The Christ Laws for Today: Law as the Way of Ascension

Divine law is a dynamic structure, upholding a dynamic system, which we call the universe. Thinkers and mystics in every age must review and renew their comprehension of law, discussing it and restating it in the language of their era to refresh our understanding.

The search for truth always begins with the desire to know more than you have been taught. You fervently believe that more truth really is available, if you can just find it. Great souls often come to earth with a vision and a sense of "mission."

“The thinkers and mystics in every age must review and renew
their comprehension of law.”

In her own words, Edna Miriam Lister said, "I came to earth with one idea: I knew everyone could walk with Jesus. I desired a career in grand opera and the political world, but a stranger asked, 'What is that to thee? Follow thou me.' Then I saw the Master, who said, 'God is deathless, ageless and abiding. Follow me and avoid the appearance of evil.' All I have given you has come from this."

In the body of her work, Edna Lister has given us an astonishing legacy of practical and spiritual wisdom. We have drawn from her personal papers, outlines for sermons and lectures and from her student's notes taken in private classes and counseling sessions.

What follows is a general outline for approaching your spiritual journey on the Via Christa, the path of conquering self and ascension of soul consciousness. You can drink as deeply as you desire, or take only a sip at a time from Wisdom's Well.

The Categories of Christ Laws for Today

Light is the Godhead, the universal absolute principle, the source of the Emanations. Light is. God is. God is Light. Light is God, externalized in manifestation.
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The Emanations (Wisdom, Love and the Logos), which flow as Light from the Source of All Being, are the absolute principles of being and action (doing) throughout the universe.
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Absolute Principles are ultimate truths, unalterable and permanent facts, the universal realities of the Godhead.
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Abstract Principles are rooted in the Emanations (Wisdom, Love or the Logos), lowered one or more grades in their rate of vibration; they are not discernable by the senses.
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Formal Initiations are sets or courses of initiation, a series of specialized tests that you take over time, not all at once.
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Initiation is always an invitation to do better, a test or series of tests that you take to ascend in consciousness by degrees.
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Laws of Being are abstract principles as states of being and consciousness; all are facets of conscience and direct you to your choice of action, right or wrong.
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Laws of Doing (expression) temper abstract principles to suit individual intelligence and consciousness, to govern soul development, behavior, and relationships.
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Seven Sacred Degrees (Neophyte, Disciple, Adept, Mystic, Master, Priest, and Christos) form the basis of your challenges and initiation in daily life (even when you're unaware), under the guise of personal choice, commitment, action, acceptance, responsibility, service, and sublimation.
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Sin is any word, emotion, thought, or act that can separate divine Mind, Substance and Power. Sin, chosen deliberately becomes evil.
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Soul Faculties are the soul's relative physical, mental, and spiritual powers of being. These spiritual and mental faculties are your tools as a creator servant of God.
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Soul Taints are selfish "treasures of darkness" that you must eradicate by sacrifice of the self.
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Speaking the Word is a relative law of doing that originates in the Logos Emanation, the Word of God itself. Speaking the Word as a co-creator with God is the most powerful action you can take on earth.
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Talents: God expects you to unfold and develop the rudimentary faculties, power and virtues of soul to their full potential, which requires personal responsibility, dedication, obedience to law, and perfect discipline of the self over time.
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Via Christa Degrees test your selflessness, devotional attitudes, and soul expressions toward God and man.
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Virtues: Every virtue is a soul power such as compassion, order, patience, poise, and perseverance. All virtues state or represent an abstract law of being, rooted in an absolute principle.
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Edna Miriam Lister
1884 –1971
The original Pioneering Mystic
minister, teacher, and author

Edna Lister

Born in Tacoma, Washington, December 5, 1884, Edna Miriam Lister belonged to a generation whose parents saw little benefit in educating daughters. Yet, "hungry for truth," she never stopped educating herself, and left a massive personal library, collection of correspondence, and personal papers.

In 1910, she married Henry T. Abstein, a mining engineer, and went to homestead in the Idaho Rockies. They arrived near Yellow Pine in winter, having traveled the last thirty-some miles by dogsled. Their tiny one-room cabin was half a day's horseback ride from the nearest town and they had no neighbors.

Her reading material included a King James Authorized Version Bible, and the collected works of Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus. She wrote in her books, which were obviously her best friends.

Edna Lister's book notations reveal that she embraced Platonic Idealism and favored the works of Thomas Carlyle, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. She rejected the Transcendentalists' Unitarian views in favor of Christian Universalism. She disliked sophistry, materialism, the pragmatic and ulilitarian philosophers, but revered Plato and often used elenchus, Socrates' questioning method. She displayed a tendency toward the Stoic view.

Edna Lister left the mountains and her marriage in 1924. In less than a year she began working for Dr. Thomas Parker Boyd, an Episcopalian priest, who also taught psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. She completed the education she had longed for, under his tutelage, and became the Business Manager of Boyd-Lister Publishing in 1929.

Dr. Boyd, Dr. Henry J. Kleefisch, and Edna Lister incorporated the Society of the Healing Christ in San Francisco, California, February 24, 1933. Two days later, Dr. Boyd and Dr. Kleefisch, a Bishop of the Byzantine Universal and Russian Orthodox Churches, ordained Edna Lister to the ministry. Thus, she carried three lines of Apostolic Succession.

In 1934, Dr. Boyd named her his successor and she ministered, counseled and lectured nonstop for the next thirty-seven years. Her loyal students from across the U.S. saved their notes of lectures, sermons, group meetings, and private consultations, making them available to Dr. Lister's organization, the Society of the Universal Living Christ.

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