Lifting the Creative Fire, a Law of Doing

The creative fire is the activity of the soul’s life sparks responding to God's Power, as the magnetic currents of earth and the etheric currents of the cosmos. You express the creative fire through your soul’s love, joy, and enthusiasm. It is the activator of the quest for union with God (kundalini or chi in Eastern terms).

This invisible, physically imperceptible stream of creative fire incessantly ascends and descends via three distinct canals in the spinal cord: the left-side (of the spinal cord) carrier of lunar energy, the right-side (of the spinal cord) carrier of solar energy, and the central canal in the spinal cord. To spiritual sight, it appears brick red at the base of the spine, and clears to brilliant white at the pons of the medulla oblongata, at the base of the skull.

You use the creative fire constantly, in everything you do, from baking a cake to writing a symphony to giving a speech to gossiping to being physically intimate. By misusing the creative fire, you unwisely invest your life sparks of soul substance in people and things.

To lift the creative fire, you release Power as Light to descend the spine unhindered, to ascend again, without being dissipated through the sacrum plexus. Dissipation of the creative fire includes all darkness, negative thinking, speech and actions, not just promiscuous sex.

When you invoke Power as Light to move through you in prayer, it fills the sacral center at the base of the spine, lifts crystallization in the Land of Egypt (the abdomen), frees its five pairs of nerves, then arises through the vital centers, which enliven the nerve ganglia. The circuit meets over the head in a double-S (like a caduceus), which forms the upright uraeus, the symbol of Wadjet the cobra, protector of the creative fire in Egypt. Thus, you integrate Egypt with the Promised Land and the Garden of Eden (in human geography), and unite heaven and earth symbolically.

Edna Lister on Lifting the Creative Fire

You inhale the seven degrees of breath deliberately with each deep, natural breath. The three higher degrees of breath descend to the solar plexus, and the other four travel through all the nerves extending from the spine.

You may lift the creative fire under ascension of consciousness and body, from the sacrum to the crown for full illumination. The breath descends the desire body spine through the central canal (the spinal cord), and ascends from the sacrum through the negative lunar tract (left side of the spinal cord) and positive solar tract (right side of the spinal cord), and ascends over the head to meet as one.

The flame of life is created continuously in the lower creative center, the sacral center. The flame of life has two currents, a positive stream and negative stream, one on either side of the body, each doing its perfect work. When you consciously direct and use it, it works wonders in rebuilding the body. It will absolutely remake and reconstruct the original pattern of perfection, no matter what the current limitation may be.

Follow each step of this treatment carefully. Remove your shoes, and sit straight in a chair, with your feet flat on the floor in an uncarpeted room. (Rubber, leather and man-made soles, and rubber mats, all insulate against earth’s magnetic currents in various degrees). Hold your hands upraised from the elbows, palms turned toward your ears, and close your eyes.

Use your imagination to picture the creative flame of life as it flows to every cell of your body. Vividly imagine the flame of life flowing down the two streams of the sciatic nerves through your hips, left and right. The flames flow through your thighs, knees, lower legs, ankles, insteps of your feet to your toes, where you feel a tingling sensation.

Turn the flame of life back at the tips of the toes, holding it within the body, not allowing any of it to escape. Direct it through the insteps, ankles, lower legs, knees, thighs, hips and to its division in the pelvis. Feel it gently melt and dissolve all irritation and pain, making every cell new and glorious with health.

Now hold the right, positive flame of life at the right side. Direct the negative, left flame through the lower creative center at the sacrum, the base of the spine, through the kidneys, bladder and intestinal tract. Feel it dissolve all unnecessary accumulations, all irritation, feel it purify every organ as it flows. Direct it through the liver, gall bladder and stomach, through the heart and lungs.

Divide the flame and feel it flow over each shoulder and down each arm, through elbows, wrists and hands where it will vibrate and tingle to the end of each finger. Turn it back, holding all of it within the body. Feel it flow through the hands, wrists, forearms, elbows and upper arms to the shoulders and into the neck.

Take the flame into the throat, larynx, mouth and tongue, into the roots of the teeth, burning away all dross. Let it move through the nostrils, ears and eyes, making them perfect windows of the soul. Direct the flame into the upper head, into each cavity of the head, through the hair roots, making it shine with life. Hold the left flame here until the right flame of life joins it.

Direct the right, positive flame of life up through the spinal column. Send it through every set of nerves in each vertebra to every part of the body. Feel it flowing through, dissolving and absorbing anything less than perfection. Feel it building new cells and creating anew every organ. Let it fill your whole body with Light, life and glory, making your body a temple of the living God.

Bring the right flame of life through the brain cells, the gland centers. Feel them becoming perfect instruments for registering the vibrations of divine Mind, bestowing perfect perception of reality. Join the right, positive flame to the left, negative flame, completing the circuit. Know that this work is being done now. So it is and so shall be. ~ Edna Lister, March 7, 1963.

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Edna Miriam Lister
1884 –1971
The original Pioneering Mystic
minister, teacher, and author

Edna Lister

You generally practice lifting the creative fire as a law of doing under the lesser degrees of Neophyte, Disciple and Adept; the Mystic begins to see the need to sublimate self, and soul perfects this practice under the three higher degrees of the Master, Priest and Christos.

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