is the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost and Holy Breath as One, the Source of the River of Life, the atomic Substance and Power in which you "live, move and have your being." You may be aware or unaware as you walk this Path of Light and glory, yet the One God and Father of all is above all, through all, and in you. God’s infinite glory fills the River of Life, which permeates every atomic cell of the universe. Your acceptance can be pea-sized or limitless, but you must allow more than just a trickle of life and vitality to flow through. God alone knows your conception of His All, and you receive according to your belief in His All. The floodgates can open and release the fullness of the River of Life if you have a universal idea of the quality and quantity of God’s totality. Stop leaving room for merely a trickle through the dam of self. Face the Light and say, "The River of Life is flowing through me until I walk in glory, whole and complete." Let in the healing Source of the River of Life. – Edna Lister, July 22, 1956.

You can always open yourself to the River of Life, which holds all vitality, power and joy, every good and perfect thing. Light runs the body with perfect economy, constantly rebuilding a new body-sheath. The River of Life flowing through you holds the body in renewed form. Loving God sets your brain cells, into action on a spectrum from indifference to soul rapture. Acceptance amplifies your equipment and attunes you to receive great new ideas from the River of Life. – Edna Lister, December 9, 1956.

Tune into the vibration of the River of Life, the Emanations operating as the principle of nonresistance. – Edna Lister, October 6, 1957.

"God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; neither is worshipped with men’s hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; and hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring."" – Acts 17:24-28. In Him we live and move and have our being — in this vast River of Life, flowing from the throne of God, the Source. We have no other destination, no other home, for God is everything, He is all that is. – Edna Lister, November 24, 1957.

The River of Life is always flowing Home. The nearer the Source it draws you, the greater the love flowing through you, and you are walking in it. – Edna Lister, November 25, 1957.

When you let your consciousness sink, the thousand petaled crown lotus that enfolds the brain nerves and glands closes out the River of Life until only a dried-out stump remains. – Edna Lister, December 8, 1957.

When you continue breaking laws by picking apart every new idea, the new ideas in the River of Life are left for someone else to imagine, act on, and take credit for doing. – Edna Lister, June 1, 1958.

A good treatment for children who watch television is to declare that they’re wearing rose-colored glasses. Use the clockwise rotary motion over their heads to brainwash their brain cells, eyes and ears with the Light of the River of Life. – Edna Lister, October 19, 1958.

"I AM alive, alert and aware, open to the River of Life flowing through me now." You close the portal to the River of Life when you think of self instead of God. You cannot be ill or lack for anything when the River of Life fills you. When someone says, "I wish I had it as easy as you," it’s a sign that the River of Life is filling you. – Edna Lister, June 14, 1959.

Invisible illumination constantly feeds you energy from the River of Life, and partaking of its flow from the Source of Shekinah glory frees you of hunger or thirst for anything of earth. Arise, surrender, accept, ascend, and this vibration of Light will fill you daily as you walk through the River of Life. Know that it fills you. "I AM now walking in the River of Life, which flows through me." How often are you conscious of the River of Life, which flows constantly as pure, undefiled eternal life, life everlasting? It permeates everything, rocks, flowers, fruit, and all growing things, unless you exclude it from your life. Fish in the River of Life daily. – Edna Lister, October 25, 1959.

Apprehension, as the soul faculty of pure miracles, includes comprehension, which opens the vision-related parathalamus gland-like structures. The optic chiasm of the thalamus in the forebrain holds the mystic "all-seeing eye" that reads the Book of Life. The parathalamus structures, which scientists discovered last year, comprehend the record. You comprehend not by rehashing opinions and prejudices, but by completely surrendering to be used by Power until you completely understand. The Father steps down Light as illumination to suit the student who has ascended to open the pineal gland. Comprehension is above illumination, in the full Shekinah glory from the Source. The River of Life descends through the pineal body, pituitary gland and thalamus to inundate Egypt’s lower centers, and creative fire rises to the Garden of Eden to explode in glory. – Edna Lister, November 29, 1959.

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