Twelfth Night and Vows of Soul Consecration

Twelfth Night on the Via Christa is always January 12, opening our spiritual New Year. During three days of Twelfth Night Initiations (January 11-13), Power is increased again. New prophecies may be given and you may receive higher illumination. New appointments, changes and promotions are announced, and the keynote for your year’s service and expansion is set.

“With every vow, you invite the universe to test your resolve
until you change completely.” – Edna Lister

Your personal life chord, an individual harmony vibration, is reset on Twelfth Night (your nerves are adjusted, exactly as you would tune a musical instrument), so you must be in a state of grace, which is the Oversoul kneeling before high, holy thrones in acceptance and surrender, reverence and awe, devotion and praise, while expressing joy and compassion to the world.

Twelfth Night to Ash Wednesday is a period of forty days of soul inventory. If you have not fully lived according to the law under this great release of Power, you repeat the October 20 to Christmas cycle. Each day is a day of judgment in a just appraisal of your soul’s gains to prepare for sacrifice of self during Lent.

During the period of Soul Inventory and Sacrifice, from Twelfth Night to Easter, is the time to gather all misused soul substance for purification in the high fires of love, to be returned to the soul whose name and number is stamped on it.

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The Twelfth Night Vows of Soul Consecration

I vow to make my body a fitting dwelling place for my soul.
I vow to surrender completely to become the servant of all the Power.
I vow to be selfless in my release of Power.
I vow to keep my silence shining and golden.
I vow to be master in all responsibility.
I vow to keep pure in heart, mind and purpose.

I vow to make my supreme vow of complete surrender of self.
I vow to ignore the truth of appearance and to accept, to surrender to and to declare the truth of reality.
I now confirm all my vows of the last level and prepare for my promotion on Twelfth Night.
I reconsecrate, I rededicate my new life to my Begotten Father for an ever greater, more lifting creation of perfection.

Thank Thee, Father, for allowing me to sign a new and greater Covenant with Thee now.

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Edna Lister on Twelfth Night and Vows of Soul Consecration

The rod to measure by are all the laws received for the following of the Via Christa — the Way of the Light of the Godhead. Use your measuring rod.

Do I then measure to the full height of my rod of Power?
Do I follow fully the Path of the rod of Power?
Do I express the full stature of those who follow the pathway of the Christ, as I surrender to become the full stature of a creator god?
Do I act the full stature of the Christ in all ways?
Do I express the full stature of the Christ in my words, my tone of voice?
– Edna Lister, Twelfth Night Questionnaire, January 30, 1939.

How do I return to God the great Light, which He has given me?
How do I return the Power of all Substance I have used as Light?
How do I return the time He has given me for use? As Light?
Have I done my duty toward clearing the gift of time of any darkness?
Have I redeemed the time I squandered, or neglected to fill?
Have I used every moment of every hour in full surrender of self?
– Edna Lister, Twelfth Night Questionnaire, December 11, 1939.

I am a creator. What am I creating?
I am a conqueror. Am I conquering my own weaknesses?
I am strong in the Power of God. Do I know this instantly, in all moments of doubt?
I am a creator god. Am I expressing my God-like qualities?
Am I an ensample of God’s majesty to the world?
Do I "stand under" (understand) when my brother falters?
Do I magnify and exalt the Christ in my brother, or things about him that I do not like, thus giving them life and making it harder for him?
Do I gather ‘round my brother when he is at fault, to lift him and strengthen him? Or do I step aside lest I become contaminated by the weakness I use my God-given eyes to see, my God-given ears to hear, my God-given tongue and lips to speak about?

These are daily, yes, hourly questions for the Initiate of the Christ life to ponder. These are the weaknesses which hold us back in our climb upward as creators.
– Edna Lister, Twelfth Night Commentary and Questionnaire, January 22, 1941.

Do I know how good God really is to me here and now?
Do I realize that God has opened His Kingdom to me completely and the only admission fee is effort?
Is this effort too great a price to pay for the privilege of using His joy, His love, His faith, His wisdom, His understanding?
Do I express my faith of God as confidence in His ability to perform miracle upon miracle?
Do I express joy over having all His life to use every hour of every day?
Do I truly live my best every hour?
How often do I forget that God is "closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet?"
– Edna Lister, Twelfth Night Questionnaire, January 20, 1942.

Have I faithfully kept all my vows for the past year?
Have I ever cooled off by listening to crabbing, whining, selfish complaints, by allowing anyone to cause me doubts or confusion?
Have I entertained thoughts of withdrawing from God’s Elect?

Have I allowed any other’s words, ideas, actions or counsels to cause me to stop releasing Power?
Am I fully determined to make my stand alone, if need be, on the truth?
Do I accept the mysteries of the Elect, even without understanding?
Do I put what I do not understand on a shelf of Light until I comprehend it?
Am I ready to search my soul for weaknesses now hidden in appetitive soul?
Am I ready to assume the full sacrifice of self to ascend to my Father?
Am I ready to accept my responsibility to stand and hold, releasing love and declaring everyone perfect, though I may have to stand alone?
Am I ready to assume my share of responsibility for world spiritual debts?
Am I my brother’s keeper and lifter at all times to pay his debts to law?
Do I know what are my vows are?
Can I truly say, “I belong to the Light in every way,” or do I withhold parts of my self?
Am I always in joy?
Am I always in the Light?
Am I always in love with God?
Am I always looking up to God?
Am I always lifting everything to God?
Is my tongue always silver-tipped with love?
Do I recognize darkness only to instantly lift, or do I consider it and speak of it?
Do I praise at white heat at all times this year?
Do I honestly desire more perfection for my coming year?
Am I ready, truly ready to ascend?
Am I ready to answer all questions, search my soul for hidden weakness, pride of intellect, place or things?
Am I ready to remake all my vows with all the strength of ability that in me now resides?
Am I ready to do my best, seeking a greater best each day, to fulfill my vows?
– Edna Lister, Twelfth Night Questionnaire, January 26, 1942.

Where do I find God?
How much do I love God the Supreme?
How much do I love and how great is my devotion to the Son of God?
What is my desire in service?
From what heights shall I do my lifting back into the Light of both individuals and conditions?
Do I know that the Light lifts with one easy, less-than-instant recognition? OR
Do I think that I must recognize it repeatedly, recreate it to give me more credits in lifting?
Who gets the credit?
Who wants the credits for surrendering and being used by the Light?
After one recognition and invoking of the Power and Light, how often should the lifting to a cloud and declaring perfection be repeated? (As often as it is pulled from the Light; otherwise, constantly thank God that it is perfect.)
How often should I declare it good and very good?
Do you know when the good work of the Power starts? (Instantly.)
What determines the length of time needed for the miracle? (Not only in the height of your surrender, but in the completeness of the marriage of the appetitive soul to the rational soul. If it is but a trial marriage, it may take years.)
– Edna Lister, Twelfth Night Questionnaire, December 1, 1955.

Twelfth Night “sets” the world’s vibration for conquering, shatters and collapses all illness, accelerates universal activity, causing peripheral life sparks to quicken, sometimes violently. This year’s revving up is greater than in all past ages, for time must be accelerated to conquer evil. To wind the celestial clock is God’s only way of accelerating all life sparks, hence to release greater Power. You may be stirred to your foundation during the week following Twelfth Night, so do not be surprised. – Edna Lister, January 12, 1961.

During the period of Soul Inventory and Sacrifice, from Twelfth Night to Easter, is the time to gather all misused soul substance for purification in the high fires of love, to be returned the soul whose name and number is stamped on it. Declare this for all your loved ones and the world. – Edna Lister, February 2, 1964.

You must answer these questions from every aspect of life: You are to be enfolded into the whole, but what are you taking into the whole? “What am I taking home to the Father?” You take yourself. Do you think you should be returned to a High Place on what you think?

What kind of a person are you? One who believes as the Father believes, as He views Creation and is making it good?

Are you contributing to the good? “Is this good?” How can it be made into the good of God unless under the spoken Word of God? So, every act has a payment. Do you know this? Someone has to pay all the debts before the enfoldment can come.

Do you expect more miracles? Add your share of “This is good!” You are not asked to see what the "good" is in it. The Power should be released. Just declare it good, and “Let there be Light,” and the Power goes forth to all places to pay debts to free people to ascend. – Edna Lister, Twelfth Night Instruction and Questionnaire, January 12, 1970.

Twelfth Night begins forty days of soul inventory, which requires a just appraisal of your goal. The more rejoicing you do now, the better. How active do you want to be? How many prayers and statements do you want to assume as your responsibility, not from the teeth out but personally? What do you want to accomplish physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? The closer you get to Light, the lighter life becomes on the outer. Your sensitivity is now greater. – Edna Lister, November 3, 1970.

From Twelfth Night to Ash Wednesday are forty days of soul inventory. Your plans for next year should already be written in the soul records over your head as part of your lights and colors. You can go to the Hall of Records at night to see what you have achieved in credits, but you always have grades to perfect. So what are you going to do about it? Begin now. Watch your words. Have your code of conduct ready to recite: “I repent. I accept. I ascend.” – Edna Lister, December 14, 1970.

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Edna Miriam Lister
1884 – 1971
The original Christian Pioneering Mystic,
Platonist philosopher, American Idealist, Founder, Society of the Universal Living Christ, minister, teacher, author, wife, and mother.

Edna Lister


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