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The Pioneering Mystics were and are life-long students of the work and teachings of Edna Miriam Lister as revealed through her by Jesus the Christ. Here they share their ideas and insights into what she taught about Life on the Via Christa, God’s original Magna Carta, the Way of Ascension that Jesus taught, the Plan of Salvation, universal and personal, and how to conquer self to become what God intended us to be and do.

As participants in Edna Lister’s Society of the Universal Living Christ, we are part of her legacy, her life, and her teachings. We have each learned and practiced the spiritual and self disciplines she prescribed as an optimal way to walk the Via Christa, the Path of Ascension. We have experienced such positive results using her methods that we have spent decades teaching and disseminating her life’s work. We are glad to share the results of her efforts and ours with you.