Edna Lister on Conquering Self, 1950 to 1959

Edna Lister held to a grueling schedule whenever she campaigned in the cities that were on her regular ‘circuit’ of Light. In addition to her public lectures, speeches and sermons, she regularly corresponded with students, and met with them in personal counseling clinics and private group meetings in cities across the country.

The entries in Conquering Self are drawn from her students’ personal notes. A few of them took shorthand, but very few took down everything she said. Most people write down what strikes them as important, so their notes may seem choppy, jumping from topic to topic. Despite a lack of elegance in Conquering Self, some pioneering mystics find this collection to be of the greatest practical help to them. Enjoy!

— Linda Mihalic, Via Christa site editor

Conquering Self 1950

Make your words creative and glorious. Watch always for any sly negatives or slang; do not let them creep into your speech to put you in bondage. Let all your thoughts and words be love’s pure joy to bring your creations into outer form speedily. — Edna Lister, January 20, 1950.

It is obligatory upon the Elect on earth to pray without ceasing, to make constant sacrifice of self, and to surrender to be possessed by God’s Light hourly. — Edna Lister, January 24, 1950.

Self is a greased pole with no stops along the way, no toeholds or rivets to hold onto while climbing. When you deny your soul the privilege of conquering self, you find yourself sitting in the mud. Subconscious mind can offer only plausible excuses when you talk about, try to explain, or justify whatever selfishness you are indulging. Get up and scrape the mud you’ve wallowed in off the seat of your britches. Your every justification creates another debt for you to pay, and the debts most often arrive as blows to your dreams, plans and goals. “I accept” is the statement by which you begin to conquer self and to pay your debts, so let nothing stand between receiving the blow and saying, “I accept.” When you say, “This doesn’t belong to me! It’s not mine! I’ve had enough of this,” you cut your life-line to the saving Light. If you whine even once, you throw yourself under the roller.

Man’s law says that even if you move to another city you must pay your bills. You cannot ascend without first becoming lighter by paying your soul debts. You speak either from the self or from your soul, and you cannot hide your degree of self under the surface. You are accountable for all your lives, all your actions and idle words — and the invoices for your debts are stacked, waiting to be paid. When you tell God, “I want to go on. I want to go higher in ascension,” the Council presents you with your grand total. Soul debts are heavy, and you cannot ascend without becoming lighter.

The repository of your subconscious memories resides in the solar plexus; it registers the records of your emotional and physical disobediences. The medulla oblongata at the base of the brain is the repository of your mental disobediences. You may experience headaches and sinus problems as you break down the hardened memories of your disobedience. A bacterial or viral illness may arrive to help you along — as a lowering of your immunity, an excuse self has prepared to escape the stress of daily living. All you can cure is an idea, whether you express it in your mental, emotional or physical life. — Edna Lister, March 27, 1950.

Unless you can recall the laws to apply when you are stressed, angry or in danger, the law credits you with indifference and lukewarmness for forgetting. You cannot resign from your vows, but you can lose your place on the climb of soul ascension. Dictatorial attitudes, rebellion, resentment and revenge ideas reveal themselves in your tones of voice. Eliminate them! No matter what the provocation, you may not, under any circumstance, return any verbal force unleashed on you. Your silent answer must be “I accept.” Speak sweetly, firmly, and finally with never a sharp tone. Justice tempered with mercy and compassion is the rule in heaven, so be kind and courteous in your suggestions — not soft, not hard, but firm and calm. Find your balance point and stay there!

You are in your own place right now, right where you are, learning your own lessons about what you created in past lives, which you must work out in this life. You may think you have an inferiority complex or others may say that you do, yet you can grow such a complex only by living five lives being dictatorial, ruthless, and haughty. An inferiority complex is like a coin; the other side is a superiority complex. Do not cross the center line on this issue of self versus soul. You have reached a balance point now, so hold to it. Stop closing your mind to divine suggestions for conquering the self. Phrase your suggestions to the other fellow in such beautiful encouraging terms and tones that he will want to do as you suggest. The more greatly you love the more greatly you are beloved, and if another makes sacrifice for you, the more greatly you are under solemn obligation never to take advantage of him or to presume on his charitableness to do as you please. — Edna Lister, April 15, 1950.

Increase the fullness of joy in your words of praise. Open the floodgates in praise, singing and saying, “I love You, Father.” A pin point’s worth of questioning can block the passage to fulfillment of your prayer requests, so be cheerfully positive as you present them. Hold your courage banner high and know that the impossibilities you think you face have become God’s possibilities. as you ascend to meet a test, remember that all Light-as-power comes from above. Look into the Light! Your soul’s upward glance draws the answers overhead in a cloud of Light, and you can draw the information you will need to meet the test ahead. To contact divine Mind, make your mind smooth and still as a mirror to see the answer reflected in your mind’s eye. You do not think the answer. You receive it as illumination and intuition. — Edna Lister, June 7, 1950.

To speak authoritatively requires you to be letter-perfect, and spirit-perfect as a master of your subject on earth. Yet to do so, you must strive and must eventually be, absolute perfection in attention to detail in your daily living. You must assume perfection according to your degree and realm. To be proud is permissible only with a love-of-God pride. — Edna Lister, June 9, 1950.

Remember, you open the path to receiving high information by listening to the voice of conscience when it cautions you not to say or do certain old off-color words or acts. Every time you listen and obey law, you see or hear what you need in a higher degree and more clearly. — Edna Lister, June 19, 1950.

You must recreate your body to fit your soul’s ascension needs. So you must tear down the old, which is uncomfortable and often downright painful. This hardship must be as “nothing” to you. Lasting success comes at the price of an eternal vigilance over self that neither slumbers nor sleeps. By letting go of self-interest, you earn success for all your projects. — Edna Lister, August 6, 1950.

For complete health, dig out all the old fears about your eyes, hands, or any part of the body. Any fear forms a pattern beneath the surface of your conscious mind, which the subconscious mind continues to work out and recreate, unbeknownst to you. Be vigilant and keep on keeping on in ascension. — Edna Lister, August 10, 1950.

If you cannot feel the Power when you pray, you have a block of self to clean up, and now is the best opportunity to find it. Some have more layers of blockages than others. You are familiar enough with the law that you are in no position to criticize another’s prayers. Your goal is God. Learn to act like and speak the Word as the Master does.

You must become word-conscious on earth before you can become fully soul-conscious in heaven or on earth. If you have difficulty in prayer, you are unconsciously in a mess with your everyday statements, using negative terms and idle words, for your words are reflections of your thoughts and emotions. Practice speaking aloud to God, knowing that He does hear you. If you feel self-conscious, you are not God-conscious. It’s very much like practicing the piano for a week, then going for a lesson. You have been making mistakes, sliding over them but the teacher here is God, not another person.

You may not blame or dissemble ever. It’s dangerous and against the law. — Edna Lister, August 17, 1950.

You leave your heavenly home carrying an invisible cable of Light that no one on earth can touch. Light always saves you. The law is that once you leave your inner place, love can hold you at any outer point for eons and eternities. So, down here, you must earn your place through wisdom and understanding. How do you do this? The Light is all that matters. Follow the Light up to your answer. Abysses separate the different realms and kingdoms of heaven. You cannot leave a realm until you have finished that last step, which is always called “bridging the abyss.” Lean on no one but God. Grab the line of Light leading to Him. Remember the law of “Everything that comes to me is mine to lift into the Light.” Permit your self no blame, not even self-blame. Praise, love and lift! Sacrifice of self is but a preparation for Power to move through and do the work. — Edna Lister, September 18, 1950.

Declare, “The radiant Light of Spirit now moves through these eyes of God, melting, dissolving and absorbing, cleansing and purifying every cell and molecule, rebuilding every atom into the image and likeness of God. I now see perfectly and divinely. I now see God and beauty everywhere. My eyes are pure spiritual substance, perfect now and forever.” — Edna Lister, September 20, 1950.

The payment for stolen time is to put more fervor in everything you do. Otherwise, you fill your memory cells with guilt and regret. Your personal soul records are stored in the neurons of the midbrain, but you must lift the functioning of your brain cells to see the records. The optic nerves bring the five physical senses together at the optic chiasm, located at the bottom of the brain immediately below the hypothalamus.

You burn away a bit of the silver cord each time you sacrifice self or cleanse the beautiful of any ugliness. First, you loosen it from the two original parent cells in your heart. Your sacrifice unhooks a strand of it and disconnects it from the heart, replacing it with a strand of golden Light. This can cause some odd reactions. If the silver cord is still strongly attached, you may feel a pull that causes you to jerk awake while you go out at night, as you fall asleep. You may stagger as you get up quickly, or feel a heart pain or flutters. When you experience vertigo, say, “I love You, God! Let the Power move through me freely.” Yet a word of caution, if you believe in a heart condition, you will develop one.

Completion of the first 33 Degrees of the Via Christa loosens the silver cord. Yet you can burn it away only under definite sincerity and obedience in sacrificing the self. You cannot do this on credit, but only when you “fall in love” with God. As you burn away the silver cord, ascension demands that you enlarge the thymus gland, and to do so you must pay your soul debts. Burning away the silver cord is like cutting the infant’s umbilical cord after birth. After you burn away half the silver cord, the memory impressions carried in the medulla oblongata begin to open for lifting.

You are responsible to speak the Word for material needs for your spouse, those on your lines of Light and responsibility, and for the whole world. — Edna Lister, September 25, 1950.

Thomas Edison said that the greatest minds on earth have four faculties awake, yet you have forty-four of them functioning in the midbrain neurons. The atomic mental body is inside the molecular desire body. You explode these atoms for energy, but will tire too easily unless you refill them with universal atomic energy. Recharge your atoms so your cellular structure has the energy available to repair itself. Lack of vitality results from insufficient atomic energy inhaled with breath. You could and should breathe 1,100 cubic feet of air a day, but the average person breathes only 300 cubic feet. Atoms exchange protons in respiration to generate energy. Jesus used an atomic vehicle that appeared to be physical.

Nerves ascend the spinal column and cross over from left to right and right to left at the pyramidal decussation to enter the pons, which is the north end of the rod of power (the south pole is the sacrum). The spine has thirty-two vertebrae, and the midbrain is the thirty-third step. The thousand-petaled lotus in the mental body consists of phosphorescent nerve tips set aflame with the creative fire. The mental body is the seat of the rational consciousness of reactive mind. You carry your personal soul records in the electronic fire body. To build them, you wrap a record of every incarnation like a roll of film within an atomic casing.

You can awaken new brain cells through profound study, which causes the Oversoul star to descend and touch the pineal body and pituitary gland. The yellow ray of the Father’s wisdom is anchored on the left, the red ray of the Son’s selflessness is anchored on the right, so the Mother’s blue ray of love is thus surrounded by Wisdom and the Word. The intellectual and devotional approaches to God are equally important. When you raise the creative fire up your spine and your consciousness to a poised state, with Power moving through constantly and smoothly, you create peace and patience. Jesus left us his peace, but each soul must earn it.

The optic chiasm of the thalamus is the seat of the all-seeing eye of the mind. The first marriage of the Lamb, in which desire mates with will, affects the third ventricle of the brain, which is the seat of will. When the soul is self-centered, the selfish will is strong, and the third ventricle is opaque to the incoming Light. You must draw back the dark curtain of will and raise your desire to mate with will in the third ventricle to open the pineal body and pituitary gland. You lift the thyroid and throat vital center when you wrap your “I” in the everlasting arms of the Father (W). The “me” center covers the heart, stomach, and lungs. Until you raise the creative fire to the head, your Garden of Eden, you say, “I, I, I. I think, I know.” Those who are immersed in limiting ideas, such as the “Christ within,” are choking their creative fire to death.

You make your second marriage of the Lamb under complete devotion to unite as love and wisdom. All rewards are added and your Oversoul descends to become part of you. This is the only way you can become Christed. The brow center holds love and the crown center holds wisdom. This is the true meaning of “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” — Matthew 18:20. Under earth laws, you emerge into earth life, mature, and decline. On the Via Christa, we practice the inner law and call this trinity “emergence, maturity and ascension.”

Many think they have heart trouble between the ages of thirty-five to forty-nine because the thymus enlarges under ascension of consciousness, causing pain. Do not fear this. You can have eternal youth only when your thymus enlarges. — Edna Lister, September 28, 1950.

Perfect submission to law and surrender of self to the heart of God is the height of selflessness. Everyone is ascending, at least in part. Sometimes you recognize your soul debts and help another. At other times, you do not see and may withhold aid. Helping the other fellow lift, no matter what, is the Christos work. When you work from this standpoint, you become a Christos Adept. As a Neophyte, you hear about ascension of the body. The Disciple talks about it and tries it, haphazardly. All control, manipulation and formulaic demonstration is under the Adept Degree. The minute you surrender to the will and desire of the Almighty Father for you, you become a Mystic. — Edna Lister, October 2, 1950.

Praise and thanksgiving are your only means of giving to the Father, besides service to His children. Feel praise so deeply and fully that it stimulates your glands, and you can ascend your body and soul on this high vibration. Sacrifice your negative thoughts, pictures in imagination, and emotions. Make a sacrifice of reacting to every unlovely personality and experience in your life, then surrender to be the servant of all the Power of God. The Power is flowing by you all day, so breathe deeply in joy and get your share.

For illumination, call it good (whatever “it” is), and lift it up and out of your life. Declare what you find in your home good every morning and night. Declaring a situation good when it does not seem to be isn’t easy. Say, “This is good because I know God has something better for me. I cast my fishing lines out into the River of Life, where God releases the concepts of the good to be, and the good to come.” Reach out and grab the good with your mind.

To live a full life you must know love and be the love of God. Charity begins with cleansing the place you call home. When you say, “I feel low,” you say in effect, “I’ve reached up and turned off the Light.” If you dwell in darkness, it sticks to you like clay and you pass that along instead of Light.

Declare that doing the next thing next is good. I have a standing order with God to double the Power moving through me every hour. The Letter to Hebrews, the first chapter, releases the Power when you read it aloud. If you think someone is not treating you right, your heart crystallizes. Yesterday’s load and tomorrow’s, added to today’s, will break down even the strongest man.

You must accept spiritually and mentally before Light can completely heal you. When every iota of your mind accepts the healing that the Master has given you, you will be healed. You let enough Light in only as you get your self out of the way to let it in. It does not do any good to stick your head in a corner and say, “I accept,” then come out and do as you please.

To enter the silence, praise God for His greatness, which opens the door of the crown atop your head. Give up self in complete surrender to be possessed by His Light. Make yourself an open channel, declaring, “Let the Power go forth through me.” The spoken Word is powerful, so keep on until you cannot think of anything more to “let.” Then say, “Thank You, Father,” and praise Him in love and selflessness for all gifts He has given you. Put your hand in His before you go out into the world’s darkness. Consciously holding His hand is better and safer than traveling the old known way. God sends His best beloved to stand in trying places, for there are trying places where someone must stand, and the careless and the indifferent are unfit for such a service.

Always remember to “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whilst thou art in the ways with him” for he may point the way for your greatest overcoming. Disappointments are to the soul what thunder showers are to the atmosphere — they clear it. The love of God has no room for worry or anxiety. Joy puts love into action, and vitalizes your desires. Fear of the Lord is obedience to the law. Yet “but,” “if” and “try” all imply doubt. I must accept full responsibility for all that comes to me. — Edna Lister, October 3, 1950.

“God sends His best beloved to stand in trying places, for there are trying places where someone must stand, and the careless and the indifferent are
unfit for such a service.”

Whatever comes to you is part of your initiatory work. Knowing the importance of each day’s conquering makes daily living simpler. Every hour builds the next year. For example, the sons and daughters of God can redeem the younger souls, the sons and daughters of men. One descended creator god in a family comes to lift the others, which is the Father’s way of training them all.

You cannot go to heaven with arrogance, pride or intolerance. In this age, every son and daughter of God must redeem the younger souls for whom they are responsible to as high a point as they can ascend. The only way you can be free of them is to live in it, with it and love it. It answers so many questions about the “ball and chain” in some marriages and relationships. The sons and daughters of God are bringing the children of men through because they know they must.

All this applies to mother love, too, which all too often lacks the common sense to discipline the child into a greater sense of responsibility. Intellectual mothers often fear spoiling their children by loving them too much, which is wisdom without compassion, and unbalanced. Thus, the purpose of family relationships and initiations is to learn to balance love and wisdom within your soul. — Edna Lister, October 5, 1950.

The Bible is our legacy of spiritual evolution, and it expresses basic law as psychological, metaphysical, scientific, philosophical, and mystical values. “Meta-” means “beyond” and metaphysical values relate to invisible moral conscience as it indwells substance and form, the physical body. You must prune a tree annually, which expresses a scientific value. The mystical value in anything is God. When a soul has misused his soul substance, it is returned to him slowly, gradually, lest too much Power goes to his head.

Be conscious above and below, leaving your Oversoul free to ascend. You must earn this by waiting upon the Lord for the good to be added, including every desire of your heart. One day you will reach the point where you feel and know the body is but an instrument that your soul is using. This is your work. — Edna Lister, October 9, 1950.

The only acts unworthy before God are belittling or degrading to your soul, and thinking or declaring yourself unworthy. Let your Light so shine and give God the credit. Spend each night before bed in self-inventory and search the day in review. Each hour’s dedication brings more of the Spirit of God moving through. You modify law from principle, which is perfection in all lines of thought and endeavor, until you hunger and thirst after God’s Light and glory. It is a matter of your choice and free will. — Edna Lister, October 12, 1950.

Every time you give in to a physical appetite, you lose thousands of credits and your appetitive soul takes you on a long journey, a detour off the path. Only you can consciously command and control this. — Edna Lister, October 17, 1950.

Any fiery explosion is used as a point of force to release force that you cannot release by “letting.” The suction of the fire draws in, as in a draft, the darkness to be lifted into pure Light. Substance and Power are absorbed into each other. This fiery explosion may take the form of a sudden terrific pain. — Edna Lister, October 19, 1950.

You must do your best, not extra well one day and not so good the next. An on-and-off-and-on-again vibration is no good. Controlling the self is not enough — move up in consciousness for soul poise, where you contact all poise. Peace and patience await you there. Your spoken Word will create whatever you declare. As God has numbered the hairs of your head, so has He numbered your words. By your words you are judged, justified or condemned. Love, wisdom and energy are in the words you use to create. Watch the idle words. — Edna Lister, November 8, 1950.

All darkness must return to Light, so you must enfold every facet of being into God’s Plan of Salvation. Jesus, the Only Begotten Son, is taking you home, taking evil and lifting it into Light. “If the Light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness?” — Matthew 6:23. An inquiring consciousness wants absolute truth. How many can say that they absolutely love God “just because”? When you hear a symphony, see beauty, and ascend on it to love God, you have the secret of it. — Edna Lister, November 14, 1950.

Only love can make a “worthy” sacrifice. Only deep desire to know God, to see, to hear Him spiritually, can compensate for such gifts. — Edna Lister, November 15, 1950.

Every deceiving vibration has an odor and color. Accept no teacher until Jesus the Christ has okayed him.

You can acknowledge Christ, but it means nothing unless you love as he loved. You love God just because He is God. It’s like falling in love “just because.” — Edna Lister, November 16, 1950.

The self, taking offense, puts up an umbrella to Light.

As the flame of desire, ignited by aspiration/inspiration reaches the heart center of the intellectual personality type, a gray cloud begins to grow in them as intellectual rationalization, which crowds out their flame. They have a momentary inspiration, aspire to God for a second, then say, “It won’t work.” — Edna Lister, November 19, 1950.

You may not hide any part or flaw of self under the law of responsibility. If you have done it, you are responsible for it. — Edna Lister, November 20, 1950.

You may not legally hold earthy opinions or prejudices and ascend, too. Pray and lift your hands if anyone lowers the prayer group’s vibration. Permit no arguments about words. The law is, “no arguments at all.” You must hold the high vibration high, and not break laws. Hold your questions until the end of a class. Make a note of them if you must, but do not interrupt the vibration. Think your questions through before you ask them. Never ask two questions in one. Ask, “Please give me law.”

Never go to the Council about a choice you have already made or an action you have already decided to do, or they will say, “Thou hast said.” Go up in consciousness to God at your lowest point, not to bed in anxiety or self-pity. Climb up over the problem! Never make important statements or decisions, or believe your new revelations until you first go up in consciousness for confirmation. Do not fall into the error of believing false truths through self-aggrandizement. — Edna Lister, November 29, 1950.

Which is more important, your personal opinions or God? True humility is that complete surrender that is a willingness and a readiness to be used in any capacity in any way, in any place, at any time by the Father. This is a definition of the inner meaning of soul’s chronological age. You cannot arrive at spiritual revelation through intellectual discussions.

Ours is a group of Elect devoted to prayer, and God is using us for the final lifting of evil. You must let God do all the work of lifting. The orders for the new Christed Age for this group are terse and rigid. Do you accept them? At the first words savoring of or bordering on intellectualism, which is almost entirely born of personal opinions, raise your hands and pray. The one who starts the slide into intellectualism is in no state of consciousness to know she has already fallen. It matters not who starts this, she takes the low chair. You receive no credits for holding the lines of Light and responsibility, which is your plain duty anyway, no matter what. You hold the lines of Light through pure love, and no one should want credits for loving.

You have no idea of the Power you shall release from this point. If so much could come to pass on a vibration of past lack in spiritual agreement and giving each other credits, what will come now when no one has the slightest desire to receive credit for being noblest? You have all received your credits despite your pride. You have presumed that you are ready to graduate. Are you ascended in a state of grace and unlimited consecration? Hold it against all temptation bordering on the Land of Egypt, which begins with all physical appetites. — Edna Lister, December 4, 1950.

To experiment with the power of love in times of stress is super-legal. You may not experiment with souls and their faith or personal expression — but to stand and watch, to love and let Mother Love do its perfect work is a glory beyond compare. Stand ready to experiment with love. The more trying the condition, the greater the ecstasy of the soul who watches while love does the work. — Edna Lister, December 5, 1950.

You are Chosen because you have chosen God. You are upheld because you uphold law. You are fulfilled within your own being because you fulfill the law of love by loving. — Edna Lister, December 18, 1950.

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Conquering Self 1951

You can begin a new life of success with plenty of strength and determination when you conquer an old taint or appetitive soul habit. You are reborn from above in that very moment. Your destiny is great. Your ability marvelous, so use every second’s worth of time and ability to the full honor of God.

Your problems are finished in heaven in the instant you can think to ask for God’s help. Yet you must set self aside to see the solution, the answer. — Edna Lister, January 9, 1951.

Stand and know that all everything is perfect. No matter how it looks on the outer, everything is perfect. Law cannot be changed and you must work out all your plans according to law. You were created by law for law’s use. That is your destiny, your inheritance. The way is perfect, and great good waits to be released to the soul who can sacrifice self and become the law of love. — Edna Lister, January 12, 1951.

Search most diligently through Lent for any soul blemishes, to scrape them clean, making you a greater, more effective instrument of Power for creative purposes. — Edna Lister, February 3, 1951.

When you squeeze what you hold, you lose it. You can take an increased release of Power only on a joy vibration, with more praise added. — Edna Lister, February 4, 1951.

Take a deep breath and uphold [clench] your abdominal muscles before speaking. Then pour out love as you speak the Word, yet holding tight the reins to self for Power to use you. — Edna Lister, February 16, 1951.

You can become all law fully, if you will to do so. Declare, “I arise. I surrender. I ascend. I stand ascended and within the heart of the cleansing fire even now.” So, “To become“ is your motto. To ascend higher is your goal, to release greater Power is your service. — Edna Lister, February 26, 1951.

Be faithful in your desire for perfection. Add one step of ascension a day to increase your soul’s endurance. A desire to ascend forever takes you higher when that desire flames from your soul. — Edna Lister, March 5, 1951.

From a letter to a student: When faced with a major financial setback, you must know that no one can take advantage of you in any way. Under such high soul vows as yours, each infraction carries a penalty such as this loss, causing anguish of soul; this happens to so many of the Elect. What happens to you happens to me. I would lift this from you, if I could. I know there shall be no permanent loss of anything, no matter how it looks. This must be good for our souls some way.

All I can say is what I would do myself: Give up the loss issue, involve no one else further in knowing or worrying about it, get back to work and keep my promises. I would do this until I had disciplined myself enough to continue in confidence, love, and to march upward in glory. Yet of course, pride, or any other matter has never meant a pin point’s worth to me when it comes to standing and loving God. God’s love is my morale. Nothing else matters to me. I serve God with my eyes on His Light.

You shall win. You are winning with every step you take upward in ascension. If you have built bricks of straw in the past, it’s no one’s business if you return to put in good solid bricks now. You can please only one fellow: God. When you do, you will be pleased with yourself and without pride or arrogance.

If one idea remains in your heart or mind about “What will people say,” or “I can’t go back,” then what good are all your mighty vows? A man’s honor demands a certain standard of him. And failure doesn’t exist, only the appearance of it may. Waste no more time worrying about how much you’ve left undone or done wrong. You are winning over self, notably over a damnable stubborn pride. What good is pride to you? Chuck it out now. Let’s go! Prepare yourself for the future by your acceptance now. Come on up. Whatever you do now, no one will lose anything, least of all you.

Until you wrote me, I could not lift this dark cloud from you. Thank God you wrote. You are now free. Every word of law is as good today as it was last year. You kick at your lessons so hard that methinks that under the surface hides some stinking thought of “I am too good to deserve this.” Dig it up and out. Miracles never cease. You shall have a miracle, a ram caught in the bushes, as Abraham did.

Once you break a law, it always involves the many, reaching out to include the whole earth eventually. This is true of everyone. If you had not been disobedient, you would not have tempted others to demand unjustly. Therefore, you must continue to lift and to know that perfection will result. Of what good is lip service for the release of Power when your heart grows fearful with dread? Will you let God aid you through the power of love you release, or force Him to withdraw when you speak in terms of evil about and against those whom you tempted in turn to disobey?

You must be steadfast and not blow hot and grow cold. If these people are no good, why should God save them from evil? If they are good after their degree and kind, only using a gate that you left open by disobedience, then He can save them from evil because of your own act.

Does blame mean more to you than miracles? What do you desire? To speak good with your tongue, while reserving the right to declare condemnation and blame when you step away from the altar? Under law, you must make your heart, mind and lips coordinate on this situation so that the Father may cause miracles. Pray. Hold. Repent the self. Live higher. Loose each other and let each belong wholly to love. “Love ye one another.” Lift the unjust one up where good will bind him in its glory. Keep your vows. Hold fast to the full Light. Do not look into the past. Whatever sacrifice you make, let it be a full and clean sacrifice, with no heart burn, no fear, no pride, no doubt on anyone’s part. Thus, God shall then be free to make any sacrifice perfect. — Edna Lister, March 6, 1951.

Hold closely to your vows. Before you pray, always remember to move up in consciousness. Pray from on high. When you are in public, simply an upward glance releases Power and will increase your consciousness of being used. Do not regress or be afraid to look at the self. Do not cover it up, either. True repentance does not need to hide anything. Acknowledge what is negative from the past and put it on the altar as a sacrifice of self.

The soul must overcome wrong-doing, thinking, self-indulgences and self-pity. To prostrate the self in repentance before God’s throne every time is the only method that works. Always sustain a rigid self-discipline in this. Review these lessons repeatedly. Live by the laws daily. — Edna Lister, March 27, 1951.

Love is the creating Power. When will you use it only, never a dilution of it, or let a small portion of the world’s darkness to pollute it? It is your choice. Love has no room for blame, doubt, rebellion or resentment against any. Be love, and only love, undiluted and unadulterated by self. — Edna Lister, April 27, 1951.

When one person in a group undergoes a crucifying humiliation or disappointment almost too great to bear, the whole group is tested on their reaction to his disappointment. Law tests for blame, judging false judgments from outer appearances, and for a critical attitude that exalts itself by comparing its own safe, secure place, its miracles with one so used in God’s service. When one soul makes the highest vows of sacrifice to give up everything if so called on to do, he faces tremendously difficult initiations.

If you cannot accept seeing yourself in a similar place, it ill becomes you to hold blame or contempt in your heart for another. Do not hang a millstone about your neck by hanging one around his neck, or feel that you have chosen the better part. Give support, understanding and enough love for the one chosen for the harder part. — Edna Lister, May 9, 1951.

The only way to follow the Light is to face the Light. No matter what you think, you must completely let go of all negative thoughts and feelings before you face the Light again. You face either Light or dark. No sideways glance counts as legal. — Edna Lister, May 30, 1951.

If you are loyal to God, you will be loyal to your fellow man. Where you are is your measuring rod for where you want to be. You must love your fellow man as you love God. If others could have moved you, they would have lost their anchor. To love wisely, wisdom must back your discernment. Apply logic, reason, discernment, discrimination, and discretion as well. You have the right to say, “I prefer this statement to that,” or, “This isn’t right for me.” You can choose to suffer up in joy or down in grief, but you can always make sorrow a stepping stone to the Father. Never let grief degenerate to a point of physical debility, or you can lose your body. When you feel low, you have reached up and turned off the Light.

Declare, “Thank Thee, Father, for lifting all mankind.” You may become aware of the need to lift someone, and do so. That’s perfectly legal. To become self-conscious of lifting another is not legal, and means that you have already dropped your line of Light to them. Your loved ones are part of God to love with His compassion. Rejoice in the highest truth that is in you without an iota of resentment or blame for the other fellow. You will honestly love all His creations when you never see any taint to blame in another. Words can kill, and hatred breaks down a body’s weak cells. The Elect must declare everything as good. For example, all that remains of Hitler now is a handful of soul substance, yet you must declare all life sparks that evil has used are now good, to rehabilitate them. — Edna Lister, June 4, 1951.

You can see only what you consciously recognize. When you have conquered a flaw, you may not condemn the same flaw in another but see him with compassion, understanding and love. It is a conquering to see what you need to conquer. Ascend on the need to lift, which is your second triumph. When you would voice criticism, bite your tongue. That is your third triumph, which brings comprehension. Finally, full conquering is the Mother’s love, compassion, brooding and tenderness, which fill you until you do not see or hear anything to criticize.

How often do you forgive? Seventy times seven. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Matthew 6:33 is the first law. How can you decree love for yourself but less for another? Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead, but he went to God first so that all else could be added. When another offends, do not be enraged, but breathe life back into him. This is how to work a healing miracle.

God is all His creations, which are all made of His substance. Even an agnostic scientist knows that Light is substance, and has faith that an atom is condensed Light. You breathe atomic substance with every breath you draw. Thus, an agnostic escape artist, who seeks reasons to modify principle into intellectual arguments to suit his selfish desires, freely interprets law. The soul who is devoted to divine personality would say, “I love You, Father, with all my heart,” which engages the seat of emotions and the outer expression of love at the heart center.

The solar plexus holds the abdominal brain. The stomach symbolizes the assimilation of ideas as well as food. You will love life much more after you cleanse your appetitive soul. Criticism is an offshoot of hatred. Negative thoughts strike the solar plexus, where the appetitive soul creates after its degree and kind, and causes metaphysical dyspepsia. If you have been exposed to truth, bitter criticism, born of practicing the law without charity, can cause digestive problems and stomach ulcers.

God gave us free will, but made us in His image and likeness with a flaming desire to be wise and to love. God doesn’t change. He cannot be added to or taken from. The greater the Power, the higher the Light. In one sense, a live wire kills because it has too much life for a body to take, and needs a step-down transformer. We are the Father’s step-down transformers of Power for the world. In Genesis 1, God says, “I pronounce this day and all that is in it, good and very good.” You can have anything of God if you make declaring life good and very good a ritual from your heart, not your teeth out. — Edna Lister, June 7, 1951.

People must become as accustomed to immortality as they have to “terminal illness.” Misuse of God’s Mind, Substance, and Power has drained the mystery from man’s conception of heaven, which has made it of the earth, earthy. The Elect’s task is to endow earth with Light. We endow all cells with heavenly glory and to work through earth to lift the children of earth. Nothing can be added to or taken from the whole of God’s Creation.

God has chosen you because of the quality of your sacrifice, your unqualified desire backed by physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength, and balance to be a transforming distributor of this doubled Power. Nothing can be hidden from the soul who has earned the right to know. Knowing is the reward to the diligent soul who plods on despite all delays and roadblocks. Always be ready to throw out spiritual lifelines to hold others. — Edna Lister, June 11, 1951.

God predestined all souls to become creator gods, and has a place waiting for each. Yet many souls do not like their present place because they have filled it with darkness. Declare, “I am in my own place,” and pay your soul debts — Edna Lister, June 12, 1951.

The Seven Degrees of Ascension, on which you are climbing, include the Neophyte, Disciple, Adept, Mystic, Master, Priest and Christos. You can enter the major Seven Degrees only through the seven lesser degrees under each. An illiterate Neophyte can be living a Christos life. Thus, you pass through 49 Degrees from Neophyte to reach Christos, just as earning a doctorate requires having passed all the lesser courses of study.

Events happen to you for no apparent rhyme or reason when you are taking the final three Christos Degrees, which include the Ten Commandments on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Desire for perfection takes you through the final degrees. The minute it comes hard, remember the law of correspondence, “As above, so below.” You cannot go home until you have learned your lessons. You do receive credit on your report card for the good you have done. Initiation is right where you are now. The tragedy is that not everyone accepts that the kingdom of heaven is open to all believers, not just a select few. We are inheritors of the kingdom, responsible for taking earth home.

As a descended creator god on the Via Christa, the Path of Ascension, you lift all the world’s dirt and give it to the Father as a gift. Then you step up. You could take 144 steps in twenty-four hours under complete surrender of self. You could pass the Gates of Light, take the initiation and know the score. Yet you would still need to return to work out your own salvation here, and can do so, no matter how difficult, because you know you are an heir to the kingdom. — Edna Lister, June 14, 1951.

Love is the only magnet earth has. The whole travail of life is to reach true love, to reach the point where all else is added, to step into the Source of magnetic attraction that is pure Love, the second Emanation. Love is a great mystery of life. Pure love draws everything to itself, and turns everything into itself, even selfish love. To be possessed of pure love is bliss, but you do not get it by going off into a corner. You must add action to love to be love in action.

You are working up to a high point of ascension. Your desire to be perfect is perfect, and it takes you to heaven. The Father advances you credits so that you can release Power for lifting earth. You are always working on advanced credits that you have not yet earned. God wants all His sons and daughters home. Be like an atomic bomb of glory to lift the darkness. Today you can cover everyone’s transgressions, including those of the wicked. Reach with arms of Light to sustain everyone until they all can gain balance. — Edna Lister, June 17, 1951.

Now is the high time of the Lord. Keep your mind on agreeing with God, because lower desires, such as criticism, have no place in your being. Stop looking at you, and look at God instead. Ascend into the Light and send Light to the darkness for lifting. Do not analyze the darkness, but ponder the Light.

Jesus set the ultimate keynote for sacrifice of the self. Having earned your credits for lifting darkness, which lifts the world, you take no outer credit and let no one know what you have done. All those credits produce Power, which descends to lift earth. You never lose these credits, but only the Councils and God know their true amount. Each sacrifice adds to your credits, and the Father adds 10,000 to each credit you earn. You can sacrifice self from the heart, in love, or the stomach, by will.

At age four I knew I must save earth. At age six I knew I must lead armies of the faithful back to God. At age eight the Master came to me. At age twelve I knew I would write a book to raise earth’s vibration. I was afraid to because of the responsibility it required. I desired a career in grand opera, then in the political world. None of these directions were my destiny. Never again will I step off the Path of Ascension.

You increase Light by reaching into Light. Increase your capacity the same way to awaken brain cells to function greater Power. The important part is asking, seeking and knocking, which lifts you another notch in glory and opens another heavenly realm. Never be satisfied with any point of Light you gain. Divine dissatisfaction can take you back to the Source. — Edna Lister, June 18, 1951.

God is only thirty-five. As you go toward the Light, the younger you grow. Your subconscious mind must be certain about healing. The dweller on the threshold of consciousness is a cloud-like entity formed of the Holy Breath and auric soul substance you have misused. Some partially repent then misuse more until they have wasted all the rational and Oversoul substance the law permits. Declare, “Let Light consume this debt. Joy pays my debt. Rejoice and be glad for such is the promise of heaven.”

The Holy Breath is the Mind, Substance,and Power of God. Separating the Three-as-One is a sin against the Holy Breath that creates force, which you then must lift through the body. Use this as an offering. If a cup breaks, or you bruise a knuckle, offer it to God. Avoid any accumulation of darkness through such offerings. You do not use your own soul substance in lifting, but the Light of God, which fills your aura, as it heals another.

Declare all international and political figures are good. Hold no judgmental opinions. Take a stand on principle and you leave no place where selfishness may begin. A choice such as voting is not an opinion. “I choose this man, but I do not criticize the other candidate.” If enough people declare a man good, he can be healed. — Edna Lister, June 19, 1951.

A saint is not one who has become a martyr, but really has become the love of God and is generous and selfless. A true saint lives on a joy vibration. A consecrated teacher can pick up any truth released from above, but can misinterpret it. When a teacher releases a mystery, he is responsible for the soul substance his hearers misuse. — Edna Lister, June 21, 1951.

You simply cannot misuse the power of joy, for it is impossible to do so. The love of God is sparkling, powerful perfection that becomes enthusiasm as it descends, even to one who misuses it as hate, scrapping, fighting, and grasping. It is the same Power when lifted. You must remain high in consciousness to be in it and to let it use you. Your body is now dancing, in every cell. Can you feel it? You are releasing and using the same Power now that the Sun is releasing, but the Power is stepped down as it moves through you so it will not scorch the earth.

You can have no outside help until you believe and your thoughts and emotions accept this. Yes, take pills if they help — yes, therapy and whatever, but know that the life, the Breath, the Power, the Substance of God moves in to melt and dissolve all crystallized substance. You could stand always, while others expand up and down, and when they are down, what is that to you? Go up and remain high in consciousness.

The Master must wait until you are healed mentally and emotionally of the idea of failure or fear. You feared failure. When a project doesn’t turn out well, go on. Never stop. Go to the next step. Success is just this. The every day, every hour, conquering, this is success.

“Father, enlarge their hearts. Give everyone greater salaries, greater business.” Raise your arms, store all your joy, praise and substance in heaven, and declare, “God knows what I am worth, and He knew before I knew. When my consciousness grows up to the mind that was in Christ Jesus, God will give, for I give first.” That is what God must have first.

Your attitude toward evil must be, “You cannot do this. You are filled with Light. You are a perfect son of Light, and have no darts, no evil, no darkness. There is no power of darkness in you. You haven’t the power of a grasshopper for evil. You have not the Power to wither a fig tree.” There is no Power in evil. The only requirement is to stand in Light. Declare, “This Light is good and very good.” A thousand at your right hand and ten thousand at your left will not drag your attention from the love of God. — Edna Lister, June 23, 1951.

To waste your precious soul substance in some psychological complex, such as being an escapist, a martyr, blaming someone, constant desire for revenge, resentment or hatred is a form of slow self-destruction. The Council will take such a soul from his body at the highest possible point he can attain to refit and rebuild the consciousness from there.

“Isn’t this right for me to do, God?” is a demand question, and strictly illegal. Self is demanding that God agrees with it. — Edna Lister, June 24, 1951.

The seat of self-delusion is fragile and soon breaks to let the one so seated fall.

You are creators of Light, intelligent people, so it is a tragic loss to you and to God that you do not confirm what you envision. Not to make and use bridges of Light is foolish. Do not dwell on age. No one is too old. When you fill your mind with how young God is — He’s only thirty-five — everyone around you will be saying, “How young you look.” Broadcast, “The deathless, ageless, abiding nature of God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” Fill the room with this idea rather an “I’m too old.”

Turning from lack, fear, doubt, and age to enough Light is a miracle. You either induct darkness and weakness through the five senses into the mind and heart, or look up, accept the Light and let it flood the world. Light pushes darkness away, eating it, consuming it as it goes. It is a matter of choice. What you see, hear, feel, smell and taste in the outer can be white or black. When you continue to induct from the world, the intention of choosing the good seems to disappear until you choose only black. Move up in consciousness, let the Light do the work, and cease misusing Light the instant the need to release it enters your consciousness.

Planning weeks and months ahead for pain is harder than planning for release and perfection. Ascension is inevitable. To accept and be steadfast in acceptance is the secret. Work closely with and love God, declaring everything good. Surely no formula can be simpler. Kneel before God’s throne and say, “Let the Light use me.” Go out, release Light and your Guards will lead you where you must go to work. Self is so subtle, and it is not humble. Declare, “Here I am Lord, send me.” Then see pictures of fulfillment, but no “me” in any part of it. The humility of acceptance in being led is the greatest of virtues. — Edna Lister, June 25, 1951.

From a student’s journal: I broke the law, to forgive. If you break one law, you have broken all. I cut my lines of Light to a new position, vision, plan, job, and legacies. Who accepts all blame? (I do.) Who pays the debt? (I pay. I accept.) What I should have done. (Go up in consciousness first.) What I now do about it: Put it on a cloud and seek repentance and remission. How should I have done this? Ask to seek advice. Keep my mouth shut until the right time. — Edna Lister, July 2, 1951.

Work on obedience to all laws, especially the little ones, which can be crumbling breaches in your whole edifice. Exercise caution, and use discernment, discrimination and discretion to see the difference between Light and dark. — Edna Lister, July 4, 1951.

To have enemies who would despitefully use you is good — they promote you. More Power backs your spoken Word now than ever before. That which looks like loss on earth is gain in heaven. — Edna Lister, July 4, 1951.

The more life you use, the younger you get. — Edna Lister, July 11, 1951.

Love God first. If you love the other person first, you see him upside down, or self first.

If you dam a stream, it will overflow. Do not allow self to build up pressure within you.

Your compassion for others determines your ascension. — Edna Lister, July 15, 1951.

Is psychiatry good for someone with a truth background? Yes, it doesn’t go far enough, but it is good. For instance, psychologists excuse teenage rebellion as adolescence, but most souls have lived 200,000 earth lives and are considered knowledgeable about rebellion no matter their physical age. The world has limped along, indulging permissiveness of all kinds. The world’s conflicts and tensions are getting better now because more strong creator gods are here to conquer the worst mess God has ever seen.

Anyone who lets a grievous family or work situation drag on becomes a martyr. You reach a place where good sense must make a stand. “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5. Meekness is dynamic nonresistance, not wringing your hands and moaning. Nonresistance is absolute immovability from principle, not mere intellectuality. How do you practice nonresistance within your family? Put on the whole armor of God and stand on truth,

Where there is no justice, the code of honor is betrayal. If you inherit the earth and part of it is dark, what do you do? To inherit a legacy means you assume responsibility for it. It is our responsibility to lift earth from darkness. You can read a person’s entire character when you shake hands. Through 200,000 lives the Elect have permitted the appetitive soul to root around in the world’s dirt. Intellectual reasoning is a function of rational soul. The I AM THAT I AM Oversoul consciousness functions beauty, joy and power. Appetitive soul controls the physical mechanism.

Under appetitive soul rotation, every part of Oversoul takes a turn at being part of subconscious mind. Appetitive soul is the seat of desire. Rational soul is the seat of will, and Oversoul is the seat of your voice of conscience, which your Guardian Angels use. The Guards who escort a soul to earth can access that soul’s memory cells. You must be awake to exercise your soul powers. — Edna Lister, July 19, 1951.

Use a wall of fire to surround and go before a person who works in darkness. Do not put it between yourself and him. God cannot annihilate His creations, but they must make the choice of good and redemption, or evil and self-annihilation. It is one thing to win but another thing to hold the victory. In other words, one kind of strength wins the initial battle, but another it take another kind of strength to hold onto that victory.

Every desire for good is prayer, not just the formal prayers of the Elect. The difference between the prayers of the masses and the Elect is the degree of responsibility each assumes. Stop dropping back into confusion when you reach a point of not understanding. Stand, love God, and praise Him. Love is always the “open sesame.” Move up in consciousness. Wait upon the Lord’s law. Love the universe for being God. Praise Him. When Power moves through, it cleanses your brain cells of confusion so they become mirrors upon which God drops wisdom as Light. — Edna Lister, July 23, 1951.

Chronological age, or soul age, is a mystery. Those with advanced chronological age are always the forerunners for every new age. In the Bible, when a younger son was placed as regent, he had chronological age over the elder son for initiatory purposes. The second son had less pride of possession, more purity of purpose, etc. God originally created all the sons of men equal in His sight to advance, and to ascend in consciousness. He gave each the same sets of brain cells, glands, and 24-hour access to the stream of life. Everyone has an equal right to expand his capacities and appropriate the soul substance to do so. Yet once you are on this planet, God shows no favoritism. The soul acts as it chooses and becomes what its choices create. Any resulting inequality is the result of the soul’s choices.

“Resist not evil.” — Matthew 5:39 means to agree with your adversary quickly. It is the law of nonresistance, so call it good and make your stand on principle. Wisdom tells you how to stand, and what to say. However, love does the work. Ascension takes place on an increasing vibration and expanding substance. Use your deep inhalation of breath for expansion as soul or you will create a blowout. If you live “within the body,” you explode. If you want to live under your skull, you can “think about it” endlessly with no result. However, you do have the privilege of expanding and ascending. You lose your place by living in a contracting universe; it cramps your style. Expand and conquer in the endless, infinite universal space. — Edna Lister, July 27, 1951.

I’d be a long-eared you-know-what to tell God where anyone was on the Path. Each is perfect in his or her own place.

Any negative thinking, especially fear, doubt or turning back to a thought of delay puts sand in the gears and carburetor. You feel physical disorder when you entertain doubts. — Edna Lister, July 30, 1951.

Ice and steam are one substance in opposite states. This is scientific fact. The water goes from the dense physical into invisible vapor. God’s Love is the heat of the universe. Burning desire, faith and love produce miracles. You can do only two things with substance, raise its vibration and expand it, or lower its vibration and contract it. Cold burns worse than heat. Black magic is the lowering of vibration to its coldest point. All retrogression eventually enters the ice stage.

If you live by these five laws, you will have full protection: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Matthew 6:33. “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him.” — Matthew 5:25. “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:22. “What is that to thee? follow thou me.” — John 21:22. “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” — John 12:32.

You can illuminate darkness only to the degree of your light source. Do you have a candle or a 10,000-watt bulb? Ignorance is darkness. What kind of light source does your consciousness have? Your sheep know your voice and they will come to you. If you want to lift darkness, call it by name — for instance, jealousy — but do not put your name on another person; lift your own. For example, declare, “Let Name’s desires be lifted.” — Edna Lister, August 2, 1951.

Your ability to sacrifice the little taints of self determines how high you soar. It’s free. — Edna Lister, September 10, 1951.

All your vows are clauses in your contract of ascension. Use your faculty of logic in making your contracts with God. It is better to fail on all else than in fulfilling your contracts with God. There is no peace for the little self.

Do not pass the point where self-confidence crosses the line to boasting. The past is lifted and gone. Let us forget the past, reaching forth and pressing on to the high calling of life in Christ Jesus.

You must learn the lessons of selflessness, and learning them in the flesh is much better than on the inner, since you have so few ways of gaining credits there. So many must return to earth immediately after they cross over, because they have not learned their lessons or earned enough credit to pay their debts.

Just as one tiny maladjustment in a part can wreck the whole machine, so one negative word or thought severs your soul from its celestial orbit. The idle thoughts and words of the descended Elect have caused the mess the whole world is in, because no power moves forth from the words of the masses. They create but a little stir in their distant orbits.

Yet when the Elect are negative, they do more damage than the greatest lightning bolt that has ever smitten earth. If a whole electrical storm were unleashed in one strike, it would have less destructive effect than a single negative sentence by one who is supposed to release the full Power. At the hour of your negativity, the bolt of dark lightning strikes and destroys the supply lines you have built, which is why you experience so much delay. — Edna Lister, October 21, 1951.

Continuously think of the graciousness and loveliness of Christ. Think of Christ “as me.” — Edna Lister, October 28, 1951.

To build the sense of fervent expectancy, declare, “This is my high fulfillment of glory. This is my high exaltation of glory.” When you offer prayers in devotion, you extend a line of Light to the Master, a line of communication that he uses to commune with you.

No such thing as woman’s work or man’s work exists. There is only work. Without a flaming desire, you cannot put enough service into twenty-four hours. Bodies sleep, yes, but minds do not need to sleep. Think that you cannot serve enough. — Edna Lister, October 29, 1951.

You are responsible for lifting every life spark in all the substance near you, clothes, food, furnishings. Bless it although it is wearing out. Do not say, “That old rug.” Bless it, fill it full with love, and get ready for next one. Throughout the Bible and lives of the saints, you find their attitude was “This is good. It’s the frosting on my cake.” Whatever comes is a challenge to lift. The tighter it gets, the higher you go, the harder you pray. It takes that extra effort to pray hard, to love God harder.

To live the law and wear the “whole armor” of Light would prove law to you. You would be law. The rungs in your ladder to God are law, and Love and Wisdom hold them in place. When you live law, you grasp the rung. If you let go, you sit at the bottom in the mud. Grasp the rung of law when any challenge comes on the outer. Just hold on until God can build another rung, and lift you up to it. Give Him all self with no holdouts. Surrender of self is the key. Hold fast to your creations and call them good. — Edna Lister, November 4, 1951.

The prayers of the Elect have conquered. The blacker it is on the outside, the more you can count that the Elect have conquered, because it is the darkness being spewed out.

Whenever you make a statement that you are ready for something big, it comes. Your spoken Word can ascend your body or destroy you. One day you will know and understand the depth and the height of the Love of God. You are nearer your goals and niggling weakness is the last thing you need. When you release your 100 percent quota of Power, you will no longer limp along. You are experiencing physical conflicts because the Power is demanding that you let go of old habits and taints of self. Speak the Word to ascend your body. If you stand for truth, on truth, and in truth, nothing else can come to you. This is the law. Adjust to man and love God. No power of evil can withstand the love of God. Breathe deeply and love God.

The Council always registers your vows of intention at the Crown; however, they register your vows of practice at your weakest point. “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” — John 12:32. You can draw others no higher than your vows of practice. You can eventually work out your salvation below without contacting the kingdom, by thinking good, but you can have it now by becoming Light and love. Most people today must see some proof before they believe it. Yet you can come through by believing to see. Let the Power do the work. Keep your fears, doubts, and mental fingers off it. You were born to be able to work from the lowest rung of earth to the Source, which is wonderful gift of strength.

If you think someone in a prayer meeting is using too many words, you are not ascending high enough. All words release Power. The soul who desires to ascend uses words, and the Power increases with repetition. If you are hearing their words, where are you? Long prayers give others — those seeking to go higher — more time to move up on that vibration. The wings of prayer are the greatest and quickest way to God. However, if you are thinking of someone or something on earth, you have not yet become the instrument of the Logos. If you have no words, you can say, “Let the words already spoken be fulfilled.” — Edna Lister, November 10, 1951.

Humility holds the pure essence of divine Mother Love. It is the graciousness and loveliness of the Christ Spirit expressing as selfless compassion, which is the only humility acceptable before the throne. You receive high illumination when you go over your lessons.

You dare not criticize or condemn another or you draw that degree of criticism to you. Your statement is, “This is good. Let there be Light.” Pray, but do not cut down the vibration. When you allow something to come between you and the Light, you are placing self first. — Edna Lister, November 12, 1951.

The rule is, put God first, as a pillar of fire by night, as a pillar of cloud by day, as the substance of the living God, and never walk without Him. Zip yourself in Light and go up in consciousness when any force hits you. God does not know force. He knows to love and to “let.” There is no past or future in God’s love, just the eternal now. When you fail to go to God first, you let your lines of Light fall into the mud, and must descend to gather them. It is so easy to stay there and float. Yet the law says, “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” — John 12:32. The opposite is true when you fall into the mud, for you pull everyone down with you. When you try to lift them from the mud, you further harm them. You have no logical reason to descend when you know your path is ascension. Eliminate the “little me” under the surface, the self-pity. — Edna Lister, November 13, 1951.

The ordinary subconscious mind reasons from a basis of plausible association and unable to think on its own. Even when you lift appetitive soul, it still wants to dominate and waits until you pass from illumination down to the intellectual viewpoint, then shoots out its bitterness, criticism, and envy. The iceberg of crystallized force becomes fluid under the power of love. You must pour out love until you permeate the universe with love then past memory impressions cannot fill the vacancy you create as you ascend. Power has no brilliance of intellect, only the softness and love of God as humility.

Self-recrimination is self-pity. An adage says that until your heart’s blood has covered your feet, you are unworthy to ascend. The one unforgivable sin is to lose, or give up through selfishness, the point of Power you have attained through sacrifice of self. Hold the point you have gained, for it is one way to save the world. As a humanitarian, you have vowed to save humanity. Touch all the “sleeping” souls with Light and when they awaken, their regression will be at an end. Never lose your high point or leave it by saying, “I can’t accept that.” Declare, “I accept, Lord; help mine unbelief by opening the door that will give me the rest of what I need to know.” — Edna Lister, November 19, 1951.

The place to have a helping hand is at the end of your other arm. Do not work for patience, but for poise under Power. “For every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.” — Matthew 12:36. To repeat, “This is good. I am good,” three times will curtail your troubles. You have only the one Creative Impulse within, the Spirit of the living God, which you use on every plane as devotion, writing, singing, cooking, bricklaying, etc., besides its physical expression as love. You must cross out earth’s influence and immolate your selfish will on the bar of Master’s cross. Immolation of will is the crucifixion of self. — Edna Lister, November 26, 1951.

Light manifests as the principles of color, tone, number, name and form. The spoken Word is your name. You stamp your name and number on every word that passes your lips. You become absorbed in Light to the point of ecstasy, until no sound or dissonance can penetrate the magnetic walls of love. That point of lifting, which changes malformations in the “twinkling of an eye,” is the cohesive Power of the universe. “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.” — John 14:12. You can do the greater works, if you seek God. God is in charge. The credit is God’s. You are His instrument.

Love is your magic charm. You are privileged to stand with love, to watch love in action, to seal your lips from idle words, to watch your actions and thinking. Charge your creations with enough of the love of God, in which is no darkness of self. “Love is the fulfilling of the law.” — Romans 13:10. Love is the universal timer within you. As you go forth, love times every situation, if you love enough. If you are loving, you are listening to the inner voice for warnings and advisories. Self love holds you down and you accomplish little. “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” — John 21:22. When you love God, you accomplish much. Look at darkness and say, “You are good.” Love’s clock has just one hand, pointing to the hour of now. — Edna Lister, November 29, 1951.

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Conquering Self 1952

The first step in tying earth to heaven is to look from inner to outer and find out what makes things tick. Keep lifting all your lines of Light without cutting any lines. Declare, “I accept right now and weave in everything that has or does come into my life.” Then the Father strengthens your cable of Light. — Edna Lister, January 31, 1952.

Never stop loving, whatever comes. If you have a headache, love it. You rebuild the body through love. Every time you have a pain, breathe deeply, hold it, let Light move through the painful place then exhale. You heal through love, so you must move up in consciousness and love from there. You release Power through love. The more self you give up, the more you love, the more faith you have and the more miracles you can perform. — Edna Lister, February 4, 1952.

Laws do not change. Substance is forever the same and ever-flowing. Power moves forth from the Dawn of Manifestation to the close of a Day of God, when all shall be folded into God once more. — Edna Lister, February 11, 1952.

To assure that healing is permanent, you must sacrifice self or the Christ Spirit cannot move in to possess us. The secret of healing is sacrifice of self, first by the teacher, then by the patient. Sacrifice the one greatest resentment or problem of personality on the altar of the Christ. Then declare the so-called enemy perfect and hold to it, to believe and become, if only for an hour.

You must prove your ability to conquer the worst that others can do. — Edna Lister, February 21, 1952.

The Elect may not speak the Word to blast evil from earth until evil opens fire against the Light. Light may not open the conflict, but must be beneficent and always left to change everything into itself as healing. Only when evil seeks to conquer Light in ruthless ways, declaring itself to annihilation rather than be healed, can Light move to absorb evil and send it into the abyss for its eons-long pilgrimage of purification.

To pray in thorough self-sacrifice, do not ask, “Am I doing right? Am I doing wrong?” which are questions of the self to the self. For true sacrifice of self, think of Light only. Think of your Guards and Sponsors only. Give no thought to self at any time. Be the true and faithful servant of Light. Let the Light be the judge. Let the Light do the thinking and let Love possess you. Then you shall find Power possessing, guiding and directing you. — Edna Lister, February 24, 1952.

Speak to those whose resolve has weakened, persuading them to enter the “fiery furnace” again, to hold all their gains and advance in ascension. If you want to enter the open Gates of supreme glory, you must move up in consciousness in sacrifice for greater rewards than you have room to receive. Each day you must advance in your use of love, joy, understanding for ascension. Therefore, you must be in an ever greater sacrifice of self. Many small under-the-surface points of selfishness still hinder you. Dig them out, and lift them. Daily you must be more giving of love, joy, and understanding to advance in ascension. Remember to rejoice and be glad hour on hour, lest you miss the “high mark” by a hair’s breadth. To gain one realm strengthens you for gaining the next higher realm. Rejoice, seek self to sacrifice, release Power, love enough.

Your prayers aid God to hold earth in balance so He can set many prophecies aside, allowing only enough to occur to finish darkness and cleanse earth forever. Disobedience tears down lines of Light, but to pray in rejoicing as you release the Father’s Power mends them. Speak the Word to rebuild your desire molds clearly and perfectly, for the substance you release for others returns to fill yours into visibility. God will fulfill every desire, every dream of love when you cherish what you have, honoring Him and your vows. Love one another with greater awareness and tenderness into an ascending love. The secret law of joy is to serve God, to love man, to be happy and free, yet ever more responsible to the fulfill law. — Edna Lister, March 30, 1952.

Self does you no good, now or ever. — Edna Lister, April 7, 1952.

You are free, and shall fulfill every law of life for your earth-mission. You can meet the big tests in joy, in unconquerable faith and in delight. Remember to remain ascended in consciousness, surrendered to all the Power always. Let the Power use you. Let the Power do the work. It can, you know. You are panoplied in the Power of the Almighty. The wings of the Holy Ghost o’ershadow you, and arms of rainbow Light uphold you. — Edna Lister, April 9, 1952.

To release the greater Power, you must completely surrender the little self that you tend not to count as much at all. You must lift self in all ways always. Hasty darkness in thinking, though immediately lifted, is not good enough. Your thoughts and instant reactions must be only of good. You have been somewhat slack and indifferent about this — not realizing that nothing is small.

Lift each dark thought, then determine to allow your faculties no more of such misuse. This is your decision to make. Cease entertaining any manner of dark thoughts — small or large, imaginings or petty self-centered feelings, about the world or others. The reward for such purified service is great. Make a full sacrifice of all self. Your seeing and hearing are limited only by the thin veil of self, which your unfulfilled vows of sacrifice leave between earth and the heavenly realms. You can rend this final veil by prayers of love. God always needs more purity in Power’s release. The greater the Power, the greater purity is demanded of you. Search for hidden self within even your best motives. Make certain no self-delusion remains to spread again in subtle ways. — Edna Lister, April 10, 1952.

The final Christos Degree is the toughest of all in tests, trials by fire and bloody temptations, for the heart does bleed when you pull out the roots of self. Until he has washed his feet in his heart’s blood, no aspirant is worthy to ascend. No one has gained 100 percent. Therefore, many lessons still lie ahead — tests, trials and temptations. You must ascend self. You have tortured yourself by hanging onto worn-out ideas, opinions, prejudices, criticism of others, blame for anyone but yourself, none of them mattering, either to God or to the world. When you keep your golden silence, accept all blame for what touches you without charging a debt to another, no one will miss your voice or your words.

You have won so much despite your lacks, your fumbling, stumbling, and bumbling around — think of the heights of revelation, the glory to open under your full sacrifice. We, the Elect, shall heal the world of men overnight. I mean those who doubt, blundering in their weakness, and afraid to stand up to do and say the Christlike things in their hearts. We can do this. We can be the instruments for healing our planet. It is my firm conviction and more, my aim. The time has come to put on your share of the mantle of the Messiah, placed there by our Lord Jesus when he said, “All the works I do and greater shall ye do.” So, I say we shall accept our full responsibility and go forth to achieve in his name, forgetting self, and pressing on. — Edna Lister, April 22, 1952.

“We know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” — 1 Corinthians 13:9-12. Some people see through a glass but darkly, even when urged to step into the full Light. Prejudices and opinions are the hardest soul taints to overcome, yet prayer can do anything, if you make it fervent enough. — Edna Lister, May 15, 1952.

The Light does not make you critical. It can only bring up your hidden ruthlessness to show itself to the world as what it is. If you are guilty of speaking it, you will see in others what you are expressing from the self and from your soul. Light is Light, and in it is no darkness. — Edna Lister, May 19, 1952.

Stand watch for the Lord, looking on the world from your three windows of the soul — WWW, waiting for the Lord in the high place, watching the Light for your answer, and working to carry it out. You hear, see and execute. You cannot live in the past or in the future. You can live only now, which is eternal. — Edna Lister, May 22, 1952.

Comparison is dangerous, for it produces negativity and self-pity. “I haven’t done well because.” Give up the “because.” God is using everyone for a purpose, so be compassionate. You must have just as much compassion for the healthy big shot as for one who has trouble. Get ready for the competition of joining the race with the best and strongest. Fear of competition is self. Competition is good when you ascend to God. — Edna Lister, June 2, 1952.

[From Edna Lister’s letter to a teenager recovering from rheumatic fever.] As you grow in grace (meaning that as you raise your soul's rate of vibration), as you understand more about God, our Supreme Creator and about His universes (we call this ascension), you actually raise the vibration of the cells of your physical body. You really own and live in seven bodies right now. The outer body is composed of cells and molecules. Inside the molecules are the atoms. Inside them are the electrons. We use these terms for them — cells form the outer physical body. Molecules compose the desire body, the seat of emotions, desire, and the vital centers. Atoms, which compose the mental body, are used for thought inside the brain cells. The atomic body is mental, the seat of the lotus centers. Electrons compose the fire body or what we call the vehicle of the soul — you.

When you undergo a new initiation, which is only leaving more of the little self behind forever, you actually change your body. Every time you express a Godlike quality of soul instead of a selfish desire, your soul sheds a bit of the outer oily substance and you draw the life sparks into the next higher body. So, a few life sparks are indrawn from the atomic mental body and incorporated into the soul itself; a few from the molecular desire body are indrawn into the mental body and, best of all, a few from the organs of the physical body are indrawn to the desire body.

Nothing peculiar or weird happens to the physical body or its appearance. It looks just the same. Yet as this process of ascension continues, you will one day have a beautiful light, glorious higher vibrating body that is forever after immune to all physical diseases. Isn’t this wonderful? I love the Father so much because He has planned it this way. You needed a new heart, so you are put where you can be quiet enough to let them rebuild it, not another physical one but by drawing in the sparks of life, really remaking your new physical heart from the substance of your desire body. Our Master Jesus did this for thirty years, so that he was already living in a mental body of atomic substance when they crucified him, so they only had to drain his bloodstream. His soul could call his atomic-electronic substance left in form to be enfolded into his fire body by raising its vibration.

Now, make no mistake. You are not taking off for many years. You have too much to do, but could have been very ill with something worse. God has His arms around you and His protection is sure. You are raising your whole physical body in vibration while you are being still. You can, by obedience to all the law you know, one day live in your desire body. If you choose to become the law, you can ascend here in the flesh until your physical becomes a mental body. Think of it. All these billions of atoms inside the physical shell waiting to be “charged” with celestial atomic power. What a storage battery of strength you can become. — Edna Lister, August 16, 1952.

If you could see the gibbering creations people make with words, you would behave. When it all hits at once for you to lift it, you whirl in place and call it “nerves.” To give up self, you must be able to look into the face of death and say, “You are good and you are life.” You must be positive. It is good as far as it has come. It just needs to be gooder. Take responsibility — “Father, it was failure on my part, and I assume the blame. I ask for a blessing on this venture, and to make it blessed.”

Love enough fulfills the law, so you cannot fail if you are selfless. You must give up self. There is no loss, only gain. You cannot love enough. There is no separation in God. There is only the Power of God. Zip yourself up in Light. You are building well and strongly. At night, see the place to build on the morrow. See each whirling as a center of Light. Enfold everything in whirling mists of glory. In the morning, cast an eye over everything and see whirling centers of Light. Form a sphere of Light about your loved ones and those with whom you work. Declare all things good. Each thing of earth is becoming good as we dig evil out of its cellar. It is good and very good. Stand steadfastly in release of Power. No line of Light God has given the Elect to hold can be broken. — Edna Lister, August 31, 1952.

Speak the Word for creation, for prosperity, for health, and for specific things. Expect plenty. See it. Make all positive statements for it. Approach the Light with a wash tub, not a tin cup. For prosperity, make the declaration and believe that you have it. Act as if, sweetly, firmly, and finally in discipline self. Pray and offer treatments in the silence. So much of our spiritual and mental lives remains to cleanse. Keep the lines of Light in your hands. Stand closer to God in the center of the Light, where it looks flat but slopes down on all sides. Never let anything unbalance you from this consciousness. Stand there in spirit and wait until the situation rights itself.

Those who can ascend must ascend, and it takes faithfulness. You dare not sink back. Declare everything good because God makes the situations and personalities good. Half your living soul remains in heaven always. Every time you gain something here, you become more awake and aware on the inner. No matter what, it is good. “I declare all my creations good. I declare everything I touch is good. I declare everything good.”

The feminine must guard the masculine. The masculine must protect the feminine. Dwell on the beauties of life, not on the confusion. Any negative word could shake the body. You have made a newborn creation with your Oversoul, now become more intimate with it. Happiness is so wonderful, and joyousness adds to it. Seek to be in joy, an active joy always. Shout, “I rejoice” in the bathroom when turning on the water. Let your Oversoul release the Power that sends you forth to overcome and conquer self. Nothing can resist the power of love. — Edna Lister, September 4, 1952.

God needs the Elect’s prayers of lifting. We have experienced delays. Those who complain the loudest are those who have added the least to the pool of Power to bring the good to pass. God is still looking for those who will pray day and night while expressing no negativity and seeing no darkness. It is all a matter of mind and heart. God releases Power for anything possible and gives powerful strength to physical bodies. Power inflates the atoms, they hurt and you back off, which creates delays. Ask, ascend and endure. — Edna Lister, September 11, 1952.

“They heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden.” — Genesis 3:8. This verse is proof that the Father walks on earth. We laid aside our pearls of wisdom on the way down to involve ourselves in matter, and our tears created earth’s emotional mud. Now we are ascending, and wonder why we must filthy ourselves in the mud we have forgotten that we helped to create. Yet we can pick up our precious pearls in no other way. Look at each person as though he has a gift to give you.

Those using the faith and the love of God only, without selfish interpretations, have released enough invisible Light and Power of God to make that which is needed visible. Those who use rote formulaic demonstration to overcome physical needs have not released enough Power to make their demonstration 100 percent effective. Since their lukewarm prayers demonstrate only 20 percent, they need recourse to doctors and physicians. The one who asks his brothers to add their prayers to his can have a miraculous healing. A thousand or a hundred thousand together is better to pray for one than for any to pray alone just to do it his way. Being unwilling to share with another is selfish, like putting yourself on a material level with the publicans, who have no reward for their demonstrations. They want the outer credits, but have no healing.

Dictators who use fear as a weapon only force the people closer to God and greater faith, as they expose themselves to Light. We establish lines of Light to all places of subversive manifestation and focus Light on wrong uses, and where it is needed. Power-as-Light expresses through you, and it returns, redoubled as all “added things” and miracles. If you would have miracles, then do not say, “I accomplished this,” but, “The Father has used me.”

This is a greater expression because it returns instantly, in one great Light, the equivalent of your past prayer power and the Light you have released. Declare it good, and it returns as compound interest accrued to you. Law is inevitable in its action, and is under the control of one who says, “Not I, but the Father, His Light goes forth to do the work. In that Light is His greatness performed through me. Thy Power, which I call through me is thoroughly inevitable and irresistible in its power to increase.” So it is.

To be an ensample of the living God, hold fast to that which you have gained. Let no negative best you. Let nothing negative cling to you. The only way you can keep negatives away is to declare the Light. You can create anything you can imagine in the invisible to protect yourself, your house, your loves ones and the world. When you declare that the living God is permeating the houses of evil, you are declaring good on earth. Good will prevail, and evil will fall from the planet, which was divine in the beginning, and its ending shall be divine. — Edna Lister, September 14, 1952.

Forever is a flexible term that includes the duration of your current experience. Forever can be an hour, a day or however long it takes. Forever is the duration of an intensely lived experience. — Edna Lister, September 21, 1952.

As you ascend in consciousness, you slough the physical life sparks that you have indrawn, and become wealthy, healthy and joyous. No matter how long it seems to take, it is but a moment in eternity, for time is relative. God is only thirty-five, so we, by comparison, are mere infants. How happy are you in serving God? Are you satisfied? The world is hungry, looking for proof of the glory of God. The clergy are but human. Does it not seem silly to become involved in earth matters that pass away? No soul can soar while dwelling on emotional hurts. The higher you soar, the more evil comes before you because you stir up the murk with Light. Rejoice that you can lift it. The world is seeking an ideal of womanhood, but saintly men are not an enticement. — Edna Lister, September 22, 1952.

If twenty-four souls would pray daily for two years, war and violence would end. Such prayer means giving up all self. The indifference of the world’s so-called good people releases more darkness than anything else. The prayers of the millions lighten earth like helium gas. Prayer produces Light; Light raises the planet. Our prayers ascend and they lighten earth. The higher earth rises, the more we see. We release greater Power now than in Jesus’ time. “Greater works than these shall you do.” — John 14:12. Our Bible is the spiritual revelation of Light. The pyramid is the measured revelation of Light. Metaphysics deals with absolute and abstract laws and principles, which we restate for lesser use daily. — Edna Lister, September 25, 1952.

The end of fear is the beginning of wisdom. Fear and wisdom are like twins, dark and light. The Light from above is causing invisible substance in the sky to become visible material substance. The newscasters explain them as vapor trails, but we declare that they are instruments of form on which Light moves forth. — Edna Lister, October 5, 1952.

Your faculties of discernment, discrimination and discretion move into action as evil approaches. If you have consecrated yourself to service and desire to do something about a situation, you may find yourself saying something to someone suddenly. This is how the Light puts in a wedge. Then you ascend on it and declare it good instantly, though it seems fuzzy at the time. Resist the appetitive soul’s urge to provide any personal rationalization.

Pride of intellect is directly responsible for paralytic conditions. — Edna Lister, October 6, 1952.

Be steadfast in seeking to overcome self. It is a joy once you decide not to be hurt or to demand credits for selfless service, but to take your credits in heaven as spiritual seeing and hearing. You can do this. For a heroic soul, it takes a heroic struggle to overcome the taints of self, of the earth. — Edna Lister, October 21, 1952.

You can recognize evil as darkness. You need not see it, just sense it or feel it coming. Immediately say, “Take this, Father,” for protection. Lift the evil when you sense it, before you see it. Truth is something you must accept and become. Do not try to become it, but become the law right now. It is like being on the Mount of Transfiguration. You cannot beg, buy, or borrow it, for you must become truth. Opinions and prejudices are the stinkers of this age, and you flare up because of them. Yesterday’s ideals and visions become today’s opinions and prejudices, unless you add tomorrow’s ideals and visions to today. The minute ideals and visions crystallize, they become nothing more than opinions and prejudices.

The vital centers of the molecular desire body look like spinning wheels, and they react to your changing emotions. Some react with three colors, some with five. They overlay the seven nerve plexus centers, represented by the seven churches of the Revelation. The atomic mental body has forty-four lotus centers. Only those who understand and practice drawing in the life sparks can build the fire body, which the Oversoul moves into and purifies. The only way to form the sun centers is to give up self. You may not poison the fire body with selfishness, not even a tiny bit. Law will not allow you to make it gray. You choose between good and evil, which dictates whether you go through the Gates of Light, or not.

Since the early 1930s, other metaphysicians have said that I give too much in my lectures, while they save it up for more classes. I always knew that every time I emptied my pitcher God would add more. My choice has always been for the inner, not worldly success. I came to earth with no consciousness of my soul records, where I came from, or why I was here. The challenge of evil has always been that the one who comes to teach truth must know nothing; their heavenly contact must be cut off completely. Yet we must still prove that we could return to heaven and bridge the abyss to return to earth. Although I did not know this, a line of Light was always moving up before me, and I followed it to the throne. I always saw it, and I could climb. I saw cities in the distance, but did not know where they were. Finally I climbed to the throne of the Mercy Seat. I knew that when that line of Light ended, I would be at my Source.

At age twelve I knew that “greater works than these shall ye do” included transfiguration. I accepted Jesus the Christ as my Lord, and no other. I knew my only protection would be to shelter under his robe. We must ascend the body, because Gethsemane, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension still lie ahead. Churches talk about “taking up the cross” without mentioning the crucifixion. Metaphysicians talk about resurrection. Jesus said that ascension is the necessity, but people expect to do the greater works without ascending the body. December 5, 1925, I decided I would believe nothing but what came from the Master’s lips. Since then, I have dealt in nothing but ascension.

I started campaigning with Dr. Boyd January 9, 1927, and have never stopped submitting to inner initiation since. I could always see spiritually, and knew I was working for God at night. In October 1936, I prayed, “Please Father, open the Gates of Heaven. If no one else comes along, I will do it.” The Gates were opened for me because I obeyed and began to see and knew that I had climbed under divine orders. I prayed and sacrificed self, and with each of my great soul experiences, I was enticed to remain at that level, but I had become accustomed to ascending in the Light. — Edna Lister, October 23, 1952.

Unless you walk softly and speak gently in business, you give offense on the right and left, and those you have offended put up barriers to prevent you from progressing. You may not speak sharply or out of order. Nor may you say, “I” this or that, to make yourself appear more effective. You are not the Power — God is.

The masses, who have followed evil, now fill prisons and asylums for the mentally ill. They are “the least in the kingdom” who have misused law so much that they have little or no mind left.

The art of successful living is to live by love, not the lower emotions. It is a matter of personal choice. The more often you pray, the better. Give up self. Fulfill all law in the Light. Trust in the Light. Ignore the darkness of the world. Declare for good. Depend on God. — Edna Lister, October 31, 1952.

When you feel a cross-vibration of criticism or condemnation coming, lift it and declare it good. Stand in the Light, speak the Word, and lift. Use the faith and love of God, and use enough of both. — Edna Lister, November 13, 1952.

After you first grasp an idea, stand by and await orders — a yes, no or wait. Do not rush out to look for the change, or you cut the vibration.

A faithful Catholic, whose husband had spit on her and on her crucifix, asked what she should do. I told her to go to church, light twelve candles to the saints, then kneel at the chancel rail and pray only to Jesus, believing the twelve saints were praying with her. I said, “He will run out of spit before you run out of prayers.” A miracle followed. — Edna Lister, November 16, 1952.

When you complete the first 144 steps of ascension, you meet an angel with a flaming sword. You can go no further if you have felt cheated of love on earth. Those who have tried to kill desire become frozen and so must return to earth. Potency and impotency in male and female are linked to the ability to express tenderness, mercy, understanding and compassion. Those who completely express tenderness and mercy have no fear of impotence. One can express tenderness, compassion and longing through speech, and when found acceptable, one pours out compassion. Then it symbolizes pure mother love, a yearning and longing to be perfect in expression. — Edna Lister, November 24, 1952.

When you speak the Word, the Father does the work. Never speak negative thoughts, only positive knowing and declaring. Be steadfast, agree with your adversaries, and call everything good. Do not leave one opening, or the magnetic wall of Light will not hold.

Go to sleep declaring that enough atomic substance is moving through to cause your vitality to sizzle tomorrow. Set your subconscious to breathe atomic substance while you sleep. It will renew your body whether you have a few or many hours of sleep. — Edna Lister, November 28, 1952.

To extend your vision above, think of something and extend your vision up to it. You do something by moving up. It is a mental arrangement, a point of seeing with the all-seeing eye, the imaginative faculty. You can turn the imagination faculty down or up. You waste 90 percent of the energy you create in your body by using the imaginative faculty for silly things. When you extend it for good, you can accomplish anything.

Read Dimnit’s The Art of Thinking, which is about abstract or picture thinking. You harness imagination and build a picture of what you plan. This is what you must do to see beyond the veil. For true soul vision, turn your mind’s camera lens up to God. How far does your vision extend? With extended vision you enter some infinite, eternal dimension. You have no sense of space or of time passing, you are there. You must rise and not be earth-bound.

Pray yourself into the golden silence. The length of time it takes you is according to the degree of your burning desire. Seeing and hearing is a matter of practice. Focus your eyes on the Light. The less self-conscious you are, the farther you can see. You get tangled in phenomena when you listen for something. — Edna Lister, December 4, 1952.

Forgiveness has three steps: 1. I forgive, which is a self-love. 2. Father, forgive them, which is loving God enough to believe. 3. Father, forgive me, which is loving God enough to finally conquer the self. — Edna Lister, December 8, 1952.

Success consists of continuity in expression. Your highest points of glory come from transmuted weaknesses. Production is what you are. Distribution is what you do. “I am equipped to create. I am equipped to conquer.” You dare not make demands of another. Law works inevitably to build situations of experience in which you may learn your lessons and pay your debts with interest when you dare make demands of another.

For example, parents must train their children, yet even in training children you pay a debt on any demand you make of them from pride about how they look or perform. When the Elect train the world also, they will dig this demanding pride from their own hearts. Parents pass on the hereditary characteristics in the two cells of life, sperm and ova, and they must discharge their debt in training that child to sacrifice self and to love enough. In their sacrifice and love, parents pay or cover the child’s present debt. Law always pays the mother surplus credits, stored for the children. If the mother asks no special credits from her children, her surplus credits form arms of Light that reach down to protect the child when it goes into the world. When a mother brings a soul into the world, she receives credit for lending her body, making her body an altar of sacrifice and an oblation of love. — Edna Lister, December 15, 1952.

Any person or situation you lift to be healed is a sight draft on Power, a bearer bond, payable on demand. The woman who suffered an issue of blood felt the Power in Jesus, knew it would heal her, and touched his robe. He felt the shock as the Power moved through and said, “I feel the virtue has left me.” Jesus did not destroy the fig tree because it was fertile, but because it was barren. He said, “Get thee behind me, Satan,” not because he wanted to be rid of darkness, but because he knew you could let it push you into the Light.

Just because your family grows ears like a donkey, you need not grow the tail. The lightest word you speak has more Power than ten years’ worth of words or your prayers from twenty years ago. The same Power goes through whether the words are gray or black.

The main issue to face in life is you. Your first conscious memory is just a beginning in a self-analysis. If you are really honest, you will dig out the cause of your actions or responses. You are a producer, distributor, and sales agent. Your flame of desire is your future resource. Production is what you are and distribution is what you do. Ask yourself where you are going. What is your goal? I AM is the perfect goal. I AM is perfect enough to reach any goal. You cannot straddle the abyss. Decide which of you is going, I AM or little me.

God stuffs you with law like you stuff a turkey. Now it is time to digest and manifest them. It is a matter of facing self in the mirror, not kidding yourself when you say, “When I said that I was not myself.” You lie. You were your little self, not I AM. You can break anyone of the habit of fury with just a look. See the furious one as a rare animal during fury and just look, lift and look. Ask for the flames of the Holy Ghost to descend and possess you. Like a jelly fish with just two brain cells, you can be resentful, but lifting just one brain cell can conquer.

“God first” is constant awareness of God’s presence. Love God first. Declaring it good is enough. Seek God’s approval. Throw your arms up and declare, “I AM joy.” Remain conscious: Who will write your letter, I AM, or little me? Who will answer the door or the telephone? Who is getting out of bed this morning? Decide just before falling asleep about who is running your life. You had better say, “I accept,” before you answer, “I AM.” This is a recipe for I AM ascending you. Joy is the power vibration on which love moves to create.

Always seek to sacrifice more of the self. The little taints are most important to lift — keep searching for neglect in details and seek to make your small, daily deeds more perfect in love. Personal habits are all right if they are wise for you and do not interfere with anyone else. A man’s home is his castle. The world honors and respects this right and treats a man with respect and dignity in his castle. Even when he has broken the law, the law itself knocks on the door of his castle. Anyone who disregards law dishonors God, is playing with God, breaking the law and is arrogant. Only Light lifts, heals and closes out darkness. When someone pays you a compliment, say, “Father, give the giver double.” Put anything incomplete on the altar at night. Go over the past day’s work, lifting everything undone. This gives you the energy to keep going. Stand in the heart of fire, looking into His eyes and releasing Power. — Edna Lister, December 18, 1952.

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You have heard the Master’s voice, hearkened unto him, have touched the heights of Power, yet have grown cool even while holding your lines of Light. This is not enough for the coming year. You must grow in fervor, in constancy of extended vision. You must release an ever-increasing, ever-ascending Power. — Edna Lister, January 8, 1953.

God has given you keys to kingdoms of glory beyond the vision of ordinary men. He has given you greater ability to release Power than your present acceptance and surrender can function, for you limit the daily miracles of your life, not yet grasping the mightiness of the Power to be sent through you to conquer all remaining evil when your choice becomes limitless enough to vision such power of love. You receive according to your faith. How is the state of your faith? Are you sharing your faith with evil? If you live by earth’s standards, part by the outer truth of appearance and part by the full faith of God, your results will be indifferent. You can have miracle on miracle every day of the year only when you reach up, hold fast to the faith of God and stand in the full Light, filled with Light, ignoring completely and forever all thoughts of earth and earth’s ways.

You have the wisdom to distinguish between the Light and the darkness of evil. Evil, darkness, and possession say, “Try this just once for pleasure of sensation and self-satisfaction.” Ascending ways say, “Arise. Give up self. Seek nothing for self but give all in surrender to be used by Light.” Mistakes are impossible when you live in the Light, facing the Light. Let Light use you, withstand all things in joy, agree with all adversaries, sing songs of joy, though persecuted, endure all things in joy, and never give a thought to the self, praising God, thanking and loving the Father better than anything earth can fashion. — Edna Lister, January 12, 1953.

You return to God on your love of God. Offer no excuses for doing for God. — Edna Lister, February 12, 1953.

Never have I been so sure of God’s Power, glory, and presence. Never have I loved Him so much, nor been so positive that He can, He does, He is fulfilling all His promises. So, make dynamic, generous and extravagant decrees in His Name. Open the Gates of Light with songs of praise on your lips, prayers of praise winging themselves to God. All heaven’s altars wait to release doubled Power on you. Substance, initialized and ready for miracles, awaits your “let,” to become your desires. Speak the word “let” and make it good for all. Let no doubt destroy your work anytime. Search for hidden taints. Lift them in surrender of self. This shall be a glorious Lent, great in illumination, great in joy and questions answered. Hold. Love enough. — Edna Lister, February 13, 1953.

Open yourself for complete healing. Surrender in full, not in part. Be in praise and thanksgiving to open Lent. Stand. Flood the kingdoms of earth with Power. Search for hidden flaws. Earth shall be lifted and evil brought into the open. Pray. Praise. Sing. Ascend. Hold fast and together stand. The descending glory is that which fulfills miracles. Let love fulfill all law of good. The Power today is tremendous, greater than for thousands of years. Are you ready for this Power to come through you, through your vocal cords to express the glory of God?

Your task is laid out before you. One thing only is left for you to do, to surrender and give up all self to the love, Light, and Power of God. Miracle on miracle will descend on you as you surrender to God to be His expression and glory, His Light to shine on earth. When faith and desire become a marriage of the Lamb, it moves mountains. Joy is the key that opens the kingdom so that Light and Substance may descend. Hold fast to all gains and all things shall come to pass. Surrender. Remember praise and prayer. Be the law of joy, which is contagious. — Edna Lister, February 18, 1953.

I am holding you very close today, as always, with the arms of my heart. This is a day of rejoicing. Heaven is alive with such glory as I have never before witnessed. You may partake of this glory freely, just for loving God enough as one. You are one in heart and purpose, to ascend higher and higher until all dross is burned away and you shine with the shining Shekinah glory. Radiant, free, divine in your new body of Light. It shall “come to pass” as all your dreams of love. — Edna Lister, March 17, 1953.

Your desire for perfection aids you to hold high places. However, you must truly dig out self. You need greater sincerity in giving up selfishly hanging onto your opinions and the pride that causes such self-satisfaction and desire to be right. What does it matter that another has the fame of self-exaltation? Give up the self. Be at peace within. — Edna Lister, March 24, 1953.

I know the glory in your soul, and I also know that the coming Easter descent of the Holy Ghost will burn out long-crystallized self. A time comes in ascension when you can never again forget God’s high calling, when your tongue can no longer form hurtful or offensive speech. You are there now, so hold to it. — Edna Lister, March 26, 1953.

As you ascend, you bring your body with you. Lift it high into the Light. Let God heal it, without holding out on Him. You do not do it, but let God do it. He is your strength. When you descend and think you must do it, you close your head centers. The Power cannot enter, then a backfiring results, a headache. Practice living above your head center constantly. Do everything from there. Lift all obstacles and give them to God. Let Him do everything. You do nothing but work out your salvation here below. — Edna Lister, May 26, 1953.

What is the difference between taking a chance and taking advantage of an opportunity? Taking a chance is usually small delinquency that leads to a large disobedience. Taking advantage of an opportunity is easy when you pay attention to details always. Taking chances usually deals with the minor initiations. Ask yourself, If doing something every time is not right for all, is it right for me to do it once? It takes but one to stand against what the masses spew. They can fuss, stew and stir, yet nothing happens. What if Jesus had stood before Lazarus and said, “You stink”? No matter what it is, declare it good right now. It is perfect. The law is coming through them as absolute perfection.

Every embodied soul has an aura of lights, according to his degree and kind. If the white Light of the Christ surrounds you, and you declare for another, Light works through his aura and his Guards cone him for protection or to silence him. The Master does the healing, but you put him in a pillar of fire, which can penetrate any cover. You can walk in a sphere of Light and surround yourself in a pillar of fire. Put others into a pillar of fire first for purging, then into a sphere of Light for healing.

GOD in heaven is GOOD on earth, so you call God’s name (GOOD) on all creations. This symbolizes the three (GOD) falling into the four (GOOD). It overcomes anything, sets aside all medical law, causes the great miracle and medical law cannot affect the physical body. What doctors say doesn’t mean a thing.

You must let the desire body grow from the vapor stage into outer appearance — “This corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.” — 1 Corinthians 15:53-54 speaks of the corruptible and incorruptible. Physical cells are filled with desire body molecules, inside which are atoms, the source of energy. This is law and no doctor can set it aside. Words create. It works this way.

People say, “I need more peace. I can’t take this.” Someone must pay for this indifference and lukewarmness. It is indifference and lukewarmness if you do not grow 10,000 times brighter and hotter every day. I urge, yank and hitch your lines to your stars because I am ultimately responsible for supplying all the credits needed according to my vows. You can expect no rest spiritually, no peace outside God. Pay for your unconscious letting down, and declare your creations good. Have you touched the epitome of love for your Father? Have you worked to the greatest of your ability? Be in greater devotion before the altar than before. Love is the greatest power to save earth. Seek God first to release Almighty Power and declare everything good. It takes a great group, a few, not thousands, for constant prayers. Through love enough, Light can absorb darkness. If people insist on rebellion, Light cannot absorb it, so they must act it out. — Edna Lister, May 28, 1953.

Anatomically, nerves are brought together in small bunches [ganglia] in the medulla. You take your soul record with you in these medulla neurons during soul flights and on transition [death of the body]. These desire body brain cells are “memory cells.” As you open your brain cells in an earth life, simultaneously you open your soul records.

You experience illumination as a burst of Light when your brain cells open, and they slough an oily residue. Extend your consciousness to God during prayer while seeking to build pictures of the inner to open your brain cells. Prayer must be threefold. First it must be a devotional attitude toward principle and a power greater than self. Second, you must turn your imagination upward, extend it toward the universe, and picture how small is the portion you can see this way. Imagine this current of life flowing around earth. Visualizing something greater than earth causes an awakening. Third, do not pray from inside your body. Why pray to a god inside the room? Expand to find God above and beyond. The universe is great and God fills the universe. I like to feel that I pray to God before an altar. visualize God as being great and having form as you go to Him. Ascend into the magnificence of the universe.

A miracle is an acceleration of natural law that eliminates delay. You enter that place where you can see spiritually and make it manifest. Under prayer and burning desire, you set aside time and space, then substance hastens into form. Expand yourself into an eternal, infinite consciousness and law instantly acts accordingly.

No one is equal on earth or in heaven other than in the right to advance on one’s personal merit. The soul who lives a good life on earth without cheating goes farther in heaven than the one who is “sharp” in business. You earn your inner place not solely by performance and practice, but by credits for the perfection of your desire for perfection. It is a matter of choice.Accept the fact that you must become law without talking about it. When you are tolerant, you do not think or talk about becoming tolerant. One who says, “I am tolerant,” is just talking about it. You do not know you are tolerant. You just are.

Forgiveness has three stages. First, “I’ll forgive but she had better not do it again.” Second is “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” Third is “Father, forgive me lest I cause my brother to stumble.” This is not an easy practice. Declare, “Father, let me walk on this line of Light and never cause my brother to stumble.” Others will never see you doing this or know you have declared it. As you ascend in consciousness, ice melts to water, and you reach the vapor stage of walking on water.

War is the boomerang return of force to the children of God and men. You are lifting this when you pray for the healing of the nations and governments. Refuse to declare anything less than good. Loose the other fellow and let him go. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” — Matthew 6:33. “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the ways with him.” — Matthew 5:25. “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:22. “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” — John 21:22. “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” — John 12:32. “This is Good! Let there be Light!” — Genesis 1. These are the laws of the ascending creator gods.

What do you believe? Raise your consciousness up to the clouds first and feel the effect, the reaction of Power and vitality in your physical body. Then you can extend your consciousness to the Sun for prayer. Selfishness will freeze you in your body. Yet you can draw on atomic energy for eternal youth until the petals of the mental body lotus centers appear as flames. When you lift, gesture with a lifting motion and declare that your body is alive and glowing. Send your molecular desire and atomic mental bodies up to be filled with sun fire, to fill the physical with life. — Edna Lister, May 29, 1953.

Do you desire to become a creature or a creator god? Heaven awaits your full competent service to the Holy Ghost. You shall become the perfected instrument of glory through doing. Be conscious of your noble birth in God, not in self-congratulation but in soul humility of purpose. Choose: What is worth the loss of one moment of ascension? Does the self-satisfaction of letting go bring enough joy to pay you dividends? Ask yourself, Do I understand the full meaning of surrender? Do I seek the highest comprehension? What is my goal? Whose path am I following, the world or the Master’s? Answer, and hold to your high decisions. — Edna Lister, June 3, 1953.

Gossip, even in explanation of our work, is illegal, and you must go to the altar on your knees afterward. To describe in detail what doctors said of someone who has a terminal diagnosis, or to say that it is incurable, is illegal because you are looking at darkness. Don’t bother with clinging to guilt or you create a guilt complex. All guilt complexes are rooted in self-pity, so go up to God and pay your debt while you release Power.

When you consider, and discuss illness, you build a pattern of disease, encase the patient within it, and it can take days of work to loosen him. Just say, “He has a fever,” and lift it, nothing more. If you know about the doctor, pray for him. Some deny disease, but we say, “Let it be made Light. It is lifted, melted, dissolved and absorbed in the devouring ray of the Mother’s love.”

What good is new information to you when you are not living up to the responsibility for what you already have? If you want information, stick to the meaning of this work: Pray and lift instantly. You can have no Christ consciousness without the devotional joy vibration. Ask yourself, “Who is getting up this morning, little me or I AM?” You can make a mold for a miracle, but you set the pattern with your prayers. When someone prays for you, he builds a new rung on the ladder for you to climb. Devote yourself to prayer to touch God’s throne and release Power.

When will you believe that your burden is pure Light? The very height of your glory depends on what you drag into the group. Let the one who brings in a mess for lifting be the last one to pray so that the rest of your prayers lift it and her through the Gates. Darkness is force, and when you cannot handle the situation with love, you are flirting with darkness. When you consider only God in your relationship with the situation or person, you can handle it without using force. Move up in consciousness. Hold your poise. Never consider darkness. Never say, “If I could only have five minutes alone.” Just take a breath and go up in consciousness. Remember who and what you are. — Edna Lister, June 15, 1953.

You can have no Christ consciousness without the devotional joy vibration. Ask yourself, “Who is getting up this morning, little me or I AM?” Your burden is pure Light, but the height of your glory depends on what you drag into the group. Let he who brings in a mess for lifting be the last one to pray so that the rest of your prayers can first lift it all through the Gates of Light.

You may not impose your code of honor and law on others, but when those near you criticize too often, take your stand in love and justice. Release love enough first. You are all mothers and fathers in Israel, the twelve houses of Light. When one is a mother, a child’s lack of respect is not good enough to measure up to the honor of your house. Such darkness is force, and when you cannot handle the situation with love, you are flirting with darkness. When you consider only God in your relationship with the situation or person, you can handle it without using force.

When poise should be your crown, you allow confusion to bring you down. If you do not wear your crown in the kitchen, what good is it to you? Make your kitchen equal your highest point of glory. Move up in consciousness. Hold your poise. Never consider darkness. Never say, “If I could only have five minutes alone.” Just take a breath and ascend in consciousness. Remember who and what you are. — Edna Lister, June 15, 1953.

When you reach out and hold people in your arms of Light, they cannot feel the pull of darkness, no matter how great. Move up in consciousness and let Light do the scrubbing as you notice the evil. — Edna Lister, June 23, 1953.

This woman had expressed fear about her worsening vision: God can bring a miracle to pass on the declaration of His glory. Do you believe God wants you to go blind? I believe you can see that this is a final examination. Now if you will very honestly work this out now, loyally, with honor to God, your declarations every hour that your eyes are the eyes of God’s glory, old eyes being rebuilt, then you can begin to weave the strands for healing. Work while you are waiting, harder than you ever have before. — Edna Lister, June 23, 1953.

We are motes in the balance, then we ascend. “We see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man. For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.” — Hebrews 2:9-10. We have ascended. We have been in it, enjoyed it and by deliberate intent we choose to return to God “a little higher than the angels.” — Edna Lister, July 6, 1953.

Every sermon is different, even when on the same text, because no two ministers teach the same way or use the same approach. Ministers minister unto others. Each must wait upon the Lord his own way, according to his comprehension of love, Light and glory. Those ministered to must still work out their own approach to God. They may seek so hard, in so many ways that they fail to find Him where He is. These are the floaters, who wait for God to find them. — Edna Lister, July 12, 1953.

Everyone passes through the asleep-while-wide-awake phase, where they hear about and talk about truth. In the adept awareness phase, they use force and their voices become coarse and raucous. Yet this is the point of finally doing something about it. When they move up in consciousness, it becomes the mastery of self in the golden silence. The Voice of Silence speaks to you as you become a Master. When you go out at night, the Master may walk toward you across the rippling silver fields, but you can go directly to the golden silence.

At times when earth has called you louder than heaven, you plod through the waking sleep first. Yet, sublimation works, and eventually you step onto the Mount of Transfiguration. Sublimation cleanses desire of all taints. When you draw the life sparks from the physical, you may uncover taints, residue and toxins that you must eliminate to increase your vitality. The secret of the fountain of youth is that when you lift the appetitive soul’s negatives, you draw those life sparks in and slough the negative residue.

A servant of all Power simply serves, without an agenda of self. The compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ holds everyone in his own place under God or up to his highest point of honor. — Edna Lister, July 13, 1953.

At night, before you sleep, go up in consciousness on a cloud of Light, float above your body, and consciously engage your subconscious, saying, “I am breathing the fragrance of the Tree of Life. I am one of its blossoms.” Go to bed to rest up, and stretch out on a cloud of Light. When you say, “I am so tired,” you hold the bed down. Declare that you are in a funnel of Light, untouchable. The subconscious mind will register that it is on a cloud of Light, in the vapor stage that will continue all night, creating the sense of a weightlessness. You will be breathing the fifth degree of breath that inflates the atoms in every cell, and you will be Light. From there you say, “Father, please send a Guard to conduct me to the right place,” to form a path of Light.

You cannot graduate with your class if you quit. Every agnostic is a descended creator god who has enough intellect to talk about it, but who lacks the logical skills to figure it out on his own. Watch ever more fervently for small treacherous and hidden emotions of and to the self — cleanse your heart regularly. Hide no taint of missing even a small portion of “the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” — Philippians 3:14.

When you permit self to dig a ditch of indifference, lukewarmness, resentment and disobedience to law, you must eventually bridge the abyss you’ve created, fill it in with Light and your sacrifices of self. Otherwise, you keep falling into it every month as you cycle around to it again. It’s always the same old thing, perhaps self-justification — blaming others, making them wrong so you can be right, or indulging self-righteous anger to cover your own failure to dig out all self. Remember, you are now in your own right place doing your right work, God’s right work for you now. If this were not so, you’d be somewhere else. This is law. Polish yourself right where you now are. And it is not your business what anyone else on earth does or does not do. — Edna Lister, August 13, 1953.

There is no loss ever. God always adds. — Edna Lister, September 2, 1953.

If you love God enough, you do not have to tell Him about your needs. In prayer, permit no negative thought about or statement of your need. You cannot love God and be conscious of your needs at the same time. You must love God enough and at the boiling point. You need to unload your emotional blocks.

Love God enough, and Power moves through. When you repeatedly declare for good eyes, you really believe that your eyes are bad. As long as you keep asking instead of declaring, you do not really believe. Say, “Father, I love you, and I am using Your holy vision.” You close out seeing and hearing when you hold onto your need for perfect eyes. Pray once about the need, but if you ask again, you do not really believe.

You cannot be loving God completely when you have centered your mind on something negative. Love Him at the white point of heat. I could have the heat on and you would still freeze. Thus, you love God, but if you do not rejoice, you do not love God enough. To declare, “Father, I am thanking You while rejoicing for all favors to come” is how to draw abundance from God’s reserve bank. You give mostly lip service because you do not comprehend all that God gives for the world.

Your memory cells open as you love God and ascend. Soul memory can evaporate if you descend in consciousness when you go out into the world. Initiation consists in becoming selfless in service under guidance from the Heavenly Councils through your Great Guard. If your eye is single, you become Light. — Edna Lister, October 1, 1953.

You must express verbally to lift or to release Power. You radiate through your tones of voice what you know subconsciously. The vibration you send forth is like a two-edged sword. The other fellow hears in your tone what lances his particular boil. Cleanse the subconscious until you are pure in heart so you do not offend. The difference between criticism and instantaneous vision to lift darkness is the speed with which you recognize a soul-empty place and look up to become the instrument through which love fills the space. — Edna Lister, October 3, 1953.

Joy takes you from the realm of the mysterious to the realm of the miraculous, and accelerates you toward becoming law. The Elect laid down this pearl of truth when they descended. Joy is your master Light switch. The Master is the great transformer who came here when earth had become dark. The blood of the Lamb can heal all things. Blood carries the appropriative quality of the Father and Mother, which is energy. As the Son of Man, Christ could transform flesh and blood, the substance of God, so he was the “Light of the world.” His outer physical appeared human.

If you prefer to tinker with the material world in your desire for credits, you can light only part of your house. The full power is released by the master switch. Five years ago, your body could not have taken this present power. You must ascend and turn on the master switch of joy. When you reach that higher sensitivity, it seems as though the devil himself is crucifying you. In the realms of idealism, the Master said, “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” — John 21:22. You wallow in earthy negativity if you tinker with little self’s switches in the basement. For example, if self turns on the master switch of compassion, understanding and giving, you only feel sorry for people and love sentimentally.

Daniel stood in the lion’s den, in step with God, but out of step with the world. He tuned out the lions’ animalistic desire for food and ascended to God’s spirituality. We know this is true because irrefutable scientific logic dictates that unseen power must exist since the stars hang in space. Thus, science admits an intangible source of power. Science understands that Light is the Source and opened the way. To comprehend such mysteries, you must cleanse the toxins from your bloodstream and brain to open your soul’s memory cells.

What comes up from the subconscious or a blow of force from the outside hurts, but it expels the crystallized substance into the bloodstream to be filtered from the body. Just as ice cubes crack when hot water strikes them, you smash all the crystallization with a bang when you redeem force. The force of the blow loosens any frozen misused soul substance. You can tell how hard it was to redeem by the severity of the blow. You must do it this way, by a violent approach, because you no longer have time to melt the crystallized force cube by cube. Today’s selfless vision becomes tomorrow’s exalted, expanded living. You must give, which creates the vacuum to receive, or it becomes crystallized opinion and prejudice. — Edna Lister, October 5, 1953.

Because of your joyful obedience to law, you are ready to stand in your own room of Light under the Light, and from there to release Power, love, wisdom, illumination, faith, joy and compassion on earth. The more constantly you stand under the Light, the greater the hourly miracles, for Light’s name is Miracle. When the Light possesses you, you become the miracle. The miracle releases the ultimate in perfection, which demands transformation into itself. When your body does not respond, or any part of it hurts, you are not a miracle and the part that hurts is “soul-empty.”

When a person needs to accept a healing directly from God, but depends on a healer or a doctor, you must speak the Word to heal the healers or doctors in vibration so that the high Power can move through. This is true, whether the person depends on a human agency, such as a doctor, a healer, massage, an x-ray machine or drugs. The miracle that could have come through directly is diluted by passing though all these agents. This may not always seem true for the Elect, who can go directly to the Source. The Power already moving through the healers, including doctors, is great enough to heal the lesser grades of faith, such as the children of earth.

Your next step in ascension is steadfastness. Extract the verses of law from the Epistle of James, ponder them, and accept as you ponder them. James outlines the cleansing of the appetitive soul and the negative things that lead you astray. John 1 tells you of the Logos and helps you tune in the vibration of Jesus the Christ. — Edna Lister, October 13, 1953.

A butterfly folds its wings over its back until its transition in autumn, then stretches its wings overhead. A butterfly knows nothing of dragging its wings in the world’s mire. You can hold your soul wings overhead to fly onward and upward anytime. You spread your wings on the ritual before a sermon. You come, not for the words, but to spread your wings. — Edna Lister, October 18, 1953.

Free will is the freedom to use the will faculty through wisdom, for will is the perfection God’s Wisdom working within man. Your will is free only when you allow wisdom to use you as the Holy Spirit. Give up the vacillation of self and choosing the negative, for self is the only thing you can surrender in sacrifice. Force is the negative expression of free will. War is how nations use free will in selfishness and negativity. By contrast, the art of loving is the ability to adjust to others without imposing your will on them. Agree with God that this is good, and adjust to outer circumstances. Even when it stinks, say, “This is good to lift.”

Whenever you visualize the good, picture everyone else receiving also. That image forms in their Oversoul star to release whatever they lack, security, a car, house, money, or health. The substance always comes through, but you must go to your Source to begin the vibration. Climb to the Source first to register your vows of intention. You make vows of practice on All Souls Day, yet the height of your vows of intention confers the guts to keep your vows of practice. As you adjust your use of will to keep its barbs inside your aura, you will find that others will consult you, consider you, treat you gently, and seek your advice. Once you withdraw your quills, you’ll know the true freedom of the Wisdom emanation, which agrees with The All That Is. Certain traits are unbecoming, period.

God cannot remove black magic or its practitioners. He uses His Elect — you — to surround them in Light and lift their effects in the world and on people. Even as your prayers have lifted and healed, so shall your prayers bring this to pass as speedily as may be. Light must absorb every jot and tittle of darkness, and God needs you as a transforming station on earth for lifting. You receive thousands of credits for each o’ershadowing. Your Oversoul knows what to do, but must have your rational soul’s consent. Watch your step because life will become one greased pole after another, yet you can lift it gracefully. It’s a matter of choice.

God will hold you in arms of breathtaking miracles. You can lift others, but each must return to God under his own steam. The more often you ascend in consciousness for inspiration, the more new brain cells you open. Love and wisdom will guide you. It’s a shame that God cannot hook people by love as easily as He can by their animosities and hatred. The load is almost to the top of the hill, yet a little lifting and pushing remain. Exalt heaven, and praise earth, declaring it good to lift. Love has been and always shall be an irresistible power as exalted joy. It opens all doors, and burns away all barriers. — Edna Lister, October 19, 1953.

Cut no vibrations or lines of Light and responsibility. Watch the tonal quality of your voice. Let your compassion express itself in firm tones of love. — Edna Lister, October 20, 1953.

No matter what hits you, the answer is to go up for more Light, a heavier stream of Light. Light is the heavy stream of water to put out the blaze. No variation is possible. Ascend in consciousness, declaring, “This is good to lift.” — Edna Lister, October 22, 1953.

Councils credit and record your vows of intention at the Crown, but record vows of ability to practice only as high as your weakest points in ascension allow. They have to be merciful or no one could return. The vows of intention are absolutely pure in everybody, and great enough to be registered. Do your vows of practice equal them? Your words are your thermometers. Speech is your measuring rod. God’s success is inevitable, so how can you miss with Him?

Only a few souls can soar in the clouds of glory without the mud, quicksand, blows, kicks or scoldings of earth distracting them. Only one response serves you — “This is good to lift now. I have no past. I am too busy planning my future.” God does not know what you want unless you show Him what you can do. You will never have time to do what you please whenever you want, because you have so much else to do for God.

Your initiations are all about the crucifixion of self. Self-pity gnaws at the nerves. With all the glories of heaven ready to descend on you, you must stay up in consciousness. You are on the altar with every word you speak, not to look smug or virtuous. — Edna Lister, October 25, 1953.

Your ability to release Power is according to the size of your Christed mantle, which you create through surrender and sacrifice of self, and fervent prayer. — Edna Lister, October 26, 1953.

You can judge yourself. You can catch every negative word before it drags you down. This is what you have been waiting for. No abysses remain between you and triumph now. It is just good hard plodding. Keep on and hold to your vibration. You have earned the right to ascend, but you must ascend step by step, hour by hour, day by day. Soul must overcome the little distractions of self. — Edna Lister, October 27, 1953.

When you have forgiven the past, when you ask God to forgive you for being so dumb all your life, then you will forget and that is forgiveness. — Edna Lister, November 1, 1953.

It is a long struggle up from the quicksand of self. Go out into the world to give, to treat with the idea of taking the Light to the world. Delay is good. You are earning your way back to God. Keep after it. Do not let it go. Just keep going. — Edna Lister, November 9, 1953.

Remember always to sacrifice your pride and any subtle intolerance. These have held you back. Do not let them rise now. Conquer them at all cost to self, and know that you shall bring to pass every dream of your heart. — Edna Lister, November 13, 1953.

Your last bits of misused soul substance can descend on you like a gray fog. When you feel as though you have been physically beaten, you are drawing your life sparks into the electronic body to establish your sun centers. When you fully awaken, it stops hurting. — Edna Lister, November 16, 1953.

The right eye symbolizes the materialistic side, which represents love of power, willfulness, rebellion, arrogance, and pride of position, fame and glory, creating small soul debts that accumulate into one large debt to pay. Headache pain on the right side of the crown means that some material issues remain to be lifted. Your ascension may have shattered the dweller on the threshold of consciousness, but you still must pick up the pieces, the odds and ends.

You must mother the life sparks you gather, but how, when you need mothering yourself? You cannot bear or release the Light if you collapse under it. You must be responsible, even where you cannot see a blunder or do not know. To declare, “This one thing I do,” is reaching for the Light. You cannot be a spiritual mother until you stand where nothing can disturb you. Declare, “I am the Light.” See the need and hold yourself ready in the Light, in your sanctuary.

You are successful in your service. You can hold your plans on a cloud for fulfillment and those whom you place in a room of Light. The bonds of Light are serene, unfailing, sustaining and soul-satisfying when you nourish them. Always hold every line of Light and responsibility placed in your hands. The same strengths, the same continuous holding in serenity and poise will take all your creations, responsibilities, and lines of Light to the next higher point. You can lift yourself higher only by having something to lift. Go through the narrow way, which is the right way.

Each has his personal Book of Life, and his own divine guidance. The Father has appointed you to full responsibility for mothering. A mother hen cannot collapse on her brood. She sits over them lightly with her hovering wings outspread. Use your wings so lightly that no one knows that you are brooding. This shall be the exaltation of your glory in the silence, knowing the extension of your brooding abilities. — Edna Lister, November 18, 1953.

Possess your own body. Move in all the way to your toes. Those who are weak in the knees feel so because they have breathed no farther into their bodies. Breathe your own soul substance. Make your body a chalice to be filled with new substance. — Edna Lister, November 22, 1953.

God has never stopped communicating, and every word carries a different vibration. The Lord’s Prayer is our basis. Let the power and dynamism of your statements of truth increase to be great. “Let this be the greatest thing ever on earth.” When God said, “Let there be Light,” it condensed itself into substance. As a group, you meet to release Power. The words may change, but you always gather to release Power. — Edna Lister, November 23, 1953.

There is no limit to the darkness you may lift, no end to the joy you may use in your creations, no limit to the Power that moves through you. Prepare your body for its reception, and more will move through you. Lift instantly all darkness that others bring you, and lift the one who brings it to free him to gather more. Use the tools at hand for lifting.

You will find yourself a lighter, happier, greater spreader of joy, more delightful and charming as wife and friend, day by day, as the Power uses you to its own advantage. Hold all gains. Do not sink on any vibration, but remain the mother of love to whom others bring everything to be stripped of darkness, false intentions and downright evil practice. — Edna Lister, November 24, 1953.

As you strive to remain in the arms of Light, the love moving through you will increase. The beauty moving forth to enfold all whom you meet will increase. Love will reach out, using you as its arms, to cover the transgressions of others, instantly to grab and lift negative words, yours and others’, which would create and grow. Love will use you to heal others, and keep you lifted. Love will hold you in Light bonds of glory for its own purposes, the purpose of creating only Light. You shall love enough to loose the bonds of hate from others. You shall praise enough to create glories for your loved ones. You shall feed your own soul with words of wisdom placed on your lips. — Edna Lister, November 25, 1953.

You must be capable of analysis without unrighteous judgment. Walk softly, speak gently, but also with a firm briskness of love, no harshness or force in it, alive and vital that brooks no interference from darkness. Move up in consciousness and become love. If you are conscious of loving, you have not yet become love. When you have become love, you do not judge other. Love sweeps darkness, like dirt from the floor, but does not judge it. “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” — John 13:34. As one man said,* “It’s love when your neighbor has a hole in his shoe and your foot is cold.” — Edna Lister, November 30, 1953.

{*Reverend James M. Moffat, of Hidden Valley, Idaho.}

Your Guards may not force you to obey law, as you well know. They may not demand, but I assure you that they can heartily suggest. So be ready for suggestions, lest they must increase the heartiness. — Edna Lister, December 1, 1953.

The ascension goal is to become the acme of perfection. When you have learned to handle your worst favorite, nothing in the world can get you down, for you build a garment of invisibility so that others cannot see you. Yet first you must eliminate your escapist crust, become stark naked of soul, for you can be of little use to God until you have nothing left to hide from or to hide. So continue digging until you cleanse self. Your meticulous attention on the outer shows your inner desire. Put crosses of fire over the lips of those who are critical and nasty, declaring, “The living God possesses Name, and he/she speaks only under divine inspiration.” — Edna Lister, December 2, 1953.

Wash your hands whenever you think you have picked up a negative vibration, whether over the phone or in person, shaking hands.

You must be flexible to meet other people’s challenges and demands, fifty laps ahead of them in all relationships. You cannot hold a position when you are sometimes up, sometimes down in consciousness. You must earn love, not be loved “in spite of” what you do or say. Disappointing people breeds resentment. You are either worthy of your position or not. Do you love because of God or not? Do you want credit or not? Do you want credit here or in heaven? If you cannot meet the challenge with love, you have not learned your lesson.

We, the Elect, came here to keep the Gates open in pure love. We came to lift the ones we marry and bear. You promised God to take all blame, and you cannot afford to flop. Love is like the tides, rolling into the shore in rhythm. The unceasing stability of the tides is a sign of eternity, one beauty after another, waves of love rolling in throughout eternity. Men must fulfill three roles — son, lover and husband. A man can build up a mountain of resentment then throw off the past. Whenever you tear something down, it raises dust. Women are able and must be willing to lift it.

People hear the tone in your voice, any ugly quality. Every word has tone and color. Your conscious tone may be extra tender and loving, or dictatorial, authoritative and demanding. Any cloud or shadow in the subconscious mind creates a cutting tone of voice. You may be unconscious of what lies in the subconscious, but it will reveal itself. Let your tone of voice bear the quality of the love in your heart. Beauty will emerge from the dead past, and nothing dark will remain when you turn it all up in love, if you think enough of the love of God. Come up with no holdouts. Come up clean. You cannot get anything out of anyone’s heart until the root is out. Lift everything from the past. — Edna Lister, December 7, 1953.

Before you sleep, move up in consciousness so your soul flights will become spiritual seeing and hearing rather than the subconscious dream life. Bring everything of the past, present and future up higher, to keep lifting it. Stop using weakness as an excuse to hide. If you get tired, go to bed, but rest up in consciousness. When you say, “I am weak,” you drain your vitality. Stand up and say, “I am healed. I am strong.” Stop being half and half.

Work for perfection. Consider the woman who must go out and work as a waitress or a scrubwoman. If you have an income, you are cared for and secure. Stop comparing your life with yesterday, which gives the little self a reason to dawdle and linger there. Say, “How great my life is, because —.” Compare yourself with what you must become. Think of where you are going. — Edna Lister, December 9, 1953.

Any mistake which credits the self becomes a challenge for Light to set fire to it so the world can see it. Walk softly, speak gently, and place it in a chalice of Light for pondering.

To the one who loves greatly, nothing is denied. You can see and hear perfectly. It depends on the quality and degree of your love. Your spiritual seeing and hearing depend on the quality and quantity and degree of your love of God as a Father.

The ancients believed that the universe is like an onion, but when you peel all the layers and get down to the heart of an onion, what is left? This analogy was all right in ancient times, but it is not good enough for the Golden Age. You cannot peel off the universe and throw it away. The soul cannot return to the Source using the onion idea. You penetrate from the outer shell to the inner essence, but you must ascend in consciousness and extend your soul vision. You risk failure unless you have a conscious sense of direction in life. God knows what is good for you, but you must tell Him what you want. You can do anything if you make a sacrifice of self and assume the responsibility to do so. Yet you do not peel off the onion layer, but walk through it.

The onion analogy is a holdover from nature worship, and represents a tiny part of God in manifestation. The bulb bursts, gives up its life to the Light and is absorbed. You cannot use a vegetable as a symbol of the universe without being bound to the vegetable kingdom. It’s third grade symbolism. In the atomic age, we use atomic symbolism. The onion symbolism was sufficient in the ancient world, but became crystallized. The time has come to lift such crystallization from churches and metaphysical organizations. — Edna Lister, December 10, 1953.

The layers of an onion peel off until a squiggly nothing is left. This “shriveling” metaphor is the wrong one for teaching about the spheres of the universe. The paradoxical and real meaning of an onion is peeling off the layers of the appetitive soul. When you clean each room of the heart’s past, the soul walks though the cleansed rooms with light footsteps, leaving no marks. Any mistake that credits the self becomes a challenge for Light to set it afire for the world to see. Walk softly, speak gently, and place it in a chalice of Light to ponder as you lift. — Edna Lister, December 14, 1953.

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Conquering Self 1954

Remember always, you can release enough Power only by sacrifice of self. God can release enough Power to end evil only as His Elect sacrifice enough self. God could loose an immense quantity of Power on the world, but what good is it to wipe out evil without raising consciousness in those practicing evil ways? They would immediately recreate everything that He had wiped out. Evil always desires to destroy what it cannot control. Someone on earth must make sacrifice of personal desires, especially for outer success, so that God may wipe evil from the minds and hearts of evil men.

The winner is who can love the most, not who is right or who is wrong! — Edna Lister, January 11, 1954.

Keep digging and lifting each episode from your past to a cloud continent of Light, and call consuming fire down on it. Never let anything slip below the surface. Above all, repent in soul contrition, not fake sentiment-and-pride-contrition, which feels martyrish and which appetitive soul loves. As you ascend in consciousness, rejoice every time you find some new old taint to lift. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice as you repent.

When lifting another, remain objective and impersonal. Lasso him with love and haul him into the Light. You have no need to wade in and get wet with him. In analysis, to search for the good is your protection. Never close out an analysis, but leave a blank space to fill in more. Sometimes you may reverse your conclusion but you will not go wrong. Only forgetting God, your lessons and pitying self could send you off balance. — Edna Lister, February 1, 1954.

Rid your thoughts of self-condemnation. You gain the true point of high balance between self-condemnation and self-exaltation by always holding fast to the love of God. To love God enough in complete constancy will give you such balance. Waste no time on self. Thus, you will be a perfect instrument of all Power. — Edna Lister, February 24, 1954.

Your speed in lifting relates to acceptance. People too often compare themselves with others, wishing they could be like them, always efficient, musical or artistic, writing, cooking, a perfect hostess, poised, ease in expression, grace, and so on. Such comparison is dangerous, for it produces negativity, undervaluing of your own talents or abilities, and loss of confidence. Comparison can lead to jealousy, conscious or subconscious, and ultimately to self-pity. When you go down the pole in pity for your poor little self, you begin making excuses: “I’ve not done it well because —.” Give up the because. “I can’t do that tonight because I’ve had a hard day. I’m too tired.” You feel yourself to be a burden bearer and what happens? Your back, shoulders or neck begins to ache.

Acceptance is recognizing that the River of Life bathes you, no matter what circumstances beset you. When you are high in consciousness, you cease to compare yourself with others, but take joy in their good points and improve your own. Your choice to accept the wealth of God’s substance, health, wealth, solution of problems, and capabilities by opening your door wide to that substance, only a crack, or to close the door entirely. You either accept your full responsibility as an heir of God, a fraction of it, or none at all. It is up to you. When you see negativity in a person, you fail to accept Christ as the model. Criticism is a contraction of consciousness.

Moving up in love, understanding, and compassion expands consciousness. When you descend in consciousness and criticize, you pay the other fellow’s soul debts. You may recognize his negative traits, but only to lift them. Having compassion for someone ill or in trouble is so easy. Yet the healthy, wealthy, successful person may need your compassion fully as much. Compassion only for those in trouble is self. It can make you feel superior, whether you recognize it or not. Have love and compassion for all.

Fear of competition is self. Get yourself ready to join with the best and strongest in the race of competition. When you move up in consciousness to God and open your doors to all good, then competition in a good thing. You are strong in God, not weak in self, because you accept. — Edna Lister, March 29, 1954.

Love enough. When you love God enough to be absorbed by your love of Him, you would be fully conscious of who you are, where you are and what you are doing. This is your goal for the year. — Edna Lister, May 17, 1954.

Principle has never been dark or evil, has never itself been misused. It is the Foundation from everlasting to everlasting, and you cannot move it. Only personality can misuse principle. All experience, including use and misuse of Power, comes under the Mother principle, which is love but also includes emotion. All evil practices occur through man expressing God as personality. Evil cannot come under God as principle, because principle cannot be evil.

You translate your experience into law through the Father principle of wisdom. You cannot have a theory without experience to back it. Until you have translated experience into law, you cannot have a philosophy of law. People who do not understand this refuse to translate their experience into the cold fact of law. When the love you send forth offends, you have not sent out enough love.

You are awakening the last of the sleeping cells of your body to be sloughed off and you will feel better when it stops hurting. Everything you have had wrong, or every fear you have had in life about slipping if you assume too much responsibility, is coming to the surface to be absorbed. After Ascension Day, you will look back and see the difference between a process and an action. Stand before the altar until the vibration rights itself. The goals I hold before you, you think you cannot reach, but when you do, I shall hold more. There is only one way up. — Edna Lister, May 24, 1954.

The law of ascension is to take all blame, agree, love and take up your cross to follow the Master. Ask each day to see the day’s balance sheet, and pour out love to fill the debits and transgressors before you sleep. — Edna Lister, May 27, 1954.

Let the love of God flood you, and pour it forth to all your loved ones and they will be filled. They receive all the love they can take and are satisfied. — Edna Lister, May 30, 1954.

When telling of a need for lifting and prayer, use no words that will create more to lift. Use the check rein on the negatives. This is for your protection so you cannot create more darkness. We are responsible for cleansing all darkness, little or great, in minds, hearts and affairs on earth. Love is our life’s keynote. Love is our soul’s high desire. Lend yourself to be possessed by love.

You are supposed to polish and lift under law to the highest degree. Work on your use of words and their creative power, giving substance to the negative creation instead of absorbing it with love. The higher you ascend, the more powerfully one word creates a form. Crystallizing an already negative form is foolish — you then use time and effort to melt and dissolve what you have recreated with your words. Vow to use only the wisest of words in the shortest ways, to string them together for new lifting.

Climb on the praise you receive and offer it to God. Make sacrifice for those who pass to the other side, so that you may exalt them as a gift. Even an atheist has the opportunity to repent from being an enemy to God. As you praise, your love of God grows so great that when you love Him enough, you cannot avoid expressing compassion. The place you occupy is like the frosting on your cake, delightful, the most beautiful place you can be. Stand in love to do your share of lifting.

When you conquer and overcome any hurts your loved ones may give you, love will lift the world. Strong women must stand up and be Amazons. You cannot ascend while feeling cheated. Everyone who does not reach the goal here goes over feeling cheated unless he or she cleans house here. You must love those near you, not blame or resent them. Stand as strong sons and daughters of God, asking nothing until you have conquered. Then our Father can return a hundredfold what the locusts have eaten. — Edna Lister, June 1, 1954.

Principle is not evil, nor can anything or anyone truly change it. A personality’s use of principle may soil its appearance temporarily, but when a personality pours Light on principle, it cleanses it again. Therefore, no Mind, Substance, or Power can be lost, only reabsorbed into principle. Love absorbs everything into itself as Light; therefore, no degree of evil can resist the principle of love. Delays and frustrations spring from not yet loving God enough. When you love God enough, you will comprehend what you think you know now.

Soul vision is imagination turned upward. An ancient prophecy said that someday even the rocks and trees would become oracles of God, that the evil concocted in the depths below the surface, and that the very walls themselves would speak and declare His glory. God wants everything redeemed, so we transform the less-good and idle word creations into perfection. — Edna Lister, June 6, 1954.

Become a vessel for Light, ever filled to overflowing. An open instrument speaks the Word for everyone and everything. Let the Light do the hard work, but be the instrument looking above to the harmony of the universes. You can shed a negative vibration as if shedding coveralls. Toss them into the living flame on the altar, and put on a white robe before each new task. Stay up in consciousness until you conquer. Your every word is established and will become visible. Make your weaknesses become your greatest strength. Make your low point be higher than your old high. For this service you receive gifts beyond compare. — Edna Lister, June 7, 1954.

Those who have manifested the stigmata of Christ’s wounds have contemplated and pictured this. It works this way. When you accept darkness as beauty, Light moves to fill and recreate it as Light. To be sainted on earth reveals that the soul has desired outer credits, which is a demerit in heaven. Many who have been canonized as saints are here on earth again, and have a terrific time dealing with the interference generated among gypsies, voodooists and those who invoke their names as saints. All who pray to saints with petitions and demands hang onto them and draw them back toward earth. They cannot ascend until they lift this interference, which they themselves have inadvertently created by desiring credits.

Anyone who stares with a mesmeric intent has participated in the evil of the Black Mass. At times their eyes may appear to be black, with no Light shining from the deadness of evil. As members of the Elect, we have been weak about constantly holding to conquer the dark forces. You want God to say, “Enough,” but God wants you to say it. Each life spark of Light you release has your name and number on it, so it returns to you to fulfill your prayer molds and desires. Declare, “I am good at seeing better,” to comprehend what you know and see. How can blame exist in the world when you lift all the blame? The Light of God descends and manifests as everything in form. — Edna Lister, June 10, 1954.

Plan to go higher to the Father at night. No physical exertion can make your desire body heavy unless you decree it. Decree all day long that your spiritual body is light, free, and able to ascend higher. Thinking about it is not enough — you must actually decree that your spiritual body strength is constantly increasing to overcome intense physical or emotional over-strain. Then thank the Father a thousand times an hour that it is so. Heavy labor rids you of the physical heaviness until you are walking as Light in a sublimated desire body, appearing as outer visible form. The love you release cracks asunder the shell of anyone trafficking in darkness. Therefore, every word, act, and thought of love poured upon them multiplies to regenerate the world. Love enough will cover earth’s past transgressions. — Edna Lister, June 15, 1954.

We must lift the fear of death from earth to see it replaced with the absolute truth that the soul is immortal. When you want special protection for a loved one, envision a blue sheath around his body — sheath all elderly people this way. Do not forget to enclose yourself in a suit of Light to renew your body’s atomic substance all night. Zip yourself up to the neck. If you work from heaven and see earth as way down there as you tend to each detail, the Light will whirl into you and out through your fingers in ten rays. Love God enough. Raise your hands and He does the work. You are the instrument when you ascend.

How much time do you spend loving God and releasing Power while He does the work? Nothing on earth can withstand the Power moving through you. Your first thoughts on awakening should be about releasing His supreme Power. Think, This is my day of glory. How much can I do for You, Father? Give, give, give and declare everything good. You can double the love moving through you when you live with, for, and of God as principle and glory. You will then have created a world of beauty and may partake of it. You do not need more words. When a supersonic barrier lies before you, start your soul jets and blow through it. Say, Lord, double the Light. Lord, double the Power. Lord, double the glory. It will be done. — Edna Lister, June 17, 1954.

People do not really accept the fact that you can and must ascend your body to ascend your soul. Your mind and emotions can interfere with foods, herbs, and vitamins that could extend your life-span greatly. How? People believe in God and science, God and mind. On the Via Christa, our keynote is God as science, God as mind, God as ascension, so we touch the universal Source, which is the secret of ascension. To extend your consciousness beyond the world into heaven, and to worship God as personality is a necessity. To believe otherwise, drains all romance from life eternal and religion. Who can be romantic over becoming a blah cloud-sitter? How could God create us so? Worshiping a God who could wipe out my personality is impossible. — Edna Lister, June 22, 1954.

When you move and change residences, you remain the spiritual mother of your old neighborhood and home. No matter where you have been, you are responsible. You have lines of Light and responsibility to all the stores in which you have traded and places you have been. Place all your lines in the Father’s hands before sleeping at night.

When you use a pen, the ink is considered part of your life’s blood. If you write an inspired letter but cannot send it, the vibration still goes out. If someone owes you money, write a letter to yourself saying, Enclosed, please find a check for and sign the debtor’s name. Do it in complete love, visualizing the debtor with money pouring in. Put the letter under your pillow at night and say, Father, let this be flooded with lights. You can do this for others, too.

Saints leave blame behind them. Watch yourself when you agree with an adversary in a saintly way. Do not be holier than thou. Nagging parents send their children into the world with bleeding auras. Go up in consciousness to the high altar and ask to have their aura mended. Grief depletes the aura when you blame yourself or others blame you. To mend your aura, know that Light makes it whole, and love God.

A sermon is not meant to be a brilliant intellectual lecture. A sermon is the Voice of God calling His people to come higher, to let love rule their lives, and to live by faith unconquerable. It is not a matter of giving new laws. All laws are the same forever. You must give law in a different dress, different ways of approach, a new method for applying law to daily living in this Golden Age. The keynote is ascension and giving love and compassion. — Edna Lister, June 28, 1954.

When you make a stand in truth, you become responsible for lifting all your ancestors. You can lift hereditary traits. Ask that God eradicates the idea of hereditary disease. As you consciously speak a name for healing, you send forth the soul’s vibration on the spoken Word. So, in healing treatments, always speak the person’s name. The name’s rate of vibration carries the number of the soul substance. Deliberately reach out with your arms and repeat the name. Your release of Power and declaration of Light can help greatly. The secret of success on the Via Christa is to become law. Everything you see belongs to God. Ministers who preach hellfire and damnation are hell-conscious, not God-conscious. They have created their own private hells and lived in them.

A soul debt is always presented in love three times. If you accept it willingly, lovingly, and happily, you can lift it. However, if you repudiate the debt, you must take the initiation again. When you find yourself saying, I had to learn this the hard way, you have missed the boat three times. Missing the mark in lifting means your opportunities may go to the next in line in chronological soul age. When your spoken Word stands fast, you have an illumination on some mystery. It is an initiation whenever you conquer self. When you conquer an initiation, the infolding Power shows you have a clear concept of what you have conquered. All mysteries deal with the unknown. When you go to a class or lecture and the speaker answers your questions unasked, you know the mysteries have been unveiled for you. You must earn this.

There is but one way of ascension, through love. The training is most rigid and you must submit to it gladly. As an understudy for greatness, you will achieve the greatest possible purity on earth. You need a greater purity of heart, mind, and purpose than even vows of the Crown demand. You have walked the way out of darkness into the Light, and now no darkness remains for you to walk in. You have learned never to recreate, or even consider any darkness in the first place. This is why you must scrape the platter clean.

Your appointment as an understudy to greatness of responsibility demands unheard of sacrifices of self and full sponsorship for all those on your lines of responsibility. Reach out and declare that their every cell of misused substance will be returned for purification, for cleansing and returned to them as glory. — Edna Lister, July 6, 1954.

[Although on the same date, these notes were taken by a different person than those above.] The secret of success on the Via Christa is to become law. Ministers who preach hellfire and damnation are hell-conscious, not God-conscious. They have lived in their own private hells. Everything you see belongs to God, including your creations for they are made of His substance. No one stays sold on you for more than twenty-four hours, especially your family. Do you want others to love you because, or in spite of how you are? If you desire to love them just because, you are confessing Jesus Christ.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. — Matthew 7:16-20. Your fruits are your works in life.

When you do not breathe yourself completely into your body, you are double-headed, with the desire body head above the physical. All your various body vehicles align when you ascend in consciousness to God. — Edna Lister, July 6, 1954.

Peace and patience are the children of poise and Power and they spread flowers on the path before you. Lift your shifting desires into immovable poise, and Power will descend to mate with poise. As peace and patience are to poise and Power, so is compassion to comprehension. You gain full comprehension only by further surrender of self. Poise is the result of surrender to be possessed by the Power of God. So, further surrender to be possessed by the fullness of all the Power endows you with comprehension. From comprehension, compassion enters the world through you. The subconscious dictator makes you work to learn peace and patience. The same thing happens when you think of humility and tolerance. When you ascend into comprehension, compassion descends and you express tolerance and humility.

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. — Proverbs 16:18. You may have pride, but must be too proud to lower your standards, to step from your principles, or to allow yourself to be caught short. Blame is false pride seeking to shift the burden of responsibility. It should not occur to you to say, I am tolerant about that. The statement is, This is right for me. Each must work out his own salvation. — Edna Lister, July 12, 1954.

Most married couples do not want separation, but freedom from their mate’s possession, from nagging and lack of understanding. If they could teach soul freedom in marital relations, many couples would reunite. This is freedom to ascend to comprehension, then compassion descends to aid you in understanding your mate. Just love God and surrender to Him. — Edna Lister, July 12, 1954.

People say, Don’t make a big deal of it. Making a big deal of something includes recreating a situation. The big deal becomes part of the dweller on the threshold of consciousness.

The secret of materialization is love of the misplaced object, and you must be convinced that it is a vibration so that jewelry or any lost thing can be returned, or materialized. The high vibration of the Christ light can transform and draw any substance into itself. — Edna Lister, July 13, 1954.

You will receive healing and miracles in due season. You can take the long way around by trying, but if you surrender and accept, God can shorten time. As a group, we have worked harder. We took blame and responsibility for all that came to us. By redoubling our efforts, we enabled the Father to shorten time. If we keep this up, He will again shorten time and our personal desires and needs will manifest more quickly. Responsibility is the essence of joy. Joy is the essence of responsibility, and they are one. — Edna Lister, July 19, 1954.

You have done well and very well with loving practice; however, you must hold to your high vows more steadfastly. You still grow somewhat lax with self under outer conditions and influences. Service to the kingdom comes first, then the all things added will come on the outer. — Edna Lister, August 3, 1954.

Balance in seeking, seeing, hearing, and interpretation is a delicate ability, easily lost if desire slips unconsciously into a pride-of-self desire to do it all alone. Full responsibility in application of law and obedience to vows is glorious. Still, please continue to check with me on interpretation. Cleanse yourself to the bones for self-justification before you honestly ask for directions. Not, Am I right? or, I’m right, aren’t I? — Edna Lister, August 22, 1954.

“There stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve, saying, Fear not, Paul; thou must be brought before Caesar: and, lo, God hath given thee all them that sail with thee. Wherefore, sirs, be of good cheer: for I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me.” — Acts 27:23-25. The love of God binds us together as long as one of us stands and declares that everyone who has ever come to us has been destined to be on our ship. — Edna Lister, October 3, 1954.

Everyone who serves God wholeheartedly ministers to His flock. A minister’s outward expression of love toward God is humility; the inward expression is full comprehension. Watch your step, for the danger lies in aggressiveness versus true humility. If you are always surrendered to God, the Power can and will use you. Surrender consciously to be used, and the Power will flow freely through you to lift and to create success. Raise your hands and say, Father, please serve with me and through me. Hold fast to His truth in love through seven degrees of ascension: 1. I arise. 2. I accept. 3. I surrender. 4. I repent. 5. I forgive. 6. I redeem and ascend my soul substance. 7. I remain in the golden silence.

One day your vision will be so clear that you will instantly recognize each thing you wish to sublimate. Using sharp words will be impossible because you are a part of the love of God. Your moments of most exalted ecstatic vision, when you sacrifice the I, shall be your natural hourly habit, without lessening or variation, unwavering and without shadow of turning. You can conquer anything with combined desire, will, and God. — Edna Lister, October 4, 1954.

You do not truly love God, express His greatness, or love Him because He is God until you can stand alone and forget that you have ever made a sacrifice, small medium or great. When you open your eyes in the morning as an act of worship, your love of God is great enough. To say, God, what greater sacrifice can I make to Thee this day, of love, time or effort, as Your strength supplies my energy — proves you have ascended to comprehension of oneness with the Eternal.

Sacrifice saying, I think. Earth is so full of sacrifices needing to be made, but heaven is full of sacrifices already made. Your measuring rod of being is, Did I give because I love God abundantly, from a sense of duty, because I must, because no one else would do it, or just to be self-satisfied? When you can remember what you sacrificially gave yesterday, you are still exalting self. The path of ascension is not hard in itself, but the self plants selfish obstacles in the path. Every step in a crisis serves to purge you of clinging to the outer and your determination to make selfish demands come true. How else could you lift the soul debts of 100,000 lives? First you must know the debts are there.

When you experience a crisis of any kind, you reach the point of lifting only when you realize This is mine to lift. You must recognize, accept, lift, and ascend the self. The glory of picking up what remains to conquer is the true point of ascension. In other words, self, when conquered, becomes like a buoyant balloon. You do not love God completely until you can give up asking for credits. Then you can comprehend God as all glorious, all heavenly all generous, and all compassionate.

Prayer comes in four grades: Skull bumpers, ceiling bumpers, cloud bumpers, and throne seekers, who live by the joy of God and go to the Source to renew their strength and Power. They live by the joy of God. — Edna Lister, October 5, 1954.

When you work out your solution, which is your salvation, while waiting upon the Lord, He can’t say no. Love with the love of God for God because without love, even God cannot create. Take every step in justice tempered with mercy, to cover others’ transgressions; take the blame, move up in consciousness on love and catch the offense before it strikes. Love as God loves, and you shall finish the conquering, for nothing limits what you may accomplish except self.

The Power is awaiting your vows of surrender and responsibility, and is great enough to hold you unto the fulfilling of your vows, providing you quickly run to the Light. Use everything earth produces as a lifter, to take you up in ascension, and earth falls from you. You are in heaven now as a state of consciousness and a place. Your idea of your ability to serve and release Power will determine your fulfillment. The kingdom of heaven is before you — reaching it is a matter of how much you hunger and thirst for it.

You can enter the Light with a thought. The Source awaits you, and is yours for the reaching, for the desire. If your desire is for mud puddles, God must let you wallow. If you seek, you shall find. If you knock, you shall find it open and have the power to go through, to hold your place. Your light, expansion and power grow more marvelous with each advancing step. It is your choice. What do you desire from the Father of all Lights? What is your choice? How high can you aspire? How much of heaven do you want opened to you? Sing Holy, Holy, Holy before thrones day and night as your expression of devotion. Your spoken Word shall stand fast as your love creates miracles of glory. — Edna Lister, October 10, 1954.

See evil only for a second to recognize it for lifting. This is the secret of all health, strength and joy, all added things and eternal life, true from the beginning to the end of time. The secret in meeting everything is to ascend immediately to the Father to see that your line of Light is connected. Do not let anything disconnect your line. The first speck of darkness you lift opens a line of Light to it. Repudiate nothing. When you draw near the Light, darkness seems worse because you have become a whirling sun center of Light to draw everything in to lift it. Declare, I am now in my right place doing the right thing for me to do. Everything that comes to me is mine to ascend. I now name as mine everything the world repudiates, and I lift it to the Father.

Once you leave a heavenly post, you must earn it back from earth. First, you must pay the debts and lift others, then it is open to anyone who can beat you there. When you make a sacrifice, you must give from heaven out, not from the teeth out. God never lets another take your place if you desire to return and keep trying to get there. Forgetfulness is a disease of the soul. Always go to God first. You would not deliberately drag your loved ones down as they climb. Yet, when you blame, you do. Look yourself in the eye and recognize what is not of the soul. — Edna Lister, October 17, 1954.

You remain vulnerable on the issues you have conquered, and subject to further initiation on them. You can be hurt if you fall into a hole that you have not filled completely. If you retrogress, you could slip through every incarnation, shrinking smaller and smaller, life after life. You endure more suffering through retrogression than you do by cleaning up your debts and ascending. Opinions come from will, and prejudices from emotion. The forehead is the seat of will. The back of the neck, base of the skull is the seat of the animal urges, aggression and animal emotional proclivities with which you are born. God has chosen you because you have moved up from darkness. How often you slip in the mud puddle does not count as much as how often you arise for Light to cleanse you. — Edna Lister, November 1, 1954.

Once you surrender self, you will not be self-conscious. When you are so firmly established in Power, you will release Power completely. Love God enough. When something approaches, ascend and hold. Your Guards will help you. — Edna Lister, November 8, 1954.

The Mantle of Messiahship is forgiveness and it shrinks or expands according to your understanding of it. It is yours forever once you accept your responsibility to lift. As your capacity for love increases, your ability to function at the universal rate of vibration increases. Your physical energy will be equal to life’s demands. Each time you call for more, the corresponding release of Power becomes your new stabilized high expression. Light holds you at your new high level and you ascend from there. All the love in the world covers the black clouds of negativity, but it does not redeem the force. — Edna Lister, November 15, 1954.

The law says, I agree with God that this is good, I adjust to man, and I never argue. You may not agree with a person, but you do agree with God. Love the person compassionately. Adjust to his premise and say, How wonderful you are to have worked it out this way. Declare his creations are wonderful. You must handle people this way because you cannot pour a gallon into a cup, thimble, sieve, or a leaky vessel. You may not put a burden on another greater than he can bear. You must know your people, and that each is good in his place. No one can return to God without assuming full responsibility as your brother’s keeper.

God expects teachers to use common sense. Heaven’s Councils are not interested in people’s opinions or prejudices, but judge by the soul’s lights and colors. You have no reason to hold a prejudice or a hidebound opinion, even about the business world or politics, unless evil is involved. You never ignore, cover, justify or defend evil, but declare that Light has melted, dissolved and absorbed it. The Father does not release Power through opinion or prejudice. We teach life as the process of living by God’s law, and that He is deathless, ageless and abiding. I have spent seventy years without asking why the unexpected upsetting things happen to me. You must stand on principle, work for God and know only that you must love Him enough.

We teach life, and the necessity of conquering self. You must conquer life where you are. We tie earth to heaven and live among men. All that you can perceive is God’s substance, from tadpole and angle worm up to the radiance of the Presence. Your Oversoul star is open to release Power continuously, according to your surrender of self and how greatly you can work. God can send Light to hold you, but it is all your choice. A moment in the morning and the evening, an hour here or there is not enough. It must be constant. This is your responsibility. Conquer self where you are, especially that part that occasionally rises and tells you it does not matter. All you need is God first. Agree with God first. — Edna Lister, November 21, 1954.

Receive the Power graciously, not as your right but as a beautiful, bountiful gift from the Source, from your Father. — Edna Lister, November 29, 1954.

When I was six, my mother let me sit with her in the large living room of our home in Tacoma. If I sat quietly, I could stay in the room when visitors came. I placed every woman and man who came in as types in my book of fairy tales. When they came in dropping toads and vipers, I would just look at them for a while and they would stop gossiping. The Light came through and they would begin dropping pearls. Whenever I heard gossip, I would just look at people.

I studied and learned about the power of the spoken Word. When I understood the law, I realized that as Jesus’ disciple, I had brought the power of exorcizing devils with me. Since 1950, I do not need to say a word — if I reach to take someone’s hands, the little entities scoot because they know Light will scoop them up. Some are healed, others come to me once but never come again. Remember who you are. Your mission is not complete until you lift all darkness. Prayer cuts the darkness asunder from what Light can save. Light dissolves the devils. — Edna Lister, December 6, 1954.

If you blame yourself, others will blame you, too. Do not to blame yourself for any habit or fault. No more self-blame, for God cannot lift it until you say, This is good. I bless it and give it to Thee, oh Father. When you must speak out for one against another, lift the offender to wipe the taint from his body lest it cause disease later. Lift his weak spot and treat it, because blame and reviling can hit him there. Lend yourself to scraping away the last of darkness. If you make a mistake, ascend and declare that it is cleansed in the Light. — Edna Lister, December 13, 1954.

Light contains all emanations of the Godhead. Before the spoken Word Fiat, Let there be Light, the life sparks are whirling within the Godhead to generate potential energy for form. Some of these life sparks become the electronic substance of which God forms living souls. {Electronic substance, in the sense in which we use this term on the Via Christa, refers to that part of the embodied soul that is able to direct and control the flow of electrons (electrical energy) in physical and certain metaphysical forms.} The spoken Word calls cohesive Power into action to fill form with substance. The spoken Word also calls your five senses into action. You work to become law and to comprehend that law.

For example, the soul who has become the law of tolerance comprehends the love of God to such a degree that he is no longer able to exist in a state of intolerance. Once you become law, you know that if doing a thing is not right for all, then doing it once is not right for you. When you assume responsibility, you hold no blame, self-condemnation or criticism. You may not take time out for self-recrimination. — Edna Lister, December 16, 1954.

You can and must lift the taint of dark ones who interfere with you from your aura. The only way is to put them on a cloud of pink Light to hide them, and call fire from heaven to cleanse them. Give the Father the gift of your unwilling heart. Declare, Today I am not proud of my best, but it is my very best. Please hold me to my very best every hour and my best will get better.

People refer to events in Jesus’ life to justify their behavior — their sadness to his weeping at Gethsemane, and their anger to when he whipped the money changers from the Temple in Jerusalem. They say, He had righteous indignation. Why can’t I? Thus, they charge him with a debt of blame, which we pay by lifting it. When the Elect realize the heights and depths of his glory, when we have lifted enough of this to heal the wounds on his hands, side, and feet completely, they will no longer break open again. The Father could not heal them until we had taken responsibility for the world’s guilt.

Speak the Word, Let there be Light. The Word has tone and number, which is the vibration that calls life sparks back to life. When you surround someone in Light, it forms a sheath of near-earthly atomic substance, an actual radiant body, which his own Great Guard fills with love. The thought-image encased in hard work is death. High service is born of life itself, with an increasing capacity for expanding service. — Edna Lister, December 20, 1954.

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Conquering Self 1955

Repentance is good, if you repent as you lift and climb. As long as you do not create more debts, you’ll make it. Do not join the ranks of those who resent God because He didn’t come through on what they wanted most in life. They have never really meant “Thy will be done,” but “Thy will — my way.” As a stubborn soul, you can hold. Stubbornness is a beautiful quality when used in constructive expressions. I hope I never reach a place where I do not want to repent my own lacks in missing the high mark. I’ll forever set a too-high goal for my soul. I never want to feel I’ve reached an end in my ascension compared with where I desire to go. — Edna Lister, February 11, 1955.

Do not dwell on anyone’s dishonesty or gossip, but treat him as a leaky sieve. Free yourself from personal blindness, until logic, reason, discernment, discrimination, and discretion give you a full, balanced truth. Hold the dishonest one in the Light for God to heal without any personal reason whatever, except the love of God with no emotional sentimentality or favoritism.

You are what you have earned, including your environment. Every soul is sent with ample strength to conquer, even as you are conquering. Lift them through the Power of God’s love, for they must finally return to Him as Light. When you find yourself in the middle of a mess, stop, look, listen, hold, love, lift, and stand. You become embroiled only when personal opinions or prejudice takes over your soul and you begin to play one person off against another, comparing them with each other and judging. No personal involvement is permitted if you wish to be used as God’s instrument, as a servant of all the Power. — Edna Lister, March 9, 1955.

Winning is good, but remembering that much more remains to conquer and win is better. Your attitude toward conquering has often been half-hearted and lukewarm, lacking the soul fervency to conquer. Do not permit the self to slip into any remaining darkness. When the soul is fervent and constantly faithful to beauty and joy, you do not slip. In joy and fervency, you always move upward, though perhaps slowly. Hold fast to a joyous spirit and to obey the laws of beauty as your keynote. Seek beauty from the morning till night. Find beauty in every lesson, and be joyous, for only in joy can you please God fully. You shall be amazed when you rejoice in beauty at the glory of miracles that will pour upon you. Stand and hold in constancy, for love will uphold you. — Edna Lister, May 19, 1955.

“A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.” — Proverbs 18:16. The greater the gift the longer it takes to develop it into perfection. Love, give and forgive, and your good comes to you. Never reach for the good, let it come. Do the work and let the Father add the good gifts. Do not state truth in a dictatorial way, but with such words as I could be wrong, but it could work out this way if or it could come out this way. This keeps the door open for the other fellow to change his mind later.

Pray. Praise. Live the joy of the Christ. Live law, and let God move in and work through you. Stand unwavering, for you lose your usefulness to God and His work when you waver. Be consciously positive of truth always, and declare it constantly as you work silently. Do this wisely and with discrimination always, never knocking down another or against anything. The greatest use of logic, reasoning, discernment discrimination, and discretion in love wins, and is God working. Edna Lister, June 2, 1955.

God is so good to us, isn’t He? You are protected on every count. Your soul vision and love of God is your armor of Light surrounding you. — Edna Lister, June 22, 1955.

Debts of darkness are the only gifts you have to give the Father. When you lift the misused life sparks by scooping up your hands at the end, your Guards stand by and lift it to the fires. Release Light to cover the debts of all people on your lines of responsibility. Lift them, place their debts in a pillar of fire, and ask that Light will cleanse their golden bowl of all the old memories and propensities. Use the Rotary Treatment, right hand over left, clockwise, to cleanse another’s head centers.

Study the six Laws of Comprehension, one at a time, then the five faculties of logic, reason, discernment, discrimination and discretion. When you can function them as one great faculty, they become comprehension.

As you begin to walk the Path of the Master, they give you a Mantle of the Christ, the Mantle of Messiahship. If you can hold your high vision consistently, your functioning of this high Christed Power is unlimited. This means following the Master all the way to become as perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. You then lift all darkness for purification. As you lose your soul vision or repudiate the Christ, you lose this. This mantle grows or shrinks according to your soul vision. The Father needs many to function as such, preaching the message of Christ. — Edna Lister, July 4, 1955.

A man’s gift of Light, as it shines through him, brings him before great men. You are as big as you act, not as big as you think you are. You have only blessings or curses, and anything less than a blessing is a curse. Self-pity is love of self, and taking offense is only loving little me so much. You are capacitated to express the full love of God, but not when you are conscious of self. You are now reborn: You have no father, mother, wife, or children — you have God. Walk with God. Spend no time imagining yourself there, but working here while waiting on Him there.

The past is no destination, for it is wiped out as of today. You have just the step whereon you stand, so do not break through it by thinking of self. When you know it, you will believe it. When you just think you know it, you fall into the ditch repeatedly. The only way to overcome self is to love God. Every time you take your mind off God, you sit in the quicksand and the mess. So you do not know it, you just think you do. When you know God, you will not waste time thinking you know anything. You will not see or hear evil except to lift. Only ministering every minute of the day makes you a minister. Imagining does not do it, because you fall into the ditch. Minister unto your business during the day, without talking about it. You must live it. Egotism is just another name for self-consciousness, like walking into a room and thinking everybody is talking about you. Do not congratulate yourself on being so super-sensitive. This is a pernicious form of egotism. When I step into a room and conversation stops, I know God is present.

You build your own Gethsemane and crucify your soul endlessly until you finally crucify the little self. You must experience this to eliminate the old, and you must crucify the self’s hold on your will. You may experience it in two ways, with the glory of God or with the demotion of your soul. You have been working your way back from when you played with darkness in the past. What does it matter who you were or how far down you went? The only thing that matters is that you come up and forget self. That is all. You do not like the incarnation in which you were cruel and revengeful, but that is what you express. You have liked yourself in that role, as dictator. If you had not liked it, you would have quit it. When you stop liking that role, you will not express it. When you loathe it, think how fast you will lift it. Beware. You can fall right into self-delusion and a grandeur fixation so great that it neutralizes everything else you try to do. You can feel exaltation of soul only when you have made a great sacrifice of the self.

You must be sure you are at the altar in devotion to God, day and night. Love God enough to release sufficient Power to pay the world’s debts. You may not delay paying your vows, and you have no time to waste feeling guilty for not having done so. In the next six months, you can recoup what you have lost, if you want to. Yet it is still your choice. You may not make a choice before the altar tonight, then forget it until next week. Each hour, on the hour, ascend in consciousness and say, Here I am, Father. Keep biting your tongue. All else will follow once you do that. You are supposed to lift every word with no thought of the self, not to slide back and climb up again. If you keep sliding and falling back, you will not have accomplished much in this lifetime. You will have done most of your work backwards. Eventually you would fall back but cannot rebound quite as far, which is regression.

The Elect, who are born of law, must follow its highest interpretation. Give the laws with great consecration, devotion and love, never to mislead a student. Watch your words, and do not disillusion him. Do not develop feet of clay. Maintain silence except when you are giving law, and none of your own notions or interpretations. Give the student a chance to find the balance of law, and the less said beyond this, the better. Watch your self that you do not delude yourself. Silence is the only thing you can use to pay your debt.

Use all your energies for your work. You have done well putting one-tenth of yourself into it. Imagine how well you will do when you really work — God goes with you and success follows. You will achieve the place you have envisioned, with hard work. You will not be given it for just thinking about it, but will earn every step of it the hard way. You will know you have it, and how you have done it.

I have described the divine discipline needed to prepare you for the ministry eventually. You will prepare yourself by earning every step of the way on the Via Christa. Merely trying to do so will fail — only doing will succeed. And you cannot conquer your past limitations by working on self for half an hour then saying, I’m through. You have only begun.

Lift the past to a heavenly burial ground, so Light may consume it. Make no demands that somebody in the future will be just or fair. Come clean before the throne. You have lived your whole life based on the belief that life has cheated you. You have cheated yourself, yet still hold the idea that someone should make up what was taken from you. Nothing was taken from you. The time has come to really surrender self, not just talk surrender, not just vow surrender. You shall conquer. The greatest success you have envisioned shall be yours for the price of conquering the self, while your soul goes forward, working out its salvation. Work as hard mentally and emotionally as you do physically. Under the surface you still pity yourself for being cheated. When you tear that self-pity out by the roots, you will be free.

It is past time you waked up to your responsibility, to comprehend the magnitude of the vows that you have made lightly between your teeth, and begin to know the laws of justice that apply to everyone. Your lack of success in sales is this sullen self-pity that pushes success away instead of drawing it to you. You overlay the self-pity with a veneer of love, but the veneer wears thin. At the psychological moment, the other fellow feels that he will be cheated, then he does not buy. You have let this permeate all your love. No one on earth owes you anything. You have collected all that is coming to you. It is time you cleaned house, stopped trying, and become the law of Light.

Light is waiting to use you, but cannot use you much because it would destroy your body now. You have known this, have seen it in the night watches, yet have not comprehended it. A part of you still repudiates this truth. Somehow God must penetrate the hardness, the selfishness of the crust around your heart, the complete self-centered thinking and self-exaltation, and how you put your self into high places. Someday, you must take the humble position and work up from there. Somehow Light must awaken you to the destiny that awaits you for the sacrifice of self. Eventually, you will think no more of your self but will serve without thought of self.

For centuries you have lived a good but utterly selfish life, demanding to come to earth in a wealthy family. It was your choice to play God and to be selfish. You will earn God’s respect. Do you understand me? Is that plain enough speaking? The doors have been opened before you. The Father will hold them open, but you will walk every step of the way, earning it. Everyone has free choice. Become! — Edna Lister, July 23, 1955.

Watch yourself on the lightly spoken idle words. Declarations of darkness are idle words, which includes blaming others for their criticism, and condemnation. You are of the Light. God has created you in His image and likeness, and of His qualities. You are born to it. Why be laggard in accepting it? Why not move up in consciousness and become the full servant of almighty Power, the Light that is the life of God? It is not robbery to declare yourself as perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. Cleanse your thought process, and your spoken words will follow your Godlike abilities.

God cannot remove all the valleys from earth, or cleanse the minds and hearts of the children of men all at once. He cannot smooth your way by some magic formula, for He has given you the ascension power of the Christed Ones, and access to His powerhouse. God created you to be a creator for this day on earth. You are a leader who has come through the Red Sea of materialism to His throne. By sacrifice of self, by releasing Power, by assuming responsibility for the world, you earn the right to see the vast realms in heaven, to hear the voices of the Councils, to see the Master as he walks earth, day by day, hour by hour.

Waver not, for wavering cuts every vibration that you establish. When you understand the glories of the kingdom, you will not be weary of living, allow lines to sag, or fall into ditches. The low places shall be filled, ditches shall be bridged and you will ascend. When you say, I am weary, you say, I am satisfied to be of the earth, earthy, to dwell with the children of men, who have no soul vision. If the altar you are reaching does not give you enough strength to meet life, go higher and partake of greater strength for expression. — Edna Lister, July 23, 1955.

People hold the most conflicting ideas. They love Jesus, but do not know or even want to know what law is, beyond the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Men wonder why they are not as successful as they wish to be. When they want God as much as they crave cigarettes, beer and hurrying to see a ball game on television, when they want to love God instead of dreaming about success, they will be successful. — Edna Lister, July 27, 1955.

Gather all your parts, scattered over the past week — idle words, negative thoughts and actions, even words of truth, if spoken from self. If you’ve spoken your own words instead of the Father’s, self shows. Speak only to be spoken through. — Edna Lister, July 31, 1955.

The old method of writing your desires in a list then sleeping on it needs to be updated to fiery fervent novena prayer that really backs the project. — Edna Lister, August 1, 1955.

A student had complained about having to spend vacation time with her demanding, nitpicking sister: Who is going where? Little me, the martyr, or I AM, the great soul? Who is God sending? For what reason? You can make your own joy there, but do not look for pleasure. You can go only as an agent of the Almighty, not as a sister. This is a mission. Declare that God puts words of love, kindness, and charity on everyone’s lips. You feel so good inside when you love the good rather than to hate the evil. Her glaring stare is a compound of attempted mesmeric forcing of her will, and of a soul who has lost contact with God’s Power. So many others are playing and dawdling away their soul substance, but are in no way evil or even dark. They will all ascend eventually. — Edna Lister, August 4, 1955.

Today, for those who give up self, opens a new cycle. The Father sent His Son to give us his joy. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” — John 3:16. The Master’s ministry was 3.5 years, and his way of teaching is the way. Handle your family and friends his way. To pray, withdraw your focus from the outer to the invisible realm where the spoken Word has meaning, and more power to draw your own unto you. Rejoice for the miracles to come forth this week.

You are like a pipe organ with two keyboards, the high thoughts, and the words. The foot pedals, which cause the sound to boom forth, are like your subconscious saying or doing something to offend. Today’s glory is tomorrow’s ascension. The subconscious mind is your servant. Declare, I become the servant of all Power. I am the happiest woman in the world right now, this minute. — Edna Lister, August 4, 1955.

The hardest regret to overcome is the knowledge that a loved one has lost an opportunity for soul growth. — Edna Lister, August 8, 1955.

Some souls are soft and fall to the bottom because they let others pull them down until they lose their place. There are no disparities in the kingdom. Should such a fallen one face and win a challenge of discernment, he can earn his original place again. Yet he must return under his own steam, crawling to God if need be. His Guards are withdrawn from making any suggestions. That is the key, for he must accept his responsibility in all ways. If you walk softly, speak gently, and maintain golden silence in speech, the fruits of your service shall be greater than ever.

Our work on the Via Christa is filled with warnings about the obstacles you face on the path leading to the Mount of Transfiguration. If you accept your full responsibility to lift the force for your family, too, you can clean up your lines of Light and responsibility completely. When no place, no basement, room or dive remains where dark entities can hide, the place is clean. — Edna Lister, August 10, 1955.

As above so below. God has made man in His image and likeness. Therefore, God as personality must have a form. “The Lord said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil? Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, Doth Job fear God for nought? Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land. But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face. And the Lord said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand.” — Job 1:8-12. Satan challenged Job, who fell because he knew he was a good man. Satan showed him up because he was proud of being good without sufficient humility. Job finally came through without pride, which he had lifted in his trials.

Valuing self highly is always a pitfall. For example, to talk about being tolerant is a sure sign that you have intolerance buried in your subconscious mind. Do not boast about being tolerant. Boasting includes claiming a virtue and proves you are just chuck full of opinions and prejudices. The first step is arising from subnormal to the creature stage and recognizing others’ faults. If you had none yourself, you could not recognize them as faults when you see them in others. Declare that all your creations are good. You may not stick your nose in another’s business, so cleanse your subconscious until you are the love of God.

We came to earth to use God’s love to love evil back to Him, not by wallowing in it, cursing it, but by calling it good. When you cannot lift the consciousness of the masses, lift earth, and they will come. Solomon’s thousand burnt offerings are a thousand days of loving God enough to declare everything in your life good. Tell the Father, “It makes no difference to me. This is just more dirt to lift.” At the end of each of these thousand days of sacrifice, say, “I love You, Father. It is good.” On each day free of evil, a single crown lotus petal opens. — Edna Lister, August 11, 1955.

Agree with all your scattered parts of soul — subconscious and appetitive soul, conscious mind and rational soul and super-conscious and Oversoul — in the at-one-ment that is atonement with God. — Edna Lister, August 14, 1955.

Do not tell stories about anyone’s illness, but mention it only for prayer. If you tote something, you must put it in something. The Father builds a mold and Light descends to lift it from the human form. Declare that you are lifting misused soul substance to be purified and returned to the soul for use in outer manifestation. You cannot take your past to the Father, but you can lift it. The taints of earth have brought us all down before. For example, a hair shirt of self-pity consists of invisible crystallized soul substance. When the Father attempts to remove it, let it go or it will cause a physical reaction of shingles; it prickles, itches and sticks. Divine restraint puts an end to evil practices. Declare your least favorite as divine, and you become divine. — Edna Lister, August 15, 1955.

God is all in all, so throw out everything that is inharmonious with this truth. However, if you go after someone for doing wrong, you pay a debt for seeking vengeance.

You are as close to God as you expect to be. When you remove the idea of weakness from your mind, God’s full Power will fill you. — Edna Lister, August 21, 1955.

Only those who are accustomed to abstract thinking can imagine or visualize accurate pictures of the universe. You imagination can make comparisons only with what your soul knows is true. There are millions of universes, and forms beyond any form you can imagine. God has created you according to a divine pattern. We will all eventually become formless as we draw our cells into molecules, then into atoms and subatomic particles. We will melt the oily residue of substance and have a stardust body of as yet unimaginably fine substance. — Edna Lister, September 9, 1955.

How to agree and adjust in marriage: You agree with God that He is everything in your life, and rules your life. You are the servant of all His Power. His life fills you, His strength carries you on, and His Love fulfills your life. Then you are to adjust to each other and to the world to the best of your ability. This means you must meet on some point, so have a meeting point.

Remember, it is always necessary to check yourself on details, which is necessary for all initiations. Be sure to remember forgiveness, the greatest of all laws, which is a state of continually giving love. To forgive and live by that law means never to blame anyone for anything. Agree with God. Adjust to life here. Live by the law of forgiving, which is giving love for. — Edna Lister, November 14, 1955.

God has created you according to a divine pattern. It is possible for every cell of your body to inhale and exhale Light and love, but you must live in perfection, understanding and complete surrender to do it. Be a channel to release Power, a vessel to hold, an instrument for God to direct Power. — Edna Lister, November 20, 1955.

When you surrender more of self, body toxins are cleansed. When you breathe, you inhale atomic power from the Source, but you must accept. You can breathe Power only from a point as high as your surrendered acceptance. If you cannot accept, you limit the Power you breathe. You must breathe without rebellion or inner conflict. You are opening a new thousand days of burnt offerings and today you build on yesterday. You are building on the ascension of the time.

Your inner bodies are perfect, but the desire body can be imperfect if you become indifferent or negative about living. When you breathe a Source breath, it fills the atomic, desire and physical bodies with the River of Life. You cleanse body poisons on the exhalation. Do not collapse on exhalation, but push the breath out to be cleansed. You remake your body once a year. The only parts not renewed annually are what is abnormal, wrinkles, tumors, etc. Wipe the day’s page clean each night, lift every negative spoken or thought for burning or absorption in Light, so you neither harm nor delay yourself or the person criticized.

You can never have too much life. When you are tired, or need a refill, lie on the floor like a five-pointed star. Don’t be like a car stuck without gas — keep your tank full, not half or a quarter full. You can do anything, from the least to the greatest. Watch your opinions and prejudices. Always hold yourself open for a new interpretation of law. — Edna Lister, November 21, 1955.

You must earn your way back, walking with dignity and in control of your tongue. No more foolishness. Bite your tongue. You have thousands of hours of half-done work to make up, hours in which you had invested only a minimum of effort. Do not feel like a martyr. You are right about one thing: When you deal in projects that are magnificent enough, you do not become bored, but when you deal with the infinitesimal small things, you do. Yet the beginning of your new era is here, and it can be as great as you want because your lessons are here. You will start right and hold right. Without fail, you have been possessed in getting off on the left foot. In your beginnings, you must start with your right foot and hold.

The soul cannot emerge fully except through the travail of sacrificing the self. Petty things will take their proper place and you will not get in the way. You have met your debts now. It is not finished. You must still meet the rest, but you will do it in joy. You are not regressing, being put out, put upon, or in any manner demoted. You are being put in your own place at last. Your words are, “I accept. I am ready. Send me forth.” Put a seal on your lips against awkward and unlawful utterances, and your weaknesses will become your strength. You are an executive of Light, setting a new standard for business. Give value for that which you will receive, in return for compensation. Be an ambassador of Light so that others will have a better comprehension of the Brotherhood of Men. That is your mission, and is the only way you can earn your ministry: When you lift and shed old habits you will form new habits of glory, and your visions can come to pass as you will. In surrender, of yourself doing nothing, forgetting you have a self, and knowing only Light. — Edna Lister, November 24, 1955.

When evil must be separated from a soul or a situation, it takes the knife of force to cut away the crystallization. Evil is always based in hatred and rebellion, and only the knife of almost visible heavy force can cut such crystallization. Power melts, dissolves and absorbs what force cuts asunder.

I must decide to serve and look at only God and let Light descend over all. My voice was sharp again. My husband is a perfect reflection of my subconscious mind, that one point of contact with my dweller on the threshold of consciousness. I must release all my anchors. A servant of God is one who serves God. I am a worker for God, but must not be conscious of working for anyone but God. I must put self-consciousness on the altar, ascend to the highest throne, and love God. When I put everyone and everything on a cloud continent and release Light, Light descends. Then I declare them good continually until they are healed. — Edna Lister, December 1, 1955.

Never, ever and forever are periods of time, especially ever and forever. Never is the time limit of force sent forth by explosion when you say, “I’ll never do that again.” The more violent the explosion of the word never, the longer you have been hanging onto your own force. The same is true on ever and forever. The length of time depends on the Power expended and its return to the Source. You must mother and enfold your loved ones. Live by joy, for the joy of the Lord releases the power of Light for you to mother the world. — Edna Lister, December 5, 1955.

“Thou hast no enemies,” saith the law. You are your own enemy, unless you are of Light, all-gracious, all-seeing, all-justice, tempered with mercy and compassion. Look into the face of complete blackness and say, “Be within the Light of God. Be white Light now.” When blackness besets any place or part of earth, or persons on it, raise your hands and say, “No. It cannot be. The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Light!” And so it is and so it shall be, even as you decree. Make your decrees and they shall stand. Watch, and lift all things, declaring good, and it shall be so. — Edna Lister, December 6, 1955

The voice is the true indication of your soul-strength or self-weakness. The slightest deviation from briskness in your voice is your cue that self is raising its head. You can tell instantly. — Edna Lister, December 6, 1955.

To turn failure into success, declare “This is what I am after. This is what I am working for. This is what is being developed for now. I am organizing every day, higher and higher.” Never waste a moment on negatives ever. A negative thought or word cuts your line of Light to the goal and your lotus petals curl down not up. — Edna Lister, December 10, 1955.

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Conquering Self 1956

The glory of the Lord has descended on us. The Light moves through us and we shall achieve all things during the coming year. Everything we earnestly work for shall be given unto us, not what we merely wait for. Work. Serve. Give. Give up the self. You are now possessed by the limitless Power of the Almighty. You are now a full Agent of the white Light. You are now filled with all glory. You are now walking through your open door of service of added things. Let’s climb. — Edna Lister, January 3, 1956.

To say that the Father increases Power seems an old statement, but He must increase it or we would lose all gains through unrelenting attrition. It takes twice as much Power in quantity and quality to do the lifting work needed as it did last year. Therefore, increase your devotion and your praise to meet the inner-outer needs.

The Twelfth Night of the Church is the twelfth day after Christmas, which commemorates the manifestation of the Christ to the Magi. It is called the Feast of the Epiphany. Our Twelfth Night is January 12. It is our heavenly spiritual New Year, the time when scrolls of destiny are presented, new service is set, and changes are made. Also, as you are the Chosen to release the Power on earth and in heaven, they reset the keynotes for your year’s service and expansion, the life-chords, our harmony vibrations. They put you in tune on Twelfth Night. They actually tune your nerves, just as you would tune a musical instrument.

Prepared in love and devotion, you may have miracles in your life. Hold your thoughts on perfection. Forget those things of the past. Gaze into the future of all glory, then stand in steadfast faith until all is fulfilled. Cut down no lines with the knife of self. Cut no lines either upward to your Father or into the outer to your new creations. — Edna Lister, January 5, 1956.

Take time to live. Do not let circumstances push you. Things will surely get hectic at times, but you can engineer it easily, if you remember always to stop, look and listen up before you speak or move. Do not let things hurry you. That’s all you must watch. You have the wisdom, love and desire. All you need is to conquer haste in speech and action. Love enough, coupled with good hard work, covers every problem. — Edna Lister, January 11, 1956.

When someone goes out and slams the door, leave it unlocked. When he returns, you must let him in — that is enough. Leave him his pride. Do not rub his nose in it besides. People live emotionally. Having a calm answer for their sudden emotional outbursts should be the cure. They begin to think it is the truth, and next time it is, for them.

The Elect may know through intuitive knowledge when to gird their loins for initiation. When you remain up in consciousness and love enough, you know through intuition, not as a hunch. Just put it on a cloud and love God, then batten down the hatches for a storm. Lift and treat, put crosses of Light on all the doors and windows. Foreknowledge will come early enough to lift everyone and you can prepare everything so that it is no obstacle. Remain aware and you will not taken by surprise.

To say you are unworthy is unworthy! All that matters is that you take one step higher every day. Take inventory and search your soul every night. You have no time for self, and you have less time when you make a mistake. If it happens repeatedly, you have turned off the Power. You have no time to waste. When anything happens, lift your hands high at once, reach for your Oversoul star, and say, “Father, please do not let my lines sag because I have made a mistake.” Do not stop to weep about anything. Repent as you go up in consciousness. — Edna Lister, January 12, 1956.

Never have I met anyone with such desire to delay what you must do by doing everything else first. Your desire and terrific drive to do creatively, channeled into housework, is slavery. When you work from the soul, you have no debt to pay, and no physical reaction from self. Seven hours of creative effort first, then sleep. You do not need sleep first. When you have misused Mind, Substance and Power, sleep is necessary to replace energy, but not when you put first things first.

You must reach the point of never taking gossip as a personal slight or dart to overcome. If you take things personally or see the detriments first, you cannot avoid the grief and reactions in your physical and desire body that tear down the cells, like crushing the wings of a butterfly. — Edna Lister, February 6, 1956.

You cannot love God enough on a vibration of treachery — only unity works. Lift the contamination of all words spoken against and about others. Look up with no looking back. Surrender includes giving up even physical reactions. With pain, for example, the tendency is to descend into the body. Instead, ascend in consciousness and say, “Move in Father. Possess me and move through. Use me now. I am Thine.” — Edna Lister, March 4, 1956.

Love enough will cover anything, anywhere, and anything can be healed. Light can heal anyone. God only needs one soul to stand. Let it be so. — Edna Lister, March 5, 1956.

You may not take pride in never making mistakes. Give what you intend to say long and proper consideration before speaking. You surely are conscious of your own need to conquer this whole matter. Make it pay you dividends despite the outcome. — Edna Lister, March 21, 1956.

“Thou shalt make thy prayer unto him, and he shall hear thee, and thou shalt pay thy vows.” — Job 22:27. Puny, futile puerile vows that are broken in the next hour, deliberately, are less than dust in content. Their sum is both a huge dark cloud entity and a mighty hurricane of force buffeting the one who so flouts God. Easily made, repetitive vows that mean nothing, except words that pacify the maker, mock and flout God, for no intent to be responsible backs them.

The road back is hard, stony and full of obstacles. Each soul who foolishly turns to the way of self must tread it. Ascension awaits anyone who hungers and thirsts after it enough. The great question is, Do I want God more than self? You are in a place of your own choice and making. You may wallow in it, seeking someone to lean on, or decide to choose and make a place of glory. They release the Light on which to climb, but you must reach for it.

One thought of self-pity and you lose contact with God. You have played the years away while satisfying self. For every hour you have dreamed, you were playing, and the law requires ten full hours of good hard labor in recompense. No one will do any of this for you. No one shall aid or succor you in your self-pity for loneliness, no one. You are alone with your God, your vows, your choice, and from this there is no petitioning or release until every jot and tittle of law is satisfied. It is a matter of choice now — up or down into regression. The Light to climb on is always within your reach, but you must reach and hold it. — Edna Lister, April 14, 1956.

Stand in the soul center of balance, where you are in command of emotions. Declare, None of this moves me. Loose the others and let them go. See them as perfect, yet always see conditions as they are while holding others to the line. Do not sell out to anyone. You must stand dead center and hold your balance. — Edna Lister, April 18, 1956.

The High Councils accept your possible level of surrender (where your weaknesses begin), and never demand anything impossible in surrender. They legalize your present ability to surrender and make it acceptable before the Thrones (never registering your vows beyond your ability to perform). Declare, “From this hour forth I shall spend my life doing and practicing on earth what the law of God, the faith of God, the full honor of God and the full loyalty to God dictates to me.” — Edna Lister, May 10, 1956.

Until you cleanse the subconscious mind, you know fear, illness, and so on because the subconscious emotional mind works out your fears. The subconscious “abdominal brain” is in the solar plexus; the photographic memory cells are in the head. Lift the good memories and thoughts first, to become part of your soul experience. A healed, lifted subconscious is a good servant. Most people’s difficulties stem from pride, blame, opinions and prejudices. Opinions are born of mental willfulness. Prejudices are born of emotional rebellion. You get just what remains after your deductions from complete love, such as resentments and criticisms.

Power does not tolerate its misuse — if you dare to misuse Power, it turns and rends you. You cannot climb a greased pole, but can bounce back up when you love enough. A hand or hook of Light is always ready to hoist you into the Light when you ask. When you return someone’s curse, you mingle your life sparks with his and the result is confusion. When you lift the one who curses you, you lift his negative expression with no mingling. The secret of an ascended body is loving enough to cause the original life sparks to vibrate with their fundamental, universal original number and name. God numbered and named every life spark of soul substance.

The Mother of Love symbolizes personality, and the Father of Wisdom represents principle. Light, color and tone carry universal personality, so when it takes on form, it has the embodied soul’s personality. Each begotten creator has universal Light, color and tone, but differentiates it into his own soul’s number, name and form. We, the Elect, have the capacity to bring peace, but working on the world’s masses is as necessary to as it is to work on our bodies. We must love more. We must love enough and launder whatever is necessary to ascend earth. You have all cleansed much, and comprehended what you thought you knew. Now you can apply the law of what you know to what you do. You have raised the rate of vibration of each body cell so they cannot be influenced. Only the subconscious bits remaining can still be touched, the weak places. Only universal mother love can comprehend the need to let life grow. Petty selfish love only pushes, but you must be balanced. When the door opens even a bit, you must dare to go through. Even if you knock down bone china opinions and prejudices, you must stop and pick them up through love. When you enter God’s timing of love, you give each soul his time, declaring, “You are now my miracle.” — Edna Lister, June 18, 1956.

As you ask another to use a courteous voice, your voice must have a universal quality of love. — Edna Lister, June 22, 1956.

Honor God above all things. Agree and adjust, and draw each into the Light. Always consider how your acts will affect everyone connected to you. If you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. (“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” — Hosea 8:7.) When you take the next step of responsibility without faltering, responsibility becomes a joy. If you miss the mark, your loved ones may kick you, but they would die without you. The Supreme Father says, “Bring in all My sheep.”

An escape complex is sullen, always pouting. The middle course is to have no harshness in the voice, no lagging or weakness, but maintaining a poised balance point. If principle is misused, the one who understands law should say so in a firm authoritative voice, not authoritarian, imposing no opinions or interpretations of principle on another. Do not dictate or descend to “why,” for no one but God and His Councils can know any soul’s personal motivation. The word is let. “This has happened. Let us lift it.” All argument stems from opinions and prejudices. Be loving and compassionate. You have no excuse to blame another who is out of Light.

When stepping into a new situation, stop and observe first before doing anything. Visualize the complete situation, the conditions, and your approach. Before entering a situation, plan ahead what to do. Also consider what happened before, comparisons of past experiences, or what you must do. Use your mental faculties before acting — pause to bring reason, logic, discernment, discrimination and discretion to bear on the matter at hand. Then you may speak or take action. For an immediate answer, look up, ascend instantly to your room of Light, ask and thank the Father for answer, then await that answer. — Edna Lister, June 25, 1956.

Bow on the knees of your heart only before God — remain upright before man. You may take pride only in living by and ascending to the Father’s highest honor, not to lower your banner of honor to anyone. Several successive states of consciousness are essential while in prayer: The first step is realization, recognition and reverence. Use praise to lift your soul consciousness. The second step is acceptance that this is mine to lift. Name and lift everything and everyone to a cloud continent of Light. The third step is surrender of all self to speak the Word for the Father, Let the Power go forth. We call this “Not I, but the Father works hitherto.” The fourth step is repentance, which is turning from the world until one is God conscious only. Use praise to do this. The fifth step is devotion, the love of God for God. You can express devotion through gratitude, even if it is simply saying, Thank You, Father a thousand times an hour.

Surrender first, having become balance, under Love and Wisdom, to be used by the Holy Ghost. To reach a state of comprehension, all self must be lifted and gone. Comprehension results from the conscious mind of rational soul being at one with the super-conscious mind of Oversoul. Comprehension is that state of consciousness where the embodied soul stands on earth, fully based in law, with his head in the Realms, seeing and hearing spiritually. Comprehension is standing on the Sea of Glass, looking upward while waiting upon the Lord. — Edna Lister, June 26, 1956.

You cannot lift physical heaviness by exhalation when you are enfolded in the power of gravitation. When you fold your arms, you are immovable. Place your fingers outside, and thumbs on the inside, touching the elbow joint. On the outside, position the little finger just below the elbow bone, the ring finger on the bone and the other two, close above.

People fill heaven with “I brought this through. I get that —. I see —.” Stop the incessant “I.” Say instead, “It seems to me,” or “They gave it to me this way.” Declare, “God, please open my ears to hear things right.” Use no force, no demand. — Edna Lister, June 27, 1956.

As a catastrophe strikes, remember that every prayer, every loving thought, every action builds Power until an avalanche of ascension sweeps upward. There is always a high inner reason for whatever comes to earth. Be sure to lift your hands high when you hear news of a tornado, forest fire, earthquake, a tidal wave, even a feeling one might be happening, because you can use it to start a vibration to vacuum evil and force.

When a novice lacks full understanding but releases Power before he has complete illumination and comprehension of the principles back of Power, it can cause confusion. Instant time is heavenly time. Now the time has ripened, is shortened, and we can receive the Power, which carries its own illumination when it is dripped through the consciousness slowly enough. Meeting each day’s “evil thereof” is now easier, for debts of floating force are always waiting for you to meet them. Reach for your Father’s hand, walk with Him emotionally and spiritually so the Power may use you as an added live wire for His strength.

Wherever you have criticized or condemned, you must exorcise yourself impersonally. Where you have invested your soul substance in others, it becomes an anchor holding you to earth. When you exorcise them, speak of yourself thus, “Let all unwisely invested soul substance of this, Thy servant, be lifted from these Thy children. Let it be ascended to high altars, cleansed and returned to Thy servant.” Your own choice determines the amount of Power, much, little or complete, that moves through you for lifting and healing. Imagine the lifting glory filling the world when everyone releases their full quota. Earth will ascend rapidly. Darkness will be lifted speedily, leaving the wicked floundering hopelessly in the mesh of their own weaving with no Power to use, no one whom they can pervert, no place to go. — Edna Lister, July 2, 1956.

The latest slang says, “Don’t lose your bounce.” You can lose your bounce with one negative thought or word. Catch yourself instantly, raise your arms, and ascend in consciousness. You can renew trillions of cells in your body daily if you breathe deeply and consciously. Opinions and prejudices keep you bound in an earthy consciousness. You must have an affinity cell to draw anything Light or dark, and only your opinions and prejudices bind you to earth.

God separated the Light from the dark. If He had not done so, how could the Elect separate dark from Light by lifting the lines of Light and responsibility? God started a new vibration with, “Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.” — Genesis 1:3-4. This is the spoken Word in application. We couldn’t speak the Word for Light to absorb darkness for lifting into the altar fires if He had not divided it, and loosened the cells of darkness. Ours is a balanced message of love and science to bring teachers up in consciousness, using science as the ladder but teaching the love of God. This may take many years on the outer but not in the life of God. — Edna Lister, July 9, 1956.

Whatever initiation enters your life comes to be lifted. — Edna Lister, July 12, 1956.

You may not indulge in idle curiosity. The difference between idle curiosity and divine speculation is that you ponder in the silence, without using force. Drawing a small breath, then blowing it out, loosens you in the body. Do this before you lift.

The Tree of Life refers to the spinal cord. The medulla oblongata is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil because it contains stored memories of good and evil. The tree of gold and silver apples of the Hesperides refers to the gold apples of the pituitary gland and intuition, and the silver apples of the pineal body and illumination.

The fruit of the Tree of Life includes the thyroid, thymus, and adrenal hormones. Enlargement of the thymus gland to release eternal life often causes angina, pain in the heart. In a case where there is internal conflict and no cooperation among the appetitive, rational and Oversoul phases of soul, the heart may burst in a coronary. The thymus must enlarge for eternal life. You cannot afford to leave this life with an atrophied thymus gland. — Edna Lister, July 16, 1956.

Each of us has been in all kinds of messes because we have had to work in the slums of earth to save the fallen souls from perdition. Your medulla oblongata holds a record of each incarnation. Everything you have thought, heard, seen, said or done, is in the record, along with every vile name anyone called you, every wicked thing you saw and heard, and the good. It is in your record, and since you identify with it, you have built a sense of guilt. Whenever evil touches your lines and triggers a record, you feel guilty. Ascend and love God, and Light will absorb the evil.

The great ones in charge of spiritual debts release a share of the world debt to us as earth revolves through the twelve signs at two-hour intervals. If you have a weakness (such as lukewarmness) under a certain sign, you are vulnerable. Reach for the stars. Release a bomb of Light to absorb it. If you break something or stub a toe, make it pay a dividend in ascension of consciousness. Each time you cross an abyss, you must clear your soul records. Your greatest sin has been your enjoyment of life so that you were lukewarm and indifferent to lifting debts from when you occupied high places. Make your stand today and pay your debts. The Father has covered for us this far, but now we must pay our debts.

Knowing Light from darkness is necessary. When you think unworthy thoughts, you are catering to self. You can and must think of God and no longer think of unworthiness. There is a pretense of glory and a pretense of false pride. When you “act as if,” you are pretending, but if you are consecrated and act in love, your act becomes fact. — Edna Lister, July 16, 1956.

The subconscious mind handles automatic body functions and mental and emotional imagination. Buried emotional blocks affect body functions. For example, you can be in church and still hate someone. Hatred is emotional dry ice, like false pride and all negatives, which taint the life sparks. When you willfully damage your memory, your blackened soul substance is put into the deep freeze of the abyss until you conquer that degree of self. Unless you melt, dissolve and absorb this dry ice, you will have a blowout, as in a stroke, heart attack or aneurysm.

You can contact the invisible side of life right now, as you use your mind to think about what I am saying. Mind is invisible, as is love — only the effects of thinking and love can become visible. Ideas come from Spirit above, or from dry ice on the low pole of crystallization. Mental malpractice manifests as paralysis, arthritis, hardening of tissues and atrophy. You must lift all these hereditary tendencies and can do so by stopping the urge to mental malpractice. Your lifting will cause atrophied soul substance to ascend through the stages of Spirit that finally make your misused substance flexible again. For example, if you heat water, you create vapor, invisible in the kettle. In your gradual raising and expanding of substance, you go from freezing solids to invisibility. You cannot see invisible vapor, but you can feel it burn you. It is the same with seeing that which is invisible to the physical eye.

Crystallizing diseases come when you have heavy emotional debts to pay. You can rid your soul of self and fear, such as past life memories brought up from the soul records. Buried in the subconscious and left unattended, emotional substance can condense from vapor into ice. Healing is raising the vibration of the mental imagination. To raise the vibration of your imagination, lift your arms, look up to God, and expand, inhaling atomic substance. The seven degrees of breath can then descend the spine into your subconscious emotional life. This lifting process can cause digestive upsets. Declare that the Light of God is moving through the top of your head, into the pineal body, pituitary, medulla oblongata, thyroid, parathyroids and maxillary, the nine glands that take care of the digestive tract. — Edna Lister, July 17, 1956.

Think of the full Power you could release without a thought of self, to do the Father’s work. Let your Light shine. Be known by your works, not by a wagging tongue. You have paid your soul debts, so it is foolish to use words that create more. — Edna Lister, July 18, 1956.

Do not entertain yourself quite so much with television. It is a habit that will keep you from conquering. The time is here, and no more time remains to wait, to waste or to play.

You cannot have the right answer to prayer when you avoid answering others or use the wrong words. You cannot take prevarication and excuses into heaven, or run from the disagreeable above the Gates of Light. Hidden secrets of self have no place in ascension. You are not imposed on or receiving unjust deserts. If you got what was coming to you for your temper tantrums and broken vows, you would be earthbound after deliberately failing such high vows. Dig out the deep-rooted revenge idea you brought with you. It is the sum of many lives during which you tried to revenge yourself on your enemies. When you blow up in temper, you use the ax and lash. Ponder these things and make sacrifice. The Father needs you, but only healed of self.

Search your soul and make sacrifice, whether you need it or not and add one thing to it, “It were better that a millstone was hanged about my neck than that I give offense.” If I break the least of the laws with a shrug — you know what that is, a contemptuous look — I break them all. This is how to use law to polish soul to the ultimate. You are doing a grand job by your works, but not by your words. Do you understand me? Light o’ershadows you and it does not yet appear what you can be. Become the full law, for you must polish here. God’s powers back you.

Stay up, but cut out this self-delusion. Discipline of the self rigidly. Eliminate all blame, idle words, revenge, trying to make the other person do what you want done. Every soul has a path back to God. How can you make someone else live by your pattern? Pray for the perfection of the Almighty to move through him. Keep your coattails clean. You are on your own, but with the Power of heaven, the love of God, every power at your finger tips to apply, to practice, to ascend on. The time is ripe. — Edna Lister, July 20, 1956.

God sent us to earth under wisdom, but we can return only through love. God has tried us in the fires of adversity. We will become pure gold tried in the fire — after our tests. Our faces will reflect His glory until it blinds Him. That is what it means to carry a torch of Light. — Edna Lister, July 22, 1956.

No one can resign from God — you can only regress to become nothing, which is more painful than becoming something. Each of you has tried it, yet the process of becoming nothing is too painful to contemplate. Why is it so hard to give up self-pity? It is odd to be so foolish when heaven is so glorious. A time comes when you must stand on truth or lose your loved ones, inner and outer, or they lose place. Three-quarters of the regression of the descended creator gods is because they lose hope about getting back home. Do not linger with them. You must ascend. You cannot lift your loved ones from their level, for they must come up to you at every new and higher level. Yet, let no one off your hook of Light. — Edna Lister, July 23, 1956.

What is the difference between concentration and surrender? Concentration is an action of purely personal will. Surrender is letting, giving up all personal will to God always. When you surrender, you cannot use concentration or you get only dribbles of Light. The full Light moves in under surrender because it is not an act of personal will. Concentration is an act of personal will. Common sense is instinct. Enough common sense is genius.

When you make Christ your role model, you make joy the mainspring of your faith. Too often people infect their religion with sadness when it should embody joy. The perfect practice of faith is a deep, crystal-clear well of perfect happiness, even in this world. When your devotions praise and glorify God, it will make you happy and lift your heart. Praising God will make your prayers into paeans of gratitude to Him. Every conquering of self is a victory over death. You are reborn every night because the River of Life flowing through you cleanses all taints from your cells to renew you. It’s your choice whether to suffer pains and disease, which are nothing more than habits adopted from the world mind. — Edna Lister, August 4, 1956.

What you have suffered and conquered so far was you. You had to lift every moment’s pain and force through your body. Your choices concentrated it in the space of a few short years instead of spreading it out in smaller doses over a longer period. Once you choose to honor God above all things, ever striving to conquer, all the powers and glories of heaven are opened to you. It is glorious to look back on a path where you have struggled to do the highest possible good under trying conditions. Your conquering has made heaven rejoice. — Edna Lister, September 1, 1956.

Never think that you are the best you can be. You succeed only by saying, “Father, if You have one who is better suited for this, please send him.” I always did this, the result was always harder. I found that everyone I trained and expected to do this was my teacher as I cleaned house harder and stayed out in front. Everything is now loosened, and what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven, and what is loosed in heaven is now to be freed on earth. As you read the Book of Life, you shall be glad that once you could take such rigid discipline and love, not blame.

Without God, you are a broken-off fragment, a little nothing fussing around, a small vacuum. The only way to go is up, and to hold forever. It is up, up, up forever. Every day is a higher ascension, requiring more praise in quality and quantity, and duties well-performed under attention, observation and acceptance. Can you see the end from the beginning? You are in the middle. Suppose you live now perfectly, a moment, an hour a day. Live it all at once, a moment at a time. Inspiration comes from above. No sin is greater than being sorry for what you have given. It shrinks and shrivels the soul. This affects only the one who does it. — Edna Lister, September 2, 1956.

My continuous prayer is that you may so love that your own mystic vision shall open wide to you. It is at your fingertips, touching you. Everyone has earned it, but it takes a driving, steadfast and continuous effort, a real struggle to close out the clamor, distractions and frustrations of earth, the obstacles and hurts long enough to really see clearly. After that it is easy to forget the outer — hurts do not matter. Fears are forever lifted. The soul rides free on its wings of Light to soar above earth’s petty hindrances. No one can take this glory from you, and it is more than worth every effort, every struggle and lifting every foolish personality that seeks to tie you down to earth. Let earth go! By letting go, I do not mean letting down. Hold all your lines of Light and responsibility higher than ever on a cloud of Light, where they cannot touch you. — Edna Lister, October 1, 1956.

Indifference covers blame but it can also cover another’s darkness and makes it worse. Throwing back blame for blame forms a heavy layer of blackness that causes family, civil, national and international strife. You can reach the point where nothing comes through, when you float between waves in a state of suspension because you have cut yourself off from the River of Life, and each life spark has lowered in activity of expression into that state known as the “void,” a state in the abyss before form exists. The life sparks are inert. If you sink to the level of subconscious mind, you remain there. Lift your arms and reach for the stars.

No one ever condemns himself unless he has thought himself better than the average and too good to do anything wrong. Never force another to climb in ascension. If they fall, they can crush you. Instead, see them on a cloud of Light. When you feel you are touching an answer, but can’t quite get it, the Logos, the Word vibration has touched you and that part of Mind has filled your memory cells. The Logos is a universal concept that births the idea. Your memory cells, below the Logos vibration, provide the interpretation. You have touched the idea in memory, but cannot interpret it yet. Insist that your subconscious is reordering itself in alignment with divine Mind, and you will have an answer. Later you can interpret the idea vibration into words.

While seeking ways to interpret this Logos concept from Mind, you may say, “I am touching it, but can’t bring it through.” The "can’t" is the block. The very idea that you do not have a particular ability is a block. You must have the inner conviction that it is true and that you can. You’ll be led into the right step by loving God enough. “I want to do and be what God wants.” You take five steps to freedom of seeing and hearing: “I record. I retain. I recall. I recognize. I remember.” If you are shy or insecure about blundering, which is pride, remember that speaking and being corrected is better than saying nothing and remaining in error. Every child must learn his lesson, even if it means burning his hand when he touches the hot stove. The only way anyone can be healed of illusion is to see through it once and find it cannot work. The foolish and those who choose evil ways must learn the hard way. Declare it good. Those who see the truth, are rewarded with mental clarity. — Edna Lister, October 15, 1956.

Your state of consciousness while praying determines how much Light goes forth as life and healing substance. People can fall back under a lower degree and kind of prayer, so lift them from grade to grade. The prayers of the Elect release Light, Power and life. When the Elect pray, they absorb all prayers on earth and release great Power. Stand on principle, enter the Light, and love God. God is both personality and principle. You obey principle, but worship personality. Christ was the only Begotten Son, given the full scepter of Power over life and death. The Bible often mentions God as our Father, which speaks of personality not principle.

When you say, “Father, I love You,” perfect Power can move through you to heal. You are only an instrument, not perfect, but Power is perfect and it does the work. To think you are doing the work is a sign of self. There is no work about it. You speak the Word of direction and control, but Power directed by Mind does the work. This is the difference between light and dark. We, the Elect, are forming all earth prayers into the highest state of love, of God consciousness, pure, perfect, complete. We release God’s Power as vibrations that go around earth, freeing souls and their affairs. We can even set aside war this way. Violence attracts the creature consciousness. We cannot set war aside until those who choose to do evil go to the bitter end and see that it will not work. Let them do their worst and love will conquer it. They must be taken from their bodies to be cleansed and taught that God consciousness is greater than earth’s evils.

Indifference interferes with God consciousness even among the Elect. For example, you put a tea kettle on the flame, the phone rings and you turn it off. When you return, it is cold, no longer boiling. You must turn on the heat again. When a miracle surprises you, it shows that you have backed off the heat. How great are the sun-centers of Light you have built in your home? Great enough for an evil one to fall on his face? Are you taking advantage of your heritage? You are important to God, the Father, so be faithful and do. We are imperfect instruments — but when we ascend in consciousness to pray, the Light that moves through is perfect. Love God enough to be a completely open instrument — not a half-closed one. — Edna Lister, October 16, 1956.

You live under the great mental faculties of logic, reason, discernment, discrimination and discretion. Do you have any excuse then for gossip? The higher octave logic is intuition and illumination under the pituitary and pineal. Reason opens the way and lights your path. Only an utter lack of discretion gets you in trouble with anyone. Discernment is the ability to look behind the other fellow’s mask and see how he hurts. When you hold a loved one, he can do nothing but ascend. Check your self for discernment. You must cleanse the subconscious, which likes to bury problems. Acknowledge the sore point, lift it, and pour love on others. Praise God, for praise is intoxicating, and gives you the joy of living.

You have no past, only the present and the future. Under law, you are allowed to describe only the highlights of a need — once is enough, no details, no comment on “what happened to me.” Do not allow the cause of a need to touch you emotionally, or dwell on the effect. You need not redeem force physically, if you lift the condition immediately. The door to the Holy of Holies opens, with no lock or key needed. Its vibration is so high that you must make your own vibration equivalent to open it. Your vibration must be pure love, not words.

Look in the face of darkness and say, “You are beautiful, like the sun.” Have you meant it? Apply it. The secret of eternal youth is inflating the atoms, molecules and cells with Light. Unless you lend yourself to become a servant of all Power, you will have an inner conflict of false beliefs. Clean out the illness, the disturbing false beliefs and anchors to the past. Slough aged cells and your desire body will glisten with the radiance of ascension from the physical. You know these truths. Others, who are in similar but lesser work, do not. The keynote is giving, not asking. — Edna Lister, October 22, 1956.

[This woman’s friend had borrowed an expensive ring and not returned it.] “Maybe it’s my fault” is pride. Self blames the other fellow, and even God. Dig out your pride, and the last remnant of an idea that anyone has ever taken anything from you. When you lift the last trace of that idea from your mind and heart, what is yours will return. No one can take anything from anyone, permanently. Lay it [the ring] on the altar for the Father to use as an instrument for the release of Power. To hold no thought or idea about what another has taken and held for a time allows justice to work its beauties. Sacrifice of self is necessary because of its effect on others, for without it, another may suffer for its lack. The first command is to honor God. Then surrender completely, doing the next thing next, and you will make no mistake.

Nothing is ever wasted. Always be ready for great change, have everything in readiness, and learn all your lessons well. — Edna Lister, October 25, 1956.

Those whom the gods make mad, they first cause to fall madly in love with themselves. This is a time of trying days when men shall deceive and be deceived. Be the balance wheel of Light, distributing the full virtues of the twelve cosmic divisions of Light with no self. Before speaking, enter the House of the Lord and mentally declare, “Here am I Lord. I accept. Speak, Lord. I open the windows of heaven. Pour out Thy Power,” and the right words will be put on your lips.

God is over all. Trust God. Forget man. Put the needy wavering one on a cloud and say, “You are perfect. You are good. You are doing God’s perfect will.” You will know without doubt if anything further is needed. If nothing comes to you, build his courage with your love, his faith with your faith, his strength as a servant of all the Power. Turn no one away without this. Flatter them into strength, love and faith. They will forget their first questions and go away satisfied. — Edna Lister, November 1, 1956.

As your measuring rod to compare each action from now on, use your greatest moment of highest exalted love, devotional to the point of melting in surrender to God. You must exchange anger for this, since it is an equal distance to either point, high or low. What do you desire to become, a creature or a creator god? You shall become through doing, as the perfected instrument of glory, and the keynote is in the word doing. Ask these questions of the self: What is worth the loss of one moment of ascension? Does the self-satisfaction of letting go bring enough joy to pay dividends? Do I understand the full meaning of surrender? Do I seek the highest comprehension? What is my goal? Whose path am I following, the world or the Master’s? — Edna Lister, November 2, 1956.

Greed pushes man down. There is no equality. Even heaven is a place of infinite degrees. Each is on his proper degree and vibration. “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” — John 14:12. By this, Jesus meant “as increasing Power is released, each in the future will be greater in responsibility than I am now.” This expresses the greatness of our responsibility to lift, like the difference between a camel and a jet in speed. Thus, you must make sacrifices for others, for yourselves, and even when you do good to others. Make a sacrificial time in every prayer, giving something of self and making it a gift to God.

The Word, Light and life are all God as Himself. The Word is God as Mind. Life is God as action. Light is God as substance. “Let there be Light” is a general statement of principle. The Gospel of John speaks of the Word, which is man in expression as the personality phase of God. Mind deals with sacrifice. The action is service. The substance is expression. Mind is composed of three phases of expression — super-conscious, conscious, and subconscious.

If you say anything negative about anyone, you recreate darkness. If you recognize slavery and are hurt by world suffering, you push them down. Lift them and put them on clouds. Seeing only perfection in order to bring it to pass is best. How can you recreate perfection if you refuse to see it as God’s? He has given us this world as ours, in trust, and so it is our kingdom also. — Edna Lister, November 5, 1956.

The higher you go in ascension, the more vulnerable you are to the loss of something or someone you thought you had saved. As you hold, you tend to invest your life with your love, and the life sparks you have invested in another are battered and ache when they leave you. You cannot be hurt unless you have used force. You pay that debt along with the world debt of pain and sorrow. Consequently, if you use force, you invest your own life, and thus can be battered. Naturally, a time comes when that forceful determination reacts, good as it may be. Still, force is used to cut the rebellion and hatred of the one being lifted. How easy it is to become involved in the outer. Yet, it is important to hold, at any price. — Edna Lister, November 9, 1956.

One great law is to Listen to the answer after asking the question. — Edna Lister, November 12, 1956.

Let us treat others as we would be treated, according to the old saying of “Do unto others,” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If you wear a hair shirt, you will also put a hair shirt on your neighbor. Remember to say, “I do love my neighbor, just as well as I love myself.”

You have been grand. You have exalted your beloved ones. You have made it possible to bring the Master’s scattered sheep into the fold. I cannot tell you the extent of the glories of what you have accomplished by standing and holding here. You have held this place alone. Yet, it is a shame that you do not hold always, that you let yourself sink into old ditches. You either have given what you have to God, or have given to demand return credits. Do not blemish the beauty of your sacrifice with any petty selfishness that would revoke the gifts God has bestowed. — Edna Lister, November 17, 1956.

It feels good to ascend, does it not? It feels good to be rid of selfish demands. They are puny in comparison with what you may have. Joy comes from above. All the help you have had comes from above, and there is just one answer to your prayers. When will you remain steadfast day and night at the Source, kneeling, until every shadow of your misuse of Power is cleansed from earth? The right answer is, “I shall stay there until it is finished,” without asking how hard, how long, how grueling, or how lonely. It will all turn out right and at the right time.

The Father has long waited for you to ascend to equal your vows. Your practice and ascent must equal the vows; you are doing it and you shall stick to them. Hold your place, and I do not speak of humility and patience. I speak of the love of God pouring out of you in compassion. You can afford to be generous because as long as you look up, you shall have the answer, as always in the past. You have always been held, except when you willfully wrenched yourself from God’s arms. Then you had to work in the world to have your ears pinned back and learn.

You are being you again, being really the soul of you. You are opening atrophied brain cells, and developing many that have lain dormant. Some day the wisdom of the Almighty will pour out. You will write a book on the travail of the soul returning from the darkness some day, and it will lift the weary souls and return them to their higher soul consciousness. Gentleness and compassion, loving God with all your heart and soul, and expressing gently, sweetly, and kindly. You have all these ingredients. They are all contained in the love of God. — Edna Lister, November 18, 1956.

If I could wave a wand for you two that would forever bridle your unruly tongues, there would be no difficulty for you. You would meet problems smoothly, lovingly, quietly under the love of God. You have had the benefit of training such as never has been given on earth before. Even the Master was with his disciples only three and a half years. When you let a line of Light sag, someone trips on it and it can spoil a whole Heavenly Plan into discomfort and confusion unless someone puts up a wall to absorb it, and holds the lines that you should hold. Power is using you, but until you can bite your tongues and hold them, you will not be fully happy. — Edna Lister, November 21, 1956.

The law says, “No sacrifice of self is too great, no task too hard or too long.” You are dedicated to God. What on earth can harm you or keep the Power from using you? How can it be less than perfect when you are up in consciousness, where the Power is undiluted, unadulterated by fears for the little self? How can God fail?

Your prayers can never be simply words, but must be in a melting devotion and love of our Lord, of the Father. Anything less than this joyous abandon of love for God is not good enough and you will slide down on it, on words of supplication for help. You are your own help when you love God and forget self. No force. Just let. Love God enough and no room remains for fear. The little self is always afraid for itself.

Move up in consciousness, above your hair roots, into your Father’s House. Give Him your love, not your worries. You are trained to the limit. Love God. Keep your eyes, your mind on our Lord. God has gifted, honored, held and protected you. Move up in consciousness where He is your ease and comfort. Why sink back into intellectualism? One step above takes you into such ecstasy, such thrilling rapture, to be fascinated with God. Is God your Power or not? Make up your mind. You cannot afford to regress. Ascend in consciousness. — Edna Lister, November 22, 1956.

All that you have ever envisioned shall come, but you must walk toward it one step at a time. Watch your words — use no unnecessary words in your business. Bite your tongue if you must. When you cut out your idle words, you will have no fuel for idle conversation for a while. Just do not talk. Retire into a vale of silence until your new soul habits are set. — Edna Lister, November 25, 1956.

The love of God can cover any problem the world can present. The other fellow has already forgotten the things that hurt your feelings most. Someone must deliberately give all darkness to the Father. No darkness of whatever grade or kind can be lifted unless somebody who loves God enough will scrape it up and give it to the Father as their gift; it ascends according to the purity of your mind, heart and purpose. You cannot lift any more than you are, any higher than you are or pray any higher than you are practicing law. All prayer, from the savage to the highest creator, is used to overcome darkness and to lift earth. The little grades of prayer, short of quality and quantity, are folded into the next higher grade. The most effective prayers are those offered in selflessness. You move from a state of selfishness to a state of soul-ish-ness. The one negative thing of pride or arrogance in your heart, goes forth and that is what the other fellow gets. — Edna Lister, November 26, 1956.

No one has a good reason for any statement of fear, which is really consciousness of self importance. Fear of giving up authority causes some to be laggards in ascension. This is a hangover of past authority, a memory of high places left. It seems like inferiority, but is actually the effect of not giving up self. Each is free to use the right words, to create a kingdom in beauty, to release Power that uses you, to stand as creators, to love God enough. Then comes free will in little things. You want to have your way, but it is safe only if you practice the free will of loving, joy, and giving. Go down on your knees when gifts come. Otherwise you may sink into an old desire to do something about it yourself with too many words. Practice golden silence, and love God. You have reached the point where your words can sear and destroy. Speak only when you see something slipping. Just be certain that God is doing the speaking through you. Use no force, but be firmly determined in love. — Edna Lister, December 2, 1956.

You are God’s agent, glorious and free to ascend, free to give a mothering love that lifts, that clears the path for others to follow, that clears the jungle of emotions, the hidden emotional life. Do not expect rewards from the outer on this matter, for no one enjoys having his cesspool uncovered, and some subconscious minds are cesspools. Explosions may occur, but remember that love, more love, and then love enough forever cleanses any manner of darkness.

God creates soul, and adds Spirit to expand soul. No matter what you are doing on earth, you are in heaven, functioning. When you do not remember your inner experiences, you have erected barriers of self. Ask yourself when you will accept. You cannot be confused when you are under divine law. The first step toward becoming one with the Supreme is coming into oneness here — one heart, one mind, one purpose. He has led you, step by step, into His oneness. All for one, one for all. You have stored up credits. God’s Power uses you. Why drop back to the rationalizing, silly little self that would doubt His Power? You close the door on yourself when you do.

The realms of heaven are open, more vast than any you have reached so far. Use this to your advantage of beauty, harmony and added things. The base metals of the world turn into gold, not on demand but because you are serving the universes. Accept your heritage, the glories you are to express, the powers that are to move through you for healing. But, remember, you cannot make one life spark do anything. You cannot command or demand. Do not be childish. Surrender yourself. Surrender yourself to the full Power to use you. That is the “nothing is impossible” stage, the “greater works,” the ability to let Power use you to your advantage, for God can see what that advantage is. — Edna Lister, December 10, 1956.

Any type of physical limitation is born from the root of fear. It only takes a small one to dilute the good. Every trifling word of doubt, of seeing of darkness before you seek full Light, magnifies itself in proportion to the Power going through you. Go to the throne and reach out with your arms of Light. The more you take in, the less territory the dark ones have to work in. “Here I am, Father” increases the quality of the substance you send through and “thank you” increases the quantity.

When someone has spoken evil of another, as in gossip, hold him on a cloud where he can do no more harm. Hold his tongue and lips in a cross of fire. — Edna Lister, December 17, 1956.

Your present initiations have been on discernment, discretion, and discrimination. You are complete on discrimination, not on discernment or discretion. Be foresighted, not hindsighted. It requires great caution on your part, for unwise speech or self entering when righting wrongs often leads to self-righteousness indignation. You cannot be self-righteous under pure discrimination and discernment. Continue seeking advice and checking, lest a touch of self turn into a large blot.

You cannot be hurt by persons of lesser intelligence unless you allow it. You can become an immovable rock that cannot be shattered. The Light will shine through your sheath of Light, along with discernment that will enable you to see souls in travail, possessed rational souls. Pride, resentment and intolerance cause deathly travail. Someone who loves enough must breathe life back into them. You are breathing the Breath of Life into all creations.

The rational soul carries on daily tasks while the Oversoul serves in the House of the Lord. Much soul substance is added to each part of soul to accomplish this. Every time you sink in consciousness, you push the added soul substance from your bodies. Hold fast your gains. To move up in consciousness to your tower room, where the gains are, where you can see in all directions, is a simple thing. Discernment, discrimination, and discretion are your telescopes to view North, South, East and West. Hold your gains or you will cry, “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”

How greatly can you love? How perfect are the lenses of your rose-colored glasses? You must be divinely dissatisfied with your achievements. You can always improve. You can conquer all things through love. You are insulated from the world unless you crash through the insulating walls of love. More of our work on conquering self must be in print. In time, it will reach the masses. — Edna Lister, December 20, 1956.

[Edna Lister broke her arm in a train accident December 22, 1956.]

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Conquering Self 1957

[Edna Lister had broken her arm in a Union Pacific passenger train accident on her way from Chicago to Seattle, December 22, 1956.]

Declaration after a miracle: “This is Name’s fulfilled completed miracle of [healing, abundance, etc.]. Let all force unleashed, loosened and dislodged now be ascended into the heart of the fire to be added once more as Power to the purified substance from which it was separated when misused.” — Edna Lister, January 4, 1957.

Before going to a higher Source of Light, one is tempted physically mentally, and emotionally almost beyond endurance, tests, great tests. — Edna Lister, January 7, 1957.

Every Power release displaces its equivalent in force, and you must lift it to be made one with its original substance. Only the soul who envisions and asks for the Power to be released can do this by redeeming the force through his or her body. — Edna Lister, January 9, 1957.

As greater Power is released, the Elect assume greater personal responsibility for lifting. Each is supposed to pay all debts to law contracted every twenty-four hours. When one fails to care for his own, he places an added burden to carry on each other Elect. For the time has come and now is when you must pay your debts daily. You must balance each day’s books.

Lift all force associated with whatever you ask through prayer. For each statement or declaration of a miracle, reach out and down with your hands as though scooping water and raise your hands still cupped together as you lift dislodged force. As you lift, declare, “Every bit of loosened dislodged black force is now lifted up and made into Power once more, added to the substance of Light from whence it came when misused.” It takes so long really to comprehend everything you think you know. — Edna Lister, January 14, 1957.

Keep praying for everything as usual. Each time you ask for a miracle, use this prayer as you sweep hands down, out, and up: “Let all the force possible now be lifted, to be added to its own purified substance again. Let all force ascend through this prayer to leave us free to receive our miracle.” — Edna Lister, January 20, 1957.

Keep your mind off what needs healing. Those who think, “It’s awful,” or “That’s just terrible,” retard healing. Just visualize what needs to happen. Review your life to see where self remains to be cleansed, where you have been wrong. When you look for the reason, you must accept responsibility that everything that comes to you is your own. God’s time is always now. Why not live bravely? How great is your love of God? How willing are you to pay your debts to law? You are responsible for all about you, and especially for your idle words, because you take on your share of the Messiah’s mantle when you follow a strong teacher. You are enveloped in its folds.

Use this declaration after a miracle: “This is Name’s fulfilled completed miracle of [healing, abundance, etc.]. Let all past and present force unleashed, loosened and dislodged now be ascended into the heart of the fire to be added once more as Power to the purified substance from which it was separated when misused.” Read Hebrews 1 on inheriting the kingdom. We, the Elect who are responsible, are joint heirs of the kingdom, heirs in responsibility for lifting all misused life sparks. A miracle is the change of emotion to the prayer of spirit, an acceleration of time.

The fire of God’s love must have new fuel. True love feeds upon itself. Declare it good and stand with a deep, abiding devotion to God, who is love. As you step onto the Via Christa, more Light clothes you and you say, “I arise and ascend unto my Father’s House.” Light will show you the way. The more you see of self’s negativity, the more you ask for Light, the more Light there is to dissolve the little self. — Edna Lister, January 24, 1957.

Only a few people really work at living. Some think about it and talk about it, but lack the motive power to become. As you become law, your Oversoul o’ershadows you until you become greater than the body. You see others’ lack of understanding. They do not believe you can become as perfect as the Father or His Son. They lack the neurons and brain cells to comprehend it. You must study all five categories of expression — psychology, metaphysics, science, philosophy and mysticism. Do not just read, but study. Dig into some topic you do not grasp. If you must return to the same book for a refresher (except the Bible), you are in the same grade and have made no progress. Most metaphysical statements are twaddle, and are the sonic barriers you must break.

You can discard from any religion the part that does not recognize Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount. As you move closer to Good, the Light as the Power, you become more powerful. To strip yourself of meanness and the ability to be hurt or grieved, you stand naked before the world, not defending the self, until the Father endows your outer sheath with Light. Every time you surrender, Oversoul enters, but when you wonder why things happen or when your miracle will come, self enters. Give up just 15 percent of the self that fills you and full Power enters. Declare, “Here I am, Father, Your perfect child. Fill me with Your flame.”

The subconscious mind protects you from outer world contacts; it should leave the conscious mind free to maintain contact with super-conscious mind, which soars. When you stand naked to the world, without hiding anything, you are invulnerable. The ordinary tenets of organized religions are boring to most. My first premise was “What fun they must have in heaven!” No sight in the world is more ludicrous than a soul who is lost is self-pity and martyrdom. Check your self for opinions and prejudices, the undersides of your sonic barriers. Opinions and prejudices change no one, but are among the greatest of earth’s tragedies. You may not force another to do things your way. You must conform to common rules, if you live with others, but when you make another uncomfortable, you are forcing. Ask of self, “Am I forcing my opinions and prejudices on another, or am I living right and helping train another to live in the kingdom?” Let. Let. Let.

If you are high enough in consciousness and releasing Power, it can cause self to blow a gasket. You cannot criticize or blame if you have no opinions or prejudices, so lay them on the altar. Prejudice is born of pride and self-indulgence, and lives in a closed mind. Yesterday’s ideals become tomorrow’s crystallized opinions and prejudices unless you accept new thinking about them today. An alert mind is broad and has an enlarged outlook. Look through everything in all its stages, from black to gray to white and make it pay you a dividend in conquering the self. If you are a skull-bumper, you become a burden. To conquer, just give up the self and do it. — Edna Lister, February 5, 1957.

Your love of God is greater than any phase of earthly love can ever be when you find it, hold it and express it. Then and then only can you evaluate properly your earthly loves. Only then can you express enough compassion to really love, not “in spite of” but just because “I love you.” Of course, there are still hurts and problems, but they do not interfere with this wonderful feeling and inwardly flowing joy. So often people refuse to follow their soul light. You can’t do anything with a man whose own guilt complex gets between him and his love for his wife. You just have to wait, brood and yearn over him with a mighty mothering love that finally resolves all else into itself. — Edna Lister, February 11, 1957.

If you can react in fear and dread, you cannot stand and know, nor have you earned the right to have God put the words on your lips. I have cleaned house on the self for forty years. I can look through the truth of appearances into the truth of reality. Yet I came here to conquer one of everything to show that you can do it. God does reward and He never forgets His own. If God can take you through six months, He can take care of you for 6,000 years. Move up in consciousness and let. It is not a case of “I want, hope, or try” — you are giving up more self. Like a pepper shaker, you just open another hole. You could open it all at once if you let and move up in consciousness. Take the lid off your shaker, and stop trusting in little holes.

The Master’s challenge is to express enough life to live gloriously, to see more, to look at spring flowers and see their energy and life. They do not cry out, you must look for them to see them. Have you taken the time this week to catch God giving life to the branches, to see life coming through? You are missing a beautiful life. “I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” — Revelation 3:20 is a challenge to come higher, to think higher. More life is necessary to give with, to love with, to live. Let go of the old things that bring satisfaction to grasp the new things that give life.

Love fulfills the law, but it takes vigorous polishing to remove the last of self. It is not what comes, but how you take it that spell success or failure. When you open a new Power vibration, its heat melts and dissolves the crystallized soul substance from the very rocks, releasing force to be ascended. Release the Power and lift for Power to do its work. Power moves through continually and you must continuously remember to lift the force it frees, and release more Power to take its place.

When black force is released, give it back to God. Lift your hands, bring it in and up, and send out Light in its place. Seal the lips of those who speak evil. When you receive a new name for lifting, the Father gives you all the force of evil associated with it. Lift it immediately to relieve the other person. Always declare that all evil comes to the surface as the Power moves forth, then lift it, saying, “Let it be lifted.” Your Guards will catch it, then release more Power. — Edna Lister, February 20, 1957.

A high state of consciousness of the love of God takes you to your highest point. One negative word can lose that point and you must climb again. The Elect came to earth to clean up all the darkness. We were supposed to know who we were and maintain contact with God. If you want never to return to earth, you must achieve a lifetime of perfection here, twenty-four hours a day. Ascension requires assuming greater responsibility. To lift your self consciously is the best way to learn to lift. Take all the blame for what happens, yet be sweetly, firmly final in law, in love, and compassion. This must begin in families. When you let a line of Light and responsibility sag by pitying yourself, others can stumble over it and the Master’s Legions must gather it up again.

You cannot separate Mind, Substance, and Power without creating debt. Emotion sends Power out as a cloud of force. Even if I say, “Let love absorb this cloud,” the force is still floating out there. It must touch a body to be ascended. If you have an accident, instantly say, “Let this force of misuse Power be lifted and ascended to be combined again with Mind and Substance.” We have lived nearly 100,000 lives and the accumulated force needs lifting. Any pain involves the lifting of force, so do not whine about it. Whining lets your lines of light and responsibility sag. The fulfillment of the New Testament prophecy is at hand — “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” — 1 Peter 5:8-9.

When anyone gives a name for lifting, raise your hands and declare, “Let all force connected to her be lifted out and up.” Use your hands to scoop it in and raise it. Name her and pray about her and her lines of responsibility: “Let the Power go forth to fill the body of Name, her family and all those on her lines of Light.” Then lift this force and declare that the Father makes it into Light. Declare, “We lift all force this Power releases and declare the result a miracle.” Apply this law, If a friend betrays you, she has fallen from a high point but is still good in her baby class. Declare it good, for your love has and is healing the crystallized force that she released. This is our work and when we lift for her, how can she regress?

Job thought he was perfect; Satan knew he was not, for Job declared himself perfect. Yet you cannot deny that you are perfect, for God made you that way. God looks at you and sees perfection, every instant. Declare, “I AM that perfect one, I AM. I AM a descended creator god. I declare that I AM that perfect one, I AM.” Who will take you where? I AM. The I AM consciousness of God is to remain in the Light always. When you do not do this, you want to escape. If you want to be a martyr, you want to enjoy it. When you are hot with the zeal of the love of God you can say, “I AM God’s greatest miracle. I AM that beautiful one, I AM.”

Nothing from the outside has never kicked me off the Path. When something hits me, I say, “God, hit the other side.” After the accident, when they set the broken bones, I said, “Father, this arm is Your miracle. All fear is lifted from earth.” So you lift force. Ask Power to move forth on it and lift the force again. To descend in consciousness is to deny God, to deny the Christ. You need but to love God as a person always, not as anything else. This means that everything is His, from the smallest to the greatest. All is good always. And even when you transgress, declare God’s perfection through you. Be that perfection that you already are. Joy is so very great that you need nothing other than joy consciousness. It’s so wonderful. You have no reason to wear anything other than a smile. “I AM THAT GOOD, I AM” is expressing perfection as your personal expression. — Edna Lister, February 28, 1957.

He who has seen me when I am in an ecstasy over loving God has seen a complete expression of the Father. When you look and see the Mother love of God, you see the face of Beauty; this is the greatest soul exaltation. When someone says, “You look ten years younger,” God’s Mother love is showing through. When you see this perfect expression of the love of the Father, you are seeing the Mother’s love. — Edna Lister, March 6, 1957.

Speak gently, walk softly, hold golden silence and use wise speech; these rules maintain an unconquerable defense. When another needs wise speech and you do not speak, selfishness or fear is ruling you. You unerringly react to the Lights of God, but must stand in the fire of your own burning bush to receive. You cannot hide anything. God’s substance is always good, even in the darkest expression. Anyone can turn any dark substance into Light if they love God enough. You must have what it takes to defend the truth you know.

Fold your arms, right over left, before your breastbone, and just stand and love God. The power of nonresistance goes into action as Mother love to quell a riot. The masses stand with hands on hips in resistance. You release almighty Power with your hands folded over the Breastplate of Righteousness in defense. Use it only when someone is outrageous, dictatorial, demanding, or when you are in physical danger. Cross your arms in a natural way to invoke this protection and it will rout any enemy. Use this arm position to quiet another.

Fasting even once a week tears down cells. The subconscious mind doesn’t take weight off just your stomach. I cannot tell my subconscious mind to take it off my buttocks. Your body, mind and soul must all work together for an efficient metabolism. Fasting a day a week can tear down an organ within two years. Catabolism affects the pineal body and pituitary gland, tearing down, and anabolism, gathering substance to renew energy. They are the two halves of your metabolism. A day’s fast should include a pint of fruit juice and a bowl of hot soup in reduced portions.

Tiredness is a sagging aura. Say, “Let me be filled.” Raise your arms, inhale deeply and blow out your breath seven times on the hour. You can do it mentally if not physically. Power comes from every direction. Stand up or lie down but mentally stand on principle and law. You need plenty of Light, just as a farmer’s field needs water, and you have spiritual irrigation ditches. When you need the living waters, open the floodgate with praise and you cannot stop the inflow of Power. Declare, “How wonderful is my place in the sun. How wonderful is the service I may give the Father. How wondrous is the Light I may draw upon. How wondrous is my Father. How wondrous are the angelic hosts.”

Fill the family “bear” with Light. Bless his place at the table, the dishes and utensils, with an abundance of Light. Fill his chair and put him in it. Put sheets and a blanket of Light on his bed. Do this for children, too. Enough love and such a declaration as, “How wonderful is my beloved,” touches your heart as the supreme rejoicing of gratitude. It is better to know how wonderful God is than to have spiritual seeing. — Edna Lister, March 7, 1957.

The serpent crawling on its belly is the symbol of evil and misuse of Power, but the serpent standing upright, as a cobra or rattlesnake does, is the symbol of the wisdom of the ages. All philosophers agree on this and none disagree. The serpent of wisdom swallows the serpent of material phenomena, just as Spirit will always cover and protect wisdom, and lift evil from earth. The serpent on its belly represents earth’s spiritual blindness and the dark influence of evil masquerading under the appearances. The serpent raised, standing upright, symbolizes the lifted creative fire, which opens the the eyes of soul to the truth of reality. The serpent of wisdom can instantly swallow any evil eye or dark suggestion, for you use the same Mind, Substance and Power for good as evil, for Light or dark. Light forever consumes darkness. — Edna Lister, March 12, 1957.

Before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he commanded the men nearby to “Roll away the stone” — any barrier will go down under the onslaught of love. When fervent expectation follows your prayer, the Power does the work. Expect and receive the miracles. Egypt itself becomes a Garden of Eden when the subconscious mind bows before the throne of the I AM. Oversoul rolls away the stone, the hardness of heart, the opinions and prejudices. Let the new Power erase the idea of delay. The Power that fuels a jet plane is the same as that which brings a miracle. — Edna Lister, April 3, 1957.

To receive an answer to prayer, you must stand in the Light. Seek first the kingdom of heaven. Declare it good and put walls of fire around it. Go up in consciousness first for your answers, not seeking hasty answers. Seek the Light on it, the whole of it, whatever it is. Power melts and dissolves all the blackened crystallized substance invested anywhere, but does not dissolve Mind or lift the Power that has been degraded to force. When you always do your share, you leave nothing for anyone else to lift. Declare, “Let the miracle of Light move forth. Let all force be lifted for this healing.” Even the walls in a house are impregnated with all the thoughts sent out there. Someone must be accountable for all idle words spoken. How else could God ascend all those unwisely invested life sparks?

Spirit is like a vapor, which a novice cannot see, but only the initiate, whose imagination is turned up into the Light. The substance of the Source must descend on the words, “Let there be Light.” The Mother’s substance does not work until someone transforms it with fiery Word, not long, empty prayers. It may take months, but no matter how long it takes, transubstantiation works. When you stay up, you are untouchable and untouched. You should have enough sense to stay up in consciousness. Get hot under the collar about God. Say, “Move over, God. Here I come first. I stand under the Light and say, ‘It is good.’” The only way God can release Power to you is to release it through you. You are a creator. — Edna Lister, April 4, 1957.

You have no time for the self-indulgence, the self-gratification, the self-exaltation of repentance. Repent as you climb, as you love, as you ascend. Never waste time on the past by thinking of it or by blaming self. You have no time to blame self. The now demands your steadfast standing under the Light as God’s perfect surrendered servant, permitting God, allowing Him to send forth Power to close the mouths of lions, to cover all transgressions, including our own. You are never rebuked or reprimanded, but given a supreme gift of royal attitudes and expressions for old ones, straight from the Source. Force is now returning to you only as you recall it through prayer or create more by thinking, seeing or negative emotions. Redeem what you send out at once. Ascend on this to a higher mountain top each day. — Edna Lister, April 10, 1957.

How to reach the high place: Close your eyes and ears to the outer world until you no longer perceive with outer eyes or ears. Move up in consciousness to the higher creative center in your head, and look up and out. Pray for others.

The doctrine of many lives (reincarnation) is a truth you must prove for yourself if you will not accept it from the Biblical texts [Matthew 11:7-15, Luke 7:20-27 and Mark 8:27-30, Matthew 16:13-16]. He who is of the truth never doubts that Jesus was referring to other lives. To the one who would challenge you, say, “I don’t need to prove or disprove reincarnation, and you cannot disprove it. That’s all right. It isn’t there for you. You prove your truth. I’ll prove mine to myself. Yours has brought you to where you are. Mine takes me to where I am going.” You cannot explain the truth or prove God for anyone.

Often, you must clean up people’s meanness. Look at them when they are cruel and say, “You are good and perfect and this is good.” Truth is something you hear, accept and become. You cannot know truth trying to believe in the truth. “I’ll try” is the cry of the subconscious mind saying, “I want to play a while longer.” When you do not hear, accept and become truth, you face so many roadblocks and delays. Some day you will say, “I would rather be annihilated than pushed around by others’ asininities. No one moves me. Nothing moves me. Father, forgive me, lest I cause my brother to stumble.” — Edna Lister, May 9, 1957.

Remember, acceptance is the first law. “I accept,” then release Power to cover all manners of outer situations. It matters not what, Light can cover anything. Agree with God, adjust to others, lift it and Light will make it perfect. — Edna Lister, May 12, 1957.

Every thought, word and desire is a prayer. You are creators and accountable for every idle word. Your words create what you think. The hardest to give up are facetious sayings, and the negative are the best of all. Everyone says witty negatives about life. “I’m not interested in money. I don’t care about it.” Your lightest thought creates more powerfully than the worst you could have said twenty years ago. Criticism is so rampant today that even the lowest life forms are developing a conscience; it is raising the vibration of cells. The world’s fault finders are just awakening to the idea of Christed stature. The atomic process speeds the development of brain cells. When you turn the Light on a slinky thing under a rock, it wiggles.

The agents needed to open the way have always accompanied anyone who comes to earth with a mission. Prayer groups like ours will change the world when we ascend, and the Power moves through us as it should. I decided to leave adept demonstration and manipulation behind for letting Light do the work while I was with Dr. Thomas Parker Boyd. If you love God enough, the agent of fulfillment must be there. Everyone faces this initiation at some point in life. Letting works.

God is wonderful. God’s love is the greatest power in all creation. God-consciousness is not awareness that you have Christ consciousness, but that you are a creator god in your own right. You are as great as your devotional love for God the Father as principle, as the Spirit of life in you, as the great Supreme One who holds everything from the Sources. When self interjects, say, “This is the end of this nonsense. I am now the servant of all Power. Power moves in to do this. It puts the words on my lips, guides my eyes and ears to see and hear God. No subconscious selfishness is dictating to me. God is, and I follow Him.” Declare it so. Declare the answers you need and look up, ask, stand and wait until it comes. Every night you receive your instructions for the next day.

You release Power according to your degree of desire. The switch is love for God, the magnificent glory of the Supreme One. You are as wondrous as your love of God, your joy in God. You are as miraculous as your desire to comprehend. The windows of heaven are open. The Gates of Light are open. Enter your own paradise. You will know joy in the life of God, the joy of being the joy of knowing the fullness of heavenly places. You shall find your hands doing, eyes seeing, ears hearing and lips speaking what God would as you. — Edna Lister, May 29, 1957.

Let no darkness conquer you, not even a pin point’s worth. You must hold to Light. — Edna Lister, June 4, 1957.

Soul pirates steal soul substance from others. Beware, unless you pay attention and invoke the Light, you will feel exhausted after being near them. Never ask why the unpleasant surprises come, just say, “This is good and it too shall speedily pass away under the power of God’s love.” You receive God’s fresh manna every day when you hold to I AM consciousness. You weave lines of Light and responsibility wherever you go, and lines can cross. If you are low in consciousness, another’s lines can create a fog, even an illness or evil that can enter your aura. Invoke the Power to fill your aura with Light substance, and cleanse your heart before going out. When you are happy, you leave a line of light.

When you make forceful demands, such as, “This is coming to me,” the lines tighten and can choke those near you. Your lines run all over earth. When you begin to ascend, you declare, “Let Light and love flow over every line in my life, to every place I have touched. Let the power of love fill the lines I have left behind to melt and dissolve every error, doubt or past fear.” This is the necessary treatment to lift your past. The Father loves good weaving, lines woven in love. Let Him weave the pattern, but prepare the strands here. Your readiness is your practice, and your “let” pays out the line like a fly-casting fisherman.

The crowned heads always use the royal “we” form of address, which lifts them from the personal into the universal. To the Elect, we refers to the combined appetitive soul, rational soul, and the Oversoul as one. Will and desire are teammates that imagination in the driver’s seat must guide. Imagination can run away with you when you put an “I” before self. “I am a healer. I had a special healing.” When you say “I” about any of your personal achievements, you are probably boasting.

Ascension is mating desire with will, which is mating I AM with love. The subconscious is forever trying to drag down the higher rational consciousness, and drags the will down with it. Then imagination walks away with desire. Will holds, but desire wants. Imagination paints the picture of “How good it would be,” which is a temptation. When desire mates with will, will takes possession and moves into the pineal body as I AM illumination, and desire moves into the pituitary gland as intuition. When desire mates with will, you do not see problems — what was troublesome is just not there.

You will become love, joy, illumination, so you will not ask God to clean up your mess, or ask “why.” This is the full marriage of the Lamb. Those who think they are I AM consciousness and have completed the marriage of the Lamb, have obtained only their marriage license. “I AM exercising. I AM watching my diet.” With every “I AM,” you call I AM upon yourself as doing it, not possessing I AM consciousness. You do not possess Christed consciousness or a virtue, but just say, “I AM doing this.” One must be selfless in this expression.

When one who has attained Christed consciousness in a marriage of the Lamb asks, “Why do I have to do this?” he demotes himself to being merely “engaged” again. When you fall from the heights, you divorce yourself. You lose Christed consciousness when you refuse to practice “I agree with God and adjust to man.” You cannot have the full marriage of the Lamb if you can blame anyone or anything, or pity the self. Fill the subconscious mind with Light only. You can be engaged or divorced countless times and still continue. The Christed consciousness is will and desire mated as I AM, ruled by imagination turned upward as vision. You never want a divorce, but must work to maintain a good marriage. The Word is a vibration of Wisdom that becomes a Light on your path and a lamp unto your feet.

When another throws you lines of hatred, they entrap him, too. As you lift and declare them all love, the lines drop from him to form a footstool, which is the first step in healing. Declare that his lines form a footstool in God’s presence. Watch following suggestions that are idle words. If you have touched the I AM consciousness in a marriage of the Lamb, then fallen, you will feel guilty, and will never be happy until you climb back.

In the school of life, you work on all steps in every degree simultaneously until you graduate 100 percent in every detail. In a mundane school, you pass step by step, grade by grade. You have been taking initiations that recapitulate all your initiations though the years. You are your brother’s keeper and cannot resign from your position. When you have completed a thousand days of burnt offerings, you are ready to rule more than yourself. Yet, if you demand of God, you begin again at the bottom. You must defend and hold your point.

Love closes the mouths of lions. You may go as far as you can alone, but come to an initiator for polish. When you take your final initiations they include all your leftovers from past initiations within 33 Degrees. You cannot enter the abyss to take the 33 Degrees with anything that is not Christed; all is Christed. Is it worth it? What do you want? One misstep and you throw all you have into the abyss. The law says up or down, in or out. Do you care to ignore the darkness around you and declare it good? “This is good, and it, too, shall speedily pass away.” You have no outside problems or initiations to meet. You have only the little self to lift and treat. “Not I, but the Power does the work.” The choice always lies with you. “Choose this day whom thou wilt serve.” — Joshua 24:15. — Edna Lister, June 6, 1957.

A man crucifies a woman more when he says, “Let’s forget the past.” Enough love and demonstrations of love will wipe out all the hurt and pain. Every truth has forty-four interpretations. Beauty is the yardstick by which you measure your heart’s ideals. Desire is the match with which you light the fire of your ambition. You must have flaming, burning desire, vivid, alert imagination turned up as vision, and acting as if you had it this instant. Never ask why, — it's the scissors that cuts the miracle off completely.

You have free choice and may live as high as you like. When you are not in an ecstasy of joy, you are in the cellar. Live in your tower room. You can have anything you ask of God, if you ask and want it so. You can ask for another’s healing. Put him on a cloud and declare him healed, but do not pamper him. Softness is not good. Be all compassion, but not like Jell-O. Be sweetly, lovingly, firmly final with everyone. You may not do many things, or descend to do them. You may not be little in consciousness, actions, words or what you see and hear. — Edna Lister, June 6, 1957.

The difference between intellectual and spiritual speculation: If you want an idea or answer to prayer, you must fish in the river of divine Mind. The bait on your hook is desire for a beautiful, ascending idea or answer. You have the lines, the threads, and use them to fish around. The Father does the weaving into a perfect mesh of Light that is your answer. Fish for your desire. Bait your hook with creative words that express your desire. “This is good and it too shall pass away under the power of God’s love.” — Edna Lister, June 7, 1957.

As a group, you have reached a place in ascension where you have failed before and let go, where you sat down on your point in self-satisfaction and self-indulgence of achievement. Please, oh please move up in consciousness with me on effort. Let’s again vow to have no self enter our group. You see, to want to tell at length of your miracles is credited as self-indulgence. So tell all as praise, giving God the credit in as few words as possible. Let’s go up in consciousness. Cleanse your hearts of telling it as happening to you. Tell of miracles as proof of the Power of God to do the work. Let’s make sure this time you do it because you love God so much, even when you feel so pure. Conquering self is such a subtle thing, and you must hold all you have won to date and push it over the top. — Edna Lister, June 17, 1957.

From a letter to a teacher: When so many million pressures impinge on your aura, when so many responsibilities are forced on you, your vibration thins. It is the Father’s way of not letting you go, knowing that you will reach back and up with body, heart, mind and Oversoul — the instant you can gain a moment’s privacy to really go up in consciousness. You may not use this as an excuse for becoming foggy. However, it does allow you to commit idle words, and your words do betray you and your intentions can be misinterpreted.

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” — Dale Carnegie. Never try to convince anyone about God or Jesus Christ as the only Begotten Son of God. To try to convince anyone about them, belittles him and the Father. Idle words do not convince anyone. Do not apologize for believing Jesus is the Only Begotten Son. When you love enough, no one will need to ask, “Is he?” Each must accept Jesus as the only Begotten Son of God in the same way that he accepts the fact that there is a God, and each proves it for himself. Law prohibits you from trying to convince anyone, and considers it as a use of force. State law and let God convince. Otherwise, the agnostic one would enter the group on your credits and could tear the vibration apart. The one who convinced will pay the whole debt. When a person seeks such assurance, it is full proof that he is off the love beam. Enough love coaxes the soul into faith in God, law and the Bible. Lack of love leaves one hunting and using force.

Seek advice on what treatment, what method, what application of law to use, but never attempt to convince another about the Father, Christ or heavenly realms. The answer to such questioning is, “Move up in consciousness and love enough, and the answer will be clear to you. Stop thinking about it and love God.” Since you really know all this, all I can do is to remind you. You can make this the greatest power of adhesion, of oneness of glory that our group has ever known. Whatever you do, release Power through prayer if nothing else. When enough love power is released through devotional prayer, the less good can become a miracle of perfection. Prayer releases Power through you as a power transformer. Love God enough to give up self and what the self sees in each other. Tell the questioner to seek for faith in God and the faith of God, like a dot extended into a line in math. Jesus the Christ is the Only Begotten Son — eventually, all must hear and accept this as faith. Let there be no belittling of our glorious Master. — Edna Lister, , June 28, 1957.

Will, desire, and imagination are the triple team of Power horses hitched to your chariot of life. Imagination goes with desire. Desire follows imagination. Will stands by helplessly, while desire’s galloping horses carry the soul away in the driver’s seat. The super-conscious mind of I AM is the driver. Will is reason, which should be amenable. When desire goes off on a tangent, will is helpless to turn in the right direction. Imagination always follows desire. Since desire always entices imagination from will, you must stabilize this team of life or they will never get anywhere. So, soul seeks to involve imagination and turns it upward as vision. Desire cannot stand to be alone, so it follows imagination. Soul cannot drive will alone when desire and imagination go the other way, and will is not strong enough to drive the chariot.

Look up with imagination to the hills and picture the glories of the heavens. Desire finally begins to like it up there, and will say, “Lord, save me,” when it begins to slip. Peter cried “Lord, save me,” when he looked about him on the water. As long as he looked to the Lord, he could and did overcome self. There is always a gracious and lovely way to declare evil good. Keep petty things out of way. Give them no attention. This is a polishing, to identify the chinks and holes in your attention, your armor of Light. Accept the challenge of truth and wisdom, as the Master gave it to you 2,000 years ago. Move into the Light. Call everyone “good” immediately. — Edna Lister, July 3, 1957.

You must declare “it” good no matter what. Stand still in the Light when you speak the Word and wait upon the Lord. When you see death and destruction about you, stand still and declare it good. Move into the Light instantly and say, “I AM God’s wealthy daughter. I AM God’s beautiful daughter. I AM God’s wise daughter. I AM God’s compassionate daughter. I AM God’s daughter of love. I AM God’s daughter of glory. I AM God’s daughter of joy.”

Declare it good. You are all these virtues, given as gifts of your Father. Yet, how can you become these qualities unless you stand before God and declare them? You can lose these gifts when you sink below the high place where the Father bestows them. When you regress into negativity, you destroy them. Do not let go then grab again. Stay and hold. Do not waste valuable time.

You do not yet know the greatness of your destiny, the Power of your spoken Word and the gifts to come. You have six Guardian Angels to help you. Look as though you were walking with God. Create no darkness. Invite no worldly outer in, but invite the fires to protect. Your auric substance is filled with fire that consumes. Only you can add negatives by thought, words and deeds. Set a guard at the portals of your mind and another at the tip of your tongue, at the entrance and exit of subconscious mind. — Edna Lister, July 4, 1957.

To treat properly for a miracle requires three steps to bring it to pass. First, lift all the force that the person or condition you are treating has released through all time, or which has caused the need (illness, etc.), through mind, emotions, desire, will, deed, etc. Second, speak as you do for a miracle, the real treatment as always used, thanking the Father and Master for it, etc. Finally, ask that all the glory and Power of God move forth and melt and dissolve all the force that may be blocking this miracle.

Writing it all out works, too. Ask for an angel with a flaming sword to stand at the entrance of your conscious and subconscious mind so that the right thoughts are forthcoming and negative ones lifted instantly into the fires. Ask to enter the high purifying fires nightly, to have the past cleansed, and to remain clean during the day. Establish this as a constant working technique. — Edna Lister, July 18, 1957.

See to it that no self enters your mind or heart. Release Power and it will return to you a thousandfold as your own good in all ways. Pay no attention to darkness spoken to you or about you. Lift. Pay no attention to curses. God will turn such into your good health, good strength, good beauty, your perfect answers. God’s perfect answers stir up wrath. That, too, is good, for all darkness in your loved ones, your dear ones, must be lifted. Fill them with Light that their lives will be spared and they will be healed of all buried darkness. — Edna Lister, August 1, 1957.

The most stringent law is never to ask why or when. Asking why is more than disobedience to law, and it casts you into the abyss. When you continue to ask why, you really say, “I am turning my back on the Light to stand in the darkness of choice and separation.” This is always the answer. There is no separation when one stands under the Light. You dare not spend time bemoaning the fact that you have been unable to do in the past; live in the now. Be always in the Light. You cannot resign from your heavenly place, but you can enter the abyss, which is the only place left for one who has ascended so high. Lift all pride and arrogance, rebellion and frustration. — Edna Lister, August 13, 1957.

The end of fear is the beginning of wisdom. Every cell has some degree of intelligence, which easily accessible by the subconscious mind. The intellectual mind likes to tinker with subconscious impressions and thus learns fear. Cleanse every level of your mind, and leave divine Mind free to work it out. Everyone on earth is lifting darkness, but doing it consciously with spoken treatments, is our work.

To be depressed is to swallow the dragon tail first. Treat to lift the force first. Lift all the dirt coming to the surface, then lift again for Light to dissolve all the force. Reach out with arms of Light, draw it in and up into a shaft of fire to dissolve it. A family treatment: When someone has said something offensive and you are shocked, be still, and lift it. This is the tail of the dragon, so do not choke on it, which is not being observant enough. Avoid the touchy person. Raise your mental hands, go up in consciousness, put the offender on a cloud of Light, but do not wish he had stayed home. Add this to your book of treatments.

Say mentally, “Father, please send Your Light to cleanse this one now,” and the Light will cause him to spew forth the dragon. He may spit venom. Wait until later, when he has finished and you can speak aloud, and say, “Father, let all this force be put in Your shaft of fire to dissolve it now.” Surrounding others with Light should be like putting on shoes and stockings. In the moment a need comes to your attention, your reaction should be instantaneous. — Edna Lister, August 22, 1957.

When your phone or door bell rings, surround the caller with a sphere of Light. If a neighbor bedevils you, put a sun center of Light over his home and renew it daily to encase him and his family. Your house is not free until you place a sun center over every home on the block. When you hit a low, you are taking on your neighbor’s darkness. Encircle and surround, place a little sun center in every room and a great one over the whole house. Do this in your place of business also, especially when using the telephone.

Aim your treatments at lifting all darkness. The regular treatment is to lift the force, pour out Light to absorb the darkness into a cloud of glory, then lift the remaining force for complete healing. The miracle comes when you stand and release the Power. Loving God and standing high enough for the Power to move through brings it to pass. Do not ask for yourself or treat yourself. If you want to be healed, you are acknowledging that you are ill and that you are accepting illness. God cannot heal you when you are conscious of your need. Love God with so much ecstasy that your love is all that is. Sometimes you may use outer agents and substance of God as doctors and drugs, but do not hold out on anything when you go to the Father. If you are less than perfect, it is because you are not fervent enough in loving God. When your work is finished, when you have loved God enough, you live with perfection. God transforms those for whom you have spoken the Word. And He chastens those whom He loves. God does the work when you love Him enough. Loving God enough makes you more vital and complete. — Edna Lister, August 22, 1957.

The law you give to others is only as great as the weakest link in your chain, and your last curse dilutes your next blessing. It always takes part of the blessing’s Light to wipe out the curse. A healer becomes part of the Power she releases, which goes through her to cleanse her. Despite desire, you must fulfill law. You can modify one curse in five weeks to none. You can dissolve the curse instantly, before you permit it to leave the room. — Edna Lister, September 4, 1957.

Hold your highest point of poise and surrender as you walk through the outer pressures of life. Only then can the Father move in and possess you. Outer pressures are everything through which you walk. Unless you surrender, you constantly push 14.7 pounds of pressure per square inch. You must become as light as Light itself. This is ascension. This is what you must become.

Do not live by mere common sense (although you never ignore it), but by royal sense, which comes not by thinking of lack or limitation, but instantly accepts, acts, knows and stands firm on this point of no return. The Laws of the Crown supersede all other law. Royal sense supersedes and takes precedence over common sense, but does not discard it. Royal sense includes the letter and the spirit of common sense. You have only a blessing or a curse. Your instant reaction is, “Darling, I think you're wonderful.” The point of no return is now, so stand on it. Keep your nose out of the past. Live by royal sense, which is the comprehension of all you know and the inability to curse before blessing.

Establish the habit of saying, “Darling, you're wonderful,” so firmly that only this fills your mind, emotions and imagination. When you do, the Light of your countenance will attract love, everything you desire, and fill your personality. Door knobs and light switches symbolize open doors and enough Light, so place shafts of Light and Power on each for protection. You must earn ascension into Light. If you waited until you were 100 percent love before you did anything, you would never do it. — Edna Lister, September 5, 1957.

Never make excuses for another. You never need to defend. Just be law and accept what comes without arguing. All crucifying experiences serve to break down the residue of martyrdom, pride and stubbornness. When you teach from opinion and prejudice, you sign your own death warrant for atrophying the brain cells. You must use common sense, which is royal sense, on exercise, diversion, and throughout your whole life.

The body is the instrument of divine Power on one side, and of all experience and facts on other side. Seek perfect balance of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. Fill both sides of the scales with spiritual Power. Declare, “God must be in both sides of the balance scales until I am a pure channel and stay my imagination on perfection.” Some are ready to be filled with almighty Power but tend to save today’s milk until it sours. Empty the pitcher or it sours. “I give all I have here in the world. I empty the pitcher.” When you clean it out, God refills it.

Work for discernment, discrimination and discretion, which comprise royal sense. Use common sense on outside and royal sense in all relation to heaven. Live on both sides at once, perfectly conscious. You may state things in a right or a wrong way. You can never be wrong in time or space. You occupy space and make it either a sun center of light or an abyss of darkness. You are using eternity and eternity consists of life, Light, Power, Substance and Mind. Attention to details means always knowing truth.

You can always find a way to state it in prayer treatment form if someone is evil or treacherous. Never hurry, but always take time to pray. “Lord, please make me clean; please cleanse my heart, mind and hands.” Move up in consciousness and kneel before the throne first. If God always had to tell you how good you are just to get you to work, you would be of little use to Him. By lowering your vibration, you end as a withered fig tree. You may not stand still ever, nor may you climb the mountain to stop at one point. Climb to the top, without standing still at a lesser point. You have a long way to go, so gird up your loins.

The secret is, “Thank You Father, I am empty, empty, empty. Fill me to overflowing of Light, life and glory. I have emptied out all and am ready to be filled again to flow the week long.” You must not trap yourself in a tunnel. When you empty yourself of self, you can be filled. When you have umbrellas of fear and doubts, Light cannot fill you full. You must declare, “Fill me with Light.” Fears and doubts leave you after you express your love and praise. — Edna Lister, September 9, 1957.

You must awaken all forty-four spiritual faculties to see and to hear spiritually, the great gifts. The forty-four faculties are senses, eighteen lesser, which include the five outer senses developed by animal or instinctive intelligence. The next five senses are imagination (aspiration), intuition, desire, will and love. Your first breath of aspiration takes place when the sixth sense (imagination) is added to the five outer senses. Aspiration is the first looking up. Intuition, the seventh sense, leads to truth. When you awaken desire, you add the eighth sense for higher development. Then you add will. When you unharness desire, it falls to mingle with the five senses of instinctive intelligence and all higher senses totter. This closes the door to imagination, intuition and will. Love is the tenth sense. You cannot have love without having a spiritually-focused identity.

God’s words can organize themselves perfectly when you allow them to fulfill their mission without interference. “I empty my soul of all self before Thee. Father, please fill me anew.” When desire wishes to please the self, temptation is creeping in. When you succumb, will and imagination follow. Will is submerged and imagination runs riot. Declare, “I AM that burning desire to … I AM that will, expressing as powerful determination to … I AM that vivid imagination to …, wedded in the Christ THAT I AM now expressing.” Love God first and always. — Edna Lister, September 17, 1957.

We are leaving the mental age and entering the spiritual age, a combination of the mental and spiritual with the physical enfolded. Pay no attention to pain or illness, as you formerly did. The time is too important, and you can no longer wait. God cannot hold the world back for those who refuse to ascend. — Edna Lister, September 24, 1957.

You have no time for the self-gratification, self-indulgence or self-satisfaction of repentance. If you sat and wept for the mistakes you have made, what would happen all along the line? This turns into self-pity. Clean up the self and repent as you climb every minute, every hour, every day. Always seek the kingdom of heaven as a heavenly habit. If you do not do it always, you will not have enough strength to climb to the heights when you need it. Instead, you will strike your sonic barrier. When you cannot get the right answer, you have struck this sonic barrier. Repent as you climb, as you love enough; you are repenting as you ascend through your sonic barriers.

To ascend anytime on any matter is the true form of repentance. It may not wipe out the whole debt, but the Power your ascension of consciousness releases is great enough to wipe out the whole affair. Never waste time on the past through continued thinking about it and blaming yourself. If you are jealous or hate another, put him on a pedestal and grant to the world that he is greater than you. It is devil worship to put another on a pedestal of hate, revenge, jealousy or criticism. You have no time to blame self, to erect false gods or graven images that you must tear down later. Every idle word erects a false god. Idle words, such as “I’ll try,” makes procrastination a false god in your subconscious mind.

Now demands your standing under the Light as God’s perfectly surrendered servant, permitting Him to send forth the Power to close the mouths of lions, to cover all transgressions, including your own. When you build false gods of self-pity and rebellion, you do not permit God to send the Power through you. If you go think negatively in a crowd, other people’s lines of responsibility wrap around your ankles. If you walk in pure Light, this cannot happen. Go out in pure Light, or life can throw you off balance. When you find another’s lines wrapped about you, stand firm, lift your arms and praise God. When his lines sag, stand firm in your kingdom of heaven and lift those lines. Do not allow sagging lines to pull you down.

You must have the intestinal fortitude to lift all manners of lines, declare them good and hold, until your Guards can take them up again. Declare it good. Love God so much that you would not let a cell of His great universe sag. Every illumination opens a past life memory record. Some bring the good that accrued, but others bring debts owed. Your Oversoul star expands with Light on the good and gives you needed credits. The only deep repentance to seek is that you can fail by a weakness or miss a tiny point. When you can reach that, there will be no more war on earth, for the credits you store will counteract the evil ones. If we would stand in the love of God always, we could lift all darkness.

“Whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth.” — Hebrews 12:6. God chastens us to crack our selfish shells and to strengthen the weakest link in our chain. He must point out the weakest link in our love of Him, which is the strongest link in our self-love. What are you looking at, your taints or someone else’s little black smudges? The whole process of this work is the cleansing of darkness from earth. The fatalism of the Eastern mind is not our way. You cannot force evolution, physical or spiritual. You can use powerful suggestive vibrations. You can chasten and teach, but it takes time. It is necessary that you lift without sagging yourself. — Edna Lister, September 30, 1957.

As you treat some specific case, a line of Light goes to that and all other such cases. So it would be wise to reach out broadly in your treatments. You are inclined to be too circumscribed, which is credited as selfishness, for the law is, You must make every word, gesture, emotion and thought pay the greatest of all dividends. The Power that returns to you, the substance that fills your molds, can only be as great as the size, length and height and breadth of the idea back of it. If you want it to return a thousandfold increase, you must see it as increase as it goes forth, and see the thousand needs it will fill. The greater your idea, the greater the Power going forth. It must equal the idea in size. Do you see how you can increase your returns, credits, capacities?

The perfect response to hatred is, “You are wonderful. I love you right where you are now.” Wisdom and understanding are your rewards. The Source must become the highest point of your weakest link. — Edna Lister, October 3, 1957.

When anyone reaches her saturation point of repudiating anything higher, refusing to accept the law, she is then set at that highest rate of vibration she has attained, so she may not fall lower. Hold your highest point of poise and surrender as you walk through life’s outer pressures, for then only can your Oversoul o’ershadow you and move in to possess you. — Edna Lister, October 4, 1957.

When someone says, “You look ten years younger,” they are seeing the Mother love of God, which is is bestowed when you sacrifice self in surrender to soul. When you walk into a room with the love of God, you go with a different feeling. Light melts the darkness, absorbs it, and you know it not. To say that someone is “going to the dogs” describes his soul regression through the ages. The Elect do not live by common sense but by royal sense, which operates by not entertaining lack or limitation. Royal sense instantly accepts, acts, knows, then stands firm on this point of no return. You can never free the faculty of will from the wisdom principle. Personality can never touch pure wisdom. Yet emotion can taint the earthly will. You always have the power of choice. — Edna Lister, October 7, 1957.

The Elect do not live by common sense, but by royal sense, which cures, not by thinking of lack or limitation, but instantly accepts, acts, knows and stands firmly on this knowing. Royal sense supersedes and takes precedence, but does not discard common sense. Royal sense includes the letter and the spirit of common sense. To live by royal sense requires comprehension of all you know and the inability to curse before blessing, to never modify, dilute or adulterate the original Power that goes forth. Looking back cuts every line. Doubt cuts every line. Fear cuts every line. Looking back, doubt and fear destroy God’s original plan for this matter. — Edna Lister, October 10, 1957.

That which is not a blessing is a curse. What is not love will become hate. Walk in poise and surrender. Hold your highest point of poise and surrender to God as you walk through life’s outer pressures “whilst thou art in the ways” with them — then only can the Father move in and possess you. Walk as though you were walking beside Him. How many hours a day do you look and listen for the Lord? Look, listen and pray constantly. The Power you misuse as force is as strong as the Power you release positively. Let no negative thought enter your mind.

“I rejoice and I return each morning with full comprehension.” Lukewarmness and indifference are the greatest evils of the world. Joy keeps up all lines. Let love take possession of every line to everyone you lift and hold. Our lines of Light, which is our contact with the Father, make a footstool for Him. When you blame another, you pay your debt and half of his. There is no blame when you say, “Darling, you are wonderful. I love you where you are.” God has created us for Power, love and law to use. “I now ascend to my Father’s house and remain in the Light while letting love, Light and law use me here below.”

The right method for meeting life is immediately to go to God and declare it good. “I know that I stand in poise wherever I am. I AM God’s beautiful daughter. I AM God’s wise daughter. I AM God’s responsible daughter. I AM God’s joyous daughter. I AM God’s loving daughter. I AM God’s unconquerable daughter. I AM God’s dependable daughter.” You can lose these gifts, which the Father bestowed at the altars, if you get lost here below and let go. It is a tragedy to let go of these soul gifts. Watch. Set a guard at the portals of your mind and the tip of your tongue to let no darkness enter or leave on your spoken word. Place sun centers of Light over everyone and everything. When the telephone or doorbell rings, surround that one with Light.

“I now walk softly before God. I now speak gently before men. I now keep my golden silence about high truth. I now make wise speech under need to defend truth. I now obey all divine laws. I now follow the Christ consciousness in all ways, in all places and always. I AM a radiant center of Light, love and glory. I AM now lifting all darkness that it may be absorbed. The joy of the Lord now possesses me. The spirit of wisdom is now my health, my strength, my success in all my affairs.” Now reach for the stars. — Edna Lister, October 24, 1957.

Let all your statements be positive: No statement equals “I love you right where you are,” for it invokes the power of love and washes clean the heart of the one using it at the same time. We are fast moving into the time where only love can exist. The ones outside of love are the ones who will suffer pain, lack and limitation. — Edna Lister, October 27, 1957.

Purge yourself of earth and purge earth of you. Purge your heart of enemies and the past, and face the future and its glories. Anything is good that has taught you how not to do it. Use royal sense versus common sense. — Edna Lister, October 30, 1957.

You would not coddle a child by saying, “I will keep you home from school because it hurts you so.” You know if they are to live, they must have their lessons, and learn to face life. Just ahead is the glory of youth, the ecstasy of accomplishment and comprehension of the whole. It is yours. It has been opened to you. All you must do is to keep on climbing toward it. You cannot bring it down to wallow in it in grief and confusion. You must reach up to it in your consciousness, to have it mean more to you than anything else that earth can produce. It must mean more to you than life. You must put yourself on the altar and say, “Here I am. I am Yours.” The rewards are greater than you have room to receive, and are about to be distributed.

God has held back for the laggards, those who are weak in the knees, and soft when it came to principle. He has held back, but the law has gone forth from the Councils of the Supreme: “Now is the time.” Let the laggards lag, the weepers weep, let those who pity themselves do so. Those who face the Light will be robed in glory. Those who seek to comprehend the Love of God will speak words of loving Wisdom at the right time, to the right people, in the right way. Those who are lukewarm will wish that they had been zealous and on fire when they see the glory.

How much greater are the rewards for the fire of the soul, the rapture of loving God and the ecstasy of releasing the abundant Spirit of the Almighty, for Spirit is that unformed part. The soul of you is from that very Source. It is all Mind, contains Spirit, all Power all glories of God. Spirit must be condensed into a mold. It is added to our auras. It is added to our souls. We are creator gods, walking earth, expressing and it does not yet appear what we shall be. Ascend and be a creator or crawl like a man and weep. The Father breathes and it is condensed as a rational soul. The Father forms a fire body. The whole magnificent structure is built by speaking the word. That vast spiritual Power is not condensed, but we draw it to us, as we condense it in our molds with our Holy Breath. We have nothing else to use but God. — Edna Lister, November 3, 1957.

You have catered to the little self long enough. You can only follow your path, and when you do, you become the ambassador of love and agree and adjust. Why is it so important that you make someone over after your image and likeness? You have no way of knowing what another’s path is. Mind your business and keep your nose clean. Agree with the other fellow — and if he does not do everything you want him to do, go ahead and do it yourself. If he does not put up storm windows when you want him to, do not use force. Do not stand in the way of anyone’s soul growth.

The Father looks down and declares everyone is perfect. Do you think He pays any attention to you when you tell Him what He must do about somebody else? It is nonsense. Let the words on your lips be, “This is good. I accept. I love you where you are.” When you have joy in your heart, you can overlook and come up over anything; just the effort of doing this brings the greatest rewards.

If you cover the transgressions of others, you could make up thousands of credits. You have so little time to do it for only while you are on earth together can you earn such fabulous credits, and when you learn to lift together, no enemy in the world can stand against either of you. The love you would bear in compassion to them and the way you would cover their transgressions, they would just be buried in love. You will be healed forever of intolerance and hatreds, condemnation, criticism and seeing darkness in anyone. You shall glance for an instant and see it in others only to lift it and declare it Light. No matter what vile tongue is laid on you, say, “Here Father, is a gift. I raise it to You and restore the mind of the one who is using it.” When he shouts at you, mentally say, “Here, Father, is a gift I give You,” and it is lifted, covered and made perfect in that instant.

Do you want to call forth the souls of you, each of the other? Use, “Darling, you are wonderful, I love you.” That is the way to do it. You say you love. Prove it. Climb hard and fast and never cease. Conquer the tendency to self. You each must work it out and must earn back your place on your own. Either you come up strong or give way to make room for those who are strong. After the Fall, love took over when wisdom failed and darkness prevailed. When all wisdom could have done was to recall all and start over, love won. With loss of identities, yes, because of lack of conformity to law, because of weaknesses, because of selfish desires, of greed to run heaven and change principle. It cannot be done. Wisdom is wisdom and love is love. — Edna Lister, November 3, 1957.

You can walk upright before God in glory, or fall flat on your faces and suffer. But suffering is not the Way. Unwise words have wrecked you in the past. You are good now. You shall always have the right answers. You shall be letter-perfect and number-perfect.

Study at night for what is to come the next day. Light flashes the records for you and you memorize it as you look. It does not take much time, but takes the effort before you go to sleep at night, so take the time to look at your next day’s record. Be sure to make your statement that you will examine your day’s work when you go over, and the last thing before you return. Continuously look up and let the Light make a cross on your lips so that you may speak only words of love. — Edna Lister, November 8, 1957.

You are being trained to dispense justice, covered with love, enfolded in mercy under very positive firmness, which is how you become untouchable and unmovable.

Any hangover pride of self leads to more and greater egotism in this life. Even God does not see the depth of the dry rot under the surface in some souls.

Reach out with your arms of Light and draw the goal to you. Use the name of Jesus the Christ wherever you go, because it is necessary to establish love, not darkness. You may be reviled on earth but you will be exalted in heaven. — Edna Lister, November 14, 1957.

You sit in a body of eternal youthfulness, if you choose to. God has no “old age” pattern in Mind. You can now put all negativity in the shaft of eternal flame and Light. The eternal flame ends any idea of separation from God. Separation is a combination of criticism, condemnation and selfish demands. When love enters the heart, unites the negatives and fills the heart, they fade and the heart is then filled with love. — Edna Lister, November 17, 1957.

The Elect’s main sins are indifference and lukewarmness to law. No more indifference to law, inner or outer, from traffic signals up. — Edna Lister, November 18, 1957.

The group should place all negative creations in a chalice of Light to be purged in fire. The group also should study the personal and group analysis of the facts to see the difference between what to put in the fire, and dramatizing a situation, thus making it a mess of pottage. You invest your life in situations and people rather than in God and new creations. When you listen to another’s emotional troubles or complaints about another, then dramatize it in the retelling, even for lifting, you hold her down with subconscious condemnation. This is the source of some forms of blindness, wearing blinders, passing judgment and blaming. When you use if/then statements about others, you may obstruct their progress on the path. Instead, ponder how the Father will direct them to freedom in His own inimitable way under His own perfect timing.

Lift all fear in God’s perfect time. The Father does not blame, judge or condemn, but praises the ascending soul. It is not your job to set a goal of competition for another to reach, for this only encourages him to outer enslavement to keep up. If you entertain a question on why, how, when or where God will handle it, whose nose is where?

Keep your spiritual antenna up, for it is the measuring rod of the fervency in your love of God. — Edna Lister, November 24, 1957.

Anyone who dwells in the past, holds a grudge, puts a debt on another, or holds onto resentments will have those memories blocked whether he lifts them or not. Do you want such memories blocked until you can no longer recall them? Or do you want them wiped out forever, for you will no longer be permitted to recreate them as darkness. Surrendering self for Light to wipe them out before they reach your lips is best, for that is the heavenly way. If Light has blocked them, they will still plague you, though you will not know their source. You could still climb to the Source, but would have to return to wipe them out completely. Do you understand this clearly?

Wisdom dictates that you let them be lifted as of now and forever wipe them out until you have no yesterday except the beautiful pearls of your life, gathered from your consciousness, separated from the ugliness, the missing of the mark, the violence and the hate. You have often been warned in the past. Now you are being told. You are gaining comprehension of idle words, especially those born of irritation and impatience, which is but your own buried meanness coming to the surface. This is true in king or peasant; the common and illiterate, all the ugliness of earth is spit out in such spew.

This is the law, and you see it now as it is. Do not put any fancy frame around it or paint over it by excusing yourself. Face it in all its ugliness and shine Light on it to wipe it out forever. As the Elect, we hold the world, its ascension, in the hollow of our hands just because we act like creator gods on earth. It is our fault that the world is in the mess it is, for which we take all the blame and do all the lifting. You must see perfection, not yesterday. You can be protected from force, but not from the words of your own mouth. — Edna Lister, November 28, 1957.

Compassion does not mean to be soft. Do not feel too perfect yet, for just a single day on earth may leave a taint. Make God a gift of your weaknesses. You may face a very hard test, so remember that evil tries to make a virtue of something that really stinks. You can protect yourself with ordinary caution and loving prayers, but you cannot afford to let down in protection, even for an instant. Lift the “human” element in your nature. The quickest way to cleanse self is to go through the Lake of Purity and through the shaft of fire every night. Make a sacrifice of your sins now. Ask for more Light and say, “Father, I love You” repeatedly.

Love is the fulfilling of law. Love is all there is. Love is the Light, Father, I love, love, love. Enter the golden silence in praise, surrender, gratitude or in love of God overwhelming you. Then you ascend with that feeling of closeness and intimacy between you and the Father. You are conscious of the Light only, recognize that all is good, and the intense stillness. You often receive your testing and initiation in the golden silence, and afterward those things of the world beset you. Irritation, impatience and antagonism often overtake you as you become a Light. If you can love God enough and accept the blame that goes with irritation or resentment, you can put the person ever more in the Light and Light will heal him and you, too. Do not blame. — Edna Lister, December 2, 1957.

(In her clinic notes, this woman wrote, I had said, “I don’t understand her hate, always remembering little things.”) “I don’t understand” is a statement of idle words, and a symbol of a closed mind. If you close your mind, it dies because the brain cells atrophy. Saying, “I don’t understand” means you have hidden things and not wanted to uncover or surrender them. Lift all negative memories, people and past negative statements to a cloud into a field of consuming fire.

Only love of God makes you complete — worship of principle does not. You must love God enough to ignite the flame of desire to ascend. Review your initiations on rebellion, self-pity, resentment, any point of weakness you have heard, witnessed or been, and record it in a notebook dedicated to conquering self. Ask yourself how well you have worked, how much or how little you have done. Write the names of those you have treated, including organizations, government and departments. A mental list is good, but you must write some reminders. Review your life from birth on to clean up what you have listed about other people’s business. Write your own questionnaire to measure your remaining self.

Remember, you drag everyone you have criticized, resented, etc., into bed with you at night. Your cleansing is in proportion to the vacuum you create by giving up the self you have buried and crystallized. Your holdouts have kept you from seeing and hearing spiritually. The kingdom of heaven is open to all who will enter, but good intentions will not do it. Everything depends on your degree of effort, and your free choice. Love holds you to the straight and narrow. You cannot go astray, or wander from the path, for love turns with you until you have no more desire to turn your back. Lift stubbornness and willfulness. Stubbornness, turned around to hold you in Light, is a wonderful thing, but not otherwise. — Edna Lister, December 5, 1957.

Avoid offending others by loving them as God’s children. Pluck out your overly dictatorial attitude, including the tiny roots still hidden, until you offend none. Love does not shout or speak as it works in quiet. So much remains to be done through the pure unadulterated love of God, unblemished by self. Old habits are hard to break, but they must be shattered, scattered, and absorbed in Light. Your difficulty is in becoming absorbed in your own thoughts, when you should be observing the other person’s reaction. Watch where your arrows strike.

Cease looking behind you. You are forever blindly approaching when you decide to do something — your mind filled with a need to do without considering how it will be received, whether it will be acceptable, or if you will offend. How and when you do it must depend on what is in the other fellow’s mind. Is this the right time to say this to this person? What kind of mood am I targeting? Is it right or will I just offend when I speak of this matter? Or shall I pray a bit, and do it in God’s time and in God’s way? Does God let things go completely wrong when I listen and speak in His time and in His way? No. God knows when and how. I do not.

All your difficulties come from this one matter. Review your whole life and search for every point of this lack of observation for others, and points of force you created by forcing your opinions and prejudices on others. Call on God for clear-cut ways and methods in service. The outer will take care of itself once you clean house thoroughly in this matter. It all depends on moving out of your shell of self, what you want and what you must do, to observe what the other fellow wants. Wait, for God will act at the right time. “I now observe” is the statement to use. — Edna Lister, December 6, 1957.

It is not enough to long for soul ascension. You must give up self completely. The golden tracks of the pioneering mystics are clear for anyone who truly wants to ascend. — Edna Lister, December 9, 1957.

The tone of your voice, even the words you speak on a high vibration are like a sustained violin note that shatters crystal. Those who operate on the false “I need peace of mind” vibration receive nothing, for this high tone vibration disturbs the low “peace” vibration. It works exactly like making a thin consomme, then thickening it until a spoon stands up straight in it. It condenses and slows the cellular vibration to a nearly static state. When Light shoots an electrical charge through their body, after intellectualism has lulled them to sleep, the oil of spirit pours in lavishly to raise the vibration, stirring the waters of emotion, then nothing remains but disturbance and disruption. How can you expect them to like it? Whom will they blame for the disturbance? Let them sleep.

Information may pour through from high places, but you will still need to check it. Fail not in this, for you still have a tendency to misinterpret. The slightest misinterpretation may end in a soul’s explosion. Your training continues apace, and your love must keep pace with your training. Wrap the law with love, and love will open all glories to you and your loved ones. Your love will draw to you success and things of the world, and the glories of the Source. — Edna Lister, December 12, 1957.

You condition yourself with the way you use your hands. Raise your hands to form a chalice of Light to fill your aura. Think to God, “I desire to be filled with Light, Father.” Hold your hands facing outward as a token of surrender to the Master and to release Power. Raised hands mean contrition, penitence, devotion to and love for the Master. When you hold your hands facing outward, you lift others. Hold your arms outstretched to draw in your scattered energies. Hands held together mean penitence. Crossing your hands over your chest, fingertips touching just below your shoulders, invokes the white Light.

God cannot walk a crooked path with you. “As it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways shall be made smooth.” — Luke 3:4-6. Tempt not the Lord your God. You receive no credits for quitting or trying to be a martyr. Take your share or darkness will use the Power that falls on the ground. Say, “Let your Power move in and help me.” Do not say, “I am going to,” but, “Please let me.”

When you speak a prayer for someone, they are yours for eternity. When someone irritates you, say, “Darling, I love you. You’re wonderful.” This opens the way for the Power move through you both. When you present your desire, which is your goal, you are required to stand in unconquerable faith. Your prayer pattern must include lavish love as a defense: Stand and defend your faith in love, which the fulfilling of the law. When virtue is self-known, it is spelled “vicious.” You cannot be virtuous, joyful and know that you are, or you fall from that state of grace. — Edna Lister, December 15, 1957.

Each has a different path, each to his own way — never separate, dwelling in unity. Each is gathering personal experience on a different mission, under a different division. Yet each has that goal of the Source, and is divinely capacitated as an oracle. An oracle professes and stands for the truth, expressing that truth in business, social or family life to the best of his present ability. An oracle prays and praises much, has always had the vision of the Voice of God speaking, has always accepted that the Voice of God speaks to one when teaching, from the lowest grades to the highest. As words are put on an oracle’s lips, though they are just phrases on a personal matter, that phrasing is the oracle’s service. You can be full oracles. It requires dedication to joy, to love, devotion to God, accepting each other as oracles, not authoritarian or dictatorial, but as law.

A personal hurt includes self-pity, blame, criticism and condemnation, because it is to the self. If you have those taints, they will rise to the surface. A grief of the soul does not center in the heart or the tear ducts. It is an actual ache of every cell of the body, all over the cells just ache with that yearning, brooding of the soul. — Edna Lister, December 16, 1957.

Controlling self is what you do until you conquer.

Selfish will crucifies you until you conquer. — Edna Lister, December 17, 1957.

Spirit is universal principle and substance, which soul appropriates. Soul is the term we use to denote the soul identity of a descended creator god. Oversoul descends to the Star of Being when you study the truth. In time, it touches the endocrine glands for spiritual seeing and hearing. When you practice selflessness and ascension to the point where you would give up anything rather than to fail God, you begin to burn away the silver cord that holds soul to the body. The subconscious mind is incapable of reasoning ability. The more you conquer self, the higher you ascends. Heart failure during sleep is often due to one trying to force his way through. The silver cord can never totally burn away if there is the slightest chance you would lose your body in doing so. [Congenital heart defects, abnormalities and diseases are examples of this.]

Never consider darkness, except to change it into Light. You do not consider yourself a part of it, but rather, “How will the Light I release affect this?” This is a purifying initiation. Some kill desire without lifting it, but this leaves a debt to be paid later, therefore some schools refer to being bound on the Wheel of Fate. The golden silence is a state of soul consciousness in the presence of God. You start from the higher creative centers (hypothalamus, pineal body and pituitary gland) within the golden bowl. First you still the body, then the emotions, and finally the mind. Lift the subconscious until it is clear. This returns imagination to its role as soul vision. To still the body, relax it completely and rise above it in consciousness. The best way is to lay supine and find balance in your posture, freedom from tension and from the self. Breathing is the key because life is the breath. To relax, you “let go and let God” to become a more worthy servant for God, not for self. This makes you a perfect crystalline vessel filled with Light. All cells of the physical structure and the bodily fluids, too, are Light, which is pure spiritual substance.

You are responsible to maintain the form that God originally gave you in the finest, highest state throughout all levels, down to the coarsest, lowest state in which you exist. The physical body is the outer cellular shell, which is only a fraction of the real you. The purpose of ascension is to become Light. The ideal to achieve is a light body, a light step with which you may swing or float through space. When you are suspended in space, you may use your brain, faculties and body. Imagination is your modus operandi. Relaxation is an exercise in mind over matter. Lie flat on the floor and sink heavily into the floor. Let go of your back. When you have achieved “dead weight,” think of Light or “live weight.” Go up in consciousness and look into the Master’s face, which is perfection.

A centering exercise: Elbows at sides, fingers up, lift twice for emotion, all self, all loved ones, all desires, dream-visions and hidden ideals to become. Build for projection up, see up, look up, accept up. If you do this before sleeping, charge your conscious mind to ascend in full control and that it returns remembering. Declare, “Father, thank You that I return comprehending that I know what I know” and go out, into the golden silence. Center your attention on your thumbs: “Let go” and feel tension draining out their tips and “let God.”

Feel Light moving into your wrists, elbows, shoulders and chest to create a warm spot in the center. The throat is a great center of tension and it reacts directly to emotions; feel Light filling it. Feel Light rising to the chin, jaw, lips, cheeks, eyes — filling the six sets of muscles behind the eyes — and the forehead. Feel Light sink from the chest to the solar plexus. Inhale, saying, “Move in, divine universal Breath; move through every cell of this body, every atom of this being, recreating and remaking all according to thy divine pattern for me of Light, Power, Mind and Substance.” Exhale, saying, “Move forth as every prayer, every spoken word, every vision.” — Edna Lister, December 18, 1957.

“I love you” may seem a futile expression at times, yet they are the most beautiful words in heaven or on earth. They are the highest form of worship and of joy. The oftener you use them, the more glorious they become. Every “I love you” expands the consciousness, and opens the realms of heaven. Nothing limits the possibilities, the capabilities ready for your expression. Just continue serving as you do, in complete sweetness of surrender with no resentment or consciousness of doing more than your share.

To eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is to attain discrimination. We could not discriminate until Eve ate the fruit. Confession is legal when you use it as an example for discussion, because it teaches discrimination. The Light that is moving you forward is greater than you have room to receive. Therefore, you will need to increase your output and its quality to keep from wasting it. — Edna Lister, December 19, 1957.

Only love can direct and control Power, or you misuse Power as force. Only love can direct and control love. When love is great enough, God shortens time. Thus, the Power that would have come through in 2075 comes through now. You can always increase your fervor and double your release of the Power. To do so, you may use no idle words, and the tonal quality of your voice must be perfect, with no whine of self-pity. This is the proper way to react to the Power.

After God releases great Power through you, the Councils of Law consider you as being knowledgeable. Then you are responsible for every breath of the Holy Spirit that you draw. One idle word or demand to know, and you can send that Power out as a gray or black cloud, which is misuse of Power through idle words. Power is increased tenfold with each answered request. If you have not sense enough to direct and control the Power, you go down in consciousness on that great release. Love is the only spiritual element you can use safely.

The roots of self are buried deeply. For example, to dream about death implies resurrection. If you have killed something and buried it in the subconscious, a dream of death is the sign that it smells and you must resurrect it. If you dream that you have killed an animal or person, you could have hurt a friend. Place him on a cloud continent and fill him with Light. You are not of the world as the world thinks. You are of heaven and think after heavenly ways. An end to evil will come eventually, and that end is coming closer.

Reach out with arms of Light speedily to gather up any dropped lines of Light, to magnetize them, though the person may turn from God in hatred. If all God’s agents were always lifting all lines over earth, those who hate would not concoct new miseries. When the Elect lift the lines, they sputter and bluster, but it comes to naught. Hold all lines. You are responsible. What is your faith? How often do you say, “I love thee” to everyone, from God to the evil ones? — and the evil ones need it most. It works.

When the Elect use no more idle words, but all turn our faces to Light, then Light will conquer evil. You are responsible for the block of your dwelling, for your neighborhood, your city. Hold the lines to all houses, businesses, hospitals and schools up to the Father. It only takes a minute. The only way to release earth is for enough of the Elect to pour enough love on the evil to turn it back into Light. You have knowledge of good and evil, light and darkness. Say, “You shall turn to good, to the Light” after you recognize the darkness for what it is. The higher you climb, the better you feel. — Edna Lister, December 19, 1957.

When will you become responsible? “Now” is the only acceptable answer. An “I’m sorry” repentance is not good enough without deep love, contrition, penitence or repentance while saying it. You have gone as far as you can go on deep desire to ascend. You must now go only on the love of God. When you deny Him, you deny your Guardian Angels. Do you think that anything, high or low, is not in the kingdom? Details and idle words are low things — negligence, indifference, lukewarmness and a certain arrogance and pride beneath the surface that you already have it. It shows because you do not think you are arrogant.

When you go to God in love enough, you will not think about yourself, what you can or cannot do. You turn on your faith like a faucet when you pray, then you shut it off. An earnest and deep desire is the baby step, just out of diapers, still causing the mother untold embarrassment in training pants. How do you train a child in a school classroom? Would you accept “I can’t”? Or “I don’t know”? Every idle word builds a thicker veil between you and seeing and hearing. Love is the only opening, cure, lifter, gate, door, step for you in the details you have forgotten. When you love God enough and repent for disobedience, you will register and live it.

There is no reason why every department of your life cannot run smoothly and efficiently. If you do not grasp every straw of disobedience in your subconscious mind, it will come up when it will hurt or embarrass and cause your ears to burn. It will arise when you have weighty problems. You are doing an extra-grand job in lifting the lines of Light. You have not lost any lines, but have held. If you had not had negatives, it would have been better. You are not repentant enough. Pour more love on it. Love would be the answer.

Embarrassment is not real repentance. Shame repentance says, “I shall not do it again.” Instead, say, “I move up in consciousness. I love you God. I love you. Father, I love you. I love you” to get rid of this fake repentance. Whenever you say, “I,” it is only mental. Your repentance had better be good, or you will be little more than a whited sepulcher. Why should you forget details? Whom are you babying? When you want to judge yourself by your neighbors’ standards, you are wonderful — IF that is what you want. But if you want to be a firebrand for God, you will certainly have to do something about it.

You take yourself along with you. If you loved God enough, you would not be using idle words. Thinking about it does not do it. Loving God enough is the way of cleansing everything. Repentance is based in the worldly vibration of shame, pain and pride. Reconciliation is the first acceptance of law, and when you bite your tongue, you are learning law. Repentance leads to atonement: Atonement is a state of raising self, one’s own vibration to the tone of soul, a state of being. — Edna Lister, December 25, 1957.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 refers to idle words! The Father of Lies establishes a tentacle to every descended creator god who sins, including using idle words. Even when prayer and Light have severed the tentacle, a little light goes out to Belial and he moves right in on your idle words. Anytime you cannot give up a subconscious taint completely, it proves that you once had a tentacle to Belial. You can withdraw all life from the tentacle only by retracting your creative fire, including the Mind, Substance, and Power of your idle words. This is law. Belial can penetrate your golden aura via your past lukewarmness, using the tentacles that he built to you like an umbilical cord. Lukewarmness leaves you defenseless. The only way to dig it up and have it fall off is to stay up in consciousness and not give it life. Be the star that you are! Live at 30,000 degrees Kelvin.

Belial has lived on the subconscious evil of men’s minds until he has become the composite subconscious mind of the world. He operates the same way a psychic does, who tells your fortune by reading your subconscious mind. Clean up the subconscious mind around your home and place of work, and endow it with Light that can break the connection and all contact with the Father of Lies. No matter how dead it is, Belial can use the tentacle, which stays alive on the soul’s pride and arrogance. When you disobey one law, you are on the bottom of the pile. Anytime you let subconscious mind take over a bit, you can dive through the platform of Light I have built and land at the bottom.

Do not push darkness ahead of you. Instead, lift your desire to mate with will to become Oversoul’s super-conscious I AM. When you spew “it” out, you can lift it, but going up in consciousness is better. Then the only darkness you must lift is external to you, not inside your subconscious. The only way to do this is to love God, ascend, and let your desire draw it up to God. Lift the subconscious dirt you do indulge, like negative thinking, self-pity and blame. When you think of the nebulous subconscious mind, you are thinking of Belial, for this is what you want to lift. Do not bother declaring, “I give my desire to Thee, Father.” Do not talk about it — just say, “Father, move in!” It is so simple when love does the work. There is a difference between thinking about it and true surrender. You have to bring the subconscious warning into full consciousness.

The tentacle of possession sends shoots into the solar plexus, the epigastric nerve center, which is the body-brain for subconscious auxiliary control, and the seat of emotional desires. Emotions also have their place in the seat of urges, the cerebellum of the brain. Orders pass through the brain, yet also go through the solar plexus as a substation. A tentacle sends runners into the seat of pride and irritation, into the solar plexus brain center, and can activate it and entice it into action from the outside. When no tentacles exist in the navel, nerve lines may freely run from the solar plexus to the desire body vital center. The nerve lines must connect, especially those from the physical nerves to the emotions [emotional nerves] in the molecular desire body. The brain can take in no more than the seat of emotions, the solar plexus, can endure. These lessons bear a great deal of study. Go up in consciousness to study. Take the cloud elevator, and work from up there. — Edna Lister, December 26, 1957.

Stay up, know God, and remember that your business is to lift the lines of Light to where darkness holds sway. When anything comes along, just do it fast, but carefully. If earth’s millions believe in Guardian Angels, then it is time that we, who love God so much, should also accept and believe that a divine Power exists to command for healing and for lifting darkness, and to add our faith in this divine protection and guidance to our plan of life now. You have included God in your life to the best of your ability, but is last year’s plan good for the New Year? You cannot relive an instant of it or change your past indifference and failures to live up to it. Include a challenge to darkness in your new plan. Your Guardian Angels not only work for you, they also hold the Divine Blueprint you work from, “Building for Peace for Earth and for Man.” — Edna Lister, December 27, 1957.

Our work on the Via Christa is designed to free and to build you into your full potential. Face your subconscious and love God enough. When you feel guilty, ascend in consciousness, kneel before God and say, “Here I am Father. Please cleanse all this guilt, fear resentment and anger, and make me your strong one to release the Power for Your great work.” “The prayers of the righteous avail much.” — Matthew 24:22.

Be like leaves on a tree and reach up and out when you face a test, illness or a shock — never go down in consciousness. Sacrifice all grief and earthly taints. Do not expect a cup to contain a gallon. Never judge unrighteously. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ speaks as us, and we declare all good in its own grade. “Darling, you are wonderful, I love you.” To call someone a name is “an abomination unto the Lord.” Pray for others to lift them into a higher grade. Build up their morale. Just ask what to do for people. Ask God, “What can I do to help this soul, to get him to a higher grade?”

At night, lie on a cloud of Light to sleep. Tell the Father that you want Him to release the Power through you. “Father, please melt, dissolve and absorb all the force I have used. Please send Light along every line I have touched and everyone I have contacted. Please dissolve all my idle words. Let Thy Power and Light use me.” You may not be critical. Illness is the return of misused idle words that you have not lifted. You take it back through the body as illness unless you say, “Here it is, Father,” and lift it.

All ideas come from above. Be an oracle. Move up in consciousness and do this as an oracle. You can and must rebuild your body from the damage of idle words. Place walls of fiery Light about your body to protect you from the outer. Take responsibility to release the Power to be used, and cast all idle words into the fire. Fear before the world holds you from seeing and hearing. Get rid of fear of God and of the outside. Fears are born of subconscious loneliness and grieving about life. Those we live with, live out what we have in our subconscious mind. Only the descended creator gods have the Power to speak the Word. Those who accomplish the most on the outer are the descended creator gods. The rest just talk about it and follow. Edna Lister’s work on the Via Christ is designed to free and build you, the descended creator god, into your full potential.

There is no free will, only free choice. The Gates of Heaven open on credits, yet you must choose God’s way. You give all to Him, and receive all. Do what you can on outside but the real healing is the Light coming through you. Science has raised the vibration of a cell to higher spiritual substance, to Light. Siphon off the heavy crystallization of life by lifting the ice of self to water to steam and vapor. Declare everyone and everything good where it is. “She’s good where she is. Darling, I love you where you are.” If one could do better, he would. “You are good where you are, but you can do better.”

Discover your potential, then begin serving. Live above the bodily needs. Declare, “This tumor [or other problem] is melted, dissolved and absorbed in Light.” The Power of the living God and the devouring ray of the Mother moves through and consumes it. Recreate your body by Light and right living. Your potential of health is a perfect body. Act as if. Your body registers sensations, so lift it. There is never anything to grieve about, just to rejoice to God about. Everyone needs four hours a day of diversion, and you must make it up or you do the work. Serve God on the inner while you play on the outer. Go up in consciousness immediately on a body twitch or twinge. Go to the altar and say, “Here am I, Father. Please make this body perfect.” Live at your Oversoul star and the Power does the work.

I had fifteen years of Dr. Boyd’s academic work, and thirty-five years experience as a psychiatrist ministering to souls. I learned so much. Censor every word that passes your lips, pin it on the wall, and analyze it. Get rid of frustration, grief and a guilt complex, which is nothing more than being afraid of showing love for God. Sacrifice of self means to give up opinions and prejudices, guilt, and fear. “Blind though I may be, please use me.” You are here as a vehicle for God to use. You need not know “how” or “why” or “which.” Face the subconscious and love God enough. When you feel guilty, go up in consciousness, kneel before God and say, “Here I am Father. Please cleanse all this guilt (etc.), and make me your strong one to release the Power for Your great work.” “The prayers of the righteous avail much.” — Matthew 24:22.

You have the right under divine justice to use a just appraisal to discover what another needs. You can set your mind like a clock for the Father to give you the grade of work for the one who needs it at that grade. We all live on varying rates of vibration. You can see a letter, or pick up a handkerchief and “read” it to know that person. Pray for others. Do not pass judgment, but declare, “Darling you are wonderful. You’ve learned your lesson and you are going on from here. Go on.” When someone errs, just go to your altar fast and say, “Father, here it is. Send forth Light and Power to melt, dissolve and free it.” Lift as you go.

Give up self. Do not hand yourself sophistries, comfortable little lies that let you ignore what you are doing wrong. If you have been “eating your words,” you have been using idle words. You may permit no self in your analysis of others. You may not enjoy their discomfiture. Working out your salvation is using the savvy and intelligence God gave you for protection, discernment, discrimination and discretion. Words of gossip affect the liver, the organ of sincerity. Agree with your adversaries and live right. Stop signing your checks on God’s Bank with “if” and “but,” or they return to butt you down. If I want the Power to use me, I must be perfect. Give up self’s opinions and prejudices, and live life as though you were living under God’s big toe. “I’m trying” is just a cover-up, telling the subconscious mind, “Just don’t pay attention. Don’t listen to her.” If you do not train your subconscious always, how can it tell you about a negative or missed detail?

When I was eight years old, my parents left me alone at home on a winter’s afternoon. It grew dark on the prairie, but they did not allow me to light a lamp, only to tend the wood stove fire. Coyotes awakened me, and I heard them come to the fence, howling. I was afraid and prayed to the Master, who came as a shepherd with a crook, with Guardian Angels. He said, “Peace. Keep your silence golden.” All was a golden-rose mist of Light. I learned that you cannot have anything on the outer that is not yours on the inner.

Move up in consciousness. How often have you been told this? Your head is not made of wood, nor is your brain, so use it. The brain itself could last for at least a thousand years. Brain cells die from lack of use, so memorize something new daily. Memorize at night what the coming day is to hold. In the morning, look up and say, “Here I am. Lift me, fill me, hold me and use me,” and go about your business. With God, all things are possible. You are good, and the greatest good is to laugh. Laugh much. Lift darkness and keep kneeling as your soul before your high altar. Dedicate yourself to God’s service. — Edna Lister, December 30, 1957.

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Conquering Self 1958

That which is unmanifest is two-thirds greater than the manifest. Yet people insist on believing only what they can see. — Edna Lister, January 1, 1958.

“I did my best” is usually a momentous lie. Our potential is from the Source. What do you want to live up to, your potential or the world’s ideas? Your creative tools, desire, thinking and imagination, working together as a harmonious whole, are the only thing that ever creates a miracle: Desire lifted with imagination and thinking is free, just waiting for you to use. When you lift desire, you open the love channel, which is the Light moving in to make you a Christed One. As a Christed one, you express only Christ consciousness — no blocks, limitations, confusion or indecision. I AM consciousness is your treasure house of tools, sublimated and lifted. Only confusion can result from dragging your faculties and vision down into the world of men. You remain confused until you sublimate desire.

Like pulling the shades and not taking in the sunshine, you close out God’s Light. People draw the shades to watch TV during the day, contacting only worldly things. Loving God enough is to keep the shades up and “let your light so shine” as you look on the world in Christ consciousness. Your treasure house gives you rose-colored glasses and the world is beautiful. Look right into people’s eyes and think, “How wonderful is the soul of man.” Love vitalizes your words and tone. See all people as living in the high place. Love is the fulfillment of the law, so love your neighbor as yourself. Love God with all your heart. One is of the truth when one understands the Christ consciousness and lives it.

When I was a child, my grandmother sang praises to God while she worked for all He gave us to do. “For whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth.” — Hebrews 12:6. I knew that the Father gave everything that came to me for my polishing. All chastening was for my ascension. I chose to love it, declare it good and work through it while remaining high in consciousness. I strove to do things perfectly so that God, whom I loved so, would not have to chastise me to be perfect. “I accept. I observe. I surrender” is always to see, hear and to comprehend everything.

Observe and watch the details. How far do you want your subconscious to recreate your carelessness in details? Watch the little things. You cannot leap from crag to crag on carelessness. Use no force. Be courteous. Be thinking and remain high in consciousness. What right have you to force anyone to do things your way? Ruling your life firmly is one thing, but not another’s. The best and quickest way to lift this is to admit it is an opinion and prejudice. God has given no one the right to dictate to another.

Your burning desire must be a steady flame with a clear motive. You must make the physical, mental and spiritual, one. As above, so below. It is not a miracle but normal to see Spirit in action. You must hold your balance, yet speak every man’s language. The highest of God’s agents are mediators, who produce miracles, but not phenomena. — Edna Lister, January 2, 1958.

Everyone has opinions and prejudices. Prejudice is to prejudge and you do so according to your experiences. Prejudice is thus a buildup, a residue of experience. Too often, prejudice is all you have left after an experience. You must know when to speak and when to remain silent. The other fellow must learn for himself. It is twice as important to watch your own unruly tongue. You can be perfect, minute by minute. — Edna Lister, January 3, 1958.

You ascend in steps, by degrees. Be perfect for one moment, moment by moment; love God better one moment at a time. You must love Him more and more to ascend. “Let me be Your perfect daughter. Let me love You more.” One day “Let” will become the great therapy of the Christed Age. When you accustom yourself to living life moment by moment, you do not need to know now what you will do tomorrow. God has no “back of the book” answers. You simply prepare your brain cells and intellect to build your framework, using every tool God has given you, all faculties — logic, reason, discernment discrimination, and discretion. Today is a grade by grade building, day by day without ever looking back. Today you see a nearly finished product. Tomorrow, more of the same thing done harder. Never let down, even for a minute, or you “lie in green pastures” until it becomes heaven. You cannot curse and bless at the same time. Do not delay your “find” in life by talking delay. Use your faith. A miracle is the sum of steadfastness and faithfulness in love of God without ceasing moment by moment, day by day, with not letting go until you get it. — Edna Lister, January 7, 1958.

Inattention displays a lack of interest and consideration. When comprehension moves in, you can achieve. Soul growth is eternal under faith, not under age. — Edna Lister, January 8, 1958.

Whatever you pay attention to — watching a movie, listening to music or the radio, conversing or reading — do so in an illumined and ascended consciousness. Then, no matter how unoriginal, mundane or ordinary it seems, it will act as an open door to the original concept in divine Mind. You will receive not what was in the mind of the writer or speaker, but added illumination from the source idea in divine Mind. People can understand you easily when you have tapped the Light coming from the Source. When you tell what you know from a point of intellectual consciousness, others cannot see anything. When you tap the Source, while completely surrendered to the Father, Light instantly comes through to lift their consciousness into the Light of understanding.

In teaching, when another asks an irrelevant question, stop, for to continue with your idea is force. Pray that he will see and receive at the right time and the right place. Even when it rolls off his mind like water from a duck’s back, your words remain in his aura. You can hear the voice of conscience, your Guards, the Master, but you will never be able to hear consciously if you say, “God never speaks to me,” or “I don’t hear.” These are idle words, denying the Lord. Everything the Father has ever spoken to you remains in your auric substance. Declare, “My eyes are open and I always hear.” Send out this propaganda to wipe out your denials. God has given you open eyes and ears. Sometimes you do use them, but usually not.

You are born with threefold consciousness. When your subconscious is out of order, it is working against you. Pounce on it to bring it in line. Write ten positives to counter the idle words. Then subconscious, conscious and super-conscious will agree. This is the meaning of “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” — Matthew 18:20. Ascend in consciousness and let super-conscious mind move in as the angelic guest from above. Pour Light on any subject and you can analyze it easily, but do not go to extremes. Take advantage of the glorious Light that is coming through now. Your new creations will do so much more good in the world than your former illumination.

You can lift desire and mate it with will only by giving up self for soul illumination, not by contemplating the dark. Agree with your self and your subconscious that this experience is good, then go to God. You must listen with appetitive soul, rational soul and Oversoul consciousness to see and hear spiritually. A universal law is behind this, behind everything. You have forty-four soul senses. Always listen with 100 percent of your faculties. Do not cut others’ vibrations anywhere or you cut your own. When you are critical or blame, remember the three monkeys. You may see, hear or speak no evil. You may see evil just to lift, but do not get into it. When you paddle around in darkness, you defile the temple of the living God within.

When the fever of self becomes rampant, it takes over the bloodstream and creates high blood pressure. If you worry about a physical condition, you do not believe in God or prayer. Say, “You are good,” love God, and pour Light onto that grade to lift it into a higher grade. Stay up and go on. Everyone gets his miracle eventually, but how quickly depends on his fervency and the heat of his prayer. Somewhere, sometime, the Elect must slough the physical body, the desire body, the mental body and work in a fire body. You ascend as far as you give up self. You must wed desire to will to become I AM consciousness because you ascend according to your degree of aspiration. The River of Life flows home to God and all souls are going with it. How you accept, assimilate and become is your degree of ascension. Become each law you learn. Think, know and comprehend that the world is ascending.

Let the fire of your desire burn, but keep adding fuel. God is always ascending everything. It is just man’s appetitive soul prejudice and opinions that block the way. Nothing can be withheld from an ascending soul who has earned the right to know. Every time you make a mistake and blunder, you delay the release of God’s glory in your life and affairs. No one has cornered the heaven market.

I knew at age twenty-one that God simply could not have created us just to watch us die. When I talked about that, I learned that criticism, prejudice and opinions cut pure logic to shreds. God is essentially formless, but can take form at the Source or anywhere. I also learned that if you find yourself being refused and criticized constantly, you can develop a whining voice, born of fear and of having been turned down too often. This is a beggar’s voice. Cultivate a brisk, loving voice, aggressively alive with a joyful tone.

It is God’s high time, right now. Declare, “The Father says yes. Let it be so.” At the moment of great need, gird your loins and make your declaration. It is always God’s high time. He leads us beside the green pastures and still waters to feed us heavenly manna and the still waters of high consciousness from the table prepared for me is in the presence of my beloved ones. — Edna Lister, January 9, 1958.

Allow no idle words, thoughts or wandering imagination to take your hard earned gains — Edna Lister, January 13, 1958.

Some people are dynamically, self-righteously positive they are right, and become more so when they discover they are wrong or their miracles do not come to pass. "I am being chastened, and the Lord wants me to suffer." This is an excuse offered by the self. Check on self, serve God and your fellow man, and lift without arguing. When you step into it with them, you stir them up. Some may like it, but some like it not. When you ascend in consciousness, the Father says, "Feed my sheep. Feed my lambs." Remain prepared to serve and say, "I am ready to work for You, Father." Chasten yourself on earth. Do not let your subconscious mind get away with a single thing.

Solomon’s sacrifice earned him wisdom and understanding, but through long years on earth, he discovered that he had to learn through application of the wisdom and understanding he had received as a gift. Understanding is a facet of love and he had to learn that this is so. He had to earn it to use it. Lots of people gain a new metaphysical understanding, but never learn to use it. Applying what you know to what you do, how much you comprehend, and applying what you know brings success. — Edna Lister, January 20, 1958.

Surrender self to become more consciously a part of God. To surrender with your arms up or when on your knees are perfect positions for health and breath. Spiritual power must go through your physical instrument to do its work. To raise your hands in surrender to God permits Power to permeate you because it connects the nerve endings of your physical fingers to your soul, which Power uses in lifting and giving. All souls are born to earth with an equal opportunity to become. God’s creative fire is spread over the earth equally, but it does not guarantee equality of soul, for the soul learns and grows through experience and choosing.

Obedience demands application of all law on every new situation, using logic, reason, discernment, discrimination, and discretion. You can recognize (discern) a person as being the not good, but must instantaneously lift him to God, at least mentally. Lifting saves you from being judgmental. You cannot stub your toe on him if you lift him to a cloud continent of Light. When you sit in unrighteous judgment, you go past recognizing what he has done into condemnation. This only makes you slip down in consciousness. Lift your consciousness, not the physical body. Your only business is to lift the dark one into the Light, not to criticize him. See it for lifting, but do not dwell on it.

Declare shafts of fire around and in a building or office before entering an evil situation, or where evil is. Lift each soul in it, and see them canopied with Light. God cannot permeate evil without you speaking the Word for Him, so declare the evil is good, the door opens, and God moves in. — Edna Lister, January 21, 1958.

Power descends and lies latent at the base of the spine as creative fire until you raise it. To do so, lift all the negatives, and Power moves through them. Each day you draw more Power. With your lotus petals open, you can draw as much strength for good as other may for evil.

The thymus gland usually atrophies with age, but you must stimulate it for eternal youth. You may feel the thymus growth as a pain in the chest. Light touches the pineal body, flows to the hands and descends to the sacrum plexus. Look up in consciousness and breathe consciously to ascend. Sufficient thyroid and pituitary hormones are essential for clear thinking. Constant worry or anxiety leads to hypothyroidism. The thyroid secretes its hormone as joy flows out and in simultaneously. — Edna Lister, January 30, 1958.

The statements “I am. I can. I do. I become!” will carry anyone over extra rough ground. — Edna Lister, February 2, 1958.

Sacrifices of self to gain soul are lifting darkness from earth. Outer service is no sacrifice except where it interferes with your desire to love God, or give up peaceful plans for something He needs. That is your sacrifice. — Edna Lister, February 3, 1958.

The nature and content of your declarations, coupled with your consciousness will determine your outer results. As a creator, you must use the word “let” when making a declaration. You use no force when you declare “Let the Power be released,” for God is then directing it. Never declare the time or place, only for a perfect result. Call an evil thing good so that God can move in to make it so. Surround your loved ones with a canopy of Light for protection. Surround an object, like your car, with rainbow spheres and rays of repulsion. You need not pray each day for this, just picture the situation with Light pouring on it, and thank God for it.

You have no excuse for moving down into the body. Lift your consciousness and it will remain high. When you feel tired or blue, you have descended so completely that you can catch cold, etc. When tired, lie on the floor in a five-pointed star, breathe, tell God that you love Him. — Edna Lister, February 4, 1958.

Before you criticize another, ask yourself, What is this doing to him? What is this doing to me? Who am I to make this judgment? All this returns to you, and you are wrong on three counts when you criticize unjustly. He is alive and right as to his degree and kind. Always reveal the love of God to others, not the ugliness of self. Oracles of God speak with tongues of love, to family, friends and everyone. The oracle says, “I have suffered also, yet, this too, shall pass away.” A former drunk once said, “When you feel inadequate, you are then used.”

Prayer can dissolve a growth, but when you meet darkness with Light, darkness becomes Light because Light absorbs it. If it were up to you to heal, you could never heal anything. God does it. Most so-called healers are more interested in the malady than in the Light. No matter what love touches, it changes it to itself. Love does not tolerate anything with itself. You are of God this very moment. Every cell, every nerve is God in you, so you are healed now. See that nothing but Light is in you. Every muscle, every nerve is Light.

We have not impoverished God’s Mind with our thinking. He has as much Mind as He ever had. So many more new ideas are waiting, and the greatest idea has not yet been thought. The best song has not been sung. The best book has not been written. This year shall be greater in inventions than any to date. — Edna Lister, February 4, 1958.

The vibration you create goes around the world when you work in the Light or in the dark. “If the light that is in thee is darkness, how great is that darkness!” — Matthew 6:23. There is no Light in the body of one who becomes weaker and weaker. We know His Light gives us the lights through which we have miracles.

“I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places.” — Isaiah 45:3. The “hidden riches of secret places” refers to opening the subconscious “treasures of darkness,” idle words, foolish gossip and fears that delay miracles. Count that day a loss when a treasure of darkness does not reveal itself coming up from the subconscious. So, you have a chest of gold in the basement, but must turn on the Light to see it. Hoist your under-the-surface fears, doubts, criticisms and condemnations up into the Light and they become your greatest black pearls. These are your hidden riches. You are continuously seeking to unfold everyone’s hidden misused soul substance, the ignorance and negative emotions to arise.

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” — Matthew 6:22. Focus your eyes as a single eye, as one and focused on the Light. You cannot focus on the world and God, only on God. When your body is full of Light, you penetrate the appearance of the mists of matter and see things as with God’s eyes. You may be tired of putting people on cloud continents of Light, yet you are destined to be a woman “clothed in the sun,” which shines above the clouds. Stand with your feet on the earth, your head high above clouds and watch. When the eye is single and the body is full of Light, you know and become what you know. Then you could not bear to hurt or offend another. See only the Christ in another.

The Light of the eye is the Light of the body. Anything that is not Light is dark. When you do not see in the Light, all is dark. The Light transcends and transmutes everything life can produce. You are your own enemy with idle words, and sorry thinking. People say, “That’s dead wrong,” but no “dead wrong” exists to soul, only “alive right.” The subconscious is the dead man. The little self is “dead wrong,” and to live by self is weakness that leads to death. — Edna Lister, February 5, 1958.

When you convert the subconscious darkness into light, you make it into Light for the soul. Soul is Light, alive right.

When others criticize you, lift and give it up to God. Go deeper within yourself to see whether you have criticized to justify some resentment, grief, doubt or fear you hold. Criticism and condemnation flow as a stream from you, like a dart plunging into another’s solar plexus, and turns his day to night. With a tone of voice, you take revenge on your loved ones for past hurts. All these are “hidden riches of secret places.” When nothing on the outside justifies the criticism you receive, look for idle words and sharp tones of voice.

Spirit knows no aging. God is deathless, ageless and abiding. Eternal youth results when your love of God opens the endocrine glands and plexus centers. Tell Him how much you love Him. Your degree of ascension is according to your degree of faith. Are you limiting God, yourself? Law runs everything in the universe according to its perfect, meticulous harmony. When I was twenty-seven years old, I said, “No matter who else on earth believes the Ascension, I am of that Legion that is full charge all the way. I believe with all my heart, mind, body and soul that there is no age.” I came here to give all people this truth. What’s the sense of waiting a million years for what you can have and do right now?

Power descends the spine to the sacrum and instantly ascends to the solar plexus and heart, often causing palpitations. Breathe it higher to the throat, the I-me-my center. When Power sticks there, appetitive soul pestiferously talks about self. Surrender and crucify self-will, and lift self beyond the sticking point. Raise your arms high and say, “Here I am, Father. Move in and take charge!”

Get rid of opinions and prejudices. Live above your head in your Oversoul star. Reach up and say, “Here I am, Father. I reach to the skies. I’m Yours and I’m moving in with You.” What do spiritual pygmies and regressed souls matter to you? View them with compassion and love. If it agitates them into fury, love is bringing them to life and you can pour in some beneficent beams.

Opinions and prejudices are always related to emotion, react on the endocrine glands, and let the “appetitive soul cause illness. Move your hands in a clockwise rotating motion from your own left side to adjust the spin of the life sparks while healing. You receive Power from the left above and move it to the right below. The right hand gives out, for it is the executive hand of your responsibility for your actions and attitudes in the world. The left hand takes in because it represents accepting and executing your spiritual responsibility. — Edna Lister, February 6, 1958.

One of our ascension goals is to become formless as God. You begin by ascending your consciousness, the physical body, emotions and thoughts. — Edna Lister, February 13, 1958.

Seek advice. Watch yourself moment by moment. Hold all gains. Practice watching for heavenly places to open. Listen much. You can reap the reward of God’s gifts only by exercising them. — Edna Lister, February 14, 1958.

God is only thirty-five. If you are never more than an hour old, you cannot avoid being young. As God’s newborn babe, be ready for Him to fill and mold you His way with His life and glory. God’s law is free. The Bible contains 200 references to lifting the hands, so we lift our hands to pray. Keep your hands up and feel the Light. When you are down and feel heavy, raise your hands. Lift the world until you feel like you are grabbing the Light and holding God’s hand. When facing unexpected and upsetting events, stand and declare, “This too shall pass away under the power of God’s love.” Do not tell others what to do about it. Treat one who finds it hard to stand by saying, “Name is standing on God’s feet and in his/her own shoes.”

After John baptized him, Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness. Initiation takes everyone to the high place and to the desert. We are all tempted to use law. Some people do nothing but say yes or no. “If I cannot please you, I will do nothing. If you do not like what I do, I will do nothing” is avoidance. [This behavior describes passive aggression.] Worse, they are not accepting their responsibility to accept the temptation and are rejecting the lesson. They burn hot or run cold. “Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” — Revelation 3:16.

Doing something is better than doing nothing. “Do nothing” is what ails the world. War, the poor economy, and juvenile delinquency all stem from the do-nothing class, who draw their skirts aside, criticize the fellow who is doing something, while doing nothing about it themselves. Sitting on life’s sidelines, offering no help to anyone is not enough. Unless you go out and do, how can you sit and self-righteously say what you would do? To evade and avoid life, to escape life is no answer. Someday, somewhere you must conquer to learn your own lessons.

When you turn your imagination upward to soul vision, it becomes the mystic eye that you use for visualization. You can use your mystic eye at the grocery store, for instance, to see what not to buy. Seeing with mystic vision is natural when you live by the laws of God. The mystic eye returns our focus to the original substance in physical objects, cells, molecules, atoms and electronic charges. It is invisible, but I have taken you there, and you have seen with the mystic eye as imagination. The world may accuse you of wearing rose-colored glasses, for the mystic eye is the promise of all romance. No romance is possible without the use of mystic eyes. The mystic eye is the source of love.

Use the mind that is in Christ Jesus, or you risk using force. Just as air is always circulating, the Mind of God, which contains all that is, is a vast, flowing River of Life. Science will prove this when they finally understand Einstein’s theory of relativity [by synthesizing a real theory of everything]. We know there is a Source of Substance containing all Mind and Power, constantly circulating. It flows through your brain cells as radio waves through a brick wall. Whatever you are think about in your prayers — homes, people, situations, objects or land — your antennae take that from divine Mind.

You cannot subtract from or add to Mind. You can use it as it passes by, but it remains divine Mind for the next fellow to use, the same Mind that was flowing in Jesus’ time. The world did not express divine Mind in the same way before Jesus used it, not as we are expressing it today. You can breathe more of what he used, if you believe. You take just that portion of divine Mind that you are thinking about, and the rest flows over you. You cannot possess it, but you must use it or your brain cells atrophy. Crystallization is no more than closing out divine Mind. When you are truly free from fear, you are no longer a “conscientious objector” but a “comprehending accepter.” — Edna Lister, February 17, 1958.

God works through your super-conscious mind, but to use it completely, you must cleanse the subconscious. Grasp everything as training in conquering it. Train the self to listen, to hear what you are saying, to know what you are doing. You can remember anything you want, to remember. — Edna Lister, February 18, 1958.

You permit your subconscious mind to suggest negatives all day long. Lift the subconscious without using force. Do not look within, but above for your answers. The kingdom of heaven is everywhere, evenly present and available, but you must go above and beyond the world. Go to bed on a cloud of Light to rest. When you are very tired, you tend to collapse into your body. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Matthew 6:33. Do not be conscious of having sinned or of being good or righteous. When you really are righteous, you are all three. — Edna Lister, February 27, 1958.

There is no excuse for moving down into the body. Descending in consciousness lets the little self control the body. You must balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and lift the subconscious. When in another’s home, do as is done there, or as is required. This is adjusting, or the first law of a guest, the law of courtesy. This law requires that you agree with God and adjust to man, whether at home or in the office. — Edna Lister, March 4, 1958.

God can turn anything event to good on your spoken Word. No one can be in an accident unless it is on his fate line. The quantity and quality of the suffering are up to the embodied soul, as a martyr or in a noble way. The law of sacrifice is among the greatest laws of heaven. All sufferings count as dividends unless you fall into self-pity.

Even the practitioners of evil are being forced to be good because of God’s necessity to ascend all. Even they receive credits. When you quote law, you may force another to live beyond his comfortable level, and he may revile you for it. When I use force, I pay the debt to wipe evil from earth, even if they revile me. You can only pray that the love of God shows the offended one the way. The quantity and quality of your love forms your armor, and the Light you release pushes the other fellow into a corner. When you become lukewarm, you always receive a warning sign to get back on the main line.

Declare, “Light now makes my body over in the Golden Age image and likeness of God.” Your percentage of lukewarmness and indifference is the measure of your quality and quantity of love for God. Though you adore Him, the love you release is less than one percent of that available to you to release. Increase the quality and quantity of your Light, love and joy of God. Limitless quantities of glory and unlimited powers of healing are waiting to possess you. These powers can possess you — you cannot possess them. It is your choice.

You can pour out life as a challenge to darkness and say no to death. Treat so. Ask for great miracles. You can bring the dead to life when you ask for real miracles. Go forth as challengers to darkness. You may see or hear weird things, but Light is absorbing darkness. Evil shall be no more. Light is prevailing, and shall absorb darkness. Evil will be no more. Light must win. Darkness is consumed.

“It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” — Luke 17:1-2. The millstone hangs about the neck of the offender and the offended when he blames. — Edna Lister, March 6, 1958.

Self-condemnation is twice as dark as condemnation of others since it turns off the Power to your creations and those you are helping, leaving them to flounder. No one bothers with self-condemnation unless he thinks himself better than the average and too good to do anything wrong. You make mistakes as you climb, you blunder, you fall back. Nevertheless, keep climbing and holding fast to your Power-line, and hold the world’s lines of responsibility in your hands. What you win on earth, you win for God.

Self-pity is the one of the most subtle of the sins you can commit. Giving only an instant’s recognition of darkness to lift is necessary, then banish it from your heart and mind. See only the Light. You can hear what is given from the inner either by vibration or as a voice. — Edna Lister, March 7, 1958.

Knowledge, understanding, comprehension of another can come only through love’s receptivity in interpretation. Lessons are not easy. Chastening is but how God cleanses your knowledge of His marvelous ways, how much He needs you, how powerful He is in making you His instrument. Chastening is one of God’s ways of loving you. He wants you as perfect as you can become. — Edna Lister, March 11, 1958.

No one can just pile truth on top of old beliefs. The old must come to the surface for lifting. You can skim it off as it appears on the surface in a person, and relieve him of everything he will give up. — Edna Lister, March 12, 1958.

When you want to release greater Power, offer a burnt offering of self. To whatever degree of Light you want to draw in, you must give in service to the Light. — Edna Lister, March 13, 1958.

When one soul leads another into soul-blindness, he incurs a great spiritual debt. When one donates his eyes to an eye bank, it is the payment exacted for a debt. If you feel impelled to do so, ask God whether this is the right step for you to take. Eyes donated cannot go to a wrong person — they are guided to the right person by the great Guardian in charge of the souls involved. The eye cells register no good or evil debt, they carry no residue but are clear like window glass. The donor goes without his vision on the inner until the recipient crosses over, which pays the donor’s soul debt. Eyes are among the soul’s vehicles of expression and the very cells are named and numbered. The soul can grow only one set of eyes.

You must pay the debt for causing blindness in another, figurative or actual. Donating eyes is the quick way of paying such a debt. The eyes are metaphysical extensions of the pineal body and pituitary gland, of illumination and intuition. They can reassemble and implant them in the soul’s framework only on the inner. The illumination faculty is on the right side of the brain, and intuition is on the left. The two sides of your face are different because your eyes are different. The right eye may have a sinister cast, meaning it lacks illumination, or is spiritually blind.

When the last taints of the mental life fade from your mind, you will be free. Get rid of fear taints such as, “What will happen if? What shall I do if?” Let your aim be to work twenty-four hours a day if needed. God summons you into life immortal now, so stop cutting off immortality with false statements. “Ifs” and “buts” close the door to the life immortal. Live now fully as if it were your first hour of life, not your last. You are doing well, but you must be perfect. — Edna Lister, March 18, 1958.

To clear up a situation, declare it good in the sight of God, but do not set a time limit. Declare perfection, and God’s perfection is. From there, it is up to you to make it happen. Most religious teachings give God all the responsibility for the outer manifestation, yet we believe that we must assume the responsibility.

Raise your own vibration before entering an already set vibration. This calls for attention. Do not tear down another’s creation. This law applies in many situations — entering a business, home or the office. Raise your own vibration or consciousness to its level, which might be below yours, but raise your consciousness to understanding. Thus you agree with God and adjust to man. Do not be critical in this, but recognize it for what it is and understand that you must declare it good abd not tear down the other fellow’s construction. He will learn from your example, so do not leave him the memory of criticism or spiteful remarks. This is still his construction, not yours.

As long as you stand and discipline yourself, you hold all points. Standing is not running away, but holding your point of consciousness firmly while you lift your lines of Light in prayer. You are attaining consciousness, working on all seven degrees at once, earning credits with each degree. — Edna Lister, March 18, 1958.

To say “I love you” is such a small way of stating such a universe of great feeling of expansion whenever I touch you from above during your prayer time. You can only imagine the glory of the fires you light all over the world with your prayers, the fires you create around disease and darkness, watching the fire devour it. The difficulty is that most of those for whom you serve and build fires, create their own mushroom darkness, sometimes immediately. So you must just keep at it. Know one thing: You can create the consuming fire one more time than anyone on earth can create anything dark. This is the law and shall stand forever. Be diligent in fire-building.

Do you hold higher? Do you love more? Do you stand more faithfully firm? You can never reach your full quota of released Power on earth, but you can keep on expanding and adding to your stature of love under the laws. — Edna Lister, March 24, 1958.

Some people fear emphatic tones of voice, and confuse them with loudness or harshness. Emphasis is not loud or harsh, just tone and a pairing of inflections in a sentence. — Edna Lister, April 1, 1958.

Everything emanates color. Every word and every emotion shows color. — Edna Lister, April 20, 1958.

As you mate desire with will to make a marriage of the Lamb, you may begin to have trouble with relatives. You disturb their rate of balance, and can even drive your spouses insane. Your vibration touches your mate, agitates the crystallization of centuries and causes him or her to be upset. This can also happen when unrelated people share a home.

Your pearl of great price is to love. Using love, you can wipe out self, unwise action, hasty words, monetary worries, guilt complexes. Stop the mental rehashing of what negative things you have done or said, for this is just self. Balance the day’s books each night. To forgive is to forget. You do not need to make or receive explanations. Love enough instead. — Edna Lister, April 21, 1958.

The “fear of the Lord” is obedience to all laws. He adds life first, then honor, then riches. God is using our love, the love of the Elect everywhere, to lift earth. How can you be less powerful when you are in the Light? The work you do does not tire you, but how you do it. Self makes you struggle to do simple daily things. Your prayers only go as high as you do. How many hours have you spent thinking or talking about other people’s business while not minding your own? Work through the radar beam of Light that the Father places around you for contact with the Source. Follow your beam always, even at work. If you love God, you cannot get off your radar beam.

You are protected. When you ascend in consciousness, you experience the quality and quantity the love for God that you release. You can find groups who will tell you how wonderful you are. Yet you do not touch your Source when you believe in what such groups teach. Watch your words. I have slapped you on the cheek. Watch your words. Cut the phrase, “I am working at it,” from your vocabulary. Why are you not in the Light and letting God work for you?

Declare that all evil is good so God can make it so. Your eyes will see the evil to lift, then stand firm. You are protected. When you ascend in consciousness, you experience the quality and quantity the love for God that you release. You can find groups who will tell you how wonderful you are. Yet you are not touching your Source when you believe in these groups. — Edna Lister, April 24, 1958.

From a woman’s journal: Stupid humility is the most vicious form of pride. Today, I had complete major surgery. I am up again. I had forgotten the magnitude of my responsibility, had built new darkness, and gone down the pole on pride, arrogance and criticism, hiding behind the subconscious. From now on the words “my subconscious” and “I’m working on it” are not in my vocabulary. I must lift all whom I have criticized, leaving no one out, including politics, places and situations.

I must lift all my fears. I must lift my resentments: People who owe me money and do not repay it, my husband’s lack of interest in my interests, any possible taint of resenting others in the group. I enter golden silence and release Power. I speak only to agree with others. Now I must clean out, scrub out and scrape out. Forget “I” — do not use it. Repent and make full amends. Enough prayer, love and living law this week can bring me a new illumination and unfolding wisdom. The new and expanding illumination, which is now permeating my Oversoul, can touch my brain cells. — Edna Lister, April 24, 1958.

Do not act smugly or let others know of your contact with Power. Nurture this contact and keep it to yourself. Surrender to the Power and let only its radiance shine from your eyes. — Edna Lister, April 27, 1958.

Feeling that you are the least one in a group is false humility, which is the most vicious form of pride. Remain balanced all the way along. When you are weak or silent, your tone may suddenly become sharp and cut like a knife of pent-up resentment, which tears down a vibration. Your words are potent. God must turn off the Power if you slay souls with verbal force. Remember the “let.” Do not create force through your words or tone.

Meeting the problems of mundane life is hard because you are opening the chrysalis around that grubby worm destined to become a butterfly. The appetitive soul objects to limits, but that is natural, for it has only one way to go, up. Move up in consciousness and love enough. You cannot have a house divided between the love of self and the love of God. You are free of self as far as you have come. You have touched the heights of glory, yet you can have no enduring joy without repentance. No ecstasy is greater then when you kneel before God and His arms lift you. Abide in joy above and you’ll see miracles, beautiful perfect miracles. — Edna Lister, April 28, 1958.

I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, a measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. — Revelation 6:6. The ratio described here is one measure of illumination to three measures of intuition. Three is your life, perfected on the outer, so three covers the perfection of your whole life. It takes only one shot of illumination to do it.

Sometimes your thoughts shout and batter others, leaving you vulnerable to darkness. Nothing limits what you may do through sacrifice, service and loving God. To love Him is to hold fast to Him, never forgetting from whence all Power comes. You are very little by yourself. Find more to lift, and assume more responsibility for others, not letting them know it.

All virtue turns to viciousness when consciously practiced. Never again be smug or consciously virtuous. Never think, “If I could speak, I would give them law.” Never contradict, but if necessary, say, “Please, read that again, to make it more clear.”

Another name for the Holy Spirit is joy, the highest vibration. You cannot touch joy through intellect. It must come through desire, and when you completely mate your desire to will, you reach I AM, which is the Christed consciousness. — Edna Lister, May 1, 1958.

Ascension is one miracle of responsibility piled on another. — Edna Lister, May 2, 1958.

No one can know truth intellectually, but only through comprehension. When you have a firm conviction of truth, you have ascended from belief in to a knowing comprehension. You can question a teacher, but your Father will answer you. A loud, shocking question is dangerous to a mediator who is high in consciousness. Ask questions only at the close of a phase; this requires discernment, discrimination and discretion. — Edna Lister, May 4, 1958.

When prayer is a love song of ecstasy from the heart, it becomes the ultimate creative vibration. When you get to that point of walking with God, your whole life will be a love song. — Edna Lister, May 5, 1958.

Sacrifice of self increases the love moving though you, while sacrifice of things increases the wisdom. Jesus told us to seek the Father, of Wisdom, which produces balance. When you live by yourself, you are afraid of yourself. This is a holdover from the past. You must have a reason to desire to serve. — Edna Lister, May 6, 1958.

Our work is worldwide and we must lift everyone whom we mention. Lift the heads of state, political factions, corporations, committees, industries, and all places of darkness. Pick up the threads and lift anything mentioned here. Surround these people with Light. Everything you read or hear of darkness is important to lift. Declare that they shall act as sons and daughters of God, as noble and morally upright kings and queens. We work on the principles of God as Light, love, wisdom and glory, and we are getting better. Yet you can lift only according to your own consciousness. — Edna Lister, May 8, 1958.

It is peculiar how mistaken ideas can keep a door closed for so long while you engage in intense searching. Yet every step is a step of preparation that creates an unshakable foundation for you. Sometimes unconsciously, when you thought you were forming an opinion, you were really touching the fringes of that which will unfold as a great law shortly. For example, not liking something may unconscious obedience a law, but you must search to discover which law. Watch your words, make every word count, and be sure they mean what they should mean. Seek new ways to express old ideas, for you must make this work of the soul cover business and the world as well. — Edna Lister, May 9, 1958.

Let those who worship “the Christ within” do so. When they are happy, God has a greater chance to sink in and possess them as Light. Indulge in no other talk, only mentioning the Oversoul’s I AM consciousness and the Christed consciousness. If you point to this long enough, they will break through in spite of themselves. You do not need to antagonize. Agree with them, saying, “Yes, the Christ IS within us.” That we happen to worship God is beside the point. Agree with them, but do not fall into their lesser vibration. Stay up in consciousness and love God more than the “Christ within.” — Edna Lister, May 11, 1958.

Work one day at a time without shirking. One of the first steps in walking the Via Christa is to overcome opinions and prejudices for mental balance. The higher you ascend, the more immune you become to negative vibrations. Faith, which is loving God enough to trust Him completely, is the world’s common denominator. You are picking up the gifts you laid down on the altar as you ascend. The ideas you are most stubborn about surrendering are the greatest gifts awaiting you.

We, the Elect, came to earth to conquer darkness, and if we stand as one, we can. You cannot be stable under the Power until you have conquered self. As you aspire, Light seeps in and the whole process is under ascension. The whole world is ascending. Ascension is progress. God has sent you here with free choice, so it is a matter of choice how much Light penetrates. “If thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” — Matthew 6:34. One negative thought puts you in the mud and you do not even know it.

One law says, “I accept that this might be true unless I find out it is not.” Empirical philosophy has to do with relations in the outer world. Everything came from Light, therefore everything out here must have truth in it, and as you analyze, you must pull the husks away from the truth. It is a shock to many that the Father walks earth. The masses repudiate truth because they fear, like children who know they must be punished. A parent wishes punishment could be avoided. God is the same. — Edna Lister, May 12, 1958.

Every vibration you send out returns to you. When force approaches, it bites you, prods you from the outside, and you feel hurt or shocked. All the force you have created, by misusing Mind, Substance and Power, feeds the dweller on the threshold of consciousness, the sum of all your misuse. It appears to the inner soul vision as a black or grayish fog of misused Mind, Substance and Power. It may affect the shoulders, the small of the back or the solar plexus, or some vulnerable place. Your Guards condense and add all available force to the cloud to ascend it. When you refuse to pay your soul debts, you feed the cloud new life.

When the dweller comes, declare, “Let Light surround this cloud. Let Light consume this.” Continue declaring this and it will go. Then call yourself by name, and tell your soul to repossess its rightful place. Memory impressions will remain in the subconscious unless you lift these low thoughts at night and let the Light consume them. When you are earnestly serving the Light, the Father can shatter your dweller on the threshold of consciousness.

The Mystic Brotherhood degrees conquer self. The White Brotherhood controls self. — Edna Lister, May 15, 1958.

Build a balanced vibration through study so that there will be no chance for any imbalance, misinterpretation, or misrepresentation. The world needs balance in religion. Science is balanced, but too intellectual. Religion is too often emotionally unbalanced, except the rare soul who unerringly finds his way into the Light. The masses lack the faith and intellectual development to unfold truth in large doses. A bit here and a bit there is insufficient because the bits rarely fit together. Irrelevancies occur and inconsistencies then drive the intelligent out as agnostics. Study all phases of truth, accepting none as ultimate, but gleaning the kernel of truth that will make a perfect whole eventually. If you search, you shall find. At times, you do not realize any growth. Then, as you look back to the point from which you have ascended, suddenly you see just how far you have come. — Edna Lister, May 16, 1958.

God cannot make earth life and its lessons easy for any of us, for we still have so much to do. You can overcome any obstacle now with enough love of God. Yet, it must be the love of God and no love of self diluting it. The only thing that could hold you back now would be self-exaltation. Everything will open when you completely forget and never speak of self. Direct all your thoughts to the Source and hold them there to be perfect, unobstructed channels for the Light to use day and night, with no self. — Edna Lister, May 18, 1958.

When someone for whom you are responsible does not come through, it creates a love burden, a heaviness on your heart. When they do come through, it is as though your heart room has been opened and aired and you are free. — Edna Lister, May 19, 1958.

When you make a great enough sacrifice, you release the Power to bring illumination. Never turn back from a higher point of ascension. Most teachers stop at a certain vibration. I do not. There are no books on our teachings. Gather all the information you can on a puzzling topic and check it all at the library. Go to the Hall of Wisdom at night, to learn things you could never learn any other way. Like climbing a mountain, the higher you go, the smaller the influence that can throw you off balance. A vast abyss lies between comprehension and knowing. Whatever Light is focused on the leader’s chair will also shine on the group for the work. You function as a group and often have similar experiences.

People today do not understand sacrifice of self. Perhaps you are concerned about your child, for instance, if he does not come home on time. You first must lift the fear, then your pride, offended that he may have disobeyed. You must completely surrender all this, and indulge no suspicion. You enter prayer and surround the child with a sheath of Light. This takes discipline and patience, but do not stop praying. If you heavily demand of heaven, you must bear the responsibility to see and lift, no matter what pain, loss, grief or any problem the Father gives you to sacrifice. Depending on your body and what vital centers you have opened, He sends the Light, diffused to illumine the situation.

Hebrews 12 describes the personal clinics you have with me, where you really open the subconscious. The Father releases Light from the Supreme Source when you enter. When you say something that appears innocent but is harmful, the Father collects all the loosened taints of self. I stand as your sponsor and wrap arms of Light around you to hold you at your point of ascension. Good deeds take you only so far, no farther. Only love for the Master and God will take you through and beyond the Gates of Light. — Edna Lister, May 22, 1958.

Although at times the challenge you face seems more than you can bear, you find that if you live each day to the best of your ability, then analyze your best and know it is not good enough for tomorrow, you will ascend until you conquer the very challenge you thought you could not meet. The once-felt fear and dread of it have passed and looking back on it, you see that it was not the giant you had imagined it to be. This is growth of character and spirit. If the great challenge seems mountainous and insurmountable, remember that you have paid a part of it step by step and day by day.

When you arrive at the finish line, you will be stronger because you will have done your work thoroughly and well. When you have paid the debt in full, it will be remembered no more. It is as if you borrowed forty-four days from time and must pay it back with interest. This paying back is a form of honor and so you pay your debt, not with resentment, but knowing that your honor and integrity could not let you do otherwise. So today is God’s loan to you to live to the highest point of ascension of consciousness. Today and the days, weeks and months to come are as a ladder to climb higher and higher toward your great place — Edna Lister, May 24, 1958.

Gird up your loins and meet life head-on, lifting with no backward look. The past is really a white page for all concerned. Hold only the upward, forward look into your own glory of seeing and knowing what happens in private as you walk the paths of earth. Be wise but fearless, and know that the Power is using you to the utmost. Be confident and sure, go forward in your own fearless way with no regrets or looking backward. I emphasize this. It is essential. Lift the past. All your beauty is in the future.

You cannot awaken the gland-like parathalamus structures in the brain until you no longer blow your top emotionally. Until you completely slough the physical body, you must watch and obey the physical laws, too. You have the power within to use the substance around you to make a cross for your crucifixion, or a ladder to climb in consciousness. Until you get down off the cross and climb, you need to be nailed. God has waited long enough for us to stop crawling around like worms. Yesterday’s most beautiful idealistic visions become tomorrow’s opinions and prejudices unless you add something or renew your soul vision today. You can hold onto a phase of truth until you become crystallized. — Edna Lister, May 30, 1958.

You are preparing for the ascension of earth but everything and everyone must be purified. Continue your prayers. Hold the laggards, but do not push them. The only place they can finally go is up, and they must go home. — Edna Lister, June 2, 1958.

When you work hard enough and long enough at ascension of consciousness, the Power renews your metabolism hourly. You think you are sleeping hard but the Light is empowering your metabolism and your body is rebuilding cells. Declare that your metabolism renews itself hourly and you will be strong. If you really go wrong and blaspheme God, the law says you will go to the bottom and work your way back. This happened to one man, who was fired from a high-paying job and had to take work cleaning gutters to pay his soul debt with kindness and compassion. His new boss watched him, followed him and asked him to work for him. As the proverb says, “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” — Proverbs 18:16. — Edna Lister, June 5, 1958.

You can find a law for every episode of life right in the Bible, which is how you become a good teacher. As a work outline, use the following: What law applies to this? What makes me want to know, self or soul? Where does Light-as-Wisdom originate? (In God, the Source.) Use your computer mind, the mind that was in Christ Jesus, to erase any subconscious record. Apply logic, reason, discernment, discrimination, and discretion. You cannot properly analyze without it.

You should need no preparation to enter the golden silence for treating under prayer. You should need no preparation to express the golden silence. The golden silence is a high place in the universal vibration where an altar is always open day and night. To enter this high place and kneel at this altar, you must have a high point of consciousness. You must know that the altar is there, then hold this knowing state of consciousness. The knowing should be constant, never fluctuating. You do not leave the silence. You turn your attention from the rapture of knowing the silence to the joy of expressing the silence. The golden silence is a jealous mistress and brooks no rival. When self rivals the golden silence, the veil of illusion drops and the mistress hides her face. — Edna Lister, June 12, 1958.

Your highest point of ascension is also your greatest weakness because you are apt to lose awareness. You go wrong on some things repeatedly. When you pray for something, but do not get it, the Father knows you really do not want it. The right time exists for everything. Pray only when it is right. Do not pray on the streets, but be sure you are behind closed doors.

Many elderly people who are ill are just living near their body not in it. It extends their lifeline if you say you wish they would pass over. Say, “Father, let Name be healed. Let the Power be poured out on him.” Do not say, “God willing,” because this suggests that He will punish you and implies doubt. “I just hope” implies doubt. Declare that the Father shall lift this from earth. Speak the Word of release for an elderly person when he becomes comatose or unresponsive. Do not see God as taking him. Say, “Let Name be healed. Please, Father, give Name Thy holy rest.” Hold him on a cloud. If he comes higher, God can save his identity, and just one spark of desire to work will do it.

The Holy Breath is the triple vibration Love, Wisdom and Joy, which moves through you in abundance and fills your body’s atomic structure. When you fill the bloodstream with the Holy Breath, nothing but God is in it, yet you can close it out with lukewarmness. When you look up to God, you increase the quantity of the Holy Breath in the bloodstream. It condenses from pure substance to atomic substance. The rational soul is reborn from above, which is the only way you can be reborn. You breathe the Christ principle and it condenses in your bloodstream to replace the platelets and blood cells. Without the Holy Breath refreshing the rational soul itself this you develop anemia. Deeply breathing the Holy Breath will open you to be more alive and alert on earth to nuances of tone in voice among family, friends and your business circle.

Often you put your foot in your mouth. If you had listened, you would have heard a tone in the voice that would have alerted you to these pitfalls. Watch your words, for they will create after their degree and kind. Use no idle words. Words go forth as you speak them, so give your statements have a clean-cut pronunciation and a period. Then, having done this, stand and hold to set aside much more evil, and lift it from the face of the earth. If you read of death and destruction, lift it, set pillars of fire around it, and stand and hold. — Edna Lister, June 12, 1958.

You must declare it good. Declare that it is working together for good and declare that what you want is good. Make the statement, and it will be according to your own faith and desire. Is it your choice to go down? Saying you do not want to go down is simple, so do not pray yourself down. You must open the soul faculties to bridge the abyss to seeing and hearing. Are you ready for school? How about your seeing and hearing? How many hours a day do you practice? It is open to you. Won’t you feel funny when the Council says you must build another body to learn to see and hear? If you dislike anything, you let that interfere with your seeing and hearing.

The Power comes from above, not from the food you eat, or the sleep that rebuilds your body. Only negative thoughts about yourself keep you awake at night. Put the law into practice. You can apply this on every line. To sleep fast is to rebuild fast. When you seek, look up a second and say, “Father, possess me,” and that will adjust your body’s metabolism hourly. Yesterday’s good is not good enough for today. You are creator gods and although “it doth not yet appear what ye shall be,” look up and do not miss an opportunity. Make a five-pointed star of yourself and breathe deeply to be sure you are in your body. People can lose their body through self-pity. — Edna Lister, June 19, 1958.

Always remember that the main business of a group is not to gain information pleasantly but to uphold earth and our work by prayer releasing Power with which to do the holding. — Edna Lister, June 20, 1958.

When the Father answers your prayer before you call, you were already prayed-up into a sufficiently high state of consciousness to bring the answer through the veil. Your lines of Light and responsibility extend to at least a million people daily. Everyone for whom you pray has your line around him. When you board a bus, your lines surround all its occupants. If you demand something, it tightens the lines you have around these people. Every night, ask that the lines to all the contacts you made that day are lifted, or your lines remain wrapped around them.

De-materialization and re-materialization are commonplace. You can retrieve anything lost under this law, but you must act under love. To invite re-materialization, first give the lost object as a sacrifice to God, then He will return it through love. When your need to receive becomes high enough, it meets God’s will to give, and He sees that it returns to you. Go to the Father immediately for re-materialization, but no time is too late. If you accuse someone of taking the object, you go down on the temptation to blame, and it takes longer for the item to be returned. Tell the Father that you have given it to Him. When your faith and love are great enough, He will return your loss.

When you hear one criticizing and crucifying another, mentally stand up and put your hand over her mouth. Declare that her life line is lifted from the other person. Otherwise, she will wrap her lines around them both. At the end of the day, reach up and give the lines of everyone you have touched that day to the Guards. You will also lift all your own lines by doing this. — Edna Lister, June 26, 1958.

Impatience is a point of force and means you are not waiting on the Lord. The River of Life and Light is always moving through you. When you go down in consciousness, the river passes over your head and does not flow through. When it flows through you, it permeates the molecular body. Go to bed feeling that you love God even more today than you did yesterday. — Edna Lister, July 24, 1958.

You are as immortal as the I AM consciousness of your Oversoul star. The rational soul is part of God as Mind, Substance, and Power. You may use your immortality in weird ways, but that does not limit it.

Delay is good. A statement for something to come now has force behind it. You must lift the force between you and what is to come. Make sure your declarations hold no force. I have lived on two sides all my life, and lived in heaven completely while working out my salvation here.

None of you would wish to step off the golden Path of Ascension for opinions and prejudices, so ascend in consciousness. Go to God and lift earth to a cloud of Light. Leave any problem with Him and Power will move through you to melt, dissolve, and heal. Lend yourself to God’s glory. Permit self to harbor no fears or giving in to pain. Pain is a place that is empty of divine love. Let love use you. Make yourself an instrument of love, to be a conveyor of perfection.

When people stop gossiping, and treat for perfect unity instead, we will have no more gossip. Jesus the Christ does not gossip. This is putting your nose into a garbage barrel and you carry the stench away with you. Watch your words. Make them as fitting as the glory of your soul. Choose unity and perfection or separation and darkness, which leads to a lower vibration. Lend no ear to the separation idea. — Edna Lister, August 7, 1958.

At the time of a mistake or blunder, take instant stock but do not dwell on self or what is happening. Stay up in consciousness. Face it and take the blame for your mistake with no self-pity. — Edna Lister, August 19, 1958.

Accept everything as yours to lift onto a cloud continent of Light. When you experience a spiritual illumination, you have opened a soul record in the brain’s neurons. Continue lifting until you have lifted the creative fire from the sacrum to the crown. Hold to love, and love will hold you. You must conquer all fear. When you make demands that others are not able to meet, you create disappointment on your own path. Completely surrender everything in your life to God’s charge and keeping. Assume that everything that comes to you is right and is yours. If you see or hear anyone acting badly or cursing, they are yours to lift. Stop compartmentalizing God into those who drink, those who smoke, those who steal, etc. Lift all these people from your own clutches. Nonresistance does not buckle at someone’s harsh words. When you feel yourself bristling, you are not practicing the law of nonresistance. Eventually, no matter what people say to you, you will not retaliate. — Edna Lister, August 28, 1958.

It is time you fulfilled your promises by doing, not by talking about it. Do not highlight others’ failures — remain silent and use the lesson for your own growth. You will never advance on what you reveal about others. Remember this. Be cautious about exposing glaring mistakes that you find at work. Ask your Great Guard for help, then listen. You do not listen enough. — Edna Lister, September 1, 1958.

“I tried to do my best” is pride. When you do for perfection, you do with no excuse or explanation. Pride mentions trying because self is trying to save face, which puts you on the defensive. If you desire with all your heart to do the job perfectly for God first, you need not be on the defensive. If you do a bad job, admit it’s lousy and do it again. If you are harboring too much self, you cannot move up in consciousness. This is your first point of choice and desire. Every time you choose, you must leave something behind of self as a sacrifice. Your burning desire grows hotter as you ascend in the heavenly Realms. — Edna Lister, September 2, 1958.

All darkness must come to the surface before Light can heal it. This is how the Father does it. God works through you, despite what other people want. The only right you have is to say, “This is the law for me. This is the way I worship God.” You cannot tell another how to worship. God accepts each at his own level. If you lack this consciousness God as the whole, you will have a sense of separation. Include everything and everyone in your prayer. Stand on God’s truth and unity.

You must do three things: Keep your nose out of others’ business. Assume all blame for those around you and for the world. Obey the law on the spiritual plane, which is to take full responsibility as a creator god. You may not be even ten minutes late. You must fulfill laws on all planes. Allow no instance of debt to pile up ever. God can turn anything that appears on earth to good. The words that you speak are what you are. Every time you declare it good, you receive twenty times the credit for an answer.

Your vision must extend way out there. It takes effort to catch up to your soul vision. You can, if you see to it that your vision always extends to a higher level in your becoming, or you will sprout tiny wings of self-satisfaction. Never become self-satisfied. The Power of the living God is using you and you will have miracle after miracle and miracle on miracle in your life when you can hold your mind constantly on the Light, when you do not allow your emotional life to interfere with the Holy Breath moving through you, when you remember whose you are and whom you serve. To win is the first step, to hold steadfast and constant is the next. Stand unmoving in the Almighty Source of All Light. Faith cannot be conquered. Love can never fail. The Supreme will never let go. Hold fast to the laws of life and to glory. You have the strength of the Almighty to win against evil. — Edna Lister, September 4, 1958.

To endure as love is all you need but you do need it. Never question why; just declare, “I accept, I love and I lift.” Stand and endure as love now. Every word you utter is either a blessing or a curse. Words have color and tone. The more you ascend in this work, the more powerful your words become. Idle words are expensive. You put limits on all you do and these limits become the little wires that pull you down. If you say, “I’m working on it, but I know it won’t work,” it will not. Self-pity cuts your bridge to God. You scatter your soul substance, then must recall all the life sparks you have sent into the abyss. The best way to redeem your life sparks is to stop criticizing people. You pay their debts when you criticize them.

Everyone comes to earth with a certain amount of original soul substance. When you draw all your substance, your cells become diseased. You can rebuild your substance with your God-given set of endocrine glands. You become faith and love through your glands. The pineal body and pituitary gland are the first to be lifted in the crown of life or the higher creative center. This is your Garden of Eden and throne where you worship God. We may want to reason, but accepting and loving are glandular activities. Love is glandular. You cannot rebuild the vital centers or your life through recreating with words and emotion. People often become victims of their emotions.

You have access to your star in the Milky Way, which is filled with everything you need until age 21. As your mind grows, more soul substance is added to your Star to refill it. If your devotion to God is first, you can it refill it with all the substance you have wasted, but you must make the effort to redeem it by sacrificing the appetites of self. An old Chinese proverb says you must not count on anything or you will lose it. When you wait for the fruit to drop into your lap, it is sometimes so soft that it splashes. If you are afraid to have something happen, you lack enough joy, love or faith. Some mothers say they have sacrificed so much for their children when in reality they have not sacrificed enough.

When you finally love enough, you will no longer feel the need to demonstrate, but begin to ascend and expand in consciousness and understanding. This is a comprehension and knowing. You have now climbed from worshiping the I AM to “Father, here I am. Use me.” The Master’s Way of Initiation goes all the way back to the Father. You return to Him as loving faith. The faster your initiations come, the faster you ascend.

Every teacher knows what a great creator a student can be by the magnificence of the negativity she has built around her. If you go down the pole in consciousness, but quickly move up again, you increase the potential of Power’s release, which you would never have built by just remaining “good” or lukewarm. Say, “I accept! I arise!” and lift in love. You no longer pay lip service to self when you say, “I don’t blame him.” When you practice covering others’ transgressions, you begin to see as God sees, and blame never occurs to you. — Edna Lister, September 11, 1958.

When you let your vibration settle down or you risk stagnation. You go lax on details while thinking that you are doing perfectly well. Letting “go” on anything is not good. You cannot miss even once and get where you want to go. Your difficulty is high vision and low living. Only high vows open the Gates of Light for you to become.

In doing for perfection, you do with no excuse or explanation. Never say, “I tried to do my best.” This is really pride speaking. Your pride will not be hurt if you do not try to offer excuses. Do not make high vows then expect another to keep them for you. You are responsible to God for your self. What someone else vows is none of your business. Do not blame another for failing to keep his vows. Leave no detail undone. It is equivalent to leaving “yarn ends” untied. To leave details undone destroys the glands in the head. Each detail helps to make up your pattern. Lack of attention to detail is lack of sight, or oversight, which relates to the thalamus. — Edna Lister, September 16, 1958.

Caution — do not revert to old ways of living or you will find yourself wallowing in self-pity, with too much to do, people imposing on you, being criticized, crucified on the cross, dead and almost buried. Work at conquering your taints of selfishness remaining under the surface. Do not regress to self-satisfaction. Making demands will bring demotion, not promotion. When you are not joyous, you are uncovering a taint of resentment, of grief.

In the Old Testament, the descended creator gods slaughtered to gain the Promised Land. God did not tell them to slaughter, but to conquer. The law says that love will conquer. Humanity has misinterpreted this in the Bible. You have lived by the old Mosaic law of slaughter with your loved ones, and still have taints to dig out. Look around and see if you can find some law to fulfill. When you always remember to finish things, you will see how often you had left them undone.

I once asked the Father about initiations and how to regain what had been lost. Attention to details is the key. I found myself in a work situation where I had to attend to details for a staff of six. I prayed for a week and made up my mind that I could remain silent longer than they could dump. They put me in the shoe department where hosiery sales were down. The staff kept me running. As they sold shoes, they would shout the hosiery size and shades and I picked the orders unerringly, three and four dozen at a time. They made fun of me. Yet at the end of the first month, hosiery sales were up $900.00. This is the way I began learning attention to details.

Attention to details is not a case for trying, but of doing and becoming without standing still. To ignore instructions sets a crooked vibration. There are reasons for everything. By your actions you state that order is or is not important. God knows the height, depth and breadth of your love, but it must be full. You are now considered graduates and are on your own. You will never have a greater opportunity for self-awareness. All is in your hands, hearts and minds. Councils will grant no extension of time for trying, only for doing. They permit no justifications or excuses any longer. This has nothing to do with the past or what you have done but what you are doing now. When you make comparisons, you open yourself to complete regression. You always have another grade to make.

Your prayers are fervent when you pray. Yet you should be praying twenty-four hours a day. Each of your faculties is a line to the Oversoul. No one can do this for you. It is up to you. You must apply all you know to all you do on earth. You can do this. Hold an executive session with self. Say, “I must attain a higher point of contemplative receptivity to gain full comprehension of how to apply the Laws of the Crown to every detail of my life. I do not need lack of appreciation or inattention under the surface. I am too big to keep making the same old boring mistakes. I must reach a higher point of contemplative receptivity to apply all the Laws of the Crown to every smallest detail of my life, especially in my relationships with others. I must have a line up from each of my Oversoul faculties to be conscious of what I am doing every moment of every hour. Thus I may, while finishing one detail or task, be aware of my next step. Only by this awareness can I avoid losing my vision. This one thing I do now. I, Name, a Son/Daughter of God, am now determined to make every word I hear as important as if I were doing it for a million-dollar prize.”

Apply what you know to what you hear. You never know when you will hear something to your advantage or open a new realm above. Use your faculties to both inner and outer glory, and they will give you a much greater awareness. When you concentrate, do so in joy that will spread to fill your life. To work well with others while creating harmony, remember the following — “I am, first of all, God’s best friend. Therefore, I am become my own best friend. Here I am, Father. I am Your best friend. I am my own best friend. I am aware.” Always scout ahead for initiations on the path. As you free yourself, you free all on your lines, and your Father. You live in constant friction and discontent when you are afraid of not having your own way. Keep yourself and every line of every faculty plugged in while always working on all details. — Edna Lister, September 17, 1958.

Again I urge you to understand lack of attention to details. You do not understand how your lack of attention to details hurts your progress, inner and outer. What you do at home, you unconsciously do at work; a good habit is good, but the not so good destroys your chances of promotion. You have no time for trying, but must do it. Stand in the middle of the room and observe every detail of it. You are and will remain on trial in your initiations because you played among the fleshpots of Egypt for many lives, and are paying now. “I am the Almighty God. Walk before Me, and be thou perfect.” — Genesis 17:1. You must be perfect. You do a good job, but not perfectly. Any lack of attention is a lack of consideration.

You do not yet observe well. Do not sink into the body, but fill the body with Light and your soul. Then ascend in consciousness and observe. Your mind holds many departments, but you can switch plans under the Light when needed. Wherever you pay more than one degree of attention, there you will see healing. You are ready for the all-out wished-for physical polishing of the body to clear up past selfish crystallization. How can you surrender first to Light, then forget what you are to do next? Why do you forget? You say you have so much to remember. Do not fill your conscious mind with clutter; refresh your mind and your memory will improve. I spend no time weeping because I cannot find time to write my book on prayer. To relieve the tension of conscious mind, I interest my subconscious by reading while remaining conscious of God. I engage my body cells and subconscious mind by reading.

You do not receive credits for service on demands you make of others. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” — Matthew 7:20. The fruits are your works. People will like you because you are gracious, kind and courteous. You will be loved because of, not in spite of a sharp voice, which marks a lack of courtesy. Never allow self to use your voice for recrimination. Details will become automatic when you truly start paying attention. Good intentions when praying will no longer do. Being sorry and repentant is not enough for God. It is a step in the ladder, but not a point of pride or a resting place. — Edna Lister, September 21, 1958.

Power will not tolerate its own misuse, or it becomes pure force that will turn and rend you. The instant you use the pronoun “I” in demands on Power, you separate Power from Mind and Substance, and it goes forth as force. Use the imperative verb, “Let.” instead. We stress surrender of self, acceptance of everything and everyone as good, and being nonresistance in action. When you use the outer world as an excuse for not ascending, you are lazy, lukewarm and indifferent. You get lazy when you miss an opportunity for illumination, a chance to ascend on a challenge from the outer world.

Judgmental criticism is a form of forcing your will. God is not asking whether you approve of others. He judges only you, as you are expressing. Using force turns off the Power, which causes nervous problems. Every atom and cell in the body is a light bulb. A nervous collapse grows from an escape complex, which is a deliberate turning from the Light, and an advanced form of egotism. The secret of an ascended body is loving enough to cause the life sparks to vibrate in the electrons, atoms, molecules, and cells with the same fundamental universal original number and name vibration. To endure as love is all you need, never asking why, just “I accept.” Stand and endure as love now. “I accept” is most important. “I arise. I forgive. Let there be Light. This is good.” — Edna Lister, September 25, 1958.

You can ascend from your body to the heights in consciousness, yet you must return to the world. You are only as great as your capacity to serve. Each of us descended to serve. As soon as you want to be served, law brings you up short. Only as a servant of the Father are you free of bondage to selfish emotions. Let’s listen to the boys upstairs (your Guards) instead of the “little me” below.

When you follow God’s blueprint for you, all lesser patterns and designs for your life fall into their proper places. Life is like a treasure hunt. You hunt for the treasures, yet all the best gifts are right at hand. No treasures are as great as God’s. Light, His life-substance itself, is the treasure of Spirit. God’s law is a slide-rule, a divining rod to find your way back to Him. You are being trained to take your place in the Courts of Heaven. You must practice courtly ways and demeanor to lift and guide others.

To accept means “to consent to receive, agreement, an atonement, to agree to the terms of.” God’s terms are “This is good. Let there be Light” You can always say, “I believe. Help Thou mine unbelief.” To excuse means “to vindicate, to be relieved from an obligation.” Never excuse yourself for neglect, offense, failure, or except your self from responsibility. To justify is to defend your self, but truth needs no defense. The law needs no defense, for it stands on truth. Steadfastness proves a truth. To qualify means “to explain why, to point out.” Your self supposes that the other misunderstood you or disagreed, yet you must rebalance the other fellow’s estimation. Remember, an active application of the law of nonresistance is “How wonderful it is to hold my tongue.” As a result of this law, you live in peace and give peace.

God is all that is and you can see Him everywhere, in everything that enters your life. This requires purity of heart, mind and purpose and no idle words anytime. If what comes to you seems imperfect, but you remember that you can see only God everywhere, then you can see only good. As the Holy Breath moves through, you exhale it as pure Light, perfect and uncolored, yet to avoid clouding the Holy Breath, declare it good in your consciousness. Just be completely silent and lift. Do not criticize. Most people instruct too much verbally, and in a critical way. If you are really in love with God, you send the Holy Breath forth as perfectly as you breathe it, and can expect miracles. Charity starts with you. Each morning, make a mental picture of what you want to become. See yourself as pure, perfect and holy. This eliminates being merely human, growing older, and any excuses for the self. — Edna Lister, October 9, 1958.

Honor God with all your heart, mind and soul. How does God like His creation in you? Do you picture yourself as able to do all things, rise to all situations and always love God? Does your love spill out to heal and bless all who come near you? Will you be equal to releasing the Power and Light under every circumstance in your life?

If others miss the mark in their intentions, see them matching their hearts’ intentions, and know they will measure up later. God does not give up on anyone. This is how you can see others as God sees you. Every time you lift a soul taint, you lift a veil of illusion and open the way to illumination. Soul taints create physical crystallization. Living by the honor of God and desiring to become pure immediately releases the Power and Light through you, which melts and dissolves crystallization you may have had for many ages. You must slough this and lift it. Disease is often simply a form of cleansing. In ascension, to slough taints in illness is a quick way of freeing yourself for the final loosening, unless you settle down in self-pity or despair. Make illness a gift to the Father as you cleanse the taints in your desire body.

If someone irritates you, something in your own mind needs lifting and cleansing; otherwise, he would not bother you. Your irritation needs cleaning, not the other person. See him as God does, then you can see only good. Lift him and let the Light pour through him from above. Your strength of devotion measures how much you can heal. Your breath is filled with life sparks; if you send it forth as hate, it takes some bestial form to turn and bite you. If you ascend high enough, you will experience a great burst of illumination. You are never free until you have moved into the crown center and are worshiping God night and day. — Edna Lister, October 9, 1958.

The curse of the world is wool-gathering thoughts instead of looking up in consciousness. Train the subconscious to overcome doubts, fears, self-pity and pride. Use your burning desire, and flaming imagination on everything. Only these faculties will hold you steadfastly on course. — Edna Lister, October 12, 1958.

You must have the burning desire to be perfect, or God will have to cut the Power off to protect your body. You must conquer your self, to be with the Master and the Father constantly. Yesterday’s best is not good enough for today, nor today’s for tomorrow. Your attention to details controls your rate of conquering, and you find success in the application of what you know to everything you do. You must rid your consciousness of old blemishes and taints, or you will have to start conquering over again. Conquering self is like climbing a greased pole. If you let yourself go for even a day, one slip and you are in the mud on the bottom.

Do not fail your ideal. The voice of conscience within tells you when you have failed, or when you are listening to God. Listen to God on the vibration of Mind. You cannot avoid hearing if you listen. Self-satisfaction is the curse of the world. God would not ask perfection of you if He had not capacitated you to be perfect. It is a matter of choice. Who is ruling your life? Who is taking you where, little me into darkness, or I AM into glory? Make up your mind. Show the world the quality of your rule over self. Rule self with a rod of iron. Life is hard only when you are asking or demanding for the self. When you excuse yourself, you are fighting God. Watch your tone of voice. Eliminate the nagging. Make yours the voice of God’s sweetest angel for three months and you will have conquered. — Edna Lister, October 13, 1958.

Control is but the first step in conquering self, and it begins with bridling the tongue. — Edna Lister, Eight Great Powers of Being, October 18, 1958.

To admit a problem is to admit loss of contact with the Source, which holds enough Power to solve any problem. You would never admit a problem if you really desired to lift your share of world problems. To hesitate before lifting and ask, “Does this belong to me?” is self. Lifting everything is a Master’s responsibility, yet you do not necessarily accept what you must lift as your personal taint, flaw, sin, or wrong word or action, but as yours to lift. If you protest against your responsibility for lifting, you are telling God to go to blazes with His problems. Questioning, to help another understand and answer his own questions, comes under the Socratic method: “What did you mean? What did it mean to you? What do you think? Please explain it to me. I am not sure that I understand. Can you make it clearer?” In this way, you lift another by helping him arrive at the answers he needs.

Have you declared everything good from morning to night? Any word you utter that does not express responsibility and love for God and His creation is less than your best. If you are honest, you will admit this. Otherwise you credit the little self with just what it has earned. It is yours, no matter who else seems blameworthy. Selfishness checkers the soul like moths chewing a wool sweater. Every time you exalt the self, you allow a moth to chew on you.

Place your worst favorite where he belongs under law. You cannot push him down. You see God as good, so declare the other fellow good. His Guards, who want to see him good, pour Power through on your declaration. Never waste time looking for results. Go about your business and love God. Having done all, stand. The “all” is how much you love God. Stand with Him to see those in trouble. The Father raises His hands and Lights flash to surround those for whom you pray.

Self-exaltation is a lack of the love of God. I have always endeavored to get you to love God enough. God sends the Power through you according to your holding degree, which is our lowest point. You must love God enough to free the world of you. It doubles your responsibility to know too much about a person’s troubles, and does them no good to endlessly recreate their stories of woe. Instead, neutralize their thought processes through Light. See their troubles only to lift. Do not even analyze your own troubles overmuch. — Edna Lister, October 20, 1958.

An intellectual student, who thinks he knows so much, says, “I have prayed, and nothing happened.” The Father says, “You have not yet turned on enough heat.” You can have any degree of heat under your prayer and the result is according to that degree. God answers prayer only when it’s white-hot. The intellectual student stumbles over personality [God as Father], which satisfies the devotional nature, but not necessarily the mental-intellectual.

To “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” — Matthew 6:33, means “I accept, and ascend into the Light this minute.” Do not spend 90 percent of your time climbing back. Stay up in consciousness. When your vibration falls, you tend to descend. When you love God enough everything shall be added. To “Agree with thine adversary quickly” — Matthew 5:25, means that if anything on the outside offends you, lift it and agree with God that it is good. “What is that to thee? Follow thou me” — John 21:22, says that every time you criticize another, you pay half his debt plus your own. Constantly lift the self the other fellow misuses, if you dare to think he is not living the law. To “Abstain from the appearance of evil” — 1 Thessalonians 5:22, means do not use idle words, for you will have to eat them. “I, if I be lifted up will draw all men unto me” — John 12:32, tells us to reach out with arms of love. Declare everything that comes to the ones you love is of Light, which protects and heals their bodies. “This is good. Let there be Light” is your reminder that anything of the little self fogs our heavenly vision, and you cannot see with the mystic eye. — Edna Lister, October 21, 1958.

When you have used idle words, say, “Father, forgive me. I will gather these misused life sparks.” Your inability to accept is your biggest stumbling block in ascension. Do not ask, “Did I sin? What law have I broken?” Just accept, repent and the Father will write what laws you have broken in words of fire before you. Do not make a fetish of your dreams. When you do not dream, you are going about your own business. If you return from sleep with fear, your subconscious has found something buried. You forget many illuminations. When you forget, you are letting the photographic memory cells become fogged. When you teach law, you become responsible for lifting the debts of all those whom you teach. When you act as a human being, not divine, you can ruin any number of men. Death is the highest degree of the Love ray. Only love can change a form or coax a soul from the body. A soul hangs onto an old sick body only because it is unloving or unable to accept the idea of change. When you cleanse the appetitive soul, you do not know you are good, but that you love God and that God is. You simply become one with God and conscious of Him only, not of self. — Edna Lister, October 23, 1958.

Your capacity to love is unlimited, and nothing is impossible with God. Love cures all ills. Someday we shall regenerate amputated limbs. God did not give a salamander greater ability than He gave His sons and daughters. We already graft and transplant the impossible — eyes, organs, limbs. Medicine, science and God are all one. — Edna Lister, October 26, 1958.

When you look to the past and judge by yesterday’s opinions and prejudices, you look back like Lot’s wife did. She turned to salt instantly. Salt, in this instance, represents the crystallization of illumination.

Man’s resistance “kills” him and blocks his immortality. Resistance causes your body to push 14.7 psi, so no wonder people are tired at night. All illness results from collapsed atoms. The physical body contains 3.72 trillion cells. The atoms within molecules are the pure essence of God’s Power. He created your body to appropriate atoms from air and incorporate them into itself. Cells respond when you name them good — they turn back to to the Light and ascend. The solar plexus is the appetitive soul brain that appropriates the right number of atoms you need to breathe throughout the body. God gave you the perfect equipment, but a 20-year-old body is a matter of choice. You can have a burning desire, but it is another thing to act as if you had it.

“The Lord, He it is that doth go before thee; He will be with thee, He will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.” — Deuteronomy 31:8. The Spirit of the Lord goes before you to provide for tomorrow’s needs. Cultivate a burning desire for perfection, be aware, remember your sun center of Light and carry it with you all day. Remember to decree and declare the Love of God and living perfection before you go to sleep at night. A declaration at night sets the stage and gives the greatest strength to bodies, buildings, situations for following day. Preface your declarations with “Let there be” or “Let it be so.” Build a sun center in your office, home, over your chair, and near the doors your children use. Put one everywhere you will be.

Ninety percent of divorces are due to the tone of voice of one or both partners. When you speak the Word, it has Light, color, tone, number and form, which is name. You cannot ascend until you accept the law that you must surrender and sacrifice self. God will give you everything you need but you must work for your own salvation. You achieve the higher degrees of initiation on silence. The requisites are giving compassion, and understanding to the world. Charity begins at home. — Edna Lister, October 30, 1958.

The roots of self go deep and spread wide. You may desire greater understanding on earth, but will find it nowhere but up in consciousness. You may want to take the fifth amendment and not admit it is time to accept your full heritage. Your responsibility is to be dignified under all experiences and never allow anyone to think he has marred your serenity, although you may feel an explosion within. — Edna Lister, November 3, 1958.

You shall not control, but shall conquer by lifting all to the Light to be cleansed and purified. — Edna Lister, Ten Commandments and Beatitudes, November 4, 1958.

Loving the life sparks is the law of forgiveness. Therefore, love the life sparks of those who need lifting. Declare, “According to my love I am healed. According to my love do I lift another.” — Edna Lister, November 6, 1958.

Use no rationalization, period, only analysis. Pin every negative word on the wall and analytically trace it to its source in a negative emotion. Thus, you may uncover taints of deep-seated fear that would hinder your ascension. Some souls want to escape responsibility. They think that if they do nothing, they cannot do wrong, nor could another find fault or criticize them. Doing nothing is a choice aligned with repudiation of personal responsibility. The do-nothing souls believe they will lose nothing except time, which too often is the greatest loss of all. Remember, what starts as but a shadow becomes a huge anchor to earth preventing ascension. — Edna Lister, November 7, 1958.

Remember the laws you have chosen for ascension, and new Light will vitalize the law for you. You may think of law as cut and dried, but law is eternally youthful. Nothing about law is old: It is living, vitalized and quickened, and every breath you draw releases brand-new Power. You can sit in a stuffy room, think “up” and the Holy Breath will vitalize and quicken until you are no longer conscious of foul air. — Edna Lister, November 9, 1958.

If you try to delve into tomorrow for answers, you use nervous and creative energy, which can shorten your life. Idle speculation is wrong. God has made law to hold universes and bring us all back home. The whole process of ascension is to know and live the laws as they are. Unfortunately, a difference exists between your desire to be perfect and your desire to practice the laws perfectly.

You are ascending whether you want to or not, and your Father’s house is the only final destination. You must wear your own shoes for the journey because you could not wear anyone else’s. The place you occupy may not be the place God intended for you by this time, but it is the place you have made. You create your life, unless you turn to devil worship, which is the belief that some devil has made the place you occupy. Any darkness that comes to you is your share for lifting, so don’t stop to ask why. When you say, “Here it is, Father,” it is no longer yours.

Your keynote is “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me” — John 12:32. All the Light of your Oversoul star goes before you according to the pathway you choose to declare for it, and the pattern of protection your words give it. You are in control of your life. The law is, Seek first the Kingdom of Light. You may at times wonder where God is, but this is just more negativity that wants to be lifted. Use logic, reason, discernment, discrimination and discretion in all your words, otherwise weak puerile emotional rationalization will result. — Edna Lister, November 10, 1958.

Draw your lines of responsibility and contact in and lift them all into Light. The people you lift this way may think they are turning in the opposite direction, but they are only backing up an escalator. If you set your subconscious in a certain prayer direction before bed, it will pray that way all night. When a group sets a specific prayer direction, each one’s part in prayer continues and touches its destination.

Never ask anyone to do for you what you have not done first for yourself. To become law is the goal. — Edna Lister, November 11, 1958.

Lift as much force from the past as possible, but do not ask why or seek causes. Why is an unconscious rebellion, resentment, desire to escape responsibility, or the lack of responsibility for your own creations. Why always expresses a hope that someone else is at fault. Self-blame can be involved and it takes you down the greased pole. {A greased pole is a pole covered with an oily substance to make it more difficult to climb or walk along, used especially as a form of entertainment; used to refer to the difficult route to the top of someone’s profession. Benjamin Disraeli is said to have asserted ‘I have climbed to the top of the greasy pole’ on becoming Prime Minister. (Encyclopedia.com)}

Rationalization is based on emotion. Analysis, however, is based on logic, reason, discernment, discrimination and, discretion. Pin a problem up on the wall, as you would a large map, then think with God to get the right perspective. This is using the mind that was in Christ Jesus for analysis. The answer to the problem will appear. Use your faculties of logic, reason, discernment discrimination, and discretion. Light fills you and the problem, making it impersonal. You induct information from the outside, using your five senses, but you must lift the senses as you ascend. As you clean out self, you refine the five senses, providing greater illumination. If you have not ascended in consciousness, but let the five senses induct data from the world mind, it upsets you in the solar plexus. You earn protection from the world by being responsible for keeping the heavenly flood gates of Light open.

Power descends through your crown to shine before you as Light. No river has two streams flowing in opposite directions, so, when Power descends through the crown, it cannot simultaneously enter the solar plexus from below. The magnetic currents of earth arise through the soles of your feet to meet the descending Light at the solar plexus. The medulla oblongata is the seat of memories of past lives. The solar plexus is the seat of subconscious memories of your present life. As you raise the creative fire by desire mated to will, the nerves in the sacrum plexus awaken first, and you begin to draw the five senses upward. Just before the nerves come together and cross [at the decussation of the pyramidal tracts in the medulla], you reach a gray place in consciousness and no longer seem to enjoy life. Pay no attention, because the creative fire then enters the midbrain and waters it. Light falls on the brain cells and you have a sunburst.

Selfishness is a sedative to the soul and self hates any vibration that disturbs it. Send Light to chase any dark cloud of negativity or misused substance, and lift it into the Light to absorb it. The River of Life goes before you making your way easy and clear. Your armor of Light absorbs anything before it can touch you. You can go any place on one simple statement, “Lord, don’t let me miss a detail today.” — Edna Lister, November 13, 1958.

Slang says “Listen up” to get people to pay attention. You must occasionally listen up for God, a few seconds at a time, to generate the vibration that gathers new ideas from the River of Life under divine law, to settle on your brain cells. Pondering, watching, asking for and preparing yourself to receive opens a new channel of Light, a new wavelength, as it were, over which the information can be given. The River of Life contains all possible wave lengths. Always hold to your high point of contemplation. The sign of the one who has ascended in consciousness to become the Three-in-One is alert awareness and an approachable presence. You do not need to sit for hours watching, but always let a high part of you be watching and waiting upon the Lord in the high place. — Edna Lister, November 14, 1958.

When you completely surrender to God, He asks you to see the negatives as good. When you let the Master look through your eyes, Light absorbs darkness — nothing dark is left to see. Every dark cloud you have created but not lifted creates a thought form. Rebellion results when you fail to put grief and resentment on the altar. There is great strength in humility and admitting you are wrong. — Edna Lister, November 24, 1958.

You cannot divide the little self from itself, or it crucifies your soul. The little self wants to be conquered. You must stand, hold and believe for your loved ones. Those who say God cannot grieve, know very little about God. Stand on truth, and let no one push you from that firm foundation. Love your place and position. They cannot make you great, although you can be great. On the Mount of Transfiguration you are held in your place, and in the River of Life. You have ascended above the River of Life, slowed and churned by the world mind, as it flows through the masses. If you step into the river’s turbulence, it shakes you with an inner conflict called nervousness, a sign that you are up to the ankles in the mass mind.

As fast as God cleanses one portion of earth’s darkness, the masses recreate it, but He will work one day longer than they can create darkness. “Go ahead and lift it,” I say, “for I will be there one day longer to create love for You, Father.” Love is worthy unless it is a self-centered love. Nothing and no one can hide from God.

Pomegranates are a delicious fruit and good for you, too. Hebrew mystics teach that the pomegranate has 613 seeds, representing the 613 laws found in the Pentateuch. To the pioneering mystic, the pomegranate represents the complete life of God contained within the universe. — Edna Lister, December 1, 1958.

You must eventually bridge the abyss and contact the kingdom of heaven. Every soul has a right to live by the laws in his life, but not to force his way on others. You are the Power you are releasing plus the Power released by the prayers of everyone else in the room and anyone who is praying for the same outcome. To ascend in consciousness to your Oversoul star you must really believe in it. You can do this while part of you remains here. You can suffer physically while you are in this form. To be healed, pray for everyone on earth to be healed of any affliction you experience. — Edna Lister, December 4, 1958.

Only truth stands the test of time. The “not truth” falls of its own weight given plenty of time. For the pure of heart, the delicate key is to hold a high point of consciousness while looking into the face of evil and still to declare it perfect. Put no burden on the practitioner of evil that he is incapacitated to bear. For example, to leave your purse or billfold visible is to tempt a lawless one to theft, which he lacks the capacity to conquer at present.

Use a just appraisal, not to judge anyone or anything unrighteously, but judging based on fact and law. A glance should reveal which aspects to recognize as pertinent and which to ignore. You have tools, such as intuition or spiritual insight, but it takes the mental faculties such as discernment, discrimination, and discretion to apply intuition. — Edna Lister, December 5, 1958.

The law is that you make your highest vow at your weakest point. They register your vows at that altar where you have the power to make your vow, which is at your weakest point. The vow of silence is most important; you must never break it. Students and teachers alike can destroy themselves by breaking their vows of silence. — Edna Lister, December 7, 1958.

Remember, “Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.” — Hebrews 12:6. “He that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” — Matthew 23:11. Add to these laws “He who becomes the servant of all and takes blame, that one the Father will find ready when the world is about to be splintered by evil” because he can withstand a shot of Power strong enough to save a vibration; no one else could withstand it. Whom the Lord loves, He depends upon to be and to do His will. — Edna Lister, December 8, 1958.

A shift in focus, quality, and intensity separates the lesser and higher degrees of ascension — the Neophyte, Disciple and Adept are separated at the fourth or Mystic Degree, from the higher degrees of the Master, Priest and Christos. So, appraising the qualities of an embodied soul is often difficult. In one sense, all souls are equal — all are of the one God and have equal rights to advance. However, further equality depends on the soul’s choices. If the soul chooses the high road of ascension, that is barely the first step. Then comes action, the progress of choosing the right, the hard climb. So you cannot appraise, at a glance, the capacity for choice.

However, the mediator-oracle holds the power of innocence and purity to look through the appearance into the soul, which is of the same substance in every degree, high and low. You must give each soul the same understanding, opportunity, and consideration without regard to its dwelling or type of outer sheath. This does not mean that you may be gullible. Always use a proper outer appraisal regarding the truth, not only of appearances, but in the soul’s ability to express. Then accept your responsibility to appraise higher or lesser degrees accurately, not expecting too much of the higher degrees or too little of the lower degrees. You cannot judge how long it will take the student to hear, accept and obey, yet inevitably, you will become ever more expert, compassionate, and understanding.

Above all, allow nothing to disturb you to the point of expecting too much too soon, which will always degenerate into unconscious demands. Be sure to outline the differences in the quality and quantity of the love a soul expresses, for only love can be the key to wisdom. Remember that acceptance is the first step, application to and practice of are the second and third steps. Stand firm in the Light, upholding law. Demand no credits to self for doing and lifting, no demands on anyone to become. Loose them and let them go on the outer. Lift and hold them high on the inner. — Edna Lister, December 12, 1958.

Your love always moves out to those on your lines of Light. When they fall into the dust, you are there to lift them again and give them new robes of your love. This is the love of God in operation, and is why you must love those who revile you and forgive them seventy times seven. — Edna Lister, December 14, 1958.

The law is “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” — James 1:5-8. It would pay you to put that on a card and keep it with you until you conquer your self.

Your self-congratulatory negative statements are just as bad as dope for your soul as an alcoholic’s drinking is for her body. You disobey all the Crown Laws when you say, “I cannot help it because I am in the business world where it happens all the time.” You know the law back and forth, up and down, in and out. Leaning on business cares is an excuse. The business world is your teacher, your lesson for conquering, period. The root of self-pity causes you to dope yourself with such excuses, to tear down everything in one moment’s self-indulgence. I can only point it out.

These lapses are brief, lasting sometimes moments, sometimes hours. You pay no attention, without taking any responsibility in head or heart that you have disrupted all lines with just one sentence. You use many words about loving — underscore that and study it, for words are utterly useless and wiped out with one negative statement. Words mean nothing. Your “sentimentality” is just words to cover your selfishness. Perhaps you will heed the absolute truth. It is certainly in your lap. Do it or not. Do not say that you are lonely and cannot conquer. All heaven surrounds you. You have more friends and glories than the average person. You have your family.

This may be the greatest message you will ever receive, for it releases the Power for your achievement and conquering. You can misuse it, or apply it where it is needed. It is well that you review this repeatedly for it to sink in. The kingdom of heaven includes all earth. People naturally, casually separate them, even as they separate God and business — that is the world. Yet no separation really exists. The earth and business are as much in God as you are in the kingdom here. If I have a wish granted, it will be that you once and for all recognize the oneness of all, and that you are in heaven now.

We are creator gods, born with the equipment and abilities to become creators. We must choose whom we will serve, self or God. Unconsciously, we know this on earth. Think about it. We never ask when or why, we just serve. — Edna Lister, December 15, 1958.

When some souls get in sight of the pearl of great price, they feel cheated and miss it. Feeling cheated includes pride and arrogance. You can work this out, but not when you think life has cheated you. Some blame God, their spouse, or life. They see no difference between blaming a person and blaming the Light. Therefore, they are blameless in their own mind. To declare, “I am a perfectionist,” in principle, says, “I am greater than God.” Say instead, “I desire to be perfect, to live by God's laws.”

To be a perfectionist, one would first have to be perfect. Who can cast the first stone? A perfect soul would be set apart, adorned with wings and left all alone. You can say, “Every day my desire is more perfect.” A perfectionist carries pride, arrogance and intolerance into the present life with a subconscious desire to cover up these taints from soul. You must be conscious of what is in the subconscious, so declare, “I desire know the content of my subconscious mind and I accept as mine all that it contains.”

“I observe” means to watch that first downward trend. Be on the job, not found wanting under sudden stress. Trials by fire still surprise you. Yet if you review the test, you know that had you been thinking clearly you would not have been there. What do you observe? Law: Act as if each thing that comes to you has a law hidden in the wrappings. “Let your communications be as yea, yea or nay, nay” or hold silence for a moment until you can observe. Better to be eternally on watch for the stumbling-block in your path than to praise God on your face. Look up over stinkers, or you think you are almost perfect. Ask God to keep your feet lifted, but you also look down and observe.

Speak the Word in complete love. Observe and be loving in all statements, using no harsh words. “I observe” means I heed, I obey, I love. Never say, “I think this is so,” but, “I wonder if it is,” because “I think” can lead to a swelled head and loss of soul vision. — Edna Lister, December 15, 1958.

Every family group has at least one black sheep, one who must lift the fallen and train them to have no pride of self. The rest of the family want nothing to do with reforming the self, so they disapprove of the so-called black sheep. They descend in consciousness because they have lived that way so long. They have forgotten the Light but feel comfortable with each other. People think they love God but are only talking about loving God. When you really love Him, you cannot fall back. When you become part of the law, you do not talk about it. When you are part of the kingdom of heaven, you do not talk about it. You are not talking about self when you are loving God. When you are conscious of your relationship with Him, you are just talking about Him.

When you are high in consciousness, only God is there, no self; this means declaring, “This is good. Let there be Light.” You are not high in consciousness if you are thinking about descending. If you must bite your teeth to hold your tongue, you are living below the belt. When you are just talking, you are making demands. Loose them and let them go on the outer. Lift and hold on the inner. Watch for “I” and “me” as the contrast of your relationship with the world and with family. You are not up in consciousness, but down in the basement. Self-will falls of its own weight. Truth and love will stand the test of time. Evil darkness consumes itself, even the cells of the body. Love feeds upon itself and expands and grows.

To get peace, you must overcome your conflicting thoughts. Compassion is a trinity of peace, patience and love. You do not use compassion, but it uses you. The truth of reality may sharply differ from the truth of appearances. Declare, “I become the law of love.” You must choose this always, not only when you are loving God or are praying. You do not descend in consciousness, but come forth from the silence to use the law of love. Compare yourself with Jesus the Christ, as he is today, 2,000 years later. The Light is above, so up is the only place you can go. There is no barrier to get full comprehension here. Do not worry about whether you understand. Just love God. — Edna Lister, December 18, 1958.

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Conquering Self 1959

God’s wisdom is a compassion beyond understanding, apprehension or comprehension. It contains all elements needed to place the human consciousness on the path toward our ultimate good, God. All outer manifestation partakes of the qualities of our Maker in some form or another inherently, for without this, no manifestation could exist. The same divine wisdom and compassion must direct the glorious perfection toward which we all strive. The all-knowing Mind knows what it demands: The sacrifices, the giving up, the harshness, the pain — all caused by the rule of self. Yet herein lies a great secret: The ultimate in compassion has the quality of the ultimate in strength to stick to its divine purpose of lifting each creation back to the Source, despite any obstacle that it encounters. — Edna Lister, January 25, 1959.

Being so sublimely positive that you are right is a wonderful feeling. However, it can be regression into selfishness, bigotry, pride, self exaltation, etc. — Edna Lister, January 29, 1959.

Acceptance: You may never excuse, justify or explain self, above or below; your answer is always, “I accept.”

Observation: Pay attention to all things always. Stand on your high point of observation to do this. Observation is a form of expansion of consciousness. Observe to avoid blunders, to plan the efficient perfect way, then move in and do. There is no small thing. Everything is great. Nothing is too small for your heart or eye to see and lift. If it is not right for all of the world to do all of the time, it is not right for me to do anytime. You cannot go to heaven over broken hearts or backs. You are responsible for all about you. If you break one law, you break them all.

Obedience: Instant obedience requires application of all law on every new situation. Use logic, reason, discretion, discrimination and discernment constantly. You may use all mental faculties when you are up in consciousness. Your brain cells alone cannot do it. At the time of a test, lash the self into obedience. Do not merely go off and pray about it. “I accept, I arise, I ascend” will get you there.

Everything is a detail. Keep all lines of Light up always. Details interlock, like a chain-link fence. When you drop lines of responsibility, the dry rot of lukewarmness and indifference sets in. When you leave details undone, you destroy glands in your head.

Surrender so that all Power may use you now. You really are a Power plant for the Light. Sacrifice: Let all Power use you now and always. Only sacrifice can ascend you. — Edna Lister, January 29, 1959.

When you see with soul vision, as a Christed One, you may see for analysis, yet you may see no evil. — Edna Lister, February 5, 1959.

All principles known or indicated are the result of careful thought and preparation. One principle hinges on another, and using one without involving the whole or parts of all the others is virtually impossible. Teachers are constantly searching for new ways to state and present such principles as law, which the masses can use and digest. To them, law is a useless thing to be lived within only because one must, to be avoided or ignored when one can get away with it. Of course, no such thing is possible.

You must explain law, its foundation and meaning and why we must obey it. In explaining why obeying law is essential and in the student’s best interest, use examples of disobedience. Simply put, you cannot get away with disobedience any more than you can fire a rifle without recoil. Every action is followed by a reaction. Watch out; make sure your aim is true and the reaction will also be right.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; as the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.” — Psalm 133. The law of God is precious ointment. To live within the law is to dwell in the Garden of Eden where all things are beautiful and lovely beyond compare. Precious is the Light that comes from God. It is the law and fulfills all law automatically. Bless God, for the law is good. No words describe it.

Obedience in all things is the first principle. Through it we open the Gates to fulfillment of all other laws. Even love cannot be without involving the first principle of obedience, to obey God and live. The second principle is justice. It emanates from the innermost Mind of the Supreme Father, who is the supreme judge of all actions and things. Perfection dwells within justice, for to measure the exactitude of action requires knowledge of all things, and this is possible for Him from Whom no secrets are hid. Perfect knowledge is a prerequisite for perfect justice. Thus, earth law is a mockery at times, since it must guess the truth. True justice is a blinding white flash of all knowledge brought to bear on a single act. Its revealing light illumines and lifts everything for all to see and examine. Justice is almost easy when such Light is present. — Edna Lister, February 8, 1959.

When your words or acts involve others in blame, doubts or questions, you must make it right for them, as nearly as possible. Once you make a mistake public, you cannot cover it. If bringing it up again, to acknowledge it, causes hurt, you must bear this personal pain and grief, and take it up to God in repentance. To make public confession requires that you be strong enough to hold the others in love, until the record is wiped white as snow. Self, seeking to hide from the full consequences of its actions, seeking release from responsibility for words and acts, especially from blame, does not want to confess or pray to lift those who witnessed the mistake.

Live high enough to be up in consciousness always. A mistake is only slight regression caused by having already descended from the heights. To fall into intellect is regression. Anything can happen from that moment of being unaware. The “I” takes over and you can see and hear nothing. — Edna Lister, February 16, 1959.

Law is exact and only harsh when you have turned your back on it in pity for the self as having too many burdens. You have only gifts of many types of service to give freely to the Father. There are no problems, only those adequate to solve a problem and those too lazy, mentally or spiritually, to solve a problem. When you are inadequate to solving a situation, then you are not reaching high enough when the problem is presented. Always move up one step in consciousness when a problem is presented.

Every problem that has ever been presented on earth has enfolded its own answer. Often you throw that answer away with the wrappings. To hate having a call made on your time or effort throws the answer away as hate. To pity the self for being given “too many lesson-problems,” consumes the answer in one swallow. To move up in consciousness when a problem knocks at the door, to reach for love, for joy, for glory gives the problem’s answer full visibility. Each problem is a promotion in the kingdom. Problems are the new, strong links in your chain of life. They are a source of new strength and unfailing courage and unconquerable faith.

Make a full sacrifice of sentimental attitudes and approaches to life, a gift of joyous love to the Father. Do not pray for more of what you have always had: Power to draw on, strength, courage, joy, love, life and glory. Waste no time praying for them. To beg for more strength is but telling God that He must be responsible for anything that happens in your life while you enjoy self awhile longer. Use what you have. Pray for increased capacity to burn with desire and use in lavish measure all you have of love and wisdom in balance as joy. — Edna Lister, February 23, 1959.

You can tell how great is the darkness gathered in one place by the destruction going on there. All delays are caused by Power released indifferently by the so-called good people, which evil turns into force. To do nothing about evil is a curse. Prayers are the greatest aid to Light, for they release Power that can destroy darkness and those whom the evil ones can touch. The evil ones stay far away from those who pray, but the “good” people who pray find everything delayed. Every struggle the Elect make to overcome delays and frustrations will release tenfold Power of love to absorb evil. — Edna Lister, March 23, 1959.

Many souls have been called, yet so few have chosen the selfless way of the Elect. “Forget it. I didn’t mean it,” and the self has won another round. Let the love of God use you as you face your fellow man, and be compassion. When a lesson is well learned, you advance to another grade, which means promotion in success and money. Keep the vibration high on this matter. To make notes of the greatest of your learned lessons at this present post, how it has affected you personally, your family life, and relationship to God would be wise. To state in writing the good resulting from each episode will clarify your thinking, precisely order your emotions, and organize what you know to use in what you will do.

Law is exact and love is greater in Power than the greatest atomic device earth can produce. For the atom and the quantity of atoms they produce is nothing compared with the Source of Power, which is love lived as faith. Close out the lesser things for the greater. Think not of self. Think as the power of love, as supreme faith, as a supreme creator in action. Thus you may call on the Power of God, who will double the quantity and quality of your creations. — Edna Lister, March 26, 1959.

You must declare it good for all to see the Light and the reason for another person’s actions, but you must do the work. If you call them good, no matter how faulty, you create an opening for Light, sometimes enough for them to see it. Then you can both see to lift. Calling a person or situation “good and very good” makes the life sparks respond to God. — Edna Lister, March 31, 1959.

The Law is Light. In dealing with darkness then, you find a perversion or an absence of law. Unless the medium of transmission is perfect, how can you perfectly transmit the Light? Once in space, Light cannot be stopped. It travels into every interstice of space, except where darkness blocks it. In such places, law transforms it automatically into a magnetic wall, which the darkness cannot penetrate. — Edna Lister, April 3, 1959.

Blessed is the Light of the law. It flows forth like a rain of Light to bless all with its controlling influence. Let the law be your guide if you want to live. The first law of love is to bear equal love for all, everywhere, regardless of station. The second law is progress as wisdom: You may not stand still in your loving or the love stagnates into ruin. The third law is restraint. You must practice command over the self while loving or self gets out of hand degrading your love into possession. — Edna Lister, April 5, 1959.

When you stand and declare beauty, no power a rational soul can use can set aside your good declarations for him. You witness delay and a corresponding up- and down-ness in his ascension, exactly according to your fluctuations in declaring. The soul you are lifting responds to your every heartbeat after you make a strong stand. — Edna Lister, April 6, 1959.

The first thing to do in a new place is to orient yourself to the cardinal points so that your mind is forever directed north, which represents the Source. Stand on the hub of the wheel of Light radiating from you, and use your hands as pointers, your mind dominating your hands in compass directions. No matter what else the body is doing, your hands can point the true north, south, east and west compass points. To orient your soul, mentally establish the cardinal points so that you can point your fingers in the true compass readings of north, south, east and west, no matter which way you stand. Never let the subconscious mind get away with anything, such as the hands or fingers pointing in a direction not guided by the mind, no matter what you think you are thinking.

If a soul falls back, love him with compassion, but do not criticize or pity him. When criticism controls your consciousness, it becomes a curse. From the creator to creature stage, God allows every soul to sink to the stage compatible with its desire. Each must earn his way back. Law is just, for only what you earn is yours. No one can judge what another needs as experience. Obedience to law is graded higher than lesson-experiences, and the law says you must have compassion for those who fall to maintain your soul’s report card perfectly.

As above, so below. The Council sees every soul’s lights and colors. Sometimes the soul’s words are perfect but his flame of love is imperfect. No one is left out or turned away. The Gates to the Source have opened, but the admission price is surrender of self. If, in answering questions and giving law to the young moves even one point beyond what they can take, it is not legal to give. Hold fast to principle and obey all laws. If you voice laws for another, you are required to obey them perfectly. You are expected to give all the self. The payment for voicing laws you believe others should keep is that you must never again criticize or blame anyone. The greater your knowledge of law, the greater your responsibility to become that law.

When weakness penetrates your body, it means the Power has touched some dark taint of the past. Do not descend then, but ascend. Lie down, but rest up. If you descend, you will feel a sensation of gloom or loss, a sense of desperation, as if you were floundering in deep water, reaching for air. The spark of joy is not put out, but it fades. The eternal arms of Light move with you to uphold. When you ascend, you are aware of God again. You all have this Power equally. The price is to become the laws you mouth, that which you demand of others, and to cease hanging onto another’s coattails, becoming instead the coattails for the world.

Ascension is your choice. If you still hold feelings of self aggrandizement, your physical heart cannot ascend as high as you may wish. God expects your devotion, without criticism or blame, being the law of love, which views everyone compassionately. Is this too hard? Too much to ask? It brings freedom in the end.

You do not yet understand the extent of your sacrifice and service, and still have some taints in consciousness, so be aware of weed-seeds in your appetitive soul. Set a guard that the subconscious gets by with nothing. You must be your own judge and executioner. If you fail, the world would pin your ears back in a way God could not. Guard your pearl of great price. — Edna Lister, May 4, 1959.

The Neophyte, Disciple and Adept Degrees deal with Resurrection and self control. The Mystic prays and communes with God. The Master, Priest and Christos Degrees deal with Ascension and soul conquering. — Edna Lister, The Pioneering Mystic, May 5, 1959.

Intellectual discussion is different from spiritual pondering and exchanging ideas about law.

Sometimes an artist must enter the business world to make a living, as the artist S—, who sells paint because he is not aggressive enough to compete in selling his work. You must sell yourself every hour, day and night. I asked him to ponder the main purpose of paint, which is for preservation and protection. It is just as necessary to build a sheath of world protection for cars, houses, etc., as it is to build a sheath for the body. When he understands what paint really is, he can be suitably aggressive. The power within the mustard seed never stops pushing, not out into the world but up into Light.

Those who love you register your subconscious thoughts and impulses as well as your words and deeds. Has God given you dispensation to criticize another? Criticism is your own disposition showing. Can you pray and love God, and simultaneously criticize someone for what he is doing? In doing the best you can, you cannot please everyone. Be cleansed of anything you would not do or say if the Master stood in the room. The fellow who always agrees with you makes a weakling of you.

When you are obedient, you get credits for faithfulness. Each soul is in a different grade. God leaves it to the embodied soul to apply law. Each lives up to his highest desire or puts on dark glasses. Be as perfect as your Father is perfect. What is that to thee? Remove the beam from your own eye. If God is in complete control of you, He will take complete care of you. “Consider the lilies of the field”: They do toil and spin to produce a flower, not for themselves but unselfishly. You interpret according to your desire. You must work out your own salvation. — Edna Lister, May 7, 1959.

Miracles are laws, accelerated to perfect the matter or consciousness in the physical world. Walk softly, speak gently, practice wise silence and golden speech. Do not take time to look back into the past. You have no time to compare with the past. You will have no time to fall backward if you compare yourself with the Father in heaven.

Some people talk about themselves too much. They may be annoying, but it is legal, a form of confession to cleanse the subconscious. Someone must lift for the talker or the one being talked about. They are asleep intellectually. — Edna Lister, May 8, 1959.

In every degree you earn, you receive the credits, even when you break your thousand days of burnt offerings. Patience universal, in a higher sense, waits upon the Lord for fulfillment. No patience is the opposite of impatience. Universal patience is above earth, in the Source of Mind itself. Work for acceptance and endurance of delays as being perfect.

The law to heed is, “Mind your own business.” Unhappy souls are crystallized in consciousness and live on a volcano of selfish desires. They always blame the one who opens their cellar door and will seek any excuse to deny you. As you lift and they move higher, they may claim “I am ahead of you.” Then you know the Light you release is winning.

God uses the diamond drill of Spirit to release the black oil of appetitive soul and bring it to the surface so pure Spirit can enter. One day you will be above the touch of darkness, beyond its hold. When you no longer have a tone in you for darkness to play on, it will be unable to touch you personally. Once you have really conquered self, you hold and are not touched, hurt, bored or impatient.

Those who have had their shells of darkness cracked try to crawl back into their empty shells, but cannot. When they ascend, they are no longer like Humpty-Dumpty. They may hate the Power that cracks their shells. Until love overcomes hate, they feel naked and exposed. Many on your lines of Light have suffered this. God uses their physical and emotional suffering to cleanse them, and makes their crowns and robes from their tears. You must bear with many in Light to save them. You pay the greatest dividends by releasing Power everywhere. — Edna Lister, May 11, 1959.

There are no light words. All words are meaningful. “Oh, I promise,” thrown as a sop to the person who speaks in secrecy is an idle statement. Idle words indicate dry rot that can break out at any moment. Under law, like a copyright, the time of holding a confidence runs out like sand in an hourglass. Then there is no betrayal, just the release of needed knowledge. This is no brief or excuse for idle gossip to feel knowledgeable or to pleasure the little self in describing another’s problems. Above all, let self take no credits for knowing.

When the good of all demands a release of Power under full knowledge, revealing a secret cannot be a betrayal. So, the law is: When another demands secrecy about a confidence he shares, it can be held secret only as long as his honor and love can last. When he uses his love in secrecy, it becomes the world’s property, exactly like a copyright. You must always have enough love stored to cover the demand for secrecy.

You must know evil is there before you can lift its effects completely.

When you pray, keep building pictures of miracles needed. Do not simply tear down the older molds you have built, but lift that soul substance into the eternal fire. You must fulfill every statement you make, and pay for any untruth you speak. Lift your own scattered soul substance each night. When people call you names, just tell them how wonderful they are and how you love them. Declare perfection and the Father will make it perfect. When you have forgiven seventy times seven, you are either crazy or have developed the forgiveness habit.

The Elect are peculiar. They do not like to fight and feel that if they ignore an idea it will disappear. — Edna Lister, May 14, 1959.

You can have spiritual seeing and hearing when you love your neighbor. Extend your seeing and hearing past opinions, prejudices, personality clashes and hurts, past your front steps. This is the only way you can love your enemies. You can increase the power of your prayer with undiluted, completed love that solidly ties your earth to your heaven so they mingle. You know not how great you are or how great is the work done through you. Love is always worthy and lifting. Love is never unworthy, even when it is not returned. Sometime, somewhere, love will enter the heart of the soul who expresses negatively. Those who do not return your love are your teachers in how to love more. You must give love, not cut it off; it burns when it is withdrawn. When you understand what true love is, the world will be a beautiful place.

I was given the principles of love in 1938, as the Declaration of Unquenchable Love. The ritual of speaking them by the power of the Word, opens you to illumination. Love is the healing power. If the whole world would join in Christed love at once, all darkness would cease to exist. God gives you enough love from the Source to hold you, yet not too much. Great Power can destroy you if you fall from the highest joy vibration. Approach God with the deepest consecration and devotion, yearning to be close enough to Him to express what He has to say. Visualizing this contact is very important also. An image in your consciousness becomes soul vision. — Edna Lister, May 17, 1959.

[Edna Lister was a passenger in a car accident June 4, 1958, which smashed her larynx. Doctors told her that she would never speak again, which proved inaccurate.]

You must walk in the world during Transfiguration, the process of changing your outer physical sheath to the mental body. It may bring burning and pain to organs and parts of the body. Reach up and declare that you walk in a transfigured body now. Every time the body hurts, say, “Let this transfiguration be finished, completed and fulfilled now.” Declare this for others, silently if need be, using their names.

Be balanced in your understanding. For example, you may find a perfect evil, a perfect storm, a perfect crime, etc. You are lifting perfect evil into perfect good, which is why you declare that evil is good. All is good and perfect now. When you get the idea of perfect evil, you have it half conquered. The hook of declaring perfection is the way to let the good absorb and convert the evil. Declare your guilt perfect or Light to absorb the guilt. — Edna Lister, May 18, 1959.

By control, you crystallize any emotion that you do not transfigure by conquering. — Edna Lister, Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension, May 19, 1959.

True lifting cannot occur without true understanding. When you lift past lives, you gain full comprehension of the interplay of emotions that have led to the present. — Edna Lister, May 21, 1959.

Spiritual hearing is a matter of alerting every brain cell in the golden bowl, having every nerve opened and pointing upward. Hearing is not hard, but the training is, to get every station, every brain cell, every gland directed as one, faster than light. The rigid training is doubly difficult in this age because it must be self-training, then submitting to soul constantly. Your capacity is limitless.

If you were in a temple where nothing interferes, a few days would suffice to polish your hearing. Yet interpretation would be off 90 percent of the time because of self still claiming hours of attention and not one thing being done to lift darkness from earth. Your training must be even more rigid now, since balancing earth experience with heavenly illumination is necessary. We call it “tying earth to heaven,” lifting it into heaven, not dragging heaven down to touch it. Everything of your past training has been for this one moment in time. You are ready for the polishing. — Edna Lister, May 22, 1959.

Some people confuse humility with acceptance, and have a halfway opinionated idea about humility. The terms are synonymous and have an air of royalty when you accept them perfectly. Humility is viewing everything that comes as good, no matter how dark or unclean. If you have a high idea of your own humility, you have pride instead.

Idealization is the highest point of love you can give God, just because He is, and to the world because it is His. You love God with time and space. Love the space between earth and God. Think of God as timeless, and you can love Him with all the time of the eternal now, with the time and space of the whole. The love ascends to Him and the joy returns to you. Your sheep know your voice, and hear you. They will return to you with ten thousandfold increases for gifts of closed or open doors.

To call anything received a “gift” puts it on the vibration of ten thousandfold return or increase. If you thank God for the increase, with no pinpricks on the givers’ generosity or lack of it, you may declare a millionfold increase for the stingiest person, and the change will come to you. If you think of ten, it would be a hundred. Think of hundreds and it will be thousands. The three-as-one Mind, Substance and Power is all there is. Share with the stingy the Mind, Substance and Power that manifests as cars, clothes, trips, anything. Say ten thousandfold to them.

All that comes is a gift, so say, “Thank you” for each gift. One might hand you salt instead of sugar. If someone calls you a witch, call it a gift and give their darkness to God. All that comes to you is a gift of God. Everyone gives you a good gift, no matter what. It is time to remember this law: All that comes to you is a gift of God and it is your own good. It dashes around the world and touches each similar thing before it returns. This is the Way of the Crown. Paint in beauty whatever life gives you.

Will you allow little people to change your name? God is not taking a poll about whether you need a new name or credits. Declare, “I AM good. Good is what I AM going to do. I AM will lift this darkness.” God's I AM flows as the River of Life through the one who speaks evil, and through you, who see only good. This does not even need words to dissipate it. All Power from the Source moves through when you look up and love God and your Guards enough. When you descend to touch darkness mentally, the River of Life flows through; you can have a double miracle if you choose to see only Light. The law is, where you see Light as the Lord did, it then is Light.

You will never have a greater lesson. Let your words follow what your soul and heart say. No more “ifs,” “whens” or “buts,” which only cause delay. Your words follow you up in ascension, yet thus far and no further shall the evil go. Anywhere peace is spoken, the angel of peace presides. Declare that propaganda will contradict itself. Wait upon the Lord while you work out your own salvation now. What you give to others shall come true for you. The ways of the Almighty are open to you. You cannot lose when you have no “ifs” or “whens,” only “now, now, now.” Light not only prepares the way, but consumes everything not like itself. You will have perfection. — Edna Lister, May 24, 1959.

“Judge not lest you be judged.” — Matthew 7:1. If you judge one person for something, you are judging everyone in that grade. You must leave people alone to their own grades. You have only curses or blessings to give to everyone whom you meet. If you criticize another, you pay his debts and yours.

Anyone can advance spiritually, yet you have no equal rights in anything until you earn the right to advance. Darwin was right, to a point; he followed the evolution of cells through the animal kingdom, but did not consider the soul. When you teach law to another, you are responsible for him until he attains balance. You may not criticize him, just pray. Your thoughts build your heaven, so build it beautifully.

The laws are rigid for the ascending creator gods. The fact that you know a rigid law gives you no permission to use it on others. You are learning the use of your faculties to make a law acceptable. In your just appraisal, if you realize that another, who is asking for criticism, is fishing for promotion (progress), you have plenty of time to modify a law until he will not reject it because it is offensive. — Edna Lister, May 28, 1959.

Remember, nothing limits the quality or the quantity of the Power you release. The greater your vision, the higher your desire, the more miracles, the greater the miracles. — Edna Lister, May 29, 1959.

With every breath you draw, you stamp every person you have contacted with a blessing or a curse. Since you must lift every negative word, the result is delay. Your time is better spent in praise, rejoicing, and joy. Declare, “It is good, and I love it!” Your words are your life’s conditioners. When you comprehend of the Power of God, you know that your every word and thought must be for God to use to lift earth above war and conflict. — Edna Lister, May 31, 1959.

The word “good” invokes the full Power of the vibration of the seven last words, which Jesus spoke from the cross. “In the beginning was the word.” Those seven sentences hold the vibration of the word, therefore they are termed words. When lifting your lines of Light, see the people as alive and alert with the life of God. Your current place and circumstances are the takeoff point from which you blast off for healing and success. What you ask for others will be your portion, doubled. What you receive from your effort is determined by the degree of heat under your desire.

How is it with your illumination? How is it with your desires? What degree of flaming desire have you to know God? There are many degrees. What you receive from your effort is determined by the degree of heat under your desire. Do you fear Power? If you say no as a question or hesitate, you are not balanced. Partake of the soul assurance that makes you ready to release full Power. Speak sweetly, firmly, finally. Let Power move through you to lift darkness from the face of the earth. — Edna Lister, June 8, 1959.

Watch and check on interpretation of dreams, visions, and intuition. This is important, for they are dangerous if they are misinterpreted and are easy to misinterpret. One gets very involved in self and off on a tangent without all the facts, going far astray and having to retrace steps. — Edna Lister, June 12, 1959.

Make the Declaration of Unquenchable Love your personal expression of love for God the Supreme. It takes unquenchable love to follow the Master, who is 2,000 years ahead of us. Truly dedicated scientists are expressing this love today. With every breath he draws, a scientist seeks new ways to a discovery. This is like prayer. Sometimes he works twenty-four hours a day in the laboratory. Have you ever spent twenty-four hours in a day really praying? Our prayer, devotion, love, surrender and praise are our only gifts to God. — Edna Lister, June 14, 1959.

The only soul who could take your place above has made more sacrifices than you, but would never think of it. The one who tries to usurp another loses his place. If you have even a small desire to return, no one can take your place. God protects you every step of the way.

You have been able, through release of Power and the physical, emotional and mental anguish and grief, to pay the debts that freed you of bondage to laggards. This includes those who operate under the delusion that they are doing well for another person, saying, “You are deluded.” Thus, they seek to fill their ranks and to justify themselves.

The intellectual who thinks that all he needs is a great deal of wisdom is a sophisticated type, who “knows it all.” To treat the “I know what you should do” attitude, apply nothing of intellect, but love him while the Father does the work. Those who think they know for you, think from self, and desire to tear you down to their level. Unfortunately, physical weakness, emotional illness and mental harassment make you vulnerable to suggestions of Light, but also to suggestions of darkness. Those who turn away from ascension desire to drag others down with them. Place walls of fire between you and agnosticism, atheism and pseudo-light, in other words, the specious arguments and language that would tear a soul apart just to have company.

To see each step up in responsibility is a glory. The time comes when responsibilities will be the Light on your pathway, the glory of your soul. Assuming responsibility is your gift to God. You can see it waiting if you look in front and above you. Your Guards walk earth with you to hold you safe and absorb your indifference and forgetfulness with Light. Hold your gains. To forget responsibility is regression, a little death, an evasion of life to tie oneself up with shallow commitments in the outer.

To have a “hunch” means the interpreter of self has taken over, not the soul vision that expands. The super-conscious mind says, “Come up.” The subconscious mind says, “Come down.” The rational soul stands between and is torn in two. When you descend in consciousness, it is like a dark nightmare. You must ascend quickly. Complete surrender of self is the outstanding point in our campaign against darkness. Be pliable to personalities and circumstances and let God put the right words on your lips or tell you how to act. When in a quandary, rush to Him and hang on. — Edna Lister, June 15, 1959.

(Someone asked about those who commit murder while being possessed.) Psychology and metaphysics teach that you condition your life by your thinking, and that thinking correctly can change any present condition. A person can be obsessed, possessed by an evil spirit, or possessed by a special devil of his own making, one he has created himself. One is obsessed with an idea. What psychology calls a persecution complex or obsession causes the conflicted soul to cower from others, and brings possession by a devil of his own making. Sometimes his own dweller on the threshold has possessed one, an entity that has no power in itself, but always returns to its creator. The dweller is a dark cloud of Mind misused by negative thinking and separated from Power and Substance. This dweller returns to its creator, who is thus possessed by his own misused substance appearing as a black cloud.

With every breath you inhale, you breathe the Breath of God. You can take the Light from Holy Breath and send it out as a darkened cloud, ranging from pale gray to black. The easiest way to misuse soul substance is by using idle words. You give away your soul with every idle word you speak. You can help by praying for such people. Everyone who prays relieves the earth of darkness. We say, “come out!” Psychology says, “talk it out,” which takes longer, but still works.

The prefix, dis- means out of place. Disposition suggests a personality is out of place. We say, “What a disposition,” automatically meaning the personality is off balance, off color. When a person is fine, we say, “what a fine character.” It does not matter whether you say a person is bad or just fine, you are still using your soul substance as an opinion. The law is, if you go to the altar with a contrite heart, God does forgive you, for this time anyway. Say, “Oh, Father, wipe the hurt from everyone’s heart here on earth,” and that night God wipes the hurt from their heart. — Edna Lister, June 16, 1959.

Giving up self is the basis of all laws of ascension. When you sacrifice self, lesser matters become insignificant. The heights of heaven to be scaled are too numerous to be set aside for any matter of earth. To let the Holy of Holies color earth matters is the goal.

The creator’s technique of the secret of eternal youth: Pull up the magnetic currents of earth through the feet while pulling in the abdominal muscles. This forms a definite sheath of magnetic currents over the diaphragm, which is impervious to vibrations produced by evil on earth. Raise your hands, cupped and turned inward at the level of your ears, and ask for Light to move in and go forth. Gird your loins, inhale and say, “Let there be Light.” This is also the method of treatment to open seeing and hearing and to eliminate illness. We can say this for others: “Let this magnetic current reach out and sheath Name from cross-vibrations and the darts of evil, wickedness or the world.”

A time comes when everyone wants to ascend. Go up in consciousness and say, “Here it is.” If one is willful and demanding and has an unconscious desire to make others in his own image and likeness, he will aggravate others. We must have the desire to lift rebellion and willfulness. You can use the law for yourself but not to make others do what you want. Such misuse of law is black magic. You have no right to interfere with others. Demanding, “Do it this way,” is a first step into black magic. Say, “It works this way for me,” leave them alone, then retreat and lift. — Edna Lister, June 18, 1959.

A whining voice or vagueness is an apology to God for guilt. You can see any project come to pass if you put your love and burning desire into it. We are stirrer-uppers. I came to prove one need not live on a mountain top to contact the Supreme. Do not be surprised at hasty words spoken to you. Remember the camera flash of Light, to see evil in one quick glimpse and go on about the Father’s business. Declare that anyone who curses will have twenty-two new faculties and brain cells of love open as instant healing.

You cannot resist the full Power of God. If the subconscious uses a popgun, use a cannon. Say, “Father, move in and use me.” Reach up to greater Power. Pray from a higher point of consciousness. The love that moves through you creates Light, glory and harmony wherever you go. However it also awakens your loved ones’ conscience, and no one who has been freelancing with the will of God likes to be responsible. — Edna Lister, June 22, 1959.

Repent by going to the Source, not just saying, “I’m sorry, Father.” Make positive statements, such as “I am good,” and mean it. “I am good” sloughs the body’s old cells. Shout it if you must. Otherwise, you just do not want to live up to the high place. Apply this in your mental, emotional and imaginative life and see if you are talking about God or about little me. Is my desire alive and ready, willing to do the next thing? If you do not declare, “I am good,” you are probably hiding something from God.

“I am good” is the only way to keep desire turned up and burning hotly. Are you happy with the level you have reached? No one requires you to become a creator god, but you can easily step out of line and lose your place. The tone of voice shows every variation in intent, in a straight line. Use strong words. Only by saying, “I am good,” can you release enough Power for the Father. You have free choice, not free will. The will is God’s. Your free choice can be up or down.

You use mind in at least five degrees: unconscious belief, conscious belief, knowing, comprehension, and illumination. I AM is the illumination of the Holy Spirit. You must surrender your self to be used by the Power of God. “I am good, I am obedient. I am good, I am beginning to see. I am good, I now comprehend ‘I AM THAT I AM.’” That means “the person, thing, or idea indicated, mentioned, or understood from the situation.” “THAT” is God’s name. Desire and will mate to become soul illumination and intuition. “I am good” will call on you a new living soul as great as your original endowment in Power, might and majesty. Give up self. When you go before the altar, you cannot be a yes-man for earth, but for God.

Sit in silence raising your hands above the waist line, shoulder-height or higher before you draw in earth’s magnetic currents. Inhale and pull the abdominal muscles in to draw the magnetic currents to the solar plexus. “I am good” is the open sesame. Say, “You are good” to everyone you know on earth to release the Power on them. This is the key to life and death. God will increase the Power to help you hold your discipleship. “Be joyous for on the wings of joy all things are added.” — Edna Lister, June 25, 1959.

You express law as both wisdom and love. Wisdom builds and love upholds, and you must hold the two expressions in balance. The Son’s laws are neutral, partaking of love and wisdom, but directing you in applying wisdom and love in practical expression here on earth. High soul concentration is the ability to focus all the faculties in one direction and hold. — Edna Lister, June 26, 1959.

When someone comes to our ascension work, new horizons open for him and for the whole group. You have adjusted to the new lights shining from above, which open new brain cells and ascend your already developed brain cells. When you adjust, a new set of lights descends and you must ascend and fit yourself into them. — Edna Lister, June 28, 1959.

Ascension is to find a higher point in consciousness. Ask yourself, “What can I see as a high point for ascension?” The one who loves more freely and beautifully returns first with joy. God never asks you to judge anyone else. You can judge only your own self.

The rotation of the appetitive soul to become the Oversoul is part of the ascent back to the Source. As you go out at night, leaving your body to sleep, the Father lifts a part of your appetitive soul from the physical cells and pours an Oversoul portion in its place. This pushes, rotates appetitive soul closer to the surface of your consciousness, which is why you may awaken feeling “low.” You are a lifter who must lift the anchors of self to be consumed. Every idle word anchors you to earth. As the soul accepts and makes high vows to conquer self, it descends and works out what it must do.

You are higher in consciousness than ever before because earth is higher. “I, if I am lifted up, will draw all to me.” — John 12:32 means that Light holds you and will not allow you off your life preserver. Raise your arms to the supernal and everlasting Source. Lines of Light from your Oversoul are fastened high above and cannot be severed. There are delays but you are much closer to God. The wobbling of your conscious mind, the conflicts below the surface are no more than the shifting of the opinions and prejudices remaining. Everyone still has a point of self, but the whole planet is ascending. If God is cleansing the hearts of the downright evil, how can you manage to hold onto a little point of self?

Idle words are hooks into past soul debts. You are a challenge to every dark anchor to be lifted, so do your cosmic work of lifting. Each is given an endless supply of compassionate wisdom, but must choose to use it. If you are completely gentle in loving wisdom, you will not say, “You must do,” but “I must do it this way, as it is given to me to do. You are free. You are good.” Remember, you make your heaven according to your image and likeness. Find no fault with others. Take the beam from your own eye first.

Idle words delay coming into your own, though the door is opening. Each who is pure of heart, each whose hands are cleansed, each shall become an instrument divine. God shall turn the words you utter into joy. He places no time limit on you until you are able to stand without fear of falling. — Edna Lister, June 29, 1959.

“He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.” — 1 John 4:8. Love abides not with him who does not know God. To the ordinary mortal being, all life divides itself into three parts, love, hate and fear. These are really misinterpretations of the three great principles, love, wisdom and obedience. There are always two answers to questions that trouble people who believe in such misinterpreted laws. First is, “Turn ye to God,” and “It is enough.” Used properly, these answers can tell the right story for those who desire to believe. — Edna Lister, July 23, 1959.

The initiation of the 12th Labor of Hercules is gathering the gold and silver apples of the Hesperides. You must pray and sacrifice in preparation, or no apples will yield to your touch. If you declare, “I am prepared and able to keep my vows,” then the apples will come to your hand in brilliant Light. All will see the glory and know you have plucked. Yet, if any self remains in your heart, then bit by bit, the apple will tarnish, turn black and shrivel in your hand. Therefore, make further sacrifice of self to be certain your heart is pure in unadulterated desire to serve God with all heart, mind, body and soul. So will the apples of all knowledge come to you. — Edna Lister, August 3, 1959.

If one commits an evil act, speaks an evil word or harbors an evil thought without surrounding it in Light, it will grow. Therefore, to keep the Light flowing and moving forward to cover all earth in a never-ending stream is essential. — Edna Lister, August 10, 1959.

While the great law of nonresistance works for you in your silent work, it is an unrecognizable standard to apply to a worldly business situation. If your ideas of aggressiveness and soul conquering make you officious in your answers and actions, you will be “off” in the midst of an outer test. If you are too meek or silent when you should answer in the outer, you will be off. You must reach a balanced application of wisdom’s comprehension, backed by logic, reason, discernment, discrimination and discretion in this to achieve success.

Soul conquering does not act on impulse, but only after due deliberation, using logic, reason, discernment, discrimination and discretion. Ask yourself, Is it my intent to act wisely? Is it discrete? When you are waiting for the right answer, and it comes, do not use the term “acting on impulse.” Acting on impulse is pure subconscious muck. — Edna Lister, August 14, 1959.

“I AM the way” requires obedience to law. From the laws of the jungle to the highest scientific equations, to save life, to support life, is obedience to law. Everyone must obey the laws of business. If they disobey yet are not caught by man’s laws, disobedience to physical laws catches them. What is truth? One man’s truth is not another’s. Truth is expansion and growth. Life is graded, and only a few are on the same step. All life exists according to its degree and kind. A rose is a rose and can be no other flower. You can follow this law anywhere and see the idea of expansion. You must give up your life to save your life. — Edna Lister, August 24, 1959.

The gifts you have to give to the Father are the gifts of courage, standing, steadfastness, continuity and persistence. You are one or the other, lukewarm or cold. Be hot and stand. Hold your place against the little fellow inside, who could be offended. When you lack attention to details or are lukewarm, you will be told. — Edna Lister, September 27, 1959.

To spew idle words is a form of utter unconsciousness. Then to excuse yourself is to glorify the subconscious while taking no responsibility for lifting self. Negative words go forth and do just that every time you use them. It is devastating because your idle words, as wandering orphans of darkness, touch and tear down people all over earth. Because of the great Power released on your words, you enmesh the Master, who must overcome your senselessness. Your acts of goodness have created miracles, but what you considered harmless words have injured others. Your forceful words knock others down until you see and admit it — not pleading, “I am sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

The force of your idle words returns to you to be lifted. If you honestly appraise self, you will find all this irresponsible dirt overlays your love of God. Tell your face what is in your heart. Let your family see your love. Self cries, “Nobody loves me.” When you hear that, pour forth Light and glory to unmask self’s crystallized expressions.

You are of the crown of honor, and your vow is loyalty to God above all things. You would not plan to betray your honor, but the little self betrays you. Let no self take you down. Know that the slightest idle word or action on the outer can cause disappointment in you as a teacher. Dignity, good manners and consideration of others are important to you as a fitting tribute to God. — Edna Lister, October 5, 1959.

The finite mind cannot think past a certain point in the time of infinitude. This is why we stress giving up the “I.” If the slightest tendency remains in the soul to take credit — and any form “I” takes in expression is the soul giving self credit — that is where you reach the limit of comprehension. Then some agency in life presents the complete bill for all past debts, due for payment now. To the rational soul, God has always given the power of choice.

Before you reach this point of choice, the knowledge is available to cover this self-surrender completely, if it is not a pseudo-achievement, thinking, “I am surrendered.” The slightest taint of self, whether it is in appetitive soul or rational soul, moves into operation and is a trap door through which the rational soul falls dead to all high vibrations. Then that great point of comprehension, which was to have been your gift, is withdrawn for another round of climbing back to where it may be found. The warning has been given repeatedly. The instant self enters, you may easily detect it as “someone is doing this to me,” or a complaint against another for not living up or resentment and the thousandfold facets of ugliness that take charge.

What manner of love is your keynote? It is best that you heed. The line is now drawn, the way is narrow, the Gate is open and you know the price. Leave nothing out as you climb back. Every point will be touched on during the next few weeks, and holding is not enough. Once and for all, where are you? Who are you? Whom do you serve? Choose this day and every day, and having done all, stand. It is best that you lift all weaknesses forever. — Edna Lister, October 8, 1959.

“Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” — Ephesians 6:13. To stand does not mean to sit, but steadily to pull onward and upward, while upholding the structure of your life. It means unwavering steadfastness. Your consciousness dwells at the point where your concept of God’s all resides. How great is your concept of all? Any limited idea is your present Source of all, which is then no greater than your limitation.

To analyze your experience of the all will reveal your exact place. When your idea of all is supreme above lesser sources and beings, the reaction will be a miracle. The all that procrastinates and delays is not the all needed for a miracle. It is but bits of the all, here and there, building up enough to come to pass, to create the desire into form. If you analyze most people’s idea of the all carefully, you will see how small their idea of all really is.

At moments, your all touches God’s all, and for that moment, you are a creator god. Yet analyze the duration of that exaltation and you see how short is the time. In your conception of all, you must be conscious of the Supreme Oversoul kneeling before the Source without ceasing. You can do this when you raise all your anchors to the Rim of the Source until you are conscious that all is using you always, not momentarily, not briefly, but within the infinite eternal now, surrounded by the Supreme all. — Edna Lister, October 9, 1959.

Never say “my” to anything you do not want, such as, “my pain, my headache, my cold.” No one may assume the right to ask another to use her time, energy or substance to lift for her. If you are up in consciousness and face a special call, asking for help is legal. Yet when you are down, you scatter your soul substance. Thus, you rob yourself and others of time and effort that should go to lift those in need.

Can you look up and claim that you have always been steadfast? God still needs you. If you hesitate to act for Him in speaking the Word, you are already thinking of your weakness and failure. You can plan from strength and close off the subconscious as ruler. Anybody can face the Light and say, “I will never face the dark again.” You have the answer. You know how to pray and lift. The only thing that holds you back is your own dedication to self. It is your privilege to say that you do not wish to rule a planet. God will grant your wish because it is necessary to first rule oneself. If you cannot decide, God cannot do it for you. This fits with “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” — Ephesians 6:13.

You say you love God all you can and are satisfied that you do, but when you analyze it, you find a surprise. Decide that you love God with your all. Then you can look into the face of death and declare it good. No matter what comes, you will be giving God your all. Do not just struggle toward the Light and do your best. There is no progress in standing still, for it always becomes regression. It would pay you well never to ask why. This turns you backward. What difference does knowing the reason make? Your task is still to lift it into Light. — Edna Lister, October 15, 1959.

The roots of martyrdom and self blame usually run back through many incarnations. Pulling at those roots until they loosen is necessary until you can really yank them out with a final pull. This often takes a long time because you must be certain that you have no hold-back, or loose ends. Soul training must begin with digging deep to uncover and scrape clean all detriments and taints of the past. No matter how high and glorious your vision, no matter how great your heart’s desire for perfection, you are never stronger than the weakest of your taints of self. The taint will always dig a ditch into which you must fall.

Gird your loins to win the battle against self. — Edna Lister, October 16, 1959.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Matthew 6:33. The added things are part of your all. Ponder this all, a world of beauty, a world of which every dreamer dreams. The study of the all is among the greatest instructions we have been given. The Power today is great enough to let us walk through a room and change its vibration without thinking about it. People ask why God doesn’t stop war, yet we, the descended creator gods, are here to disrupt the evil, lift the effects of darkness and create perfection in its place. — Edna Lister, October 20, 1959.

You can handle each challenge and interruption as it comes up with an inoffensive gesture of love and comprehension of law that cannot be set aside. You are but an agent of divine Power, which takes over the world again at last. You cannot fail or pay attention to loiterers, laggards and dodderers of self. Let them loiter, lag and dodder alone. March straight to your high calling of God as an Ambassador of Light in comprehension of God. You will find yourself restrained instantly from blunders, and pushed forward as a wedge when needed. So be prepared to be offensive under law when needed, and be grateful to be used. It is a privilege to be used as a wedge of Light.

No matter what people do, declare them good and stick them on a cloud of Light. — Edna Lister, October 22, 1959.

All perversion or possession of others, whether it is of appetite, drink or food, and especially drugs in all forms, is primarily the misuse of Mother love. Therefore, cleaning up the misuse of all love powers by the Elect, who have come to earth since the advent of Jesus the Christ, is necessary. By honoring and exalting women, Jesus opened the vibration of womanhood and started the trend upward again for the feminine. Women must lead in this age because you reach the Source through love, a sublimated love that goes beyond outer satisfaction of greed for possession.

To be greedy for jewels, furs, houses, furniture, and social position is as much a misuse of Mother love as being greedy for the physical expression of love. They rank as one in the law. Therefore, to gain balance in love is the only way to gain complete soul balance. Remember, you must always turn the kingly faculty of imagination, the greatest of all the faculties, up or it will be impossible to seek first, to lift first, or to declare good. These are four fundamentals of ascension. — Edna Lister, October 23, 1959.

Illumination means to give Light, love and joy as forgiveness. An initiation consists of illumination, which sets a higher goal of ascension to achieve. After you have chosen to move higher through sacrifice of self, unconsciously or consciously you make new vows at night before an altar. A haunting memory of it will remain, even if you have not made a definite vow on earth. Almost at once it will open a whole new cycle of tests, temptations and trials to burn away the dross of self. — Edna Lister, October 24, 1959.

Devotion increases in those who love God with all they are. The depth and height of the love of God you express depends on the allness of your faith and devotion. To understand the allness back of the world, ponder, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” — John 3:16. Ascension promotions are based on your auric colors and answers to initiatory questions. You can give the right answers, but your colors may flare to reveal another tendency. The inquisitors judge you on your colors. The physical cells rejoice when the soul ascends. — Edna Lister, October 25, 1959.

Every word you speak, every thought releases Power as a vibration. You use the Holy Spirit when you speak, and it is also the basis for all forms of energy — lightning, electricity, or atomic power. When you study Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, you learn that mass, energy, and vibration are all one thing. A lack of comprehension of relationship is the cause of all the misunderstandings in the world.

The teacher in a classroom releases an idea. You reach up with your inner mental antennae and catch it from the flowing river of Mind and draw your concepts from it. It falls on the brain cells and becomes an idea in your mind. Then you change the idea into words. The words, going forth and impinging on the brain cells, awakens them. Prejudice and opinions rotate counterclockwise, while you should be rotating clockwise. Every cell in your body contains the memory of your ancestors. We know this on the outer as heredity [see epigenetics], and even when we cleanse our own taints, we still must eliminate those we inherited from our families’ past. — Edna Lister, October 27, 1959.

The same words, even spoken the same way, never mean quite the same thing, because the Power released is greater and the meaning excels itself. Thus, “I love you” should mean more in future time than it does now. You cannot use “I love you” often enough, for you expand the outer potential with it. “I love you” is the switch that turns on the heat that dissolves the ice in hearts, mind and pockets. I say, “I love you,” and the vibration goes forth to cover needs. I say, “I love you,” again and the vibration of the cells of your body accelerates, and you send love back in return.

Where to begin, when so much depends on every phase of obedience? There is no great. There is no small. In some ways, obedience is greater than all else. Surrender without obedience means nothing. Joy without obedience is a mockery. Love without obedience is a puerile, scattered thing. Obedience is important and you are always obedient. However, keeping it on a very high level is best, for little random bits of obedience are not good enough. Every idle word makes a small tear or leaves a stain wherever it is spoken. It takes many good words to mend and to lift after uttering an idle word. — Edna Lister, October 29, 1959.

As you repeat the words of our Declaration of Unquenchable Love, which is an expression of your devotion, do not be objective-minded about it. You can be objective-minded only in a state such as the Hindu Nirvana, which is purely principle. You are trained for worshiping God and adoring the Master, and your eyes see the Light. You speak the words of the Declaration of Love to lift your condition into the Light. This creed is all-inclusive. — Edna Lister, November 1, 1959.

God is the Word that you speak. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” — John 1:1. All words are God. This is the reason for speaking no idle words. Remember, each word is God. Do not misuse even one word. The technique of a mediator is to make your use of the faculties completely selfless. You purify thinking by keeping your consciousness fixed in the Oversoul. This frees the faculties for you to use them under complete surrender to become an instrument of the Almighty. — Edna Lister, November 2, 1959.

Forget this “burden” business. Do what you can, and put the rest on a cloud because it will be waiting for you without your worrying about it. — Edna Lister, November 9, 1959.

You are to release great Power fully. Hold your place. Keep the high-power switch open, not closing it by thoughts of personality. The instant you permit your thoughts to run amok, you are useless to God. When you have turned off the high Power, you must turn it on again, but like a cold furnace in a steel mill, they must rekindle and build the fire to white heat before they can produce steel.

You must ascend your body to release the Power. When you face a problem, go up in consciousness instantly and apply law for the answer. Declare the person or problem is perfect, was always perfect and is healed. Then see his house, see him standing in great Light and say, “Let the Power, Light, and glory move through this house to cleanse, to melt, dissolve and absorb the darkness and the mess he has made.”

See and declare this for his family and everyone connected. Your self must be completely out of the picture. When the little self becomes involved, you descend into the subconscious, into the hidden rooms where you have stored hurts and griefs. It opens this place for a new polishing and cleansing job, which is good. The Master came as the way-shower. We must finish cleansing and lifting earth for the Master, to follow in his footsteps.

“I AM loves you.” When I AM loves you, it’s all love, undiluted by self. “I AM loves you"” includes all truth in right action, a full comprehension of God and loving compassion toward man.

When you stand in Light, you can hold no thought of self, only of God, His Power, His glory. To think, “Where am I,” or “How greatly have I climbed” is a self-exaltation that lands you on the bottom. Move up in consciousness instantly. You will learn to bounce back the instant you touch bottom, recreating the glory of being one with God’s Power and Love. — Edna Lister, November 19, 1959.

Joy is the greatest of all creative Power, and it leads to the heights. There is but one glory overall. You are under that glory always, yet you have not taken your share in actual use. With ideas comes the release of the Power to perform the service. Do not dissipate it through lack of application and use. When you do, you must draw on future Power, from future need.

Somewhere along the line then, you will reach a place where it seems that Power has vanished and all that remains is the lack of continuity between idea and execution. Such a blank space does no one any good. Correct this by applying the Power you release through the spoken Word, and the sky is the limit for you. The strength of the Almighty will lead you. You will remain in contact with Power, which amplifies itself when you direct it as soon as possible. Delay dissipates, but use amplifies Power. Yet reaching upward, breathing atomic power gives you plenty of strength physically. — Edna Lister, November 20, 1959.

You leave a bit of soul substance with everyone you contact and every place you go. Reach out to gather this soul substance, and you will receive dividends from this hour. Make yourself an empty chalice to receive. Put what you desire on a cloud of Light. Every promotion puts you in a new grade. A change always presents a challenge to hold. Expect problems, since every promotion is a challenge to draw on all you have been given, all you know, all your faith. — Edna Lister, November 22, 1959.

You can boil all truth into one statement: Truth is a full comprehension of God and loving compassion toward men. So many credits have been advanced to bring you up that you have found yourself in the same state of consciousness as that of a child who skips grades. You must now step up for balance and fill the potholes with Light. Pour in love and Power and seek greater understanding and compassion from on high.

You can ascend on graciousness. Others can ascend on your graciousness. There are always dividends. One statement of high prayer releases more Power than all the prayers below. Force attracts only more force. You are reaching the point where you will have no more force out there, nor create it. — Edna Lister, November 23, 1959.

Do not boast about miracles, for they come from God. A miracle is a gift given of God for seeking Him first. You cannot have your credits on the outer and on the inner, too. — Edna Lister, November 29, 1959.

Surrendering to the pure devotion that just knows how to love God is best, for it takes you past the danger point of self. You are never set free of obedience to higher laws of responsibility. Let joyous praise be your keynote, for it will open all doors before you. Thus, you will inevitably love enough, and gain the mercy and love of the Source. Not one jot nor a tittle of your faith or desire is ever lost. It is gathered into a chalice and filled with immortal substance that brings your desires into visibility. — Edna Lister, November 30, 1959.

The only way up in consciousness is up in ascension. You must surrender and sacrifice self until nothing of heaven or earth could descend you one iota and, believe me, heaven can bury you when a taint touches the heaven-sent Power that you are supposed to express selflessly. Heaven-sent Power can also bury you when you are not ready or qualified in selfless surrender.

The question is not whether you are joyous, happy, excited and thrilled about God and His Kingdom, but that you at least do the work as your division service of duty under high laws. Someone, of course, must supply the harmonious joy vibration when you grudgingly do what you should be doing in ecstatic joy and the glory of making a gift to God and the Councils.

Light will reveal all things as you ascend higher, and you are ascending. The time has long since passed when you were unable to distinguish between up and down. Remember, law credits a “down” to past rebellion that ignores duty and refuses to see, deliberately covering self from view with sweet sophistries and statements.

The time is too colossally important for you to forget God. You are no longer your own. You are God’s servant. Once having accepted the appointment, no release is available except full regression. — Edna Lister, December 2, 1959.

We shall dispossess darkness. Say with me, “Let all that the world possesses be dispossessed.” From this day on, pray that every heavenly agent shall be divinely successful. Then every word we utter for the release of humanity will build Power until an explosion of Light frees earth.

You can hear before you see on the inner. The ratio of hearing to seeing is 10,000 to one. It is not so important that you hear and see but that you hold fast to truth and stand on principle. Law is perfect. It may seem grievous and binding to access but it grows a beautiful flower of joy. Grasp unchangeable law in your arms of Light.

Some people have nothing to say and say it often. Remember, whenever anyone speaks harsh words to you, they are grieving that they do not have what you have. They carry heavy guilt, so voice platitudes to escape. They may mock and ridicule, but they weep in their hearts because they do not have what you have — they are unable to accept.

Joy is the actual fulfilling vibration of substance to bring molds forth into visibility. Accept it and do not let it rust away. Send it forth. Be lavish in pouring joy from the Source. It is waiting to be used. You cannot use too much. — Edna Lister, December 7, 1959.

Some live like vampires on the Power their loved ones release, which can cause frequent or chronic illness among those who release Power. Broadcast, “You are free of illusion. You are no longer gullible. You are free to see with the eyes of God.” Call the loved one’s name three times and declare that all slaves of the anti-Christ are freed. It matters not whether you see glory in nature or in a friend’s face. If you are under divine law, you see it as beauty. Every good word is a prayer.

The Power moving through you and your spoken Word is enough to wipe out all negativity around you. Mothers must teach joy and tolerance, and lift the revenge idea. Retaliation is often a cover-up for a bruised heart. Lift revenge and retaliation from their hearts so they may develop as briskly, gloriously gracious. Declare that sons and daughters express joy and tolerance in their dealings with their fellow, friendships, loves, life and with all men. Say this often, especially when people do not express those qualities.

When you surrender to be used by the Light, you begin to cleanse, purify, and awaken dormant brain cells into awareness of where illumination can take you. You live by justice, honor and loyalty, but there are many degrees of loyalty. You set a wonderful example in the world. You would never forget law, but lose high awareness through idle words. The greatest need to declare a miracle is when it appears as something else. — Edna Lister, December 14, 1959.

The ascension Power has reached a point of causing vertigo, and is the final means of lifting all taints. It is amazing how hard it is to eradicate the taints from physical cells. Like a stubborn ink spot on the wall, you must practically rub a hole in it; to erase a soul taint, you have to rub a hole in the self! Nevertheless, we must erase every trace of taint from the minds and hearts of men. We are so near the end of evil that some become bored because it is not finished instantly. They cry, “How long, oh Lord, how long?” The cry returns in an echo, “How long, children, how long will it take thee to give thyself wholly unto Me?”

See to it that you hold, without trying to gain more. Gaining is easy, but holding is another matter, which is the sum total of all law. You may experience gains or losses, leading to rapid illumination, but neither is balance nor ascension. You may lose the place you have gained, and the little you started with is gone. The secret is to hold. Serve more consistently to hold your gains; let no smug nor virtuous taint possess you. Keep the statement going day and night, “Not I, but my Father, the Power doeth the work.” Say it three times each time. Stretch yourself in every task for it becomes your strength.

Seven questions to ask yourself when you face a tough situation, or criticism: Is what I contemplate and feel like doing the absolute right thing to do? Is this the right time to do it? Is it the wise thing to do now, or to do at all? Is it the loving and forgiving thing to do? Is this good for everyone concerned? When shall I do it? Or shall I lay it on the altar? Instead of “I forgive,” say, “I give love for.”

Your right to know must always yield when it conflicts with the basic right of justice. Misused soul substance must return to the user to be lifted. If you are dilatory about lifting it, you feed the dweller on the threshold of consciousness instead of it remaining a cloud of darkness that the River of Life absorbs. The dweller can assume more control than the subconscious mind can ever hold. It begins to dictate that you hate some person, that all you can do is to try. Soon it fastens on the weakest place in the body, because it can pull more power from a weak organ; the strong organs resist it. — Edna Lister, December 17, 1959.

Attention to details of duty and giving beyond the minimum requirements determines what the Councils declare is the quota that goes forth on your every word and thought. There is a glory about serving that transforms the servant when it possesses him. The Mount of Transfiguration is becoming Shekinah glory itself, one step at a time upward. — Edna Lister, December 18, 1959.

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Edna Miriam Lister
1884 – 1971
The original Christian Pioneering Mystic,
Platonist philosopher, American Idealist, Founder, Society of the Universal Living Christ, minister, teacher, author, wife, and mother.

Edna Lister

Edna Lister at Paradise, Mount Rainier
National Park, Washington, August 10, 1944.


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